The Devil's Glove

A Tale of Betrayal, Loyalty, and Secrets

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Pub Date 01 May 2023 | Archive Date 24 Apr 2023
The Book Whisperer, Casa Croce Press

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In the summer of 1688, Northern New England is a place of whispered secrets and hidden fears, where the story of Salem takes root.

Meet Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, skilled healers fighting for survival in their secluded coastal village. Taught by indigenous tribes, their abilities have drawn the suspicious gaze of the villagers, who accuse them of witchcraft.

When called upon to treat a poisoned woman, the Hammonds unravel a complex web of dark secrets that threaten to engulf the village. Torn between loyalty to their native allies and the increasingly frightened settler community, they must make an impossible choice.

Plagued by enigmatic dreams, Resolve questions everything she once held true—her family, her closest friend, and even her own identity. Unearthing the truth could have far-reaching consequences, extending well beyond their isolated settlement.

Inspired by the true story behind the Salem Witch Trials, "The Devil's Glove" is a captivating novel of betrayal, loyalty, and the formidable power of secrets. Will Resolve uncover the truth before the village consumes itself in fear, or will she become yet another casualty of its dark and enigmatic past?

Immerse yourself in this meticulously researched and compelling historical fiction. Join Resolve in her quest for truth and unravel the mystery at the heart of Salem's dark history. Order your copy of "The Devil's Glove" today and embark on a journey where betrayal, loyalty, and secrets collide.

In the summer of 1688, Northern New England is a place of whispered secrets and hidden fears, where the story of Salem takes root.

Meet Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, skilled healers...

Advance Praise

"From its opening lines this historical novel from Grindle (Villa Triste) grips with its rare blend of a powerfully evoked past, resonant characters, smart suspense, and prose touched with shivery poetry: “Nothing will lead you to guess what sweet familiars we were, thirty years ago in Massachusetts, where they called me Witch,...  Powered by telling historical detail, vivid visions, and an urgent sense of empathy for its characters, The Devil’s Glove will dazzle readers who appreciate immersive, lyric historical fiction open to possibilities.

Takeaway: Gripping historical novel in the years before Salem’s witch trials."

–BookLife Reviews, Editor's Pick

"From its opening lines this historical novel from Grindle (Villa Triste) grips with its rare blend of a powerfully evoked past, resonant characters, smart suspense, and prose touched with shivery...

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This was a great story about the pre-Salem Witch Trial period and the atmosphere that lead to so much persecution. The interaction between the settlers/whites and the Native Americans was always strained at best. The settlers felt entitled to take anything they saw including land, people and knowledge. Those that learned the native language and interacted with the native people were suspected of all sorts of misdeeds such as treason, sympathizing and witchcraft. Crazily, people sought out native healing when needed, but anyone who had knowledge of natural remedies was suspected of witchcraft. Terrible time period, but you can probably say that about almost any time period in the past. Even so, the story has rich characters and honest depictions of what occurred in that time period. I like that the author was able to instill so many layers into Abigail - a character that I mistrusted and disliked at first but really came to appreciate. The storyline flows smoothly while the emotions escalate - Loved it!

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Very enjoyable. I felt the emotions and reacted. When I get angry, sad and happy all in one book then the author has really done one check of a good job. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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I received this book from The Book Whisperer, Casa Croce Press, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This statement is always true. I’m not given compensation to discuss a book and I’m not told how to rate a book. I am given a book in exchange for my opinions on it, and I am truthful in all my reviews whether I loved them or not.

Ms. Grindle is very in depth in her writing, she is very talented. She works well with character development and it was easy to remember the characters, as they were introduced at different times with their own stories. As many supporting characters as there were, she did a great job developing each one. Although, I felt as if some parts were overly descriptive, she does take advantage of describing the scenes in great detail, the smells, the colors, and the layouts. There were some very intriguing parts to the story that had me engaged and wanting to know what happened next. I did read the book in one day wanting to know what happens to Resolve and Deliverance. There are a few unexpected plot twists that were interesting and unexpected, which I liked.

