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Pub Date Aug 15 2023 | Archive Date Aug 22 2023

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Readers of Carissa Broadbent will love this thrilling new series, from the author of The Goblets Immortal, weaving an intriguing world of fantasy and folklore.

After the murder of her father – which no one but her believes happened – Verve just wants to hold her family together and take on the role of provider. Unfortunately, a cruel fae lord believes she knows the location of an ancient magical weapon and steals her away to Letorheas, realm of the fairies. The fae lord seems to want something from Verve that goes beyond the weapon, something that many doubt she can provide. Verve must find a way to navigate the strangeness of Letorheas and embrace a destiny more intertwined with the fae than she would like to believe.

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Readers of Carissa Broadbent will love this thrilling new series, from the author of The Goblets Immortal, weaving an intriguing world of fantasy and folklore.

After the murder of her father – which...

A Note From the Publisher

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Beth Overmyer was born and raised near Oberlin, Ohio, and she hasn’t moved far. The charming college town is a favorite haunt of hers for daydreaming when writing and planning fantasy novels. One of Beth’s greatest inspirations for her writing is J.R.R. Tolkien. The first novel she read by him was The Hobbit, which inspired her to take up the pen and make her own adventures in the realm of fantasy. Other literary heroes include Brandon Sanderson (especially his original Mistborn trilogy), Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, and Neil Gaiman. When not writing, Beth reads fantasy novels, cozy mysteries, and almost any book she can get on the craft of writing. She has also volunteered at her local public library as a creative writing club leader. Beth’s short fiction has appeared in The Lorelei Signal, Alphanumeric, and various anthologies. She is the author of The Goblets Immortal trilogy, which has earned praise from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and more.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Beth Overmyer was born and raised near Oberlin, Ohio, and she hasn’t moved far. The charming college town is a favorite haunt of hers for daydreaming when writing and planning...

Advance Praise

Praise for Beth Overmyer's Goblets Immortal trilogy:

"Fans of pseudo-medieval fantasy quest tales and authors like Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, and Brandon Sanderson, and those looking for something to read after bingeing the Netflix show Cursed, will get a kick out of Overmyer's action-packed series." — Booklist

“Overmyer ramps up the action in this suspenseful sequel to The Goblets Immortal [...] The magic system is innovative as ever and the dramatic chase scenes drive the plot forward. Series devotees will find plenty to hold their attention.” — Publishers Weekly 

“Action packed high fantasy, with an innovative magic system in a pseudo-medieval setting.” — Locus Magazine

“If you love new fantasy worlds with a fun take on magic, I’d highly recommend picking this one up!” — HorrorTree

“I recommend this book and series for fans of fantasy, and especially those who like adventure fantasy. I suspect you will not be disappointed.” — FanFiAddict

Praise for Beth Overmyer's Goblets Immortal trilogy:

"Fans of pseudo-medieval fantasy quest tales and authors like Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, and Brandon Sanderson, and those looking for something...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I found this to be refreshing and exciting. I enjoyed the story the pacing and writing style of the author as well as the world that she created.

Was this review helpful?

There were so many things in this book I enjoyed. I read it in one sitting and once I got through the first 2 pages that I was a little bored during I was totally sucked in.

- It totally subverted my expectations of tropes I thought we were getting into and I really enjoyed having the little twists that proved me wrong.
- I thought the pacing of this book was a great speed, it kept the plot moving without being so fast that I felt like I was losing details.
- It was the perfect blend of Romance and Fantasy for me. A solid romance started without sacrificing any of the plot.
- For a book that comes in under 300 pages it carries throughout

This does have a romance that has a lot of build up for a closed door scene.

Was this review helpful?

Little Women meets the European Fae court in this comfortable, light-mystery romance from Bethany Overmyer.
Blending two times and cultures must have been a blast, and it was intriguing to watch it all play out. Who to trust, what's the plan, who's really who they say they are-- all bundled together in a tale of being kind and overcoming childhood ptsd, even when everyone thinks you're crazy. And to top it off, you've been kidnapped by a member of the Fae Court.
I must appreciate our heroine who--NOT by being an unbelievably-strong, domineering, and uncouth individual --took the centre stage as a capable and kind female character, with a strong sense of right and wrong, standing up to a lot of cruelty and callousness in a game she didn't know how to play.
I felt that our dear Fenn could have received a little more character building, maybe widening his focus past the sole object of his obsession. Seeing how he fit into the larger plot mentioned earlier in the book would have been nice, and I hope to see more of the macro plot expanded in the next book!
My favourite part of the book was the fascinating concept of residual magic use, and how each one was unique, like a family blueprint. I thought that was genius, and loved catching out the little details woven in. Especially at the end! Pay attention to who can do what--it'll surprise you later in a grand aha! moment.

All in all, a pretty sweet, comfortable mystery that is blessedly free of bad language or sexual/gender politics appeasement.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much for the advance reading copy. I can’t wait to read more from the publisher.

I was captivated right from the start. The mystery, the actions, Verve’s inability to resist the unfolding of her story. The story is divided into two parts and the tone of writing skillfully reflects the division of development. I love it when an author can manipulate my mind to feel exactly what the character is going through. I felt like I was kept in the dark about a lot just like Verve was and empathize with her even more.

