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Pub Date Sep 04 2023 | Archive Date Jan 15 2024

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From Thanatos to Hades, Maxwell I. Gold's book of horror prose poetry reimagines myths from a queer perspective. Gold's poetry merges camp sensibility and cosmic horror in poems that are beautiful, bloody, and barbed. A poetic soap opera of gods and monsters.

From Thanatos to Hades, Maxwell I. Gold's book of horror prose poetry reimagines myths from a queer perspective. Gold's poetry merges camp sensibility and cosmic horror in poems that are beautiful...

Advance Praise

“Loosely based on Hesiod’s Theogeny, Maxwell I. Gold’s anOther Mythology deconstructs traditional mythic narratives and tropes in a defiantly transgressive take on cosmic origin stories. Indeed, the Muses must have conferred Hesiod’s kingly scepter of authority to Gold, and he uses it wisely. Gold fearlessly flings open closet doors, unveils dark deceptions, and reshapes the cosmos to unshackle the stars. A stunning reclamation of Greek myth.” —Carina Bissett, award-winning editor of Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas

"Maxwell I. Gold's poetry pulls from the heart and bleeds truth onto the page." —Michael Bailey, multi-award-winning author and editor.

“Loosely based on Hesiod’s Theogeny, Maxwell I. Gold’s anOther Mythology deconstructs traditional mythic narratives and tropes in a defiantly transgressive take on cosmic origin stories. Indeed, the...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you to Interstellar Flight Press and NetGalley for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review!

I thought Maxwell did a great job of blending mythology and queer representation well! I would love to further explore the author’s works as this collection’s prose was well thought out and executed!

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What can I say about this! I am a massive mythology nerd and honestly love reading anything related to the greek / roman or any other mythology / legends. So finding this, was amazing. I devoured this in a day

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I always look forward to Greek mythology retelling and it worked well overall in this collection. It was so well done and I loved the poetry and how it told the story. I could see the original myth and still be its own thing.

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This wasn't what I was expecting, but it was inciteful, especially the authors note about representing queer people through the old tales of Greek Haitian and others.

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"Time's quite the flexible yarn as I drag onward, mostly bored with infinity, so there's nothing left to do except
and cut."

A deep dive into Greek Mythos many already know so much about and twisting the tales slightly to offer new perspective to the characters. Arranged in short, page-long poems specific to different mythological characters and places. I enjoyed the creative license Gold took within these glimpses. The prose was elevated without being too complex and swiftly immersed me into the expressions of the characters.

Much gratitude to Interstellar Light Press and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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Thank you to NetGalley for the eARC of AnOther Mythology by Maxwell I. Gold.

Maxwell Gold's book of horror prose poetry reimagines myths from a queer perspective, so naturally, this book of poems is right up my street.

I highlighted so many passages and lines in this short collection of poems, and had to paste some here for a taste of the exquisite writing Gold displays:

"Bloodied and bruised by the gods so jealous, hateful of our forbidden passions-"

"How I longed for his touch, but too heavy was the music of darksome lullabies which pulled down the stars themselves into loathsome, blissful oblivion."

"Always, forever, and into the wide infinite darkness, I stretched my lips towards that which never ended, my unyielding loneliness."

"These roots ran deep, deep into the heart of the world—beneath the waters and ruin of the heartless flesh-things who crawled on the surface and through the darkest crevices in the night— existing before the Voids or vague shadows floating across the bloated, plastic fields, spreading like an ivory bile on the world."

These poems are thick with metaphors and flamboyant language, and a previous knowledge of Greek mythology in particular will certainly help one follow along.

The poems are thought-provoking and you would do well to have your annotation equipment ready (as I said previously, I highlighted a lot)!

I already know I will revisit these poems, and I would recommend you read them yourself. Especially if you are a queer mythology loving nerd like me.

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Gold reframes mythology from a queer, intersectional lens, and I absolutely loved it. His prose poetry is evocative and thought-provoking; something I’ll want to return to over and over again.