At times, there seemed to be quite a bit of unnecessary, long descriptions and backstories that ended up not mattering. I skimmed over some paragraphs which seemed to not affect the point of the story at all. I think I was expecting more witchcraft then what was represented, as the point of this book was based on the history of the Salem Witch Trials. The ending was not what I expected, not in a good way or a bad way, I was expecting an ending that was more in depth and had more of an explanation.

I really wanted to absolutely love this book, as I am intrigued by the Salem Witch Trials. I was hoping for more in depth views of witchcraft, curses, hexes, and spells. If that is what you are looking for, it is not in this book. There is little mention of witchcraft and witches, although accusations and insinuations of who the witch or witches are. I didn't hate the book, I didn't love the book. Overall, it was a good book,

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Set in seventeenth century New England, The Devil's glove, by Lucretia Grindle, will take the reader back to a time just prior to the Salem witch trials. The colonists believed in witches and the supernatural and anyone who was friendly with the Indians was also suspect.

When Deliverance Hammond's husband left to trade across the ocean, she and their daughter, Resolve, were left with a friendly tribe. Deliverance learned much about the healing and harmful plants in that area. When she returned to the town, she was suspect because of her ability to heal. There are lots of strange things that go on in the story, and not everyone is as they seem. The devil's glove hides his evil. It was an interesting read. The writing flowed beautifully, but the ending was rather abrupt. Maybe there will be a sequel. I was able to read an ARC on #NetGalley.

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Loved reading the engaging & engrossing story. include Resolve, a seventeen year old young woman, and her mother, a healer, discovering the cause of a pregnant woman's death, rumors being said about Resolve's mother, attacking the savages, and a mysterious 10 year old girl. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written storyline filled with intrigue, and a riveting must read story.

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The prose is absolutely beautiful, but there were times where it was just too much. I found myself skimming section several times throughout the novel and never felt like I had missed anything crucial to the story. That being said, I’m a sucker for historical fiction and anything set in New England and/or witch trial, so in the end, I enjoyed the book.

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In Falmouth Maine, fear of Indians was foremost in the minds of its 1688 settlers. Attacks from a war twelve years ago fanned the flames of their views towards the local Natives who had given them land and offered peace in return. Suspicion and prejudice towards anyone who healed or did anything different was the norm.

For three years during the last war Resolve and her mother sheltered peacefully with a local tribe. There her mother learned to heal and Resolve gamboled freely with other children. Once they returned to life outside of the tribe’s village a world filled with jealousy and fear awaited them. Villagers knew they had lived with the Native Americans, so everything they said or did was looked upon with great suspicion. It was whispered that they were witches, tools of the devil.

Readers will be mesmerized by 1688 scenarios of Native American and village life, as well as the increasing belief in witches which, ultimately, led to the witch trials in Salem.

I found the storyline to be fascinating and was upset to discover after I finished reading that it’s part of a series. As regular readers of my blog know, I am loathe to read books in a series unless I have them all in front of me so I can read them one after the other. Since this series caught me unawares, I will now have to read the other books to come and HOPE I remember what happened without having to reread them. Ms. Grindle, you caught me in your series web. I look forward to reading more about the characters you introduced so well in “The devil’s glove.”

Highly recommended for Adults.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC. This is my first historical fiction/Literary fiction that I have read and oh boy it was really interesting! I loved our MC Resolve/Susannah. I was excited to read something inspired by the Salem Witch Trials but there wasn't too much similarity to me at least. I would recommend this to people who enjoy historical fiction, this setting was 1688 in New England. I really overall enjoyed this book but there wasn't much "witchy" things happening that I hoped would happen but still, I loved this. more than I thought I would.

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The Devil’s Glove by Lucretia Grindle tells the story of Resolve/Susannah in 1688 Massachusetts pre Salem Witch trials. This book was well researched. I got a feel for the politics, the environment, community, religion and insight into the local Indian culture. The characters were real. Some characters got their own chapter to explain their background and thoughts. The writing was beautiful and very descriptive. I recommend this book. Thank you to NetGalley for letting me review this book.

