Mystical Mushrooms

Discover the Magic & Folklore of Fantastic Fungi

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Pub Date 12 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2023

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Mystical Mushrooms defines the beauty of mushrooms by focusing on their magical connections and symbolic meanings through folkloric tales and superstitions throughout the world.

Go for a walk in the woods on any given summer day and you may find yourself surrounded in fungi galore as they lay nestled among the ferns and trees. After a rainstorm, peek out in your backyard and you may see tiny spores sprouting from the grass, forming what is known as a fairy ring. Mushrooms grow in all shapes, sizes, and colors and—depending on where you live—you might find some that are conducive to magic practice. Mystical Mushrooms enters this realm, exploring the magical properties, mythological connections, and symbolic qualities of the fungi that so intrigue us.

Author Aurora Kane takes you on a journey through the mystical universe of mushrooms. From ancient traditions to the concept of fairy rings, Kane reveals how mushrooms have long been entwined with the supernatural in art, literature, and religion. This includes topics surrounding:
  • Magical History
  • Spells
  • Symbolism
  • Spirituality

Coupled with stunningly depicted artworkMystical Mushrooms explores the qualities of over 35 species of mushroom, displaying a range of compelling subjects surrounding the true power of these fabulous fungi.
Mystical Mushrooms defines the beauty of mushrooms by focusing on their magical connections and symbolic meanings through folkloric tales and superstitions throughout the world.

Go for a walk in the...

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Featured Reviews

This was informative and well-paced and the information was paired beautifully with the detailed illustrations. I'd love to read more of Kane's work!

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A whimsical and fascinating delight of a book.
This book is a wonderful mix of scientific fact, history, mystery and magic. The title and cover enticed me to open it, the content had me hooked on reading it. It's beautifully illustrated, a book you could enjoy by looking at the pictures alone but you would be missing out on the science, history and mythology that makes this book stunning to both read and look at.
The descriptions of edibility made me smile with their range from inedible to 'unknown but highly unlikely' to 'highly sought'.

There are repeated cautions not to eat wild mushrooms without being absolutely certain you know what they are. And requests to be respectful and sustainable when foraging. Many mushrooms are endangered and protected so be aware of what you are doing before picking anything in the wild.

Overall I loved this book and would happily dip into it time and time again

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book but did not receive any inducement to provide a positive review

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Absolutely loved this book, it was everything I want in a mushroom book and more. The graphic were clear and so authentic to the book. As I study mushroom this book will be a must have on my adventures and throughout my learning journey that I will reference back to,

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A beautifully illustrated and informative book on Mushrooms including history and it's links to events and folklore of history past, some super interesting facts I didn't know about like the links mushrooms had to witchcraft and witch-hunts. Definitely a book I will be wanting to revisit and re-digest over and over, if not just for the beautiful illustrations that come with the book.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Quarto for providing me with an ARC at my request.

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This book includes so much information paired with stunning artwork of the various mushrooms. Giving a brief overview of classification and identification, lore, and different uses before jumping into an in depth look at some of the species. Overall a fun, fascinating read.

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The author relates the mysticism surrounding fungi. She describes mushrooms as possibly having a higher consciousness. I found this "cellular intelligence" very interesting in terms of fungi's adaptability in their environment. This book also explains the difference between toadstools and typical mushrooms. The book goes on to discuss the history of fungi from a cultural and religious standpoint, how they remain clouded in a lack of knowledge of fungi, and how we can better understand a misperceived Kingdom. The author also explains that fungi are more than magic, they are nutritional and contribute to our health and wellness. She introduces a concept that perhaps bees and fungi fate are tied together, an interesting hypothesis that deserves further investigation. I highly recommend this book.

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Growing up in a pagan family, I was excited seeing this book on the Netgalley website and immediately requested it. I was delighted to receive a digital copy and it didn't disappoint.

Of course, I knew quite a few things already but that definitely didn't reduce the quality of this book.

Firstly, the overall look is amazing. The illustrations are so beautiful, the text as in font and size is comfortable and accessible which is important to mention since quite a few "witchy" books tend to go overboard and make their research rather unaccessible for people that struggle with their vision for example.
Throughout the book you will find the big pictures of mushrooms but also cute little illustrations that keep each page interesting and unique.

The writing in this was fun. It was informing but had a lightness to it which helped in making it feel less like a textbook and more like a nice read on the side that will teach you something.
I loved how the book made you love all these fascinating little details about mushrooms.

I appreciate all the different historical and continental (?) views. It gives you lore and information to mushrooms all over the world. From Europe to the USA to Mexico, Asia and so on. I really enjoyed those bits because they really open up the world to you.

Lastly, the witch aspect. I agree and even recognized a few things from our own practice. Throughout the book this spiritual aspect and the hard facts were interwoven and related to each other. I also enjoyed the whole magickal chapters towards the end. Really lovely explanations and warnings, which I think are really important.

In conclusion, I adored this book for what it was. The lore, the facts, the magick were all amazing, the illustrations breathtaking and the authors voice very lovely and easy to follow along on this mushroom adventure. Having read the full thing, I'd still love to have a physical copy of it and go running in the woods, seeing what I'll find.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Quarto Publishing Group for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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"Mystical Mushrooms" takes readers on an enchanting journey through the captivating world of fungi, delivering an awe-inspiring blend of history, mystery, science, and enchanting stories. This brilliant book offers a down-to-earth exploration of these fascinating organisms, making it an absolute delight for both mushroom enthusiasts and curious minds.

The author skillfully weaves together the rich history of mushrooms, unearthing their significance in various cultures and traditions, and shedding light on their mystical allure. Through the pages, readers are taken on a captivating tour of the various mushroom species, each possessing its unique charm and secrets.

One of the book's greatest strengths is its seamless integration of scientific knowledge. Complex concepts are conveyed with clarity, enabling readers to grasp the significance of mushrooms in ecology and their often-underappreciated role in our ecosystems. The blend of scientific insights and enchanting narratives offers a comprehensive understanding of these remarkable organisms.

Moreover, "Mystical Mushrooms" shines in its storytelling. The collection of anecdotes and myths surrounding different mushrooms adds a layer of magic to the factual information, making the reading experience both educational and entertaining.

In conclusion, "Mystical Mushrooms" is a true gem that stands out in the realm of nature and science literature. Its eloquent exploration of mushrooms, filled with historical context, scientific depth, and captivating stories, makes it a must-read for anyone seeking a delightful and enlightening journey into the enchanting world of fungi.

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Mystical Mushrooms is a fantastical book full of information on the history and magic of mushrooms. I wasn't aware of how closely mushrooms were tied to pagan beliefs, witches, and the supernatural. Tons of amazing pictures and an amazing amount of information. This is not a "practical" book in the sense of going out and finding & eating local mushrooms. Rather, this is a celebration of the magic and culture behind mushrooms in general, with a lengthy section focusing on specific types. Very interesting!

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this eARC in exchange for my honest review on the book!

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Beautifully illustrated, with fascinating stories of the mushroom in folklore, witchcraft, and symbolism. This isn't a guidebook, but instead gives you further insight to the magic surrounding fungi around the world. Perfect for anyone interested in the spiritual side of life. Highly recommend.

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Mystical Mushrooms is a beautifully designed book full of interesting history, folk lore, facts and general info on mushrooms accompanied with stunning illustrations and some new age pages too. It would make a beautiful addition to any bookshelf.

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Beautiful illustrations on a fascinating topic! My only complaint was that I couldn’t read this on my kindle or kindle fire, which slowed me down.

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