This is a must read for queer fans of mythology, and I think a second reading deserves a highlighter and annotations. There’s much to be mined from these poems.

Thank you to NetGalley and Interstellar Press for an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I don't normally pick up poetry but anOther Mythology by Maxwell I. Gold is a collection of beautifully written poems that gave me a new perspective on the myths of old. I really loved this and would recommend to anyone who even has a passing interest in mythology or who enjoys poetry.
I have added the author's previous works to my seemly never-ending TBR but I cannot wait to see what he comes out with next.

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"I’d cross the seas, traverse the cosmic sands if it meant I’d hold you again."

AnOther Mythology is a collection of short poems with a new perspective /take on the stories.

"Sometimes the darkness weighed down on my body until I felt as if I was going to be crushed like another piece of rock and ruin."

This has some great quotes in it. And hits a lot of plus's. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Especially if you enjoy mythology like I do.

I received this arc from Netgally for an honest review

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A short poetry collection of Queer Horror Mythology from a new perspective taking the power away from the toxicity of the original texts and also focusing mostly on Hell, um big yes. This was right up my alley.

The writing is dense with metaphors and if you don’t know much about Greek Myth in particular the Underworld you might get a bit lost in this collection. However it is a gorgeous new look into the old myths.

This felt like if the video game Hades was in dramatic prose. Glorious.

Special shout-out to: I am Death (Thanatos’ Arrogance), Drag Queen of the Underworld and I am Dead (Hades’ Plea).

Also the cover is phenomenal.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC, Maxwell I. Good for writing it and Interstellar Flight Press for publishing it. Out 04.09.23

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AnOther Mythology is a book of poetry surrounding the themes of mythology and fantasy. It was a short read but very beautifully written, and as someone who does not read much poetry, I had a lot of fun reading this book as the mythological elements really appealed to me. I would definitely recommend this to fans of mythology, or anyone interested in reading short books and/or poetry, as this was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it.

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Maxwell I. Gold's poetry collection, anOther Mythology, was well written and engaging. I really enjoyed the prose throughout the collection and the originality around the collection as a whole. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in Greek mythology, but I still enjoyed the collection; however, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge on Greek mythology. There are some really good lines throughout the book. For example, one of my favorites is, “I’d cross the seas, traverse the cosmic sands if it meant I’d hold you again." This collection would be perfect for annotating! I definitely want to revisit this collection in the future once I study more about Greek Mythology, which this book is perfect in selecting what to study first. Well, at least for me, because I want to focus on queerness in mythology. I highly recommend this collection!

Thank you to Net Galley, the author, and the publishers, for granting me access to an arc of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review.

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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC copy of Golds anOther Mythology in exchange for an honest review. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful. Gold spins the tales in the most indescribable of ways. As a queer person utterly obsessed since youth with Greek Mythology and Poetry, I feel seen, I feel elevated, I feel overjoyed at the magnificence with which Maxwell J. Gold paints the stories we think we know, as well as those we do not. The creative liberties he takes add to their delectable passion and his word choice and metaphors are exemplary.

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Really gorgeous poetry with a bit of snark tucked in. What is mythology for if not to remake it on our own image as time and the world change around us. Stories are forever but, as Gold points out, and oral tradition upholds, that doesn’t mean it’s chiseled in stone.

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aNother Mythology is a short little book blending various mythology in prose poetry into a much less heteronormative viewpoint. It's not always easy to tell but that's not really a detriment - why should anyone assume the default POV is cishet?

It's a little Advanced Mythology, but that also is not a bad thing - it's just more to learn when things are unfamiliar or forgotten. There's some really good lines in here, even in the Afterword, and I definitely will be thinking about Endymion as a twink from hereon out.

Thank you to Interstellar Flight Press and NetGalley for the free borrow in exchange for this honest review.

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Going to buy a physical copy of this as well.

This was a great take on classic mythological characters that showed a new side to their lives and stories while relating it to modern day issues.