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The Devil’s Glove had me GRIPPED. I read it in less than 24 hours, unable to put it down. It is set in the late 1680’s, right before the Salem witch trials. The Devil’s Glove tells the story of a mother, Deliverance, and daughter, Resolve who have always seemed to be more in tune with the world’s natural surroundings. The community is becoming unhinged by murder, “savages”, and the threat of witches; turning friends and neighbors against each other. At the start of the book the writing seemed to bounce around a lot and I found myself having a hard time staying focused. The writing seemed to go too far off topic in an attempt to explain side stories that didn’t seem necessary to the main story. But by about 15% in, I was hooked. The book really started to pick up speed and hold my attention, keeping the details focused on the story. The ending has left me desperate for the rest of the series where it seems the time period will be directly in the heat of the witch trials. Thank you to NetGalley and The Book Whisperer, Casa Croce Press for allowing me to review this book. All opinions are my own.

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I wanted to love this so much. The description sounded amazing! Unfortunately it fell flat in lots of places. Not much really happens in this story. It just feels like a description of pre witch trial life. It’s really just an observation about life in those times and not a story.

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The Devil’s Glove by Lucretia Grindle

In 1688 Resolve, a seventeen-year-old girl, lives in a small village in Northern New England. Tensions are high as there is talk that there are Witches in a nearby village, in Salem, and if you are in anyway different you could easily be branded a Witch, a crime punishable by death. There is also a danger that they can be attacked by Native Indians at any time. The villages are very racist and hateful towards the Native Indians and think that they are savages

Resolve’s mother, Deliverance has lived with the Native Indians in the past and has been taught by them how to heal different ailments using herbs and plants, she can also communicate with native Indians and has been called many times to translate. I would also like to point out that everyone in the village may look at Deliverance in a suspicious way for knowing how to heal ailments but if they are sick, she is the first person they would go to for help.

I loved this book, I could not put it down as I wanted to know what will happen next in the lives of Resolve, Deliverance and the intriguing Abigail. It felt like the book ended on a cliff hanger and there should be a second book to continue the story.

I would like to thank Net Galley and The Book Whisperer for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Lucretia Grindle's writing is a wonder. After reading only a few paragraphs, I knew The Devil's Glove would be a novel I loved. Grindle's descriptive narration is entrancing - stirring yet delicate, never heavy-handed. Her dialogue and characterization are skillful and immersive. Lucretia Grindle is truly a master storyteller.
The Devil's Glove takes place in the late 1600s in a small settlement on the coast of what is now the state of Maine. It is slightly before the Salem Witch Trials, and some characters are based on real people. Grindle's research is extensive.
Resolve and her mother, Deliverance, are healers taught by indigenous tribes. While the villagers use their healing skills, they are looked on with suspicion and quietly accused of witchcraft. Their closeness with the indigenous people also draws negative attention from the villagers, as there is increasing tension between the two factions. As Resolve's prescience strengthens, she begins to question many parts of her life.
The Devil's Glove is a fascinating book with many interesting historical details. I plan to read more of Ms. Grindle's work as I found her writing exceptional.
Many thanks to NetGalley and Casa Croce Press for the ARC of this book and for introducing me to this author.

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Wow what an immersive story. I loved this story so much. Resolve is one of the best characters I have ever read about and her mother Rachel what an extraordinary woman she is.

This story took me on so many tours through a different time and place yet made me feel as if I was there running to the Ordinary, the beach, the birch trees. I could sleep and feel as if the rain was falling on me.

This was a read I could not put down. Now I want more on Resolve’s life. I want to read more! I hope there is more books to come!

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"Northern New England, summer, 1688.
Salem started here.

A suspicious death. A rumor of war. Whispers of witchcraft.

Perched on the brink of disaster, Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, struggle to survive in their isolated coastal village. They're known as healers taught by the local tribes - and suspected of witchcraft by the local villagers.

Their precarious existence becomes even more chaotic when summoned to tend to a poisoned woman. As they uncover a web of dark secrets, rumors of war engulf the village, forcing the Hammonds to choose between loyalty to their native friends or the increasingly terrified settler community.

As Resolve is plagued by strange dreams, she questions everything she thought she knew - about her family, her closest friend, and even herself. If the truth comes to light, the repercussions will be felt far beyond the confines of this small settlement.

Based on meticulous research and inspired by the true story of the fear and suspicion that led to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, The Devil's Glove is a tale of betrayal, loyalty, and the power of secrets. Will Resolve be able to uncover the truth before the town tears itself apart, or will she become the next victim of the village's dark and mysterious past?"