The Great Stuff:
- Keep me guessing and wondering what’s happening next in the plot.
- World building, magic, rituals—all were coherent and blend well with each other, exactly how fantasy should be.
- The focus on details without losing pace.
- I love all the scents, I catch myself trying to inhale, such a great way to evoke emotions for the readers.
- I want more of the romance!!

The So-so:
- Character depth was a bit lacking for me but it’s really more of a preference. I like a lot of mental dialogue and how thoughts realize into the plot/ character interaction.
- There are certain details that are quirky but I’m yet to see their purpose e.g., why is Verve always being offered food? Why is she clumsy but specifically stumbling over her dress and inanimate objects? Why do we pay so much attention to her hair?
- There were a short period in the middle where I felt like a lot of details were being “described” without grounding into any action or plot development (like all the rooms, Verve just moving around, Olive’s tantrum that didn’t take me anywhere but a short backstory). Part 2 has the same level of details but it moves much better.

All that being said, I can’t wait for Book 2!! The ending put me on edge, I did not see that coming.

Was this review helpful?

This book was sooooooo good. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read it. I read this in one sitting and couldn’t put it down after I started reading. I agree this is for fans of Carissa Broadbent and I would also say for fans of ACOTAR or TOG. This book has everything romantasy lovers want. This book is fast paced but with good world building and character development. I loved the fae/human worlds, the magic system especially at the end, and I OBVIOUSLY loved the romance (can’t wait to see more development of this in the next book). 100% can’t recommend this enough and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of this book and am leaving this review voluntarily.

Every book I read which involves fairy land, the characters may change, but many themes prevail. The questionable love interest, the darkness which threatens the heroine, the comedic relief characters. Brittle, by Beth Overmyer, had many of these themes in Brittle, but she also took her story in new directions, defying the tropes and leaving the reader at the end with possibly more questions than answers.

Plot (no spoilers).
When her father leaves her with a mysterious and ominous message about the land of the fae, Verity Springer, or Verve, leaves her well-worn desk where she is used to writing fanciful tales, and finds herself thrust into the very world she writes about. Caught between the world she knows and is trying to save and the intriguing world of the fae, Verve must learn to adapt to a new reality while staying true to herself and her goals of protecting her loved ones and finding the truth about her father.

I could not put this story down. From the beautiful writing of the fae lands, to the descriptions of the change our heroine goes through, this was a page turner until the very end. There were parts which left me scratching my head, and I sincerely hope this gets approved to be a series because I need some answers! Without spoiling things, I need to know how the situation at the lake ended up the way it did. How did Verve escape? Why do fae fall in love so easily? I was also really uncomfortable with some of the romantic scenes. Verve did not seem super into it and I don't know if it's just because Overmyer doesn't have a ton of experience writing romance scenes or it's integral to the plot. Still, I blasted through this book and was sad when it was over. Really looking forward to whatever Beth Overmyer does next; hopefully a sequel (or two!).

Was this review helpful?

this was such a great start to the Blade and Bone series, Beth Overmyer does a great job in telling a story and have it be a good fantasy elements. The charatcers worked with the world and were interesting people. I had a great time in this world and look forward to read more in this series and author.

“How do I know you won’t—” “My word is my bond. If your information is of any worth, I will repay in kind.”That seemed to be the best promise she would get out of the stern old fae, so Verve nodded and took a sip of the hot drink. “I saw a drawing of the Cunning Blade. It’s on the desk in his study.”

Was this review helpful?

i am SO happy that i stumbled across this book

this went above and beyond my expectations. i've really been struggling lately to find fantasy romance that doesn't feel overdone, but everything about this felt fresh and interesting, definitely no tired tropes happening here.

this book set down the frameworks for the beginnings of an epic fantasy saga and i can already tell that i'm going to be all over the rest of this series too. i would hesitate to categorize this as fantasy romance, i felt that it read more like an epic fantasy that had a romantic subplot. although the romance took a backseat to the other machinations of the plot, the plot made up for it tenfold with how interesting and engaging the rest of the story was.

we have prophecies, evil fae lords, not evil fae lords, romance, a strong heroine, logical decision making, and newfound magical powers. need i say more? the great writing was just the cherry on top of everything else, the pacing moved things along at just the right speed and i never felt like anything was rushed or dragged along.

if you want a heroine with a brain, light romance, and a seriously cool fantasy world, look no further. cannot recommend this enough and am already anticipating book two

Was this review helpful?

I could not put Brittle down! It is one of the first books I’ve read in a while that I wished I could be reading at all times. It’s mysterious until the very end, which kept me hooked. I had no trouble connecting to the main character, Verve, and I could easily imagine myself in the world that the author has built. I am already looking forward to a sequel!

Was this review helpful?

(Spoiler free)
Welp, I've met my new book boyfriend...

This is the first book I've read in a while (since A Dawn of Onyx) that gives me the hit-you-in-the-feels ACoTaR vibes. If you're a fan of Rhysand, or any fae baes, this book is FOR YOU.

The author packs quite a punch for a book under 300 pages. There is no filler here. Every page has pertinent information or witty dialogue, flows nicely, and is deliciously bingable.

