The Perfect Christmas Village

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Pub Date Oct 20 2023 | Archive Date Nov 16 2023

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When Christmas-hating Sam moves to Holly Cross, he thinks he's found the perfect home, until he discovers that, each year, Holly Cross transforms into the most Christmassy village in the whole country...

Blythe is just one sale away from being Real Estate Agent of the Month, so she twists the truth to sell a home to city boy Sam, who is looking for the perfect house in the perfect location. Little does he know he's just bought a cottage in the middle of the most Christmassy village in the country. And if there's one thing Sam loathes, it's Christmas.

Sam's arrival puts Holly Cross's chance to win the title of Britain's Most Christmassy Village now in jeopardy, and the villagers are soon up in arms. Meanwhile, Sam is in his own personal hell surrounded by fairy lights and everyone is looking to Blythe to fix things.

But as the festive season looms, maybe there's more than just Christmas in Holly Cross for Sam to fall in love with...

When Christmas-hating Sam moves to Holly Cross, he thinks he's found the perfect home, until he discovers that, each year, Holly Cross transforms into the most Christmassy village in the whole...

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Featured Reviews

Christmas in July :D

I loved the small town setting and holiday cheer of The Perfect Christmas Village.

I felt Blythe was a bit pushy and over the top. This girl had a lack of boundaries in some situations.

Sam was sweet, and whilst I understand his aversion to Christmas, he too was a bit much with his inability to just get on board.

The supporting characters were pleasant, but their enthusiasm for the holiday celebrations could at times come across as overbearing. Some people dont want to celebrate holidays, you cant just force people to get on board.

I also felt the shifting POVs between Blythe and Vicky was a bit odd - why was Vicky important enough to get a POV and not Sam?

All in all, an easy read.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for this ARC. All views are my own.

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The Perfect Christmas Village by Bella Osborne is a delightful holiday romance set in the charming village of Holly Cross.

*British Rom-com


*Closed door

Book Blurb:
When Christmas-hating Sam moves to Holly Cross, he thinks he’s found the perfect home, until he discovers that, each year, Holly Cross transforms into the most Christmassy village in the whole country. Blythe is just one sale away from being Real Estate Agent of the month, so she twists the truth to sell a home to city boy, Sam, who is looking for the perfect house in the perfect location. Little does he know he’s just bought a cottage in the middle of the most Christmassy village in the country. And if there’s one thing Sam loathes it’s Christmas. Sam’s arrival puts Holly Cross’s chance to win the title of Britain’s Most Perfect Christmas Village now in jeopardy, and the villagers are soon up in arms. Meanwhile, Sam is in his own personal hell surrounded by fairy lights and everyone is looking to Blythe to fix things. But as the festive season looms, maybe there’s more than just Christmas in Holly Cross for Sam to fall in love with…

Yes, it’s only July but I love Christmas romance books and read them year round. I also love British authors and recently discovered Bella’s books. A must read for fans of romance, Christmas, and fans of Bella Osborne.

The book is centered around the joy of Christmas and the importance of family, friends, and community spirit.

I loved the characters, the descriptions of the village’s decorations, holiday fayre, and small town charm. The humor sprinkled throughout was laugh out loud. A delightful book filled with Christmas cheer, love, friendship and the magic of the season.

Thank you to Netgalley and Aria & Aries for the advanced ARC for my reading pleasure in exchange for my honest opinion.

4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The perfect Christmas Village - Bella Osborne

This book had the perfect mixture of pure festive feels alongside great background story lines. I liked how the author highlights that the Christmas period is not always such a happy occasion for everyone. I thought the characters had some good backstories, and this gave a greater depth to the book. This will be lovely to read again closer to Christmas, and had a real small town village feel, that just warms and uplifts you. Perfect for fans of Festive Hallmark movies. Thanks so much Netgalley and Aria & Aries for this e-arc in return for my honest thoughts and opinions.

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"The Perfect Christmas Village" by Bella Osborne is a heart-warming holiday tale set in Holly Cross, a village that transforms into the most Christmassy place in the country. Sam, a Christmas-hating city boy, unknowingly buys a cottage there, much to his dismay. As he clashes with the villagers and jeopardizes their chances of winning the coveted title of Britain's Most Christmassy Village, the pressure falls on Blythe, the real estate agent who sold him the house. Amidst the twinkling fairy lights and festive chaos, Sam starts to see the magic of the season and finds unexpected love in Holly Cross. A delightful and charming read.

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This is a really warm and uplifting read which focuses on both the relationship between estate agent Blythe and village newcomer Sam as well as the villages focus on their annual Christmas display. The village is very full on with its approach to Christmas whereas Sam, whose house is very central to the village, would rather pretend it didn’t exist leading to frustration between him and the villagers which Blythe is tasked with resolving. Both the main characters have good backstories which are shaped by issues with some of their parents and whilst this s a very positive read it does go a small way to highlighting how difficult christmas can be for some people. Overall this is a lovely village read with many heartwarming moments and some great storylines running through it.

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The story is set within Holly Cross, an idyllic village community, with lots of friends and neighbours. Sam hates Christmas, and all it involves, but when Blythe (an estate agent) sells him a house, she fails to tell him that Holly Cross is the most Christmassy village in the country. This sets the tone for their relationship as they become to know each other better.
I like the easy, light hearted writing style and vivid descriptions of the characters and village, the author brings them alive with a stroke of the pen. Lots of humour and a good storyline which keeps pace as the story unfolds.
The book is about friendships, developing romance between Blythe and Sam, and the ongoing adventures of Turpin, the mischievous cat. Blythe and her friend Vickie write their own stories. Blythe is busy getting Christmas trees and decorations sorted, while chemistry sizzles between her and Sam. Vickie is a single mum and doing her best to look after her daughter.
Delightful winter read.

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The Perfect Christmas Village was exactly the heart warming Christmas filled story I had hoped for.

Set in the idyllic village of Holly Cross with Estate Agent Blythe leading the story we are introduced to an array of colourful characters who all hold a special place within the village. As we learn of the community spirit to come together and celebrate the years celebrations along with the desire to create the best Christmas display yet newcomer Sam doesn't seem as taken with Christmas as the rest of the village and as such a battle of wills begins.

The addition of characters such as Vicky, Murray, Arthur and Leonora helps to build on the community feel of the village that helps draw the reader in and give a great sense of the village and its inhabitants. Their stories however are limited in areas and not fully explained leaving me to wonder if we may in the future hear more from Holly Cross.

For anyone who loves Christmas, this story certainly covers all bases! Like other reviewers I do appreciate that at times the pressure on Sam's character to conform to the wishes of others can appear rather strong and unsympathetic to his personal history. However I feel that the underlying story of Christmas being a time for community, human connection and giving people a sense of purpose, helps to balance this viewpoint and give greater meaning to the strength of wanting all to take part in events.

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An absolutely lovely story about a Christmas loving village and a new resident who hates Christmas. It is a great read . You have love forbidden and new. A great estate agency. A pushy father and a fab step dad. . A perfect read. Bella Osborne is fantastic writer

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Another Bella Osborne that I couldn't put down - a heart warming story of community spirit and a mystery as to who the woman is that's looking around the village that nobody knows? Also there is a lesson to be learnt, if you hate Christmas Holly Cross is not the village to move to - a lesson Sam learnt too late! As a hater of Christmas this is his nightmare, will he manage to get over this to become a villager? A prefect Xmas read to curl up with.

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The Perfect Christmas Village is a seasonal heartwarmer. Full of interesting characters, stalwarts of the village that am sure anyone living in smaller communities might recognise.