Always here for Salem. ALWAYS!

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This is a book set in the 17th century at a time when just knowing how to swim could help folks accuse you of being a witch. It’s about Deliverance and her daughter Resolve they live in Massachusetts and the militia is in town and one of the soldiers goes to visit the mom and her daughter because they attended his mother recently when she was poisoned. When Deliverance tells Yhung Theo Dodd that she believes his eight-year-old sister Annabelle had a hand and his mom and her unborn babies death he grimly agrees and says he tried to warn his poor mother. The militia is in town because the settlement had been attacked and they were there to round up all the indigenous people they could catch deliverance and her her daughter quickly let out in their boat to warn their friends. It’s a tribe of indigenous people that her dad left them with when he went to fight with the militia years before it is also the people who taught Deliverance everything she knows about healing. It mainly focuses on her daughter and her daughter‘s best friend Jada once the militia starts bringing in indigenous people however Resolve starts to feel a wedge between her and Jayda after hearing the unkind remarks her best friend says about the captives. Although this isn’t the best summary because there is way more to this book there’s super natural happenings A menacing eight-year-old and not to mention the great detail of life at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it if you love historical fiction then you definitely should read The Devils Glove Buy Lacretia Grendel I totally and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I received it from NetGalley and the book whisperer but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

Was this review helpful?

I hope for horror story, witches and the other spoky things. Didnt find it here, the book about citizen who scare easely because of someone different.

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

#TheDevilsGlove #TheBookWhisperer #CasaCrocePress #LurcretiaGrindle #NetGalley #ARC

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I’ve always been fascinated by the Salem witch trials and was lucky enough to visit the area a while back. If I’d seen this book in the museum gift shop, I’d certainly have picked it up. The story is set in New England, mid 17th century, in the time before the trials. The area has been settled by white colonists and they are suspicious of the indigenous people. Deliverance and her daughter are keen to learn from the native Americans, but in doing so they are open to suspicion and some fear from their own people. When they’re asked to help with herbal remedies and things go wrong, they’re accused of witchcraft..

This is a really interesting exploration of attitudes, cultures and colonialism at a time when settlers arrived with a grandiose sense of entitlement and had little or no respect for anyone else. The culture of witchcraft was very easy to cultivate and ignite and I thought this story added a fresh angle to the better known Salem trials story. I understand the author has undertaken meticulous research and this is apparent in the richness of period detail in every way. The characters are well developed and I felt at times that I’d been transported to that quiet little backwater that was to go down in history, for all the wrong reasons. Very well written and it held my attention throughout.

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.

Was this review helpful?

If you love all things witchy fantasy and all things murder mystery this book is for you. Historically set, this book will keep you on your toes. Tension begins between the puritans and the Native Americans. This will take you past your history book days and twist your stomach!

Was this review helpful?

It was the title and cover design that sparked my interest.

This was a nicely written historical mystery. I was interested in what the narrator had to tell the reader, and I felt the characters were brought to life in the setting, with some nice imagery.

I often find that historical fiction feels like an escape, as though for a while, you are living the life of another person, in another time. That was true in this case too.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for a free copy to review.

Was this review helpful?

The Salem Witch Trial period has always fascinated me, so I was excited to be offered an advance reader copy of The Devil's Glove, which is a story set in the pre-Salem Witch Trial period. It took me awhile to get into this book, but then I was really glad I stayed with it. The two main characters in this story are a mother-daughter team from the Island of Jersey, who emigrated to the New World for a fresh start. Prior to the book, we are told that they sheltered for several years with a local tribe to avoid the war between the English and French. Now, having taken on Puritan names to blend in, they secretly bridge communities between the Puritan settlers in Falmouth, MA and the local tribes. The Puritan settlers assume the tribes are being goaded by the French to start fighting (again) for control of the territory, and jump out to strike first by capturing a fishing party of women, children and old men. A war party of Indians respond by capturing a like number of settlers to hold hostage in exchange for their people.

As tensions escalate, the Puritans interpret any behavior that is not understood as witchcraft. Working as healers, the women used native plants and natural remedies learned from the tribes, only to be accused of using witchcraft regardless of the outcome. Soon secrets don't stay secret,

Excellent character development, as well as insight into the political and emotional situation of the times, Ms. Grindle also infused the book with tastes, smells and emotions. The characters were believable and plot twists exciting. I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the time period.

