The Words of Kings and Prophets

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Pub Date 14 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 14 Sep 2023
Head of Zeus, Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book

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The sequel to the critically acclaimed The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, The Words of Kings and Prophets is the powerful new historical fantasy novel by Shauna Lawless.

Ireland, 1000 AD. Gormflaith is unhappily married to Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and although a queen she struggles with her limited position. As an immortal Fomorian with the secret gift of magic, Gormflaith has a burning desire: to find and destroy the hidden fortress of her sworn enemies, the Descendants, who seek to kill her kind at all costs. She begins to use her magical powers, and discovers she is more skilled than she ever realised... but can she control what she will become?

Meanwhile Fódla, the Descendants' healer, mourns her banished sister but clings to life as the guardian of her young nephew. She seeks a place of safety for them both, but he has secrets of his own that could threaten everything – and Fódla must do all in her power to keep him hidden away from those who would use him for evil.

When a mysterious man comes to King Brian's court, his presence could spell disaster or deliverance for both Gormflaith and Fódla – and for Ireland herself. For he is Tomas, an ambitious immortal with few scruples – and he will do anything to see his plans become reality.

Soon, mortals and immortals alike are drawn towards a bitter conflict that could decide the future of Ireland and all her people.

Reviewers on Shauna Lawless' GAEL SONG series:

'Gripping and beautiful. A Celtic Last Kingdom with wild magic and fierce heroines' Anna Smith Spark
'Highlander meets The Last Kingdom... I was hooked from page one' Anthony Ryan
'A beguiling blend of fantasy, history, and politics... Every turn of the page ratchets up the tension. To read this novel is to fall into a richly imagined web of lives' D.K. Fields

The sequel to the critically acclaimed The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, The Words of Kings and Prophets is the powerful new historical fantasy novel by Shauna Lawless.

Ireland, 1000 AD....

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Featured Reviews

One of the best books I have read so far. The first book this year I have stayed up late to read! My only issue with the first book was I found the pacing to be little slower than I prefer however, book 2 does not have the same issues. I had whiplash from about 60% of the way through and did not want to put it down

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The second book picks up right where the first one left off, and carries with it all of the magic and wonder that made the first book so special. You truly jump back into it all without skipping a beat. It’s not often that a sequel lives up to it’s predecessor, but here it’s been accomplished and then some. We continue to watch from the point of view of the two, very contrasting, women of the first book, Gormflaith and Fódla, but also with an unexpected but pleasant point of view added in. We witness their paths continue to cross, unaware of one another, all while tensions continue to build and with the world we knew expanding. Overall a fantasist read and can’t wait for the next one.

As always, thank you to NetGalley for the arc of this book and the opportunity to write this review.

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Fantastic sequel. I just love this series. It's fresh and original. Now the long wait for book 3. This series is seriously worth your time if you enjoy historical fantasy featuring Irish mythology. Highly recommended the series and can't wait for the next chapter.

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I'm so happy I decided to continue with this series. This installment was fantastic and exceeded the first book in all aspects. Since the world, characters, and magic have been established it made it so much easier to follow the story.
I instantly was sucked into the world and found myself enraptured by the characters. The two female MC have me in a CHOKEHOLD! They may be polar opposites in personalities but I can't help but love them just the same. Trust me when I say there is a character and drama for everyone. By the end of the book I found myself with a handful of favorite characters I must know how their stories end.
The author has really taken her time to set up both Irish mythology and Irish history to work seamlessly. I love how she has taken real historical figures and events and thrown them into the mix with all the elements of fantasy. The Irish culture is beautifully represented and has me now looking for other books with Irish representation.
There's no doubt I'll be continuing on with this series and this author.

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"The Words of Kings and Prophets" is a masterpiece, even better than the first instalment of this stunning story. Inspired by Irish mythology, the story continues to follow Fodla, a descendent of the magical Tuatha De Dannan, and Gormflaidh, a cruel and deadly Formarian (fire witch). This book also introduces more POVs such as Colman, a warrior and cousin of Fodla. Both of the main characters are fabulous; Fodla has a heart of gold and is always risking herself in order to protect others, and Gormflaidh, while decidedly malicious, is impossible not to root for as she struggles for power with the controlling men in her life. Anyone who has read this book will have had their heart broken at least once (you know what you did Shauna). I highly recommend to any mythology fans and excitedly await book 3 so that one character finally gets what he deserves (I swear something really bad better happen to him or I'll be raging).

