Through Smoke and Sand

The Folly Of Wishes

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Pub Date Sep 23 2022 | Archive Date Aug 15 2023

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A secret group overseeing humanity’s goodness needs new recruits to avoid the resurgence of an ancient threat. Lexi McArthur, a neurodivergent nineteen-year-old, has a knack for solving other people’s problems. When her own problems manifest in an unexpected, relentless form, she suspends her cynicism to join a should-be mythical group of wish granters. But their magic doesn’t come easily to Lexi, who wonders if the Fairy Godmothers picked the wrong girl, especially when compared to her fellow trainee. With increasingly creepy mishaps in her new home, a mysterious guy who keeps his own magic a secret, and a less-than-benevolent mentor expecting her to fail, her new reality may not be an improvement over the life she left behind. The secrets hidden in her new home are more serious than the Fairy Godmothers will admit, and Lexi's own mistakes add to the growing danger. She must harness her abilities and learn to trust the right people, including herself, before a long-imprisoned horror breaks free.

*though this is a YA book it is on the younger end of YA and is suitable for advanced middle grade readers and up. There is no spice in this book. Please do not request this book if you prefer older YA/NA and spice.

A secret group overseeing humanity’s goodness needs new recruits to avoid the resurgence of an ancient threat. Lexi McArthur, a neurodivergent nineteen-year-old, has a knack for solving other...

A Note From the Publisher

Through Smoke and Sand is available to libraries now through the distributor Baker & Taylor. It is a Young adult clean fantasy, friends to lovers slow burn, there are some mentions of violence. If possible we ask that reviewers also add their review to Amazon and Goodreads.
*Although this is in the YA category, it is on the younger side of YA and appeals to advanced middle grade readers and older.

Through Smoke and Sand is available to libraries now through the distributor Baker & Taylor. It is a Young adult clean fantasy, friends to lovers slow burn, there are some mentions of violence. If...

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📖Book 23/100
💫Genre: YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi
I’m usually a romance, mystery, and thriller book lover, but I absolutely loved this book!! I even took it with me to the gym and caught myself laughing out loud and lost treacle of time. It was an adorable, funny, and very well written slow burning adventure. Lexi was a gifted helper of people until her 19th birthday when her gift became a burden due to chaos. She was such a great character with just the right amount of sass and wit. I enjoyed all the different characters and loved Oliver!!! The character development, plot, and writing style were great, and I honestly couldn’t put it down! This is a clean YA book that reminded me of my love for Harry Potter and magical Fantasy/Sci-Fi. This book is the perfect gift to 10-12 advanced readers, teenagers, adolescents, and lovers of Majestic Sci-Fi. Great to have in a school, home, or class library for kids of all ages to grab and read, and it’s out already!
Thank you so much NetGalley and @tabithareynoldswrites for this E-ARC in exchange for an honest review💕

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Lexi has had this need to help people for years. Suddenly on her 19th birthday, it becomes overwhelming and every stranger wants her to solve a problem for them. Right as she’s about to have her first real crisis, ever, her Fairy Godmother Gussy appears! Only Gussy isn’t her Fairy Godmother. She’s there to get Lexi to join them in their fight against evil by granting HEA’s.

Throughout this story, Lexi learns not only how to trust the people in her life, but how to use her powers for the greater good, even if she has a mishap or four along the way. Her love interest is the mysterious Oliver who comes and goes as he pleases but she always falls asleep before he leaves. What could he be?

I love fantasy but it’s been a while since a book has been able to get 5 stars from me in that category. This take on Fairy Godmothers was so fun and entertaining. I read it in one setting and can see it being turned into a movie with a cult following like Hocus Pocus. Would definitely recommend if you like light, fun, magical reads.