Was this review helpful?

In The Devil’s Glove, Lucretia Grindle explores the lives of women in the late seventeenth century in the early American colonies through a fictional perspective. Told from Resolve’s perspective, Grindle brings the fears of Indigenous raids and the discoveries of witches in their small community to life. Resolve’s point of view allows Grindle to bring her fears, emotions, and lack of knowledge into the reader’s perspective of the text. Grindle’s prose brings the various uncertainties, fears, and situations to life, and her masterful, nuanced characters draw the reader into the story and the setting. The first-person point of view allows the reader to experience the story’s events immediately through Resolve’s perspective. Grindle gives various clues as to the setting and timing of the text through Resolve’s memories of her childhood, what her mother Deliverance has told her, and the various names and dates Grindle tosses into the story. The story is driven by the characters, but the setting and prose are also excellently written and only add to the story. Grindle’s ability to take an established, infamous time period and transform it into an immersive first-person narrative is astounding, and the atmosphere and language of the book evoke the chills and terrors of the witch trial period.

Was this review helpful?

It takes a little while to get used to the writing style, emulating I imagine the speech patterns of the late seventeenth century. It’s stilted and somewhat hard to read, digest, interpret. Even so, the narrative is heavy in prose.

It’s the story of Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, who are trying to assimilate into the village of Falmouth. Deliverance, most especially, has become somewhat of a personality known for her cures and limited medical expertise, which has resulted in both a positive and negative in the villagers' suspicion. It is generally felt she gained much of her knowledge from the local natives who are viewed with fear.

There is a lot of mistrust regarding the local tribe having a recent history of conflict still strong in the minds of the villagers. Events are beginning to push war to a reality when an orchestrated, peaceful solution is badly mishandled. In the meantime, Resolve is betrayed by her friend, the one person she thought could be trusted.

Heavy with description, exceptional details, and weighed down somewhat by unnecessary backstory, the main storyline tends to wallow at times.

A historical fiction novel obviously the benefit of research but not quite the pace or plot expected. I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the author and publisher through @NetGalley that in no way influenced this review. These are my honest thoughts.

Was this review helpful?

This was lovely.
I really felt the atmosphere. I would love to listen to this one.
Great character development as well.
.I love the way this novel focuses on women and women's experiences.

Was this review helpful?

Let's start off by saying that I love anything about the Salem Witch trials.
This story was awesome! I was lost from beginning to end. I wasn't disappointed at all.
The author did a fantastic job of writing this book.
I find the Puritans a fascinating people.
I couldn't put it down until it was finished. I wanted to find out if Resolve was able to help solve the mystery.
Can she before it's too late?
I love the name Resolve. It's authentic and suits the character very well.
I loved visiting New England without leaving the comfort of my home.
Now, some of this story kinda gave me the creeps. I won't say who or how because I don't want to give it away.
Fear is the culprit and backbone of the story. All it takes is a few to get it going, which is terribly sad but true.
I will admit that the title is mostly what caught my eye.
5 stars for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I received this eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.

I liked the descriptions of the environment that were integral to the characters of Resolve and Deliverance, the evolution of Resolve, the story built on history, and whether to fear what you don't understand and act on fear, or to have an open mind.

I really enjoyed this story.

Was this review helpful?

In 1688 in the town of Falmouth, Resolve lives with her mother. Her father is in Europe managing the family business. Her mother is a healer/midwife and is tending to a woman who is ill. Another healer had been helping but when circumstances worsened, Mistress Hammond was requested. The patient dies leaving a young daughter and husband behind. The young daughter exhibits peculiar behavior but no one seems to notice the girl. The threat of savages (Indians) is a constant fear and a neighboring town has had an invasion with most citizens being killed. The terror of the Indian attack upsets the town. Resolve notices that the townspeople are looking at them in a suspicious way. Will they be banned from town? How could people be afraid of them?

Lucretia Grindle has researched this historic time in depth. She describes life in that time in detail. Her characters are appropriate to the time period but too much time is spent on the backstories of each character. The story is compelling but doesn't give insight into the supposed witchcraft of the time.