The action centres around Blythe a friendly young woman, always keen to help out and very active in the community. She had a close friendship with an older resident, Murray, who sadly passed away recently. Her father is a high flying estate agent in the city and she is so keen to be the top seller at the local estate agency she works at, to make him proud of her, she “sells” Murray’s cottage before it actually goes on the market.

To make the situation more complicated she sells the village life perfectly to the new owner, without mentioning the most important aspect, how massive Christmas preparations and celebrations are to everyone living there. In particular the fact that the cottage is always lit up and fully decorated the literal centre of the display. Not something the owner can duck out of and essential to winning the Perfect Christmas Village competition. Complicated by lies but mainly by the new owner, Sam, who doesn’t like Christmas in any shape or form.

I enjoyed reading the book. I love the sense of community it evokes. To be honest Blythe frustrated me a little with her competitive nature, naivety and determination to prove herself to her Dad but her honesty and kindness won me out in the end.

The story comes with it’s own little mystery as to why Murray had a funeral in Manchester, when he had no family there. I liked this addition to the story as it added depth to the final chapters. I also loved reading about Turpin the ferral cat and his madcap attempts to sleep in weird comfy spaces inside the cottage despite the humans that actually live there.

Lots of love and laughter are to be found inside the “Perfect Christmas Village”

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Another gorgeous romantic book from Bella set around Christmas. Enter Sam who absoutely hates Christmas so when he moves into the village of Holly Cross, he's walked into his worst nightmare..

But could a worse nightmare actually be a place where Sam falls in love with Blythe, the woman who tricks him into buying a house in the world's most Christmas place?

Find out in the latest offering from Bella which is perfect for Christmas 2023.

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This is such a cute and fluffy Christmas romance, a village obsessed with Christmas and a newcomer who hates it, I really enjoyed it, such a delight to read

Was this review helpful?

Blithe only needs one more sale to get Real Estate Agent of the Month, so she twists the truth just a bit to make a sale to Sam. The only problem is, Sam is the Grinch, and their little village is very enthusiastic about Christmas!

This is a feelgood holiday romance, Hallmark style. The characters are loveable and realistic, and it's fun and heartwarming to watch the relationship between Sam and Blithe grow slowly over the course of the story. Sometimes the villagers are a little over-the-top with the Christmas stuff, but that's half the fun of getting on Sam's last nerve! I loved watching Sam come around to appreciate the season.❤️

Wonderful Christmas romance to curl up next to the fire with. Definitely would recommend this one if you're looking for something to give you happy feels!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced ebook copy in exchange for an honest review.

Blythe sells a house to Christmas-hating Sam, except she's not told him the village loves Christmas or that she hasn't actually got permission to sell the house. Gradually Sam starts to enjoy life in the village, but still can't face Christmas. When disaster strikes the Christmas Village competition, will he save the day?

I love cheerful books set at Christmas (basically anything with a plot that could be a Hallmark movie) - this was one of those.

The characters were complicated (I didn't see the 'who owns the cottage' twist coming) and had interesting backstories.

The Sam/Blythe romance felt a little rushed in the end but it was lovely festive feelgood romance.

I'll be checking out Bella Osborne's other books now as well.

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Perfect Christmas book and would make an ideal Christmas gift. The story is set in a pic village which is seemingly centred around Christmas decorations but is so much more. Fab characters and lots of Estate Agent sidelines with Office politics. All in all a wonderful read.

Was this review helpful?

It’s never too early for a Christmas book! This latest read from one of my favourite authors was a true delight. We meet estate agent, Blythe, who is trying to beat her fellow colleagues to be estate agent of the month! When Sam comes to the agency, Blythe thinks she’s found him the perfect home…but neglects to tell him that the little village of Holly Cross is the most Christmassy place in the country! Not a problem you think, but Sam hates the festive session with a passion!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and really got into the storyline almost immediately! I liked Blythe’s character, and whilst you might think her competitive nature is a little too much, it’s always good to have an aim in life!! Her relationship with Sam was fun, initially being very businesslike (despite there being a spark between them), with them then becoming friends. There are some obvious issues that both of them need to deal with in their lives, with the main one being Sam’s hate for Christmas and the reason why. The storyline flowed well between, not only them, but the other villagers as well. I loved the side storyline of Blythe’s late friend, Murray and really enjoyed the twist to his story at the end.

All in all, this was an easy to read, light-hearted and romantic story with more Christmas bells, baubles and tinsel than you could shake a Christmas tree at! The chapters flew past and before I knew it I was coming to the end, and was sad to be finishing it. My first Christmas read of the year and what a book to start with! Would definitely recommend!

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You had me at Christmas! I’ll be buying this for Christmas presents for sure! I even curled up with a blanket & a hot chocolate to enjoy this & get myself fully into the Christmas vibe 😍

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book! The plot was always unpredictible and made it un-put-down-able. Osborne did a wonderful job of describing the characters and the village to the point that I wish I lived there. I loved Blythe and her relationship with her stepfather and her complicated relationship with her bio-dad. I also loved Vicky and her enterprising, can-do attitude. The relationship between Blythe and Sam was unpredictible - especially Sam. I loved the community feeling I got while reading and it inspired me. I read a lot of Christmas themed books and this one kept me interested and guessing what what happen next. I think it would be marvelous if Ms. Osborne continued the story of these great characters.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book. Very Christmassy and heartwarming, I found myself smiling to myself numerous times whilst reading. Lovely supporting characters, especially Turpin the cat! I struggled to warm to Sam at first but by the end he had won me round. Just a lovely, lighthearted Christmas read, I’m a bit sad to have finished it!

Was this review helpful?

This was an easy read, good but not brilliant. A bit unbelievable at times but it is a good story. It did make me laugh at times. I am not sure if there are whole villages that come together and decorate the whole village for Christmas with such precision but it is a nice idea. Typical Christmas book with a character that is a typical Grinch who is eventually won round to the idea of Christmas.

Was this review helpful?

This perfect Christmas village puts you in a jolly mood. I enjoyed the focus on community and family, and how it all comes together. This is a sweet book that is age appropriate for most of my older teen students and up. I would recommend this for anyone needing a Christmas pick me up.

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I love Bella Osbornes books, always beautifully written and full to the brim with love, laughter and heart and this one was no different.
“The Perfect Christmas Village” is a gorgeous read filled with the joy and magic of Christmas. The writing style is both engaging and humorous bringing to life the cast of charming and quirky characters who make up the village of Holly Cross and transporting the reader right to its heart. The author skillfully weaves together a number of plot lines that keep you engaged and the pages turning, exploring themes of love, community and the magic of Christmas. The main love story between Sam and Blythe has plenty of ups and downs to keep you guessing but their chemistry positively crackles off the page and leaves you rooting for them from the off. I’m essence it is a perfect cosy piece of romantic escapism guaranteed to put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. One to snuggle up with on a cold day.

Was this review helpful?

As always Bella has developed a set of characters that are more interesting than the main protagonist. I liked this story and would love to hear the stories of some of the other villagers.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fantastic Holiday Rom-Com a perfect Grumpy/sunshine romance. I love love love this! I read it inbone sitting it was so good!! I LOVE and English village christmas story and I can't get enough of Sam and Holly. 5 star read!
I just reviewed The Perfect Christmas Village by Bella Osborne. #ThePerfectChristmasVillage #NetGalley
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The Perfect Christmas Village by Bella Osborne

Another great character driven book by this great author.
Her description of Holly Cross was so wonderful I could imagine one of those Christmas Villages you can buy as a decoration coming to life as Holly Cross !
Loved Blythe & ' bah humbug ' Sam , a perfect Christmas read or even a Christmas film.

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I just love a Christmas read and was delighted to be approved for the ARC.