We've got a human FMC and some Fae MMCs. This has some intricate fae lore and an interesting system of magic pertaining to the fae and their realm.

FMC- Verity, but she goes by Verve. She is a writer (this book is set in the olden days where women did not easily have a career), has strong attachments to her family, is smarter & more capable than she realizes, and she suffers from Ptsd/Panic attacks. She is self-described as plain & thinks she's nothing special, but the MMC faes beg to differ.

MMCs- (To avoid spoilers, I'm going to describe them without names and let you figure out which one is the jerk and which one is swoon-worthy)
One fae wants Verve to fulfill a prophecy, claims he's in love with her, bosses her around, hurts her on several occasions, doesn't give her free will, etc & one just wants to save her, help her, empower her, teach her, and love her and is one of the best book bfs I've read in a LONG TIME.

Verve is taken from her home realm into the fae realm and has to navigate the abrupt change in her life while deciding who she can trust. Again, this is under 300 pages, so we've got a fast-moving plot. The author weaves a lot of detail into these pages and sets things up for the next two books in the trilogy quite nicely. I would consider this a 'clean fantasy'. You're getting an epic romance, but no smut yet (fade to black).

I will definitely be reading the next books in the series and giving away a copy of this on my tiktok page around release date. (@HauntedHouseBooks)

-New Fae book boyfriend (Rhysand quality, god tier)
-Easily binged
-Likable & relatable FMC
-Great magic system
-Great world building
-Enjoyable prose, elegantly written
-Witty banter between MCs
-Mental health/trauma representation

My only cons (which may be pros for some folks)-
-fade to black romance scene (think Twilight fade to black) the build-up was strong, & I wanted more of them
-The MC says 'blast' like 20x anytime something goes wrong (but all books have their overused phrases, don't they?)
-The MC is a bit of a prude at first, but this is set in a time where women were expected to be modest, not cuss, etc. So it fits the book, but I wanted her to loosen up a bit (and she does a bit by the end)

In summation, I adored it and will be impatiently awaiting the remaining books. TYSM for letting me be an ARC reader and please keep me in mind for future releases in this series.

Was this review helpful?

I throughly enjoyed this book a lot. The storyline was very interesting and fast paced.
However the romance not my favorite it’s sorta kinda a love triangle but not really at the same time. But honestly both have major red flags and my girl should run the other direction from both. But overall I really liked it. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

I totally went into reading this book knowing nothing, but what the synopsis told. I was positively surprised and very much fallen in love with Brittle! Loved it!!

This book smoothly blends fantasy and romance together with the fast plot, rich character developement, interesting world building! It feels semi-dark, yet remains hopeful, while untangles the mystery Verve (the main character faces).

If you are a fan of faes and all the twisty things coming with them, you are going to enjoy this story so much! I was sucked in the story right after chapter 2, where Verve gets a very crazy sounding message from her father - about a creature that can appear even in the exact form of your close loved ones. Then, all goes down to a disaster, where she needs to navigate in a court she is not familiar with. Verve is kind hearted, witty and i loved how she always thought through the rights-wrongs of an act.

Cannot wait for book 2!

Read it if you are looking for:
- Beautifully written scenes
- Little romance without smut
- Loveable characters
- Mental health rep
- Witty banter
- Fast plot and interesting world building
- Unique voice
- Throne of Glass and ACOTAR vibes

Thank you SO MUCH Flame Tree Press/NetGalley for this advanced reading opportunity!

Was this review helpful?

So, we've got another one of those stories where a woman gets abducted by some hot, morally gray fae dude. I know, I know, it's been done before. But hey, this one was actually a good read!
I feel like the characters in these stories are often so blinded by how hot the kidnapper is that they don't care that they've been kidnapped, which makes ZERO sense to me. Like sure, he's hot, BUT HE KIDNAPPED YOU? But our FMC, Verve, actually wants to go home to her family. And get this, she still wants to go back after the first chapter. Even though the dude is hot.
I have a weak spot for whimsical settings and this one hit the jackpot for me with a cool magic system, musical grass, doors that skitter across the walls, and trees with names. Overall, a refreshing take on a tired trope.

While the book did have some surprises up its sleeve, I felt like I was missing some of the setup leading up to certain moments. Maybe I was just reading it too fast or something, but at times it felt like the twists came on too fast without any build-up.

Was this review helpful?

"Brittle" by Beth Overmyer is a captivating and thrilling tale of magic and trickery. Readers will be drawn into a world of deception and illusions where not even one's own mind can be trusted.

When Verve’s father returns from the war with a dangerous secret that costs him his life, the world turns upside down for Verve. Snatched by a faerie and brought into Letorheas, the world of faeries, Verve is held hostage and questioned about the location of an ancient faerie artifact. Though she swears she knows nothing, she is to remain in the faerie world until the fae who stole her is convinced she tells the truth. Yet, the longer Verve remains in the faerie realm, the more she learns there are other more devious reasons as to why she is unable to return home. Reasons that may cost her more than her humanity.