Puritan life was rigid. Because they lived outside of town, Resolve and her mother were able to bend some of the rules. How much did their outsider status contribute to the town being suspicious of them? This is an interesting view of life before the hysteria of Salem and the witchcraft trials.

Was this review helpful?

I have been looking for a historical fiction to get stuck into, which doesn't revolve around the Tudor Court, Henry VIII or any of his wives - so I thought I'd give this a go... I was not disappointed.

This is not a time period I'm particularly familiar with but Grindle sets down the necessary groundwork with the background story of the time
I found the characters well developed & likeable, I certainly rooted for the MC Resolve - her character was fleshed out enough to be able to carry the story forward In the first person POV.

Abigail's character was intriguing, when ever her name appeared I'd feel a mixture of emotions.

There was just enough superstition & 'magic' without passing the boundaries into fantasy and becoming a bit silly - I would of lost interest & not read on.

The relationship between Resolve & Abigail is haunting, let's put it that way - I love how said relationship developed from one of disdain & fear to one of sisterly love.

Some beautifully vivid descriptions were weaved consistently throughout, making it easy & pleasant to read, getting lost in this world.

I felt there was a great build up spanning through out most of the book enticing me to read on, hoping something was going to happen in the next Chapter - but there wasn't much in the way of action or drama; I was also expecting more focus on the witchcraft aspect, but again little came of it.

I found the ending abrupt but am invested enough to want to read the next book of the series - I'm hoping there will be less back story & build up and more action.

Overall an enjoyable read, I would just of liked a few more plot twists & events thrown in, it was a bit too much plain sailing.

Was this review helpful?

Resolve and Deliverance are an unusual mother-daughter pair; the two are healers in their village during the days when natives are to be feared, swimming makes you a witch, God-fearing people induce more panic than devotion, and men regularly disappear for months/years at a time.

The two women operate simultaneously as outcasts from the village, yet essential to the survival of its population. However, they accept this. It's understandable that Resolve yearns for friends and catches herself mid-emotions regularly, but the story is swept along more so by the constant changes in circumstances with other characters than the inner dialogue on a teenager.

Solid read for pre-Salem Witch Trial fans.

Overall: 4 stars

I'll tell my students about: sex, language, physical violence, LGBTQIA+, parental death, blood/gore, trauma

**Thank you to NetGalley and The Book Whisperer for the free ARC. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Lucretia Grindle for providing me with a complimentary digital ARC for The Devil’s Glove coming out May 1, 2023. The honest opinions expressed in this review are my own.

In the year 1688, in Northern New England, Salem is forming into the place it will become during the infamous witch trials. But that won’t be for a few years. In the meantime, Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, struggle to survive in their isolated village. They're known as healers taught by the local tribes - and suspected of witchcraft by the locals.

Their existence becomes even more chaotic when they’re called to tend to a poisoned woman. As they reveal dark secrets through their healing, rumors of war form in the village, forcing the Hammonds to choose between loyalty to their native friends or the settler community.

As Resolve is disturbed by unusual dreams, she questions everything about her family, her closest friend, and herself. Things are changing. If the truth comes to the surface, the repercussions will be felt far beyond this small settlement.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I’m obsessed with stories about Salem witches, so I was interested in checking this out. I thought the writing was lovely and poetic. The characters were interesting and I thought the historical background of the book felt accurate. Judging by the title, I thought it would be slightly more horror driven. It didn’t really have the horror element I thought it would. There were parts that didn’t quite capture my attention. But overall, I really enjoyed the story. I thought it was a great prequel to the Salem story that is usually told.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys books about witches!

Was this review helpful?

The characters in this one practically leap off the page. This is a long story based in a settlement in New England and life between the new settlers and the natives. There’s a touch of natural magic and a smidge of witchery but, while it does give you some clues as to the origin, it does not really explain the hows and whys. There’s a lot left up in the air. Some of the explanations of the Hammonds’ powers are confusing, like the description of the little amulet and what and why. And these ethereal trips? Did not understand those.
I do want to know more about the characters after the book ended, though. I enjoyed the history and her writing style is lovely if a bit wordy.

I received a prepub copy of this book for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

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