We meet best friends Blythe and Vicky, who both live in a village called Holly Cross. Holly Cross residents love everything about Christmas, and the whole village gets involved in decorating the houses for the festive season.

Blythe is an ambitious estate agent who is trying to beat her colleagues Amir for estate agent of the month. Therefore, she sells a rececent becoming available cottage to Sam Ashton, but the only problem is that he hates everything about Christmas. Blythe has to try to convince Sam to get involved in the community to become Britain's Most Christmassy Village. Will she be able to convince him?

Vicky is a single mum to adorable Eden and always comes up with different ideas to earn money. She really gets thrown when former love Oliver turns up in the village again.

Bella Osborne has a great way of bringing to life the wide range of likeable & fun characters. This is a well-written story about a community coming together to raise money for charities, and Holly Cross village feels like the perfect place to live. The author definitely brought the story alive with her vivid descriptions, and I would love to be part of this community.

Holiday Rom-Com at its best!

Thank you Aria & Aries and Netgalleyuk for the advanced copy.

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The Perfect Christmas Village by Bella Osborne is the ideal book to put you in the mood for the holiday season.
This well-written story of the goings on in a small village that goes all in on Christmas in order to raise money for charities, features a wide range of likeable and fun characters and not one but two romances.
Osborne brings the setting of Holly Cross to vivid life, and her characters' drama keeps you turning the pages to the very end. If you are a fan of romances set around Christmas, this is the book for you!
I was flattered to be offered an ARC of #ThePerfectChristmasVillage from #Aria&Aries and #NetGalley.

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"Tis the season.... for a Christmas cynic to have his frozen heart melted by festive magic"

I only tend to choose a couple of Christmas books to read and review each year, as like Sam in this particular story, Christmas is not my favourite time of year, plus I often find the rom-com storylines a little too banal and 'cheesy'. Having spent almost thirty subsequent Christmas and New Year periods in Disney World, Florida, you might wonder why my non-committal attitude towards the season; which I can only really explain as the difference between the ready-made festivities laid on by Disney, versus the unimaginative British tradition of too many people crowded around too small a dining table, over-eating on what is usually, by the time it is all served up, a mildly lukewarm, full English roast dinner, followed by the fight for a semi-comfortable easy chair and an afternoon with the television on, playing to itself, while everyone talks over it. Call me 'Bah! Humbug' and I'll willing put my hands up to it!!

Anyway, let's see if the villagers of Holly Cross have more luck persuading Sam that he really does want to do Christmas after all...

It is late spring in the fictional, 'chocolate box' village of Holly Cross, Warwickshire. Amir and Blythe are competitors for top-dog sales position in the Happy Homes Estate Agency, which is owned and manged by Ludo. With only a weekend and Bank Holiday Monday to go before the end of the month, Blythe looks set to be knocked off pole position by a very smug Amir and it isn't sitting too well with her! Unusually for the profession, Ludo maintains a very strict code of ethics in his business, which puts the customer front and centre of every interaction and transaction, so when Blythe has the temerity to sell a property which isn't even on the market, Ludo is not best pleased when he finds out about it and removes all of Blythe's long service privileges and salesperson accolades, as punishment.

Blythe's potential client Sam Ashton, who is relocating from London and has very specific ideas of what he expects from a property, is also unaware of her deception, when he falls in love with the cottage she shows him, around the village green of Holly Cross, unaware that this is her last ditch attempt to bag that all important end-of-month sale. He is even more annoyed when he discovers too late, that despite him making it clear to Blythe just how much he dislikes the festive season, the cottage is located in one of the most Christmassy villages in the country, which regularly participates in a national Christmas competition, with each and every inhabitant being expected to take part in proceedings. Even more unfortunately for Sam, the previous owner of the property, an elderly gentleman called Murray, was one of the most staunch supporters of the HCCC (Holly Cross Christmas Committee), putting his own cottage up as a front and centre exhibit. So Sam is up against it almost from the very moment in September, when the sale finally completes and he moves in.

Following the recent break-up of her relationship, Blythe is now living back in Holly Cross herself, with her mother and stepfather. Her relationship with her birth father, who left the marital home when she was very young, is very stilted and never spontaneous, always a diarised event organised by his secretary and only happens once or twice a year. That he is a property guru in London, causes Blythe to feel she has something to prove, working as they do in arguably the same profession. She and Murray had been close friends, although he had been a very private person, so the mystery surrounding his life, continued unabated following his demise, made even more confusing when his daughter Denise arrives on the scene and evidence of the double life Murray was living becomes obvious.

Murray had also almost befriended a stray and very feral cat called Turpin, which Blythe had carried on feeding after his death, so she and Sam agree that the arrangement should continue, although things blow hot and cold between the two of them every time they meet, as everything about the village seems set to wind Sam up, making him wish he had never set eyes on either the place or the over-eager estate agent he finds himself falling for. When Sam does finally open up to Blythe about the reasons for his complete aversion to Christmas, she decides that this is going to be the year all that changes and Sam becomes a fully paid up member of the season of goodwill. However, we all know what happens to those best laid and well intentioned plans, don't we? So when everything contrives against the village celebrations this year, even Sam finds himself willingly playing his part to make the event the best it can possibly be for everyone.

And his reward?...

Author Bella Osborne's writing style was warm, fluent, and inviting, and whilst I couldn't escape the obvious fact that this engaging, multi-layered storyline was essentially about the ups and downs of an evolving and flourishing romance, with all the 'happy ever afters' that engendered, she cleverly managed to weave a couple of mysteries into the mix, which were such a good fit that they never threatened to overwhelm the heart and humour of the main event, but certainly added that much needed depth of interest for me personally. The chapters were also well-signposted, short and punchy, which meant that I was able to dip in and out of the storyline, as 'real life' dictated, without needing to backtrack for a recap; although as I became so engrossed by life and love in Holly Cross that I finished reading the book in less than forty-eight hours anyway, there was no chance of me being too side-tracked.

The colourful cast of quirky characters, while maybe appearing a little larger than life, I felt were probably truthfully drawn and an honest representation of the diverse mix of residents you would find in any such small and insular community in the UK. From Blythe's childhood friend, the garrulous, slightly scatty and straight-talking Vicky; to Norman the baker, who believes that all the ills of the world can be solved by feasting on one of his homemade delicious cakes or pastries. From the two mouse-like, elderly sisters who sit and knit for charity all day long; to the inimitable, larger than life Leonora, chair of the HCCC, a force to be reckoned with and someone who definitely takes no prisoners. There were inevitably some well-kept secrets, as you would expect, however each character was compelling, relatable, authentic and genuinely believable. Their addictive verve and the vibrant synergy between them, caused a few amusing moments, although I was always laughing with them and never at them! If the numerous events and the wonderful location are the threads which hold this community together, then the characters are definitely the very fabric and glue which gives it its strength and resilience.

Whilst Holly Cross in Warwickshire is a fictional location, the picturesque village of Eathorpe, which the author took as inspiration for this story, is very real. The physical footprint of the story is confined to this single, quite niche location, so for anyone looking for travel to far flung places, there may be slight disappointment. However, my journey as an 'armchair traveller' has never felt more cosy and comfortable, as Bella used the full palette of words at her disposal to capture the essence and heart-warming charm of village life through the seasons of the year, whilst bringing the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas magic to life, lifting the images off the pages and into my reading space, thus affording me an excellent visual depth and a profoundly perceptive and immersive sense of time and place, that I could almost step into.