“Brittle” was a fast-paced descent into the trickery and devious web-weaving faeries are notorious for. While the faerie realm is always a fascinating place, there is always an underlying taint of malicious intent which proves to be true in this book. Nothing is as it seems. It's hard to predict what will happen next and what consequences the character's actions will have in the large scheme of things. Books that lead readers down twists and turns, deceiving them at every whim, are the best kind!

The characters are also incredibly fascinating. It's easy to fall under the natural charm of the fae characters, who know how to sweet talk and tell half-truths until there is nothing more pleasing than to bend to their every wish and desire. They are masterminds at tricking even the reader into believing their intentions are pure and innocent. Despite Verve's ruthless determination and strength, it is easy to see how even she can become lost in the web of deceit the faeries are so good at weaving.

One thing is for sure, readers who are intrigued by the land of fae and its inhabitants must give this book a read! Overmyer incorporates popular themes of faerie into an original and fresh perspective of what it means to be human in a world of faeries. Add "Brittle" by Beth Overmyer to your TBR lists now and look for the book on its expected publication date of August 15th, 2023!

Thank you to NetGalley and Flame Tree Press for providing me with a free e-arc of this book and the opportunity to write an honest review!

Was this review helpful?

Brittle is an adult fae fantasy that follows Verve who lives in a Little Women household (4 daughters, the oldest married, the second, Verve, bookish, the third ill, the fourth a brat) and who is spirited away into the land of fae where she is romanced by two men, a sinister one and a mysterious one.

The novel starts in a very engaging manner. I remember reading a few pages at a break at work and I was annoyed that I had to go back to my duties. Verve is a feisty heroine and the beginning with her father’s murder and the revelation of a rare weapon promises thrilling adventure.

That’s not quite what we get, though. I guess some of my disappointment with the turn this story took was that I expected Verve to actively search for her father’s killer or for the weapon, but she does neither. She’s taken as a captive by a powerful fae and spends a large part of the story trying to discover what her captor wants with her and what purpose she has in the scheme of things.

The author’s writing skills are solid. The use of scent in her worldbuilding was unusual and the ritual was shocking. A bold move by the author; I appreciate someone who dares to make her heroes suffer. I also love that the focus is on middle children. It’s always the eldest or the youngest that stand out in most fantasy stories so it was a breath of fresh air to see a middle child in the spotlight.

I do have a few quibbles about some of the tropes in the story. The prophecy and Chosen One narratives are overused and feel a little stale but the one that bothered me is Verve "not being like the other girls” (she actually says it verbatim in the novel) which I thought we’d done away with in 2023, but apparently not. I’m also not keen on the insta-love aspect of the romances but each to their own.

Overall, it’s an engaging story, well-paced, that offers some innovative fae lore while also treading familiar ground. Recommended for fans of fae stories and SJ Maas: this is entirely up their alley.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for the opportunity to review!

Wow! What a fantastic start to this series! Beth Overmeyer teases readers with gorgeous and crafty storytelling and realistic characters. Verve was so interesting as a main character, and I hold her in high regard for having such strong moral compass. Fenn was intriguing as well, and I wish we had learned more of him and his motives.
The plot moved along at a good pace, and kept me interested. I do wish that the amount of energy given to certain portions was redirected elsewhere (my suggestion is some work on the romance scenes!). For example, Verve wandering through various rooms, while being interesting, did not seem relevant to the plot but did take up a decent amount of words. I personally am not a fan of "fade to black" in the New Adult genre, BUT I recognize that other people exist who might be, and I imagine those folks would be pleased with the romance. I will say, outside of lacking some more detail, the romance felt a little forced to me.

Overall, a wonderful read filled with action and lots of great character dialogue!

Was this review helpful?

4/5 stars

This book was very unexpected! It definitely went a different direction than reader are led to believe it will, but I think it does so naturally, and all of the hints are there. This book does start off somewhat slow, but I enjoyed the moments with Verve and her family at the beginning, they truly set the stage for who Verve is and what happens later on. But once you get into it, the action is fast-paced, intense, and enjoyable! I think the wait is well-worth it.

I thought the characterization of the heroes and the villains alike was very good (especially Fenn) and I really enjoyed the magic system, especially in terms of the residual bursts! It adds a sensory element to fae magic that we don't often get! I enjoyed the use of nature and the natural world in this story, and the idea of Faerie in general, but I think a lot of the world building is very fast and at times a bit confusing. However, the world is very interesting, and I think that if there are more books, we will learn more about the world and that makes sense!

I recommend this for fans of cottagecore or low-stakes fantasy stories, fae, and anyone who enjoys Sarah J. Maas's books, especially ACOTAR. Overall, I really enjoyed it, I loved Verve as a main character, she is very unique, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Was this review helpful?

Brittle by Beth Overmyer is a thrilling and captivating novel that is sure to draw in fans of fantasy and folklore. The story follows Verve, a young woman who is trying to hold her family together after the murder of her father, which no one else believes happened. However, her plans are disrupted when a fae lord kidnaps her, believing she knows the location of an ancient magical weapon.

The plot is fast-paced and full of action, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Overmyer weaves a complex and intriguing world of magic and mystery, with unique and interesting characters that bring the story to life. Verve is a strong and determined protagonist who faces many challenges and obstacles throughout the book, but never gives up on her quest to save herself and her family.

