The Celtic Deception

A Jump in Time Novel, Book Two

Narrated by Mark Sanderlin
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Pub Date 05 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 30 Dec 2023
Imbrifex Audio, Imbrifex Books

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Every second counts in the fight to save all time.

Dan Renfrew hates that he’s a time jumper—seventeen-year-olds should not be stuck with the responsibility of saving history.  But with no one else stepping up to stop Victor Stahl’s plot to take over the world, Dan and his time-jumping partner Sam have no choice but to jump back into history again. They land on the Celtic island of Anglesey in 60 CE, hoping to find answers on how to stop Victor. Their task isn’t easy. Everyone seems to be hiding something, from the druids who rule Anglesey to the Celts who take the time jumpers in.  With two Roman legions intent on wiping out everyone on the island drawing closer, time is running out for Dan and Sam.

Every second counts in the fight to save all time.

Dan Renfrew hates that he’s a time jumper—seventeen-year-olds should not be stuck with the responsibility of saving history. But with no one else...

A Note From the Publisher

"The Celtic Deception" is the Second Book in the Jump in Time book series. The first book "The Last Saxon King" was published and is available everywhere fine books are sold. The third book, "The Mongol Ascension" will be in bookstores in Fall, 2024 and on NetGalley in September 2023.

"The Celtic Deception" is the Second Book in the Jump in Time book series. The first book "The Last Saxon King" was published and is available everywhere fine books are sold. The third book, "The...

Advance Praise

“The Celtic Deception is a fun YA read that blends history and fantasy. I haven’t read the first book, but I found this story easy to follow. A read meant for teens, but adults can appreciate it too. I thoroughly enjoyed this mix of the reality of a historical moment and time-traveling teens trying to survive while not changing the past that would affect the future.”–D.L. Finn,

“The Celtic Deception is a thrilling trip back in time! Although there is a book prior to this one; the reader is not lost. Andrew Varga has written enough background so the reader knows the history of the characters. In addition, Varga has interwoven historical facts with fiction to create a very interesting story. I would definitely recommend this book to adult and young adult readers.”–Stephanie Rowsey, Librarian, Barr Memorial Library, Fort Knox, Kentucky

“The Celtic Deception is a fun YA read that blends history and fantasy. I haven’t read the first book, but I found this story easy to follow. A read meant for teens, but adults can appreciate it too...

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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781945501883
PRICE $29.00 (USD)
DURATION 8 Hours, 35 Minutes, 14 Seconds

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Featured Reviews

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrew Varga for allowing me to have the pleasure of listening to the audio advance copy of The Celtic Deception book 2 of The Jump in Time series. I enjoyed the time travel and felt the historical elements were done quite well. Dan Renfrew and his friend Sam travel back in time in the hopes of saving his father and stopping the evil Victor Stahl. However, things never work like you expect them to and Dan ends up having to try to change history for a much bigger reason than just his own personal life. If you love The Time Machine or The Time Traveler’s Wife, then you should consider this wonderful book.

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I really enjoyed this book. I was able to listen to it and got lost in the descriptions and images that Varga paints. I really enjoy how Dan is growing as a character and also how his interaction with Sam is progressing as this series continues here in book two.
The story is engaging and well researched. I appreciate the insights into the lived experiences of the people of the day especially as often it is the people who didn't win and therefore did not write the histories.
This is a book worth the read.

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Overall, I give this a 3.8. I listened to this on audio and the story kept a good pace. The narrator did a good job but at the same time made the MMC sound kind of like a whiney teenager. I think if you read it yourself, that tone can be avoided. The write up says they are trying to stop victor by going back in time, but that's not what this really was about. It ended up being about just trying to escape back into present time without being killed by the Celts or the Romans. The MMC has a crush on the FMC but its made clear she's no interest in him. The MMC gets kissed but there is zero steam in the writing of it. Its a solid YA for people not wanting any romance. Only comments of wanting to take down Victor happen. I didn't read book#1 and was happy to discover it wasn't needed. I know it's a series, but you can read #2 as a standalone. I loved the ending.

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Coming out on 5th September, the second book in 'A Jump in Time series' takes us through the after events of Dan coming back to the present timeline and facing Victor.

While Dan doesn't want to be the one responsible to save the world's history, he and Sam end up doing it anyway. This time, travelling into the Celtic world with Romans on the attacking front, they come across an unconventional glitch in time.

The series is definitely getting me hooked with its time-jumping strategies. Now that I am a bit more educated about Norse mythology, I was able to correlate the ruins and other symbols mentioned in the book better. The sparks between Dan and Sam are twinkling throughout the book. I was enjoying the whole adventure with them, and like most of us, was in oblivion about Celtic History. The only glory we know of is the Romans, but the book gives us visibility into what happens when your head is on the chopping block of that glory.