This book has as its message, the importance of family, friends, and community spirit. Or as Blythe was heard to say “Holly Cross isn't about Christmas.. What it's really about is community. It's the people. Christmas is just an excuse. It gives them a purpose to get together, to support each other and create something special that benefits others. It's the people who make Holly Cross, not Christmas”

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This book was a very cute Christmas romcom. The side characters (including the village) were cute and I loved Blythe and Sam's story. Made me want a mince pie!

Was this review helpful?

Enormously cute. A competitive real estate agent needs to sell one more house to be #1 in the monthly rating. Finally on the weekend before the end of the month and the official town Christmas season gets a client and a sale. From there on things to downhill for the agent and the buyer. Funny and with lights!

Was this review helpful?

I always enjoy a Christmas story by Bella Osborne, so I was happy when I saw her book for 2023. I did have a bit of a difficult time getting into the story, since it began with focusing on a real estate office and the personnel (and personal) issues going on there. Also, the main character was very unlikeable to me at the start. I am very glad to admit that soon went away after a few chapters and the story began to explore other events going on in this very Christmassy village.

This is a lovely story about diving deeper into a person’s character than what is seen on the surface. Many of the people in the story do not show their true self to others. It was very interesting to experience getting to know them.

The town is all abuzz with trying to decorate everything in hopes of winning the award for the Perfect Christmas Village. All residents usually participate, but this year, there is a new resident that is a bit of a gump. That makes the story special, to see if the Christmas spirit can change him.

I want to thank Aria & Aries and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity of reading the advance reader copy, with no obligation to write a review. My review is written freely as a hobby, and is totally my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC.

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This is an easy, enjoyable read set in the run up to Christmas within the fictional 'Holly Cross' village. It is humorous and entertaining but it also has a more serious storyline underneath as you try to work out why Sam is so averse to Christmas. There is also a bit of a mystery running throughout the book that is not revealed until the end so it will keep you reading...!

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This is a really warm and uplifting read which focuses on both the relationship between estate agent Blythe and village newcomer Sam as well as the villages focus on their annual Christmas display. The village is very full on with its approach to Christmas whereas Sam, whose house is very central to the village, would rather pretend it didn’t exist leading to frustration between him and the villagers which Blythe is tasked with resolving. Both the main characters have good backstories which are shaped by issues with some of their parents and whilst this s a very positive read it does go a small way to highlighting how difficult Christmas can be for some people. Overall, this is a lovely village read with many heartwarming moments and some great storylines running through it.
#ThePerfectChristmasVillage #NetGalley

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The perfect festive romance to curl up with!

Lovely easy to read story. Slightly predictable but aren't all books of this style.
Really enjoyable

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I quite enjoyed this festive offering from Bella Osborne, loved the mix of characters and the other little stories running through it. Brilliant ending brought a tear to my eye. Thank you netgalley for the advance copy. Side note can't believe the amount of reviewers getting there knees in a knot over one mention of Donald Trump. It was a passing comment and not worthy of a reduction in stars

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Blythe embellished the truth about a cottage to get her sales person of the month at her estate agent job. Sam who hates Christmas buys it not knowing the village is full of Christmas

Was this review helpful?

Sam, a self-proclaimed Christmas hater, relocates to Holly Cross, believing he's found his dream home. However, he soon discovers that Holly Cross is known for transforming into the most Christmassy village in the country every year.

Blythe, a real estate agent desperate to secure a sale, bends the truth to sell Sam a cottage in Holly Cross, not realising the extent of his Christmas aversion. Sam's presence jeopardises Holly Cross's chances of winning the title of Britain's Most Christmassy Village, and the villagers are not pleased.

As the town's festive reputation hangs in the balance, the villagers look to Blythe to resolve the situation. Amidst the chaos, Sam may find more than just a holiday nightmare in Holly Cross. A humorous tale of love, community, and the magic of Christmas.

Was this review helpful?

I love a good romance, and this one was wonderful! It had witty banter, and lovable characters. I was rooting for them the whole way through!

Was this review helpful?

One of my guilty pleasures that never fails to bring me comfort are holiday rom-coms, and The Perfect Christmas Village provided the same comfort. There were several layers of this plot that involved more than just the main 2 characters that resulted in a final plot twist I didn’t see coming. The grumpy, or in this case grinch, sunshine trope is really well executed and creates great banter between the 2 main characters. I found myself laughing out loud and looking forward to finding out what happens next. Plus, who doesn’t love a plot line involving an adorable cat. For anyone looking for a light rom com with a holiday theme this is a great pick.

Was this review helpful?

First things first let's give credit to the beautiful stunning cover which totally made me want to dive into this book.

I enjoyed every aspect of this story from Blythe selling Sam a property in the most Christmas village to finding out how much Sam hates it, and that the property actually comes with a cat.

This is a cosy entertaining Christmas themed sparkly story, this was a pleasure to devour even in this hot weather.

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Thank you NetGalley and Aria, Head of Zeus/Bloomsbury Publishing PLC for a copy of "The Perfect Christmas Village" in exchange for my honest review.

Blythe Littlewood is an estate agent who is in competition to be the top selling agent. She sells the home of a recent deceased villager to Sam Ashton to meet her quota for the month. Blythe is hilarious she falls into ponds, meets people for the first time with twigs and leaves in her hair and dirt smudges on her face. Another great character is Phyllis who is hoping to meet Sean Connery even though everyone keeps telling her that he's no longer with us. Vicky is Blythe's best friend but can be a bit of an annoying character.

Sam Ashton didn't know he was moving to the UK's most perfect Christmas Village. He is very against the holiday. Leonora is the head of the HCCC (Holly Cross Christmas Committee) and she is determined to win the best Christmas Village competition.

My favourite character has to be Turpin the feral cat. Murray was slowly getting him used to being around him when he passed. Blythe has promised to continue feeding him even though he lives in Sam's garden. Once he decides to live indoors he takes to sleeping in woks, pillowcases - while Sam's head is still on the pillow. He doesn't let Sam come down the stairs at one point or out of the utility room.

Bella Osborne always writes uplifting books. This is a perfect one to read in the lead up to the holidays.

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Poor Sam.

I felt sorry for his when he discovers just how Christmassy Holly Cross is!

This is a great festive story and it mattered not one jot that I read it in the middle of August. I can imagine that reading it approaching the festive season would be even more delightful.

It's a gentle tale but thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the ARC to review. Opinions are my own.

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A brilliant read and one I really enjoyed. The characters are loveable and varied, the plot is one that is engaging and medium paced. I found myself completely drawn into the story and enjoyed the writing style.

Was this review helpful?

I want to live in Holly Cross and be on the HCCC. What a picture the author builds for us when talking about this festive Christmas village and the community in it. I will admit I cried throughout the book, both happy and sad tears and fell in love with pretty much all of the characters. My problem...I'm left wanting to know more. I want to see what happens with the couples...I want to go back to Arthur and his little piece of happiness and I want to find out what Holly Cross does each and every year.

Bella Osborne just became my favourite Christmas author and I hope we get to go back to Holly Cross every year for Christmas. Thank you Netgalley, Bella Osborne and Aria and Aries for the opportunity to read this delight in return for an honest review.

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What a perfect Christmas read with a perfect small town setting and of course a perfect 'Grinch' who just doesn't like Christmas. Who doesn't like Christmas I ask!?

This is a book about not only Christmas but about the joy of being with friends and family, community and even, if you have it, romance. I loved the characters as they each were very individual and had their own personalities but complimented each other. The setting was perfect and I could picture it in my head. Oh and I loved some of the over-the-top Christmas themes as that is what it is all about.

A lovely, fun, entertaining and holiday inspired read. Easy to read and just a light, enjoyable read.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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An undeniable Christmas novel! A wonderful community to belong to - unless you have a reason to hate Christmas! And being lied to makes it even worse. This is a great Christmas read, a bit predictable but all the components to make you feel warm and cheered.