The author's writing is engaging and immersive, making it easy for readers to become fully invested in the story. The descriptions of Letorheas, the realm of the fairies, are vivid and imaginative, transporting readers to a magical and dangerous world.

Overall, Brittle is an excellent addition to the fantasy genre and a must-read for fans of folklore and adventure. With its well-crafted plot, strong characters, and captivating world-building, this book is sure to leave readers wanting more.

Was this review helpful?

I know fae romance/adventure stories have been fairly common lately, but it’s not something I have really gotten into so far. That may have helped in this case because I see many other reviews talking about the use of tropes in this that some readers may be sick of seeing. It’s true those tropes are there, but the book is well written and an enjoyable read. It served as a nice change of pace for me and I am excited to see what’s to come in the sequel!

Note: arc provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for honest review

Was this review helpful?

4.5/5 ⭐
Brittle is a NA Fantasy romance with a fast paced plot and amazing characters. The World building is very unique with a witty and smart FMC named Verity or Verve. Dragged into the world of Fae she faces many challenges and handsome fae men. There were some holes here and there in the plot that I think could be patched over easily, but the main points are there! Personally the romance was quite quick, although, its a preference. I like a more slow burn romance when it comes to a fantasy romance. A wonderful and unique read!

Was this review helpful?

so… first of all: the book cover!

it‘s amazing! and i can‘t imagine what‘s inside of its beauty…

But what i just read was fantastic!

just don‘t judge the book by its cover and READ IT

Was this review helpful?


Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free eARC in exchange for an honest review!

The worldbuilding and magic system: 4/5
I don’t have much to say about the worldbuilding; it was pretty decent but it wasn’t outstanding. However, I did particularly like the concept of different faerie’s magic having different scents. It isn’t a new concept, but I did enjoy seeing it implemented, and the way the scents were described, and how that actually posed a few problems for the characters,

The characters: 4/5
The characters were pretty good, but after rethinking it, I’ve decided to bump down my rating of them a bit, because while it’s only been a few days since I finished reading this, I can’t recall much of their personalities. They aren’t particularly memorable, but I did enjoy reading about them. I did, however, like how the trope of “faerie prince/noble kidnaps a human girl and they fall in love” was kind of turned on its head. Like, she DIDN’T immediately fall in love just because he’s hot and she DOES recall the fact that he literally injured and kidnapped her? Revolutionary. I’m not going to say too much more about it because obviously spoilers, but it didn’t turn out how I expected at all. In a good way, of course.

The plot: 4.5/5
The plot was very romance focused, and had some growing action towards the latter half. I’m assuming it will become more action focused over the course of the series. At this point, I’m not complaining - I do like the love interest though I’m not overly attached to him either. The plot was enjoyable to read, and it kept my attention nearly the entire time. There were a couple of interesting plot twists that I hadn’t predicted, and one, while not exactly predictable, was kind of a cliche of the genre. It wasn’t bad, though, but was slightly of a let-down because I would’ve preferred something a bit more subversive.
The only real complaint I have is the total fade to black…I mean I’m by no means a smut reader. In fact I was happy to see that this book wasn’t that spicy…but NO spice at all? Really? I just found that scene a little jarring to read, and like if you’re going to write a fast-paced romance, at least have a little spice to keep me interested.

Was this review helpful?

Such a great read!! I need book two like yesterday!! The romance is a little quick and surprising but the characters are fun and keep you engaged in the story. The story is very fast paced and makes for a quick fantasy.

Was this review helpful?

I fell in love with this book for its characters and stayed for the amazing world-building! I loved our heroine, her sisters and her love interest (swoon). Though the fae magic system has been a bit over done in the past few years, this story has fresh takes and interesting layers with the sistershood.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for providing this e-ARC, all opinions are my own.

This book was insanely good! I loved it from start to finish. The story is interesting and you never quite know who to trust or who speaks the truth. I'm still not sure who is fully honest or trustworthy and I love it because it fits the story so well. And while the other characters are all interesting and different, Verve is truly amazing. She is strong and stubborn and not easily deceived. It has been a long time since I've read about such a strong willed and determined FMC. Verve loves stories and writing and doesn't easily get persuaded by beauty or charm or any men really and doesn't want to get married. This I think makes the books different from many other books involving fae, because while Verve might think them nice or pretty she still thinks and acts logically and with her goal in mind. The only thing that I somewhat disliked was the use of the word “she-fae”, to me it sounds odd and disturbed my reading flow, especially since the male fae are not called he-fae. So why use that term repeatedly ?

I truly enjoyed this book and think fans of fantasy books involving fae, deception and a smart and strong willed FMC will like this book!

Was this review helpful?

This was a stunning fantasy adventure, I loved the various twists and turns. Brittle is set in such a vibrant, fascinating world of Fae and humans, Verve is such a wonderful main character and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Huge thanks to the publisher for this ARC, in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This read was definitely a fun time!! I know it's been said in some other reviews, but the vibes of this book were definitely akin to a Little Women/A Court of Thorns and Roses mashup. The atmosphere of this book was really strong, but I wish that the plot and overall world building was a little bit stronger because there were some really interesting concepts that were hinted at and could have been developed so much further!! The beginning of Brittle was a bit slow, but the plot sped up as the fantasy elements became more prevalent. I also wish that we got more of Verve's love interest earlier in the book! I did really enjoy his character but I feel that a slower, more developed relationship would have been super beneficial. I do acknowledge that all the time without him was a good build up to his entrance and to establish Verve's character on her own. Overall, I did really enjoy this book, but felt as though some elements throughout could have been more polished.