While I did enjoy the story in book 2, Dan's trustworthy nature lands him into a lot of trouble and there were instances I felt like punching him for a wakeup call. And for that reason, book 1 is still my favourite in the series.

Thankyou @imbrifexbooks @andrewvargaauthor for the review copy and @netgalley for the Audio ARC

Genre: #historicalfiction #ya
Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️

Disclaimer: Please read book 1 first, events of this book might be spoilers for book one.

#TheCelticDeception #NetGalley

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Format: audiobook ~ Narrator: Mark Sanderlin
Content: 4 stars ~ Narration: 5 stars

The Celtic Deception is book two in A Jump in Time series. Again, a terrific adventure with Dan and Sam. This time they are among the Celts and Druids. The jump takes them to the Celtic island of Anglesey in 60 CE. Roman legions are near, and they are here to attack the Celts.

Another wonderful novel for young adults who are interested in history. This is a nice way to learn about Celts and Druids. You can read this novel as a standalone, but it’s much better to read The Last Saxon King first to learn about a background story.

As always, great narration by Mark Sanderlin.

Thanks to Imbrifex Books for the advanced copy and this opportunity! This is a voluntary review and all opinions are my own.

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I loved the first book and this one might be even better! This story is full of adventure, history, time travel, mystery and so much more. Such a fun read! Hard to put down! Ready for the next book please!!

The history in this book is so fun to read, it is so ancient that I knew very little about it until now.

The way the story and characters are developed in this book help you experience so many emotions - sadness, humor, suspense, regret, fear, celebration and hope. The main characters are young adults that are easy to relate to. I love the way the characters share what they are thinking and then say something totally different, because what they are feeling is an unacceptable response. You learn so much about them thru their thoughts. They think things that all of us have thought, whether young or old.

The action in the book is a fast paced and unpredictable. There is an epilogue that gently ends the book and sets you up for the next book.

The narrator did a good job bringing the story to life.

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This is another fabulous history story. This author’s writing makes history come alive and as I was listening to the excellent narrative, i felt like i was a witness as history played before me! The details are so well described and the story so well written that my imagination is totally immersed in the culture, characters and places that are portrayed!

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Teens who enjoyed the Time Warp Trio series as kids will love this second book in Andrew Varga's new time travel series, A Jump in Time. In the first book, Dan's father is viscously attacked and Dan unknowingly transports himself back to 1066, trying to reset the course of history and save the future.

In this new book, Sam, whom he met during his first time jump, is once again to around to help him unravel the mystery of what went wrong and how to fix it. This time the two are on the Celtic island of Anglesey trying to help the Druids and Celts stave off a Roman invasion. In addition to dealing with bloodthirsty Celts and Romans who want to enslave them, the two must also watch out for and try to fend off enemy time jumpers, all while setting time right but not accidentally changing something that will affect the future.

As if living and fighting in the past aren't big enough challenges, Dan and Sam both have difficulties to face in the present. They are both still in high school. Dan's dad is still in the hospital and Sam's home life is a bit of a train wreck.

Recommended for those who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and historical fiction. Mark Sanderlin, narrator of a number of YA and tween books, convinces is he is Dan, telling the story. This one's fun.

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This is the second book in the A Jump in Time series. The first book, The Last Saxon King is one of my favorite books of this year. Now I can’t say that. I just have to say this series is one of my favorites this year because The Celtic Deception is an absolute masterpiece and A Jump in Time is quickly becoming one of my favorite series of all time. If I had a Time Machine one of my first stops in the future would be the date the next book comes out.

This is not a stand-alone, you should read The Last Saxon King before this book. In book one, you find out who and what time jumpers are, you meet the villain, Victor Stahl, and find out part of his plan.

We again follow our main character Dan. At the end of the first book Dan’s father was in the hospital after being stabbed by Stahl. Dan wants revenge but he has to play it smart and figure out what Stahl has planned. Luckily Sam, Dan’s time jumper friend he met in the first book is back. Sam was my favorite character in book one and that continues in book two. She is such a strong character and I love the friendship between her and Dan.

Once you read the book you will understand this and I bet some of you will do this too. At the end of the book when Dan learns if he is making a difference, I audibly cheered.

This is a perfect sequel. Great characters continue to develop and get stronger, an interesting plot gets even more interesting, and it perfectly sets up the next book.

You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not check out this series.

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I was excited to receive an audiobook version of Andrew Varga’s The Celtic Deception. The first book in this series was so much fun that I actually looked forward to reading the second book. It did not disappoint.