Was this review helpful?

Another Bella Osborne book that I could not put down. I enjoyed everything about this so much so that you could say it was perfect.

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if you love a festive read you will love "The Perfect Christmas Village".

It is everything you would expect in a christmas story, it is set in the suitably named Holly Cross, a village that shouts christmas cheer. Throw in your city boy and your country girl, you have the setting for a christmas romance.

The story takes place when Holly Cross sets out to win the title of Britains most christmassy village. This is a real fun festive read perfect for those winter days (or summer too!)

Was this review helpful?

This is one of the best Christmas books I’ve ever read! Absolutely delightful. It has all the right ingredients: empathetic characters, a festive setting, romance, a hint of mystery and a cute village. It would make a great movie. Highly recommended!

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Holly Cross pulls out all the stops when it comes to Christmas. The whole village take part in making it the most Christmassy they possibly can. When Estate Agent Blythe sells a cottage to Sam he makes it clear he hates Christmas. He must be exaggerating, right? No one can hate it that much.
Blythe soon realises that Sam wasn’t exaggerating, and if the whole of the Christmas festivities are going to go as planned, Blythe is going to have to talk Sam round. This will make you feel all festive and warm inside. It’s lovely, funny and full of Christmas spirit.

Was this review helpful?

The thing that I really loved about this fabulous festive read was how the story wasn’t all about main characters Blythe and Sam. All the characters were realistic and their own stories were threaded through the story. This had a sense of community, looking out for each and more importantly being there for each other, especially in times of need. The story focuses around the village of Holly Cross and how they celebrate Christmas in a huge way. Estate agent Blythe sells a house on the village green to Sam who really really doesn’t like Christmas and most definitely doesn’t want to be involved in the village festivities. Can Blythe change his mind? One of my favourite characters would have to be Turpin the cat who had a personality all of his own! Thank you to Aria and Aries and Netgalley for the ARC

Was this review helpful?

I literally adored this book. It is the perfect Christmas book. About a man who is sold a house in a Christmas village. The only trouble is he hates Christmas. The estate agent knows this but sells it to him knowing that the village goes full blown Christmas every year. Anyway he moves in and the village tries to change his mind and to break down his walls. But will it work?

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A quintessentially English tale full of festive preparations and great characters.
Blythe has been at the top of her game at the estate agents until this month it’s looking like she is getting beaten by her competitive colleague, until she sells a house in her home village, at the last minute on the bank holiday weekend in May. The village of Holly Cross is famous for its Christmas displays, will new resident Sam join in and get involved or stay away from all thing’s Christmas. This year the community needs to go all out to win the perfect Christmas village competition! Will Blythe get carried away, will Sam come round to enjoy Christmas?
Hilarious characters, wonderful village community and all things eccentric and wonderfully English, in this modern day, not in times past!
Really fun enjoyable easygoing festive read!!
Thank you to NetGalley and Aria books for the early read!!

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I think I want to live in Holly Cross.
Blythe is an estate agent who sells Holly Cross cottage to the Christmas hating Sam.
Sam doesn't realise that it's a big community event where everyone gets together and decorates the village.
Blythe's best friend Vicky's ex Owen turns up. It's complicated as Owen could be her five year old daughter Eden's father.
A delightful Christmas read with funny moments and disasters.
There is also the Christmas magic of romance.
Also, I have to mention Turpin the cat, fabulous name.
Thanks to Netgalley and Aria and Aries for the ARC in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I'm a fan of Bella's books and have been since she first began writing. The story here is good, though not without it's faults. A whole village where everyone is obsessed with Christmas, and drop everything at the well, drop of a hat to help anyone? Blythe, the main character also doesn't seem to know what a boundary is. So, a nice Christmas story, but not as good as it could have been. My thanks to Netgalley and Aria for the reading copy.

Was this review helpful?

How I loved this book, and especially the village of Holly Cross. In fact I loved all the characters with the possible exception of the overbearing Leonora who just drove me slightly mad.

But everyone else was wonderful, and getting to know the villagers, and seeing all of their festive activities really made me start of feel a bit Christmassy.

This is definitely a grumpy - sunshine sort of a book with Blythe being the sunshine and Sam being the Christmas hating new person in the village, despite moving to a place that is this year competing to to win the Most Perfect Christmas Village crown.

Whether Blythe who sold him the house, can somehow make him change his mind though is another matter.

I enjoyed all the activities in the village from the pumpkin carving, fireworks and amongst others of note the Sexy Santa dinner, which I would have loved to have been at in person!

This is full of festive charm and the joys of the season, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every word. Definitely one to put on your Christmas reading TBR this year.

Thank you to Aria and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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A wonderful Christmas read. I loved Blythe and Sam and what a magical village, I wish my village was like that. Some wonderful descriptions of decorations and Christmas committees, and some cat hi jinx’s which made me chuckle.

A brilliant festive read. You can’t really go wrong with a Bella Osborne book.

Was this review helpful?

Another winner. from Bella. I loved this sweet story which was funny and full of fun. It wasn't very festive until the end which added to the story. I hope there is a follow-up to this one as I want to find out what happens next. My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

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The Perfect Christmas Village is also a perfect Christmas read. Bella Osborne never disappoints. Her books are always great fun reads and with this one a big dash of Christmas cheer too.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.

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What a wonderful, heart warming tale about Christmas and the gift of sharing!.
I loved all the characters and the plot was a really cute one. Sam needs some help to enjoy Christmas. Well, he has bought a house in the most celebrated Christmas village around!!. Blyth, the local estate agent may have omitted that when she sold him the house!. So it's up to her and her friends to convince him that Christmas is something to enjoy not hate!!
This is a definite Christmas winner!!
#Nethalley, #ariafiction, #bellaosbourneauthor.

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This was a wonderful Christmas read! The plot flowed smoothly, and I loved the chemistry between the characters.

Was this review helpful?

Another cheery read from Osborne, Holly Cross, a village that is the most Christmas-sy around, is home to Blythe and now to Sam. This is one of those sunshine-grumpy romances but it's so much better for the people who live in Holly Cross and for Osborne's way with characters. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This made me smile.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fun, entertaining, read. Blythe and Sam are interesting, relatable fun characters. I enjoyed reading their romance and the various subplots. Their growth throughout the course of the story is fitting for the characters. The secondary characters – including the village – added to the fabric of the story in good ways. This is a good holiday story that has all the feels.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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A sweet, fun romance about friendship and community, perfect for pre-Christmas reading.

Blythe is a real estate agent in the village of Holly Cross in Warwickshire. It’s a very friendly community to live in where everyone looks out for each other. The village loves to celebrate events as a community, like Halloween and bonfire night and especially Christmas. The village goes all out decorating the village for Christmas, raising funds for charity from all the visitors who come to view their efforts. This year they have especially big plans for Christmas as they are entering a competition to be the most Christmassy village in Britain.

During the spring Blythe finally finds the perfect house for Sam Ashton a customer who has been looking for a house in the village for some time. The house belonged to Murray, an elderly man and good friend of Blythe’s who died suddenly while away on a birdwatching trip and was buried in Manchester under mysterious circumstances. Although she misses her friend and is still feeding the cat who lives in his garden, she is happy to find the perfect buyer for his house. While talking to Sam during the sale, he tells her he hates Christmas and everything to do with it but she decides not to tell him about the village’s love of Christmas and that everyone is expected to get involved.