Was this review helpful?

Loved every second of this book
I was actually surprised by it.
I really loved the cover so that’s the main reason why I requested it and I was not disappointed
I binge read this in one day

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Brittle was a good quick read with enticing characters, magic, and intrigue. It is incredibly correct to compair this book to those of Carissa Broadbent as they weave the same sort of magic that captures the reader.

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I totally went into reading this book knowing nothing, but what the synopsis told. I was positively surprised and very much fallen in love with Brittle! Loved it!!

This book smoothly blends fantasy and romance together with the fast plot, rich character developement, interesting world building! It feels semi-dark, yet remains hopeful, while untangles the mystery Verve (the main character faces).

If you are a fan of faes and all the twisty things coming with them, you are going to enjoy this story so much! I was sucked in the story right after chapter 2, where Verve gets a very crazy sounding message from her father - about a creature that can appear even in the exact form of your close loved ones. Then, all goes down to a disaster, where she needs to navigate in a court she is not familiar with. Verve is kind hearted, witty and i loved how she always thought through the rights-wrongs of an act.

Cannot wait for book 2!

Read it if you are looking for:
- Beautifully written scenes
- Little romance without smut
- Loveable characters
- Mental health rep
- Witty banter
- Fast plot and interesting world building
- Unique voice
- Throne of Glass and ACOTAR vibes

Thank you SO MUCH Flame Tree Press/NetGalley for this advanced reading opportunity!

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Easy to ready, entry level fae fantasy story! Perfect for new fantasy readers to dive into a world of humans, fae, and magic. The dialogue at times can seem a little stiff and hard to envision the two characters actually saying that to each other in those words. Additionally, some of the “rules” of faerie seemed a little too convenient and introduced just to push the plot along. I have some remaking questions that I hope will be answered in books to come!

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A whimsical take on the good old "kidnapped and taken to Faerieland" bit. This was short, and interesting enough to keep you reading until the end.

What I liked:
- The plot was engaging
- There were possessive males which is fun
- The trees. I really liked the trees
- The writing style lends itself very well to imagery and paints a nice picture of the world

What I wasn't as impressed with:
- The magic system had no rules at all. To even call it a system is an overstatement.
- World-building (aside from descriptions): there was too much in the human realm, like the first 4 chapters were very slow and a struggle to push through. And not enough once we left the human realm.
- The hugely anticlimactic "fade to black" scene. It was not even fade to black it was just entirely random and there was no tension or build up or emotion. It was like someone turned on a tv and then turned it right back off again and then asked how you liked the show... like umm I didn't.

Overall, though I did enjoy the characters and had a good time reading it, I do think that this book desperately needs some new or unique elements to keep the story alive if it is to be a series. I can tell the author knows how to write and she has the potential for so much more creativity so I look forward to seeing the next installment.

*Thanks to Netgalley for the copy in exchange for my honest review*

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So! First thing's first, the first chapter drew me in incredibly well and I loved that interesting hook. Verve is a character willing to give up everything for her family while her father is out at war, but doesn't realize that the war has likely just started. For people who liked ACOTAR, I feel like they will like Brittle. It has similar elements. There are misdirects about who is good and who is bad, there is intrigue, there are interesting uses of glamour (one of my favorite fae abilities), and a love triangle that honestly is more a greater than sign. While I feel like the ending was rather rushed. I enjoyed Fenn's character and how he always listened to what Verve had to say and tried to reassure her. In contrast, Dacre drove me nuts after the first little bit with him because of how controlling and i know best he tried to be. I'm not sure where the series is going to go next, and I am curious about it, but I'm not sure what conflict we're going to hit in the next book. Other than the little tidbit left at the end that I won't share.

There are times in the book where it slows down quite a bit and Verve, at times, can be a little annoying. But who wouldn't be in this situation? So I felt that was a really relatable and kind of reminded me of Nesta from ACOTAR. If you like Fae stories, like dramatic misdirects and prophecies, then give Brittle a try!

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I am thankful to have had the chance to read an ARC by the publishers and Netgalley. This is my honest review.

If you are a fan of fantasy romance books about the Fae world this might be a book for you.
Not as fast-paced as I would have hoped for a book with more parts to come. At times I found myself losing interest and some aspects of how the men were romanticized in some actions were hard for me to read but other than that was fun to read. I am intrigued to know what happens next but there is definitely room for improvement and character development. In addition, I found the Little Women but turned fantasy/fae aspect of it quite fun as well.

Overall the magical elements in the book and how the atmosphere was set up were enjoyable.

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Brittle was a surprising novel. I’m not sure if there will be another installment, but I enjoyed reading it and finished it in a few short days.

