Divorced Not Dead

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Pub Date Sep 28 2023 | Archive Date Oct 17 2023


We’re going to need a bigger drink…

Meet Frankie: fifty, divorced and getting back on the horse.

After leaving Twatface – her husband of twenty years – she's starting again from scratch. And when her son also flees the nest for university, Frankie decides it’s time to throw herself back into the dating game with a vengeance.

On best friend Bel's recommendation, Frankie signs up to two dating apps: one for love, another for casual hook-ups (because why the f**k not?!).

However, as she navigates this new frontier of catfishing, kittenfishing, ghosts, GILFs and everything in between, she realises the whole dating thing has changed quite a bit – and it really is a bloody jungle out there…

Will Frankie find love on the apps? Or the perfect shag?

Or – if there’s any justice in the world – both?

Divorced Not Dead is a no-holds-barred, heartfelt and laugh-out-loud hilarious romcom about being fifty, but absolutely not yet dead yet – perfect for fans of Alexandra Potter, Marian Keyes and Jane Fallon.

We’re going to need a bigger drink…

Meet Frankie: fifty, divorced and getting back on the horse.

After leaving Twatface – her husband of twenty years – she's...

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Featured Reviews

"Divorced Not Dead" by Harper Ford is a hilarious and brutally honest romp through the world of modern dating for the fifty-something crowd. Frankie, the witty and relatable protagonist, takes the reader on a wild ride as she navigates the turbulent waters of dating apps, from the search for true love to seeking casual encounters.

With a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, Ford delves into the absurdities of online dating, highlighting the challenges and pitfalls that come with it. From quirky profiles and ghosting to unexpected surprises and unsolicited explicit photos, Frankie's experiences will have readers laughing out loud.

The story doesn't just focus on Frankie's quest for love but also on her personal growth and newfound independence after her divorce. As she reconnects with her best friend Bel and explores her desires, readers will find themselves rooting for her every step of the way.

"Divorced Not Dead" is a witty and refreshing take on dating in the digital age, filled with laugh-out-loud moments, memorable characters, and a candid exploration of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Whether you're a seasoned dater or just looking for a light-hearted and entertaining read, this book delivers on all fronts.

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I am pleased to share my thoughts on this highly enjoyable and relatable book. The protagonist, Frankie, presents a refreshing and lighthearted approach to life after her divorce. Her experiences with online dating and encounters with less-than-desirable individuals are sure to resonate with many readers. The male characters are portrayed realistically, with humour, and many comical moments, adding to the authenticity of the plot.

As I read through the pages, I couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity with Frankie, as she reminded me of my own best friend and our many conversations over the years. Additionally, the writing style is highly enjoyable, and the secondary characters are well-developed, adding depth to the storyline.

Ford's skilful storytelling creates a captivating and delightful reading experience, and I eagerly anticipate reading more in the future.

In conclusion, 'Divorced, Not Dead' is without any doubt, a five-star read for me!

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This novel is absolute JOY, I laughed my way from the very start to the very last page. This book is a romance and is all about community, each element beautifully written and guaranteed to pull the reader in but it combines this with whip-smart, feminist and sex-positive observation on the perils on modern dating.
Frankie has recently separated from her (heinous) husband, is post-menopausal and is having to start again from scratch. Not only does she have to set up a new business but as a newly single empty-nester, she is throwing herself back into the dating pool, into a world of websites, and apps and all the nonsense that accompanies them. I defy anyone to read this without loudly cackling as Frankie deals with catfishers, scammers and cheats in her thoroughly unique and utterly hilarious way. And as she does all this, she is the embodiment of women who know exactly what they want, exactly what they won’t tolerate any more, and who refuse to be told by anyone how they ‘should’ be living their lives. I love her!
Divorced Not Dead is fresh, funny and absolutely freaking fabulous and I CANNOT wait to see what Harper Ford writes next.

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Rather Joyous..
A romcom with a difference in this breath of fresh air tale of the no holds barred Frankie, divorced and fifty but most definitely wanting to get on with life and with love and with anything that comes with it. By turns, funny and entertaining but also heartfelt and poignant. The author often successfully hits the nail square on the head with astute observations and endearing or not character traits, not to mention narrative. A rather joyous commentary of the life of Frankie - who really could be any of us.

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I absolutely adored Frankie in this book, Harper Ford has really drawn Frankie so well. She’s likeable, funny and a bit crude and I’m here for her and her whole life story. She’s so well written and thought out I LOVE her

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Divorced Not Dead
By Harper Ford

Frankie is Divorced, she's certainly not dead. She maybe a little rusty with the dating scene and a total novice at online dating, but she certainly isn't dead.