The Celtic Deception is full of exciting adventures and fascinating history. The main characters, Dan and Sam, are relatable and enjoyable to follow, and the villains are despicably villainous enough to provoke boos and hisses (if this were a pantomime). Although this book provides some pretty great historical insights, I feel its main objective is to entertain, and it does a great job at that. If you enjoy history, adventure, and time travel, this book is for you.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
#TheCelticDeception #NetGalley

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This is the second book in the Jump in Time series, I recommended that you read the series in order to fully understand the storyline.. The series revolves around Daniel, a descendant of time jumpers, whose purpose is to travel back in time to fix anomalies that could alter history. Once Dan has successfully traveled to the past, he must remain there until he repairs the past.

The first book tells the story of how Daniel's father passed on the responsibility of time jumping to him before he was attacked. He was then transported to 1066 when the Vikings were attacking England, and the Norman army was preparing to attack the south. Dan struggles to keep the past on the correct path while a group of malicious time jumpers determined to change past events impede him.

In book 2, The Celtic Deception, Daniel and Sam jump to 60 AD Wales to fix things. The Celts were in the midst of escaping the Roman army committed to destroying their way of life. As Daniel fights for his life, he accidentally creates a new glitch in time. Sam searches for the original glitch in hopes of fixing the unintended consequences. Both young men wonder if they will ever see their own time again.

The bad guy in this series is Victor Stahl. He demands that Daniel and Sam pledge their fidelity to him or surrender their jump sticks. A stranded time jumper created the initial glitch in time.

Daniel and Sam have great chemistry that is entertaining and engaging. The first book ended abruptly, leaving readers with unanswered questions. The same thread continues in book 2, creating continuity throughout the series. The plot is a mixture of historical fact and fiction, making it a perfect blend of history and sci-fi. With each book, the stakes get higher, and readers are left wondering what will happen next.

As for the audiobook itself, I thought it was a fun listen, and Mark Sanderlin did an excellent job reading the story.

Was this review helpful?

This is the second book in the ‘A Jump in Time’ series and can be read as a standalone, And was what I did, though I recommend reading book one first. I have to read it as well. The author has a way of giving historical facts and making it interesting and entertaining. I think is a perfect read for teens and adults. I’d say it’s a mix of historical facts & fiction, mystery, time travel, with a bit of romance thrown in, lots of adventure. I HIGHLY recommend!! I really can’t wait for the next book in this series

Was this review helpful?

This is the second Andrew Varga book I've read and was just as enjoyable as the first! If not a little more so, perhaps.
Teenage time jumpers Dan and Sam arrive in Roman Britain, on Anglesey, just as the Romans are poised to destroy the druids who occupy the island.
The Celtic Deception is a clever concept for a story, with lots of intrigue and adventure to draw in the YA reader. Varga's writing style will entice the reader in and grip them to the very end.
Highly recommended

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the publishers, author and NetGalley for the free copy of this audio book.

I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first one! It has been a fun series to read so far and I look forward to seeing what comes next. The narrator is perfect for this as well.

Was this review helpful?

Thank to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

This was a great continuation of this series. There was a lot of action and I like the relationship/friendship that is building between Dan and Sam. The history and culture that is shown and discussed in the book is so wonderful and I love this time period. I look forward to the next book and want to learn more about Victor’s plot in the next book.

Was this review helpful?

This was the second book in A Jump in Time series. I appreciated that even though I had not read the first book, enough information was sprinkled throughout that I didn't feel confused.
My heart went to the main character at the beginning with his unrequited love for Sam and wanting to save the people from the Romans, but no one would listen to him.
The idea that showing people of the past anything from the future (like constructing advanced weapons) would cause a ripple in time & bring serious consequences was a cool concept that really added to this story for me.

All in all, I enjoyed it and really liked the characters!

Thank you, Netgalley, for the advanced copy!

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The Celtic Deception is book two of a series about a young time traveler, Dan Renfrew, he comes from a long line of time travelers that seek to make right any errors in the timeline of history. Dan only discovers he’s a time traveler after his dad is brutally attacked in the first book. In book two Dan and his friend Sam travel back in time to the times of the Celtics. Unlike the previous book where the two had to search for the thing causing a historical anomaly this time a fellow time traveler reveals why he brought them to the time period. While in this time period they endure a lot of hardship from going to war, being betrayed and enslaved. Friendships are formed as well. Loved the second book as much as the first. Enjoyed the character development of Dan and Sam as well as the further details about the sinister time traveler Victor Stahl.

Was this review helpful?

The Celtic Deception is the second installment from Andrew Varga's A Jump in Time. It was a great addition to the series that I love. Five stars.

Was this review helpful?

This is an interesting premise, and I enjoyed the time travel elements of it. I also enjoy the overarching conspiracy that is being set up.
That said, the romance fell flat for me and I wasn't super into the main character, but I think I'm not really the audience, so that makes sense. Overall a decent read, would recommend to fans of Celtic or Time Travel stories, especially younger YA readers. It does contain sexual harassment from a step father, vague depictions of rape and torture in the aftermath of battle, and domestic abuse that is mainly verbal.

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