Verve has always tried to be the responsible middle child, and has also always been close to her father, who is away at war. However, when he returns in the middle of the night to talk to her and tells her that there is a secret hidden war being fought and not to trust anyone, not even those she knows without verifying who they are, she’s a little stunned. He tells her he will explain and to meet her at a neighboring farm. When she follows his instructions, she finds herself face to face with her father’s dead body in the barn, which disappears before she can bring anyone else to the spot.

Soon, strange events begin to happen, and neighbors and family become…something else. And when Verve is taken far from home and into another realm entirely, it appears that the secrets that her father imparted upon her may reveal a dangerous, fae-killing weapon at the center of a tremendous power struggle.

As she works out a way to escape this strange land and strange, ever changing mansion she finds herself in, she realizes that her captor may be interesting in more than just the secrets that Verve is hiding. Fae fall in love quickly, and it seems he is no exception. But he’s not the only one interested in her and what she’s hiding, and she soon finds herself stuck between warring factions.
She may be the key to victory for either side, but her survival and family mean far more to her. She must keep her head in the game and her heart far away if she’s going to come out on top…but that may be harder than she thought.

This was a totally different fae romantasy than I am used to. The romance was not the prominent theme, and it was far more on the lore and the fight than it was on matters of the heart. This one's not high on the romance scale, but for a dark fantasy story, it's very well done!

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an e-copy of this book in exchange for this review. The opinions are entirely my own. To be posted on 7/25/23

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-thank you to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for this digital ARC-

-4 stars-

This is my favourite kind of fae.
Not the muscular, attractive, human-like ones, but the ones that feel so unworldly, so impossible.
Yes, they may be beautiful, but it’s a kind of untouchable beauty.
And that’s perfect.
There are many reasons why I liked this book, (and a few things I didn’t like) but what I loved was the way the fae world was described.
It positively gleamed with colour—and made the mortal world look dusty and grey.
Speaking of mortal...
I liked Verve from the start.
She’s not a fighter, but she’s kind and caring, and would do anything to protect her family.
She did feel a little too proper at times, but if you factor in the time period—it’s accurate.
She was thrown into this adventure, so it makes sense that she’s reluctant to continue, and just wants to go back to her family.
The pacing is a little slow, and with how short the book is, I probably would have liked it a little more if it was a little faster.
But the story continues well, and I never really felt lost—I was just enjoying this sweet little read!
And one of the thing I loved was all the mentions of fae folklore.
Think of three beliefs about fae...and they’re probably here!
It made me so happy, catching those little mentions and snippets.
You know a fae book is done right when you’re slightly scared but also attracted to them...
I’m not going to comment on the romance, but I would say it’s a little rushed...but still cute!

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I love fae stories and this didn’t disappoint. The world building is expertly done and the visual descriptions are stunning. Verve is an excellent main chat and she’s both well written and fully fleshed out. Both Dacre and Fenn and great characters too and I loved the mystery and intrigue.

Verve is strong willed and this doesn’t falter throughout the story and her love and devotion to her family is excellently portrayed.

It was a great start to what I expect will be a gripping series.

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Verity (Verve) is the second of four daughters who is the only one who believes her father has been murdered. Not long after this act of violence, Verve is whisked away into the land of the Fae where adventure, danger and prophecy await her.

This book is a combination of Little Women and ACOTAR and while I loved that concept sadly this time around the prose just wasn’t connecting for me. I found it quite hard to click with the author’s writing style. We are also repeatedly told that Verve is Not Like Other Girls, from not wearing a hoop under her heavy skirts, to never learning how to sew. As a girl who is very like other girls, this is one of my least favourite tropes so it really didn’t agree with me.

This is a little slow to start but it definitely picked up in the second half after we meet Fenn.

My thanks to the author, Flame Tree Press and NetGalley for an ARC.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I love fae stories and this didn’t disappoint. The world building is expertly done and the visual descriptions are stunning. Verve is an excellent main chat and she’s both well written and fully fleshed out. Both Dacre and Fenn and great characters too and I loved the mystery and intrigue.

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An amazing action packed fantasy novel with a female main character trying to protect her kingdom from danger. Wonderful read, loved it!

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Flametree Press is quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers - this cover is amazing!
This is a good start to a new fantasy series - I'm looking forward to the next book to answer some lingering questions.
I love my female MCs strong, feisty and fierce - Verve definitely lived up to her name. Great characters, enjoyed the imagery.

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I really enjoyed reading this book. It has lots of the ACOTAR series vibes.
It has a good plot twist and what happens at the end is... justice.
I hope you are already planning what happens next.

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First Impression: "This premise sounds exciting! Oh, I like this beginning..."
Second Impression (aka Part One): "I've got icky Tamlin vibes."
Third Impression: "Now we're talking!"
Final Impression: "Huh. Well, that chapter took a turn."

Listen, this book is definitely unique so I will give the author that. If you like political Fae intrigue and you like a prophecy that makes for a strong female MC, then absolutely check this book out! If you're prone to comparing Fae books to ACOTAR, then either check yourself or stay away from this book. I say that, because I (a firm believer that every book brings something unique to the table) kept thinking that Part One was too much like ACOTAR.

Now, Part Two is where things take a delightful turn. I really enjoyed Verve's time on the run/in hiding. There's a lot of tender doting on Verve by the male in this section, and there's further exploration into fae laws and magic.