I read a whole heap of crime thrillers, every now and then a book from a different genre catches my attention and that is exactly what happened with this book. I really liked the sound of it and really thrilled that I got to read it.

Meet Frankie: fifty, divorced and getting back on the horse. What a ride it will be. Frankie decided to give on line dating a go and while it may not be something she's familiar with, with the help of her good friend Bel she's soon learning all the jargon and just what a minefield online dating can be.
Getting back in the dating scene when you've been married for forever is never going to be easy. But if you do it Frankie style then it should certainly be fun.
Heartfelt and laugh out loud this book had me in stitches. It also gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that only a good ending can leave you with.
I love the group of hotbed quilters that Frankie has set up, a great place to meet like minded people. What a great bunch of characters they turned out to be, learning different things about different people is always fun but when it has humor included it's even better.
Get on this journey with Frankie into the crazy world of online dating and enjoy the ride. The author has taught us to understand what it's like getting back out there when you have been in a relationship for so long, that you need to be safe but most of all you need to have fun, you need to do what you want to do and look out for yourself.

The book should come with a warning. ' Double up on your tenna ladies'

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I so want to be Frankie when I grow up! Problem is I have no idea how to quilt and my son has already left home! Thoroughly enjoyable read

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A great read with plenty of laugh out loud moments. I’ve definitely picked up some new insults! Highly recommended.

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Funny, sweary, heartfelt and totally relatable - I loved this book! I particularly liked the fact that it didn't just concentrate on romantic love, but on the love between female friends, and a parent's love for their child. I'd totally join the Hotbed, despite having absolutely no sewing skills...!

The characters were all well rounded, and I really liked the way the secondary characters - the Hotbed - had surprising stories of their own. I will never look at anyone who works in M&S in the same way.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good laugh, a twisty love plot, and a happy ending - as long as they don't mind a bit of swearing!

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Ladies, meet your new best friend, Frankie Brumby. Frankie is fifty and just out of a marriage with a controlling nightmare known primarily as 'Twatface.'

Living above her fabric shop, supported by her new-mum friend Bel and university-age son Jay, she has sunk everything she has into the shop after her ex-husband wiped out their savings. It's time to get back on the horse (and on the apps for the first time) but Frankie has no idea of the complexity and catfishing that lies ahead of her!

She has better luck with her 'hotbed' of quilters at the shop, including representatives of every sexual identity on the spectrum. But what about her man? Will it be Guy (also known as Gone Guy - a hot neuroscientist, a catfisher or a bit of both)? or moody Stef, who shows up at her shop and seems curiously reluctant to leave?

An absolute delight that will cheer up anyone's autumn.

This next section will not go on the public reviews, but no book is flawless - I bloody love swearing, but it felt like Frankie spent the last third of the book yelling and cussing people out, and I wondered if some of the conversations could have been a bit more modulated and interesting. I wouldn't speak to anyone like that (with the exception of my own Twatfaces of course)!

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This is a novel that instantly feels totally relatable. Protagonist, Frankie is an 'everywoman' in the 21st century. She is, indeed, divorced, not dead, and certainly NOT dead. She is, or very quickly becomes, the friend you wish you had. You can't help but love her as she starts her new life after having left her husband and started a quilting business. From a narrative point of view, this is a compellingly written novel. It's conversational and, yes, profane, but that's Frankie for you, and you'll love her and her insecurities. What I think Harper Ford is really good at is creating situations and characters who are modern and believable. I was reminded of a (better than) 'Sex In the City' vibe. I loved it, this novel, and you will too. More please, Harper Ford :).

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Debut for this first well known author, a funny witty sense of humour read.
Frankie Brumby is newly single, dating at fifty, and looking for fun.
Living in the small flat above her shop she is a free woman and signs up to a dating app.
Well what can I say? a fabulous holiday read that had me laughing out loud.
Everyone knows a Frankie and this girl is feisty, funny and so down to earth.
I loved it, cheers up any day recommend to all genre readers. brilliant!!!!

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The author has written some great books that are historical fiction so. I was curious to see how the switch to a different genre would go and it was every bit as good as the other books, Frankie is a warm, funny and loyal character that has learnt the hard way not to be so trusting of the wrong people and her experience of online dating is hilarious and priceless. Definitely a book to read before anyone makes the decision to try the dating apps. A fabulous funny five star read for me.

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It had a few places where I couldn't help but giggle. I enjoyed it very much. Would like to read more from this author. Enjoyed very much.

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Very excited for this one and thrilled to have my wish granted! I love stories of women getting their next act and I can’t wait to follow Franki3 on her journey. It’s so empowering to see books about women over the age of forty finding love again. It’s also going to be so entertaining reading her experiences especially with so many differences to the dating game and also things that never change.

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