With a colourful cast of characters, Bella Osborne paints a picture of a charming village where everyone pulls together to make things happen. Perhaps not realistic, but a place we would all like to live. It’s fun watching Blythe work on getting Sam involved in the community and trying to overcome his aversion to Christmas. The mystery of Murray and his connection to Manchester adds an interesting thread to this engaging and heartwarming tale .

Was this review helpful?

Blythe lives in the most Christmassy Christmas Village, at least now that she has had to move back in with her mother and step-father, she does. She is also set to be the best Estate Agent of the year, although when someone else threatens to take the title the final month, Blythe is desperate to sell another house - even if it's to Sam who hates nothing more than Christmas. So much so, he threatens to put theirong standing aim of being the best Christmas Village in jeopardy.

Can Blythe change Sam's mind about Christmas - and about her? Another triumph by Bella Osborne, the queen of the feel good novel.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for the EArc NetGalley and Aria & Aries. What a delightful book about the most picturesque village of Holly Cross. I loved the character build ups of Vicky, Blythe, Sam and the rest of the villagers. The author has a way of immersing you in their lives which leaves you intrigued and wanting to know everything about our new found friends. I loved everything about this book. The setting was gorgeous and fun, the characters were multifaceted and relatable and the story was about love. Love of people, love of a village and love of a community. Well done.

Was this review helpful?

Well, this was a rollicking, enjoyable, fantastic story, with lots of laugh out loud moments tempered with a couple of sober ones and the Christmas stocking nearly broke me but it all ended very well, hats off to the community of Holly Cross, the committee and all who live in this amazing village, Happy Christmas!

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely love Bella Osborne’s writing and look forward to each of her books. Her Christmas books give her an opportunity to really flex her comedy skills, and this was no exception. There are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, and I had tears rolling at one point.
The village of Holly Cross was charming, and I would love to visit. It reminded me of a town where we stayed in Colorado. Maybe not to the extent of the Christmas decorations, but certainly the strong sense of community. The characters were all perfectly drawn to the point that I could almost feel some of the wonderful hugs that were passed around. However, I’m not going to discuss how delicious Norman’s sausage was!
Blythe is possibly my favourite character from Bella’s writing. Her determination to be the best in her field was at odds with her kindness and willingness to help others. She certainly went out of her way to welcome city boy, Sam to the village.

Sam was slightly more complicated and whilst I ultimately loved him, I had to try a little harder to like him. It was obvious that he had a backstory and I had to wait patiently for his big reveal. Despite this being a romantic comedy, there were some lovely moments that were handled with real empathy. It takes skill to take the reader from raucous laughter to shedding a sentimental tear. Bella Osborne has perfected the technique.
With an impeccable supporting cast, this was a non-stop book that is filled with warmth and the best kind of people. Well, mostly the best, I reserve judgement on Blythe’s Dad. I adored Dick Turpin and if you want to know more about him, you need to read this fabulous book.

Was this review helpful?

The Perfect Christmas Village is one of the coziest books I’ve ever read! Reading this made me much more excited for Christmas. It’s the perfect book to read while sipping a warm cup of coffee as you feel the weather getting cooler and cooler.

This book was written beautifully, the build up was just right and the scenes didn’t feel forced. The characters were all lovely that I lowkey wished I was part of the Holly Cross neighborhood. It has a great mix of drama and humor—some of the pages made me laugh out loud, no kidding.

I especially enjoyed how the book emphasized the importance of being one with your community and gaining that sense of belonging that you wouldn’t trade for anything else.

If you’re looking for a cozy Christmas book, give this one a try! Bella Osborne is now one of my favorite ‘cozy book’ authors, highly commendable!

Was this review helpful?

It was like reading a hallmark movie. The little town, with quirky personalities. That always have each other backs.
I loved this town, can I be a part of it pretty please. Oh the inhabitants, you just want to squeeze and love them , And be a part of them. The lovestory it was sweet, but nothing new. I highly recommend this book
Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest opinion

Was this review helpful?

What a glorious, festive read The Perfext Christmas Village is. Full of Bella's wit and warmth, you're automatically drawn into the lives of the people from. Holly Cross. With a strong sense of community spirit, there are such heartwarming parts of this book which will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Sam and Blythe are hugely likeable characters with such depth to them but there are very strong supporting characters too which make this one of my favourite Christmas books I've read so far this year.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to the Publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy.

I enjoyed reading this heart warming tale.

Blythe, works at the local estate agents and helps Sam buy the property he’s looking for. But, she doesn’t tell him one thing, and that is that the village is known for its Christmas celebrations. But Sam hates Christmas, due to something that happened in his childhood has made him feel this way.

So now, it’s up to her and her friends to help him realise that Christmas is a time to be spent having fun and also enjoy spending time with others, and definitely not something to hate.

The characters were relatable and the storyline was lovely.

I recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

The Perfect Christmas Village has oodles of holiday charm.

Bella's books are always fun, light-hearted romances. I enjoyed reading Blythe and Sam's story. They have great banter and this delicious tension you cannot help but devour. If you like it when your romances take place in a small town full of quirky characters, then you will enjoy this book. The residents of Holly Cross are incredibly passionate about Christmas, and their love for the holiday season is infectious. I always enjoy a small-town romance because I love that feeling of community and togetherness. Beth does a wonderful job at bringing this tiny village to life, and I enjoyed spending time there.

The story has this nice flow to it. The pacing is perfect. I never once felt like anything in the story was lagging. There were some interesting (and drama-filled) twists that I really enjoyed. I loved Vicky's (Blythe's best friend) side story. We spent some time with her throughout the book, and I loved her quirky energy. I definitely laughed out loud when she was trying to come up with a name for her dog-walking business. Blythe is a great character, and I enjoyed spending time with her. She is an upbeat, cheerful woman who tries to prove that she is good at her job. This woman works hard, and I felt people should have cut her a bit of slack over selling Sam a house in the village issue. It's not her fault the man doesn't like Christmas. Sam is like an onion; he has some layers that I loved peeling back. The man may come off as a Grinch, but he does have a heart of gold under that prickly exterior.

This is a grumpy sunshine romance, which is my favourite trope. I thought Beth did a great job at creating this real and raw relationship between Sam and Blythe. There are a lot of miscommunications and hurdles these two have to overcome. They have plenty of sweet moments that are usually connected to Turpin (the feisty feline that came with Sam's new home). They also have meaningful conversations filled with so much understanding and compassion they made my heart melt.

The Perfect Christmas Village is a vibrant holiday romance and a must-have for any bookworm's collection.

Thank you, Rachel Random Resources and Boldwood Books for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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In Holly Cross, a little village with a big heart –estate agent Blythe needs one last sale to clinch the target she has been working for all year. Sam Ashton has rejected every house she has suggested, with a big move from city to countryside any house has to meet Sam’s idea of the ideal home. When Sam unexpectedly turns up the next day, Blythe is determined to get her sale whatever it takes, and if it means a few white lies then so be it!

Holly Cross has a reputation to hold up as the most Christmassy village, its traditions go back years, so when Christmas loathing Sam, finds out his home is the centre point of the display, he’s furious. When the villagers find out that Blythe purposefully kept the Christmas traditions from Sam, they are all looking to her to fix things. Can she get Sam to fall in love with Christmas or will he literally be the Grinch.

A heart warming cosy read, perfect for curling up with a hot chocolate and losing yourself in the spirit of Christmas.

I received an early copy of this book from Netgalley and Publisher Aria in return for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Another lovely read from this author.
As Blythe takes on challenges at work, she will do whatever it takes to win - even sell a house that isn’t on her books as an estate agent to sell!
Sam buys this house, totally unaware of this and without being fully informed of the village’s love of Christmas!
As the story weaves itself around you and sucks you in so you don’t want to put it down, the characters become more your friends than something in a book.
I really enjoyed the slightly side story of best friend Vicky and her family.
All in all a great read, the characters are well developed and I became so engrossed I read into the night, or early morning!
A lovely mix of Christmas festivities and lots of different personalities, but with meaning behind them all, showing why you really shouldn’t judge someone when you don’t know their story.
I would love to know what happens next in Holly Cross!