Huge thank you to Netgalley and Green Elk Publishing for the free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I’m not really sure what I expected when I requested this book, but I didn’t get it…in a good way! This book is filled with wonder, angst, action, a little romance, and a lot of fun. Poor Lexi is a more mature teen who isn’t sure of her path in life, but she finds a path when she’s offered the chance to be a Fairy Godmother. The fun just begins from there. I loved all of these characters, and I loved how this book was filled with a little joy and magic, and while it did seem a little YA-ish to me, it didn’t feel too much like one to turn me off. The book could have been pared down a little as there were places it dragged and were unnecessary, but that was not really too noticeable. I’m ready for the next one to find out what happens after a certain someone wakes up. Highly recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

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Lighthearted, magical, cozy and extremely well written. This intro to fantasy is a must read for anyone looking to be transported into a different world. It doesn’t take many pages for the author to suck you in as you follow along the FMC, Lexi and her fairy godmother. This is a YA book so it reads a little on the young side coming from the 25+ age category but overall a great read!!

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This book will transport you into a fantastical world of magic with wildly creative and lovable characters. The enchanting storylines will have you hanging on to every word until the end.

Corrie’s take on this style of fantasy surprised me in the best way! It gives considerable Once Upon a Time/Disney vibes, with enough darkness to make it edgy, and a fairytale style of storytelling that will not disappoint. I’d love to see this as a TV series!

As an adult fantasy reader, I personally wanted more of a deep storyline between Lexi and Oliver, but their connection was palpable and very well written. As far as a good, clean book for all ages, it doesn’t get much better than this.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

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“But a true romantic attachment with the right person gives you a home personified. Their heart provides a roof over your head with your name on the mailbox. Not any relationship and love will do that. But when the right one is found, that level of belonging is the happily ever after we strive to bring to those we serve.” This was my favorite quote of the book and made me really connect with the story on a deeper level. To me this showed truly heartfelt writing from the author.

This fantasy novel was my first read from this author. Hathaways twist on the traditional Disney fairy godmother was a welcomed adventure. This story is great for preteens 12 and older along with being great for adults of all ages! I really enjoyed Lexi’s character and seeing how she grew and learned throughout the story. Her relationship with Oliver was so heartwarming and I enjoyed watching how their connection grew throughout the storyline. The elder fairy godmothers were also nicely written as each one had such distinct characteristics that showed their different personalities. Fairy godmother Wilhelmina was my least favorite but a necessary antagonist and Harriet the other new fairy godmother recruit didn’t win me over until the last 1/3 of the book. I loved the creativity of the setting of the godmothers home in Spindle Peak and loved how their poofing would transport the reader to other settings within the same story. The two things I would have liked to see (which maybe will happen in the next book) would have been multiple narrators to give different POVs and for Lexi and Oliver’s relationship to get just a touch deeper because they were such a sweet duo! Over all this was an excellent book that will be especially great for young teenage girls since there was a great balance of love, adventure, good and evil without having adult level romance or violence. I look forward to recommending this series to my daughter and reading the next book this series has in store!

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Absolutely loved this book. I read it in 2 days and loved how it kept me involved. I have read a few fantasy and have to say this one tops what I have read so far. The main character is surrounded by people seeking her advice and a "fairy godmother" appears out of nowhere to ask her to join them. I would recommend this book to anyone who is new to the fantasy genre as a first read.

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I knew nothing about this book going into it. Looking at the cover, I figured it would be something more of a serious YA fantasy….

It’s about Fairy Godmothers.

Yes, it’s true. And it was TOTALLY cool!

First of all, I really enjoyed the writing itself. The author wrote artfully. I found myself pausing time and time again just to appreciate a neat phrase or to let it soak in. I feel like that is rare in YA fantasy.

I also loved the unique way that she spun this story about Fairy Godmothers. It wasn’t all lightness and rainbows as I imagined. There are many other atypical twists that I won’t delve into so you can be pleasantly surprised like I was 😏

The pace of the book was excellent, I loved the side characters as much as the main character, the romance is simple and sweet, and I think the title is SO awesome after reading the book and knowing why it is called this.

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