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

As a lover of mythology and poetry, I loved this tome. It was simply amazing. Some parts may soar over the heads of some, like Icarus chasing the sun. While others captivate you as Zeus captivates the fair maidens. Have fun reading this, I did.

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anOther Mythology by Maxwell I. Gold

If you haven’t gotten on the Maxwell I. Gold train yet, I don’t know what you are doing with your reading life.

In anOther Mythology (that title is so gotdamn clever and you will understand it once you read the book, I promise) the reader is taken on a journey of the character’s self-discovery of being more than a mortal amongst Gods, and really, the reader does to.

This is not to be read quietly and to yourself, you need to read each word aloud, forcing the words to come alive in the universe. I’m serious. I read this to my six year old for bedtime and she was captivated. The way Gold conjures images in the readers mind and they dance off your tongue with each word… remarkable.

Want proof? Here are some of my favorite lines:

“Fear, the leathery serpent-boy who slunk across the dark musty innards betwixt star and broken dreams of the universe, danced atop crumbs of dread, forever smeared beneath him.” (Say those words aloud and tell me I’m wrong!)

“Doomed to care for these wild unfortunates who glide through His lips, His sloppy seconds.”

“…granite eyes peering into my soul where he found the missing piece of his metal heart.”

Gold stuns my literary heart AND mind every time I read the newest release. I’m a fangirl through and through.


Was this review helpful?

As a massive mythology nerd especially Greek mythology I was instantly pulled into this. It was a quick read of poems perfect for a quiet evening, if you want something to devour in a night pick this up. There’s a few poems I had to ask my partner which legend it was but for the most part they were pretty easy to pick out if you know your mythology.

The horror elements mixed with the Greek queer thoughts was exactly what you’ll get out of this book of poems…
Phobos Oneiroi: Into the Mouth of Fear and The Tree of Other (The Other Tree) were my two favorite poems, and highlighted so many more.

Was this review helpful?

actual rating: 3.5

I don't read a lot of poetry but it had been awhile and this looked interesting so I decided to pick it up. Overall a very short read with some interesting concepts. Definitely more on the prose poetry side than anything else so that was probably helpful to me but I know some people don't like it. Glad I picked it up since it's a bit different than what I've been reading lately.

Was this review helpful?

This is such a fascinating prose collection. I really loved the twists on familiar myths and the way it was made new.

Was this review helpful?

Read from September 21st, 2023 to September 22nd, 2023. Written on October 22nd, 2023.

This book of horror prose poetry was one of the best books I read in September. Just such an incredible way of writing, with compelling stories and chilling moments.

Read for your own enjoyment, enjoy reading it. Maxwell Gold really did something here and I cannot wait to own a physical copy of this.

Signing off,

Was this review helpful?

The way Gold writes was captivating and beautiful; each of the poems were easy to read and understand while also remaining full of emotion.

I also enjoy when poets play with the space they're given, and Gold did that well without having to fall back on it. It was used for emphasis and it worked.

I enjoyed this read - it was a quick, read-in-one-sitting book that I'll be happy to read again!

Was this review helpful?

I'm always up for anything that tackles lore, fairytales or mythology, so a look at mythology through a queer lens utilizing prose poetry sounded interesting to me. The writing itself is very lyrical, but it is something that you need to sit with and examine. It's not light, and it's not meant to be. I thought it was a really good exploration of both well known myths and those that may not be well known to a lot of people, through a unique perspective.

Was this review helpful?

My first encounter with the writers writing style. I love the way how Maxwell I. Gold has answered the question by writing a confrontational, challenging book of mostly prose poems, with the occasional spurt of traditional verse (as part of a poem, not the full one) that revels in changing and bending the rules instead of worrying about them.In anOther Mythology the reader is taken on a journey of the character’s self-discovery of being more than a mortal amongst Gods, and really, the reader does to.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book. It’s funny how it was able to stick with me. I started reading this book Back in Oct, got away from reading for quite some time yet I still had this book with me when I picked it back up to finish it.

Was this review helpful?

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