Was this review helpful?

This book has a lovely cover and the story is just as nice.
Blythe pushes Sam into buying a house but doesn’t tell him it’s on Christmas row. The town is big into celebrating Christmas and each chapter counts down to that day.
There’s some interesting characters and there was some funny parts too. It will definitely put you in the holiday mood.

Was this review helpful?

A very cute read! It wasn't my favorite book ever, it was unremarkable, but it was cute. It was good. It was solid and predictable and everything I wanted to escape the real world for awhile. The tone was positive and clean, and the dual story lines between blythe and Vicki worked. Dogs are never a bad addition, and I found myself blissfully distracted by a good (albeit shallow) read. I'd recommend this for a good holiday escape!

Was this review helpful?

Blythe has sold Sam a house in the most Christmassy village but omitted to tell Sam this and he absolutely loathes Christmas.

There was a lovely array of characters in the book from the unstoppable force that is Leonora to a kindly gent like Arthur and everything in between. Unfortunately, the behaviours of some of the characters annoyed me at times.

Although the synopsis is mainly about Blythe and Sam, there are a couple of other storylines running through involving Vicky and Murray and I enjoyed them unfolding.

A fun and emotional read that I would recommend.

Thank you Rachels Random Resources, Aria and Netgalley for my copy which I read and give my honest review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

Another warm and uplifting read from Bella Osborne who is without a doubt one of my favourite authors and a go-to author when I need a cosy fix. The Perfect Christmas Village has all the ingredients you need in a heartwarming and beautiful festive story. 5 sparkling stars on top of the Christmas tree from me!

Was this review helpful?

I always enjoy a Bella Osborne story, they are some of my favourite reads. As I’m a big fan of Christmas as well as Bella’s books this is the best pre-Christmas present I could get and I can you you that when I opened my present there was nothing disappointing inside at all. It was a magical festive read, with some grumpy/sunshine energy and someone who dislikes Christmas (how ?!) being won over by the most Christmassy village and a bit of romance, yeah he was never going to stay a non-fan!

I love Holly Cross, it’s residents, I love how infectious their enjoyment of the Christmas period is, their passion for all things seasonal is so cute I want to go join them. Sam and Blythe’s story is just so lovely, it’s lighthearted abd full of great humour, the witty banter was fabulous. The supporting cast of characters, the community play just as important a part in this story and I love that so much, because who doesn’t love reading about feisty friends and neighbours, wondering and hoping if your favourite supporting character might get their own story one day.

If you’re looking for a book that will entertain you, bring warmth to your heart and very toes, that will bring Christmas alive, then this book is it and you will want to fall into it’s pages and come out ready to decorate your street.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

4 stars / This review will be posted on today.

The perfect Christmas village is also the perfect Christmas novel. Combines a little bit of mystery, a lot of homey warm villagers, romance, and of course the perfect winter holiday. Another Hallmark movie to be!

Blythe and Vicki have been friends since childhood, growing up in Holly Cross. When Blythe has a life setback, she moves back home with her mom and stepdad. She loves living in Holly Cross again, but she yearns for her father’s approval. In her quest to be the best estate agent in Holly Cross, she stumbles into a home sale. For a home that’s not for sale.

Sam, the potential buyer, is one good looking man. Blythe notices this, but his attitude toward Christmas is less than appealing. What Sam doesn’t know is that the house he wishes to purchase is simply the center of the Holly Cross annual Christmas festivities. Can Blythe turn his grinch-ness into community spirit?

Adorable book that I enjoyed immensely. Sappy, sweet, all the things you look for in a Christmas novel.

Was this review helpful?

A heart-warming and cosy seasonal read. Very engrossing and was hard to put down. There is something magical about festive books and this one is no exception.

Was this review helpful?

Holly Cross sounds like the most Christmasy village around. I loved the community spirit - not just the encouragement to join in with the decorating but the support each household gave to eachother - the realisation that it takes a whole community working together to achieve something good. I liked Blythe’s never say die attitude and was willing for her to prove a number of doubters wrong. A feel good read which will certainly put you in the Christmas mood.

Was this review helpful?

I confess I choose to read this book because of the gorgeous cover and because I love Christmas and I am keen to get a head start on my Christmas reading but after reading it I am so excited to say that it is a funny, festive, romantic comedy with my most favourite thing featured Dog's!! Although it is set around Christmas it can easily be read at any time as the main plot isn't focused on Christmas. The plot is more rom com with Blythe the real estate agent trying to make a sale and she manages to sell a house to Christmas hating Sam. What Sam doesn't realise is that he has moved to the most Christmas loving village ever. Will Blythe bring Sam any festive cheer? I had a joyful time reading this book and I found it to really get me in a upbeat mood and it was soo much fun.

Was this review helpful?

I received this book as an ARC from Aria&Aries through NetGalley and this review is based on my own opinion.

Blythe has to sell one more house to become real estate agent of the month so she bends the truth to sell a new house to city boy Sam.
Christmas hating Sam moves to Holly Cross, thinking that he found the perfect house. But little does he know that Holly Cross turns into the most Christmassy village in the country.
Sams arrival might cost the town their chance to win Most Perfect Christmas village and everyone expects Blythe to fix things but Christmas might not be the only things that Sam falls in love with this year.

The Perfect Christmas Village was just as the title says; perfect.
The story really made you feel as if you were spending Christmas in a cosy village and it had a lot of funny scenes that had me laughing out loud on thr couch.
I would really recommend this book if you want to get cosy with a blanket and a cup of tea, or a hot chocolate and if you like Hallmark movies 🥰.

Was this review helpful?

The Holly Cross Christmas Fayre is going strong and attendance is always huge.

Blythe and Amir are in competition for most sales this month at the Happy Homes Estate Agency. The end of the month is near and Amir is one sale ahead of Blythe. She must sell one more place.

She remembers a home on the Green whose owner recently passed away and she knows it will be sold. However, as it’s not currently listed for sale, she takes a chance and shows it to a man named Sam who wants to move to the area. She has a key to the house as she had promised the previous owner she would feed his feral cat, Turpin. It took a little time, but she finally got a call from a solicitor for the deceased and arranged to sell the house to Sam.

Ah, but Sam has a big dislike of Christmas which is not good because this village is really big on Christmas, plus the lights and other celebrations are numerous. But Sam continues to nix any plans of lights or decorations. But Blythe doesn’t let that stop her.

Blythe’s best friend, Vicky, is a single mother to young Eden. She is struggling to make ends meet and has added dog walking to her to-do list to make extra money.

It’s nice to see how Blythe tries to slowly break down Sam’s disdain for Christmas. But when she learns the reason why, she is more understanding of him. As a huge cat lover, I really liked Turpin and how he brings Blythe and Sam together all the time. In addition, the humor with bits of risqué comments thrown in, made me laugh out loud. I just loved this book which came at a time when I really needed a good laugh.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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A festive read set in a village community that loves Christmas with a new resident who has his reasons for not liking the festive season. Blythe is active in the community and a good person, but she is also driven by her need to prove herself. This leads to complications when Sam buys a cottage in the village. What happens next is an engaging mix of conflict, community, friendship and romance. There is also a mystery to solve. I like the village setting, the characterisation and the twists and turns of this festive tale.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely cosy festive read with relatable characters. My favourite character was definitely Turpin the cat and I loved reading about his escapades.
Holly Cross takes Christmas very seriously and it was fun to read about the celebrations. There were also some serious subjects in this book but overall it was a nice, heartwarming read.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.