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Second books in trilogies are notorious for being the weakest of the bunch, but this book not only picks up right where book one ends but continues to deliver all the political scheming, nuanced characters, magic, and rich Irish history as it's predecessor. With a fun new POV, a bit more romance, and secrets and plot devices that seemed perfectly timed throughout the book Lawless has me absolutely hooked.
Cannot wait to see how this ends!!

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This is a fantastic sequel to "The Children of Gods and Fighting Men"! I was glad to be back in the world of Fodla and Gormflaith. I love the additional POV from Colmon.

I was hooked from the first few pages. I literally had to pause and take a moment after the Prologue, my heart couldn't take it. It is a book that is very hard to put down, full of beautiful places, devious schemes, and wonderful relationships.

I can't wait for book number 3.

I'd read this ARC thanks to NetGalley.

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This is the second book in the Gael Song series by Shauna Lawless and it’s just as brilliant as the first.

The Words of Kings and Prophets is set soon after then end of The Children of Gods & Fighting Men, in the year 1000AD in Ireland. I won’t talk about the plot of this one to avoid spoilers.

This is historical fiction with a mythological twist. Hidden amongst the mortal population of Ireland are two warring groups, the Descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Fomorians. For many centuries, the Descendants secretly aided the mortal population of Ireland, mostly through healing and fighting. But they have gradually retreated and dwindled in size, and now they mostly just spy on the population without taking part in their world. There are only a few Fomorians left alive, but they crave power over everyone. These mythological people are woven into the stories of real historical figures and events.
Although politics, warring and scheming between Irish kings and Vikings rulers, alongside the quiet war between the Descendants and the Fomorians, provides the backdrop and plot, it is the characters and their relationships that are the heart of this series.
I think it says a lot about the quality of the writing and character development that, despite there being considerably less fighting in this book, I spent a large part worried about their well-being.

Highly recommend this series and I can't wait for the next one!

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This is definitely an example of book 2 being even better than book 1. I started this almost immediately after finishing the first book and stayed up until 3am to finish it. This was such a well crafted story and everything that book one set up absolutely came to fruition here.
I almost wish I hadn’t gotten the ARC cause now I will have to wait an incredibly long time for the next book.

Also I have never been so wrong about so many different characters or what is going to happen in the plot before. This series has continually left me shocked in the best way.

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This is everything I hoped for and more. Just a perfect sequel. If you love fantasy and Irish mythology. Definitely give this series a go. I really really hope there is third installment very soon.

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What an amazing book!! Start off the day with a hot brew and the thought of reading a few chapters, to realising it is night time, and no house work has been completed. Simply couldn’t put it down. The story flows expanding further on characters from ‘The Children of Gods and Fighting Men’, integrating mythology into Irish history.

One of my favourite things about the Gael Song series is how well developed the characters are, to the stage where I am physically making faces at a book and being questioned if there is something wrong with me. This expanded to talking to the book itself, as I am that involved I unconsciously say things such as, ‘NOOOO’ or, ‘did that really just happen’. I got kicked out of the living room for being too noisy because of this.

With this following actual historical events, my first thought was, will I be able to read a history book to perhaps decipher what happens next in the story. Of course not, I have no idea how this is going to end, just extremely excited to see how it does. But for me wanting to go to these extremes shows just how magnificent I think this series is. I cannot recommend this enough, and I am extremely excited to see what the next one has in store.

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Shauna Lawless' second installment of the Gael Song series is a masterpiece. Building off of the incredible world building from the first book in the series, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, Lawless continues her dramatic historical tale with all the intriguing details I had hoped for.

Not only is Lawless' novel beautifully written, with robust characters who are well-rounded and realistic (albeit magical in some cases), but the historical research into the non-magical aspects of the story is compelling, as is the attention to detail she weaves throughout.

If you're at all interested in Irish history or Celtic folklore, this series was made for you!

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