Part Two was so fantastic that I would have ranked this book higher - except - the last chapter... I don't understand why somebody so big and scary could have such a tiny role in this book. Nor do I understand why Verve 2.0 is great at something when it matters most/is most convenient. Somehow she was suddenly skilled.. I don't like that. That ending was far too easy for me, and it was a bit of a let-down.

Overall, I'm glad I read this book. I think people who have never read ACOTAR will love it!

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This book is a perfect master piece. A true glimpse of the faire we were warned about as children.
Absolutely stunning .

We meet Verity Springer she is a teller of tales and wants nothing more than for her father to return and that her stories make it on to the pages of the local paper so that her family can live and eat.

That simple life is ripped away when she finds her father's murdered body. And yet when the local authority is called no crime is found to be committed.

Then our adventure begins after a sickness Verity is stolen away by a Fae lord . Not knowing who or what to trust all she knows is she must find her way back to her family.

It's a beautiful and haunting fairy tale that harkens back Grimms fairy tales. I loved this book more than words.

Was this review helpful?

It was an amazing book, though I do think trigger warning definitely apply for this book. I loved verd being strong. Also I must admit I found the whole kidnapping thing problematic thinking she’d fall in love with the male who kidnapped her I was glad to be proven wrong. Cannot wait for next book in series

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"Brittle" by Beth Overmyer is an enthralling and imaginative novel that ventures into the realm of new adult sci-fi fantasy, delivering a unique blend of intrigue and otherworldly magic. Overmyer's storytelling brilliance shines as she weaves a tale of mystery, power, and the exploration of hidden realms. The book's vivid world-building and dynamic characters create an immersive reading experience that resonates with readers interested in fantasy and new adult fiction. Overmyer deftly explores themes of identity, discovery, and the enigmatic forces that shape our lives, adding depth to the narrative. "Brittle" is a captivating reminder that there's more to our reality than meets the eye, leaving readers with a sense of fascination and a renewed appreciation for the limitless possibilities of the fantastical.

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I've really enjoyed this book, I absolutely love Verve. She is a brilliantly feisty young woman who very much won't let anyone control her if she can have any say in it. I've loved watching how she's developed throughout the book, and look forward to reading more of the series.
I liked learning about the Fae and all the different little bits of world-building that I got to discover as I read. I'm really glad that she did end up with Fenn, the speed with which she trusted him was a little quick (especially after just having another Fae attempt to drown her) and the whole Fae fall-in-love fast thing was a little too fast for me. But I did like their banter with each other and the way he dealt with her temper made me smile at times.
I defiantly enjoyed the writing style, I practically lost hours reading this book, barely noticing the time and I have no regrets about that. I will be keeping an eye out for the rest of the series and I think I may just investigate more books by this author, I have a feeling I will most defiantly enjoy them. Oh, and that cover is just so beautiful!

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4 Stars!

When I read Beth Overmyer’s The Goblets Immortal series, I was hooked by a vibrant, new (to me, at least) fantasy author. The series left me wanting for more and I was happy to see her return with the start of a new series in Brittle. These novel kicks off the Blade and Bone series and I was eager to see what Overmyer had in store with this new world.

Verve wanted nothing more than to be strong for her family when she found the evidence of her father’s murder. The problem, however, is that no one believed her. She tries to move forward, though, and becomes the family’s provider. Then she gets taken away to the land of the fairies and nothing will ever be the same again.

Verve finds herself in Letorheas, that land of the fairies, with no idea what she is supposed to know that makes her so important. She had some strange messages from a couple of her father’s associates that hinted at something, but she did not know what. The adventure is just starting, however, as she is rescued from the evil fae lord and begins a mad dash across the lands of the fae and the humans. Along the way, she learns of the magic dagger that can end immortal life, whose location her father had knowledge of, meets new friends, and maybe even finds love. With the fate of the world on her shoulders, nothing will ever be the same again.

Brittle comes across as a bit of an odd book as it sets out to establish a new world, but there is so much action in such little space that the world-building never takes the forefront. This seemed a bit odd in the first book of a series and I felt almost as if I was missing something. Things moved a little too quickly, especially at the beginning, and this made it hard to get invested in the characters as much as I would have liked. This is a bit surprising as there is usually more depth in a series than a standalone novel since the writer knows there is more time to develop the characters and build the world. Maybe Overmyer has plans to further develop this in the next book, but it left me wanting for more in the opening act.

Brittle is, quite simply, and entertaining and fast read. One of the reasons I wandered away from the genre is that it seemed to be often full of books that were more interested in world-building than story telling. There is a market for that, to be sure, but it is not my preference as I think you cannot have story development at the sake of a good story. Overmyer may have crafted a novel that moves a bit too quick for some readers, but it worked well for me. There was enough development of the world and characters to satisfy me, although I will admit that I am not a fan of any of the male characters who seem a bit one-dimensional and manipulative, and the story moves along at a fast pace. Brittle is not a perfect fantasy novel, but it is a good way to spend a couple hours in a world that is far removed from our own. Recommended, and I am interested to see where Overmyer will take us next.

I would like to thank Flame Tree Press and NetGalley for this review copy. Brittle is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2023.

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