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With a father involved in the property business who seems to find her a constant disappointment, it means a great deal to Blythe to be recognised as Estate Agent of the Year in the village of Holly Cross – even if it means selling a house that’s not even on the market, and hoping everything can be put right later. The house belonged to her friend Murray, recently passed away – and the (at first) delighted buyer is Sam, who had been a particularly difficult client to please until she showed him the house of his dreams.

The sale works itself out – with a bit of a mystery attached – but Sam, who hates Christmas with a passion, is horrified to find that he’s moved somewhere that’s in contention for the title of the UK’s Most Perfect Christmas Village, with a community for whom success means so much and whose efforts are managed with military precision by the redoubtable Leonora, with firm plans for his house to be the centrepiece of their display that it’s always been. When he absolutely refuses to engage, Blythe doggedly sets about trying to change his mind – with an adopted semi-feral cat (the wonderful Turpin) who needs feeding, she’s a regular visitor, chipping away at his reluctance to join in, their friendship growing as she begins to find that he’s not quite the miserable so-and-so he at first appears to be.

I really must say that I loved everything about this book – that grumpy/sunshine relationship between Blythe and Sam (both of whom turned out to be such likeable characters, with particular issues in their past lives), the community of Holly Cross with its quirky and such wonderfully drawn individuals, the subplot with friend Vicky and her attempts to find a source of extra income while managing a relationship of her own, and all the many activities in the build-up to Christmas that really were absolutely everything I could possibly have wished for. There’s a lot of laughter, the humour so perfectly judged – but there’s plenty of poignancy too, with all the issues really sensitively handled, along with a few elements of mystery and moments of particular drama.

It’s all just so perfectly paced, thoroughly enjoyable, and the warmth of the writing really is exceptional – the whole book felt like the most gorgeous festive hug, and I adored every single moment. This is one I’d urge every lover of Christmas romance to add to their reading list – I promise you won’t be disappointed, and that it’ll delight you in every way. It might be only October, but I found myself buying some new fairy lights and a far-too-large nutcracker ornament today – and it’s all because of Bella Osborne…

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A pleasant Christmas story based in an adorable festive setting.
I loved how the two opposite characters were drawn together.
I really wanted Blythe to succeed! With her unwavering dedication to work, her friend and the community, you couldn’t help but like her!
Sam was an interesting character, a bit mysterious and aloof, it was fun to see him deal with the wayward cat Turpin ( great name!) and to eventually fit in more with the community.
Some unexpected twists added another element to the story and meant it was quite the page turner!

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Such a cute story! I have to say I absolutely adored the whole book and all the characters.

Sam is new to the village and is not a very big fan of Christmas, So choosing to move to Holly Cross is probably not his best idea ever because every year around Christmas Holly Cross turns into the most Christmassy Village in the whole country!

Sam puts the villages chance of winning the title of Britain's Most Perfect Christmas Village in jeopardy so it's Blythes job to make things right, especially since she did bend the truth a little to sell Sam the house in the first place!

Absolutely loved this story and it really hit all the marks for me in a Festive story!

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First thought: A charming Christmas story that drops you right into the middle of Holly Cross festivities. You will fall in love with this community and want to instantly ship these two couples(Blythe/Sam & Owen/Vicky) Grab some hot coco and snuggle in with this sweet closed door holiday romance.

Blythe is a real estate agent and competing for the top spot and she needs one more sale to grab the title. So she kind of sells Sam a house in her neighborhood under false pretenses. Sam hates everything Christmas and he just bought a house across the street from the epicenter of the most Christina’s village in England. Now Blythe has to work hard to make things right with Sam, while trying to persuade him not to be the Grinch.

Vicky is a single mom she is struggling to make ends meet and will do anything for her daughter to have a normal Christmas. She is also best friends with Blythe and she is constantly roping her in to support her schemes to make money. Owen is Vicky’s old flame and he’s back in town and trying to win her heart but things are complicated this time as she has to think about her daughter.

Holly Cross is full of an array of quirky characters that make you feel the spirit of Christmas and understand it’s more about the people this time of year vs the present.

Tropes you’ll find:

* Client to Lover
* Scrooge to Santa
* Tight Knit Community
* Holiday Romance
* Small Town
* Closed Door

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I would firstly just like to say a big thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources who very kindly forwarded me an arc copy of this book, for my kindle, in return for my honest review.

Having already read a few of this author’s books - and absolutely loving them - it was an absolute no brainier to read this book and i am so glad that i did, it was wonderful and cosy and oh, so Christmassy too!!

I had a wonderful time reading this book and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as i just had to find out what was going to happen next!

I absolutely loved the village where the story was set and through Bella’s wonderful writing style, i honestly felt as though i was there too.

This was such a wonderful, heartwarming rom com that had me laughing out loud one minute and shedding a tear the next…….

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I love Bella's writing and have read a lot of her books. This story was a lovely, festive, easy read that eases you into Christmas.

Blythe is a warm Christmas loving character who is at her happiest helping others so when she meets Christmas loathing Sam, sparks inevitably fly.

I love small village books that involve community spirit and this book was just that. I'm excited to read more of Bella's books.

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I absolutely loved this book from the very beginning! Blythe is so likeable and easy to gel with as a character, it really makes the book! It has been quite a longtime since have been so fond of a character, but her eager to please, yet slightly unfortunate luck, means you are both cringing yet laughing from the off, and it really set the tone for the book. The Christmas village community was Excellent too! The aim to create such a special place with such a humorous mix of characters was great. This is a really feel good read to snuggle up with! I absolutely adored it!

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Determined to win at work and prove herself to her father, Blythe is determined to sell a house to Sam, even hiding the truth about the village he is moving too. Will she be able to win him over and help him find his Christmas spirit? A fun festive read.

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Holly Cross would be a perfect place for me to live. Course I love all holidays, but especially Christmas. I can see how it could be a nightmare if you weren’t into the holidays. I love the story of Blythe and Sam and let’s not forget Turpin. The characters are wonderful and truly care for each other. I enjoyed the story line and had a few giggles along the way. I would love a trip back sometime to see what the good folks of Holly Cross are doing. I received this book from NetGalley, but my opinion is my own.

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I do enjoy a Bella Osbourne book & this did not disappoint!

Blythe is an estate agent & trying to win sales Person of the Month with one more sale! She 'sells' a house to Sam who has been looking for the right property for a long time. The only problem is she doesn't have permission to sell this house.

Sam moves into the house but is horrified when he finds out that the village is Lit up & every home decorated for Christmas. As a Christmas hater, he finds this so difficult. Follow the story of the community, friends & the budding romance between Sam & Blythe.

A lovely feel good Christmas story.

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I have read a number of Bella Osborne books now and when I saw her latest, The Perfect Christmas Village, I couldn’t resist.

Blythe lives in the village of Holly Cross, succeeding in work she needs to sell just one more house to top the monthly sales chart. To do so she doesn’t tell Sam the whole truth about the cottage in Holly Cross or the villages passion for Christmas, and later finds out that he hates Christmas. This doesn’t go down well in the village, and they all expect Blythe to turn this around in time for the festive season.

This book was filled with community spirit and made me wish I was in Holly Cross to celebrate from Halloween through to Christmas. Although, Bella’s writing has the ability to transport you into the pages of the book so that you do feel like you are there.

I really enjoyed the main characters of Blythe and Sam, there was more than meets the eye to both of them. All the other characters in the village were great too, they were lovable and all adding something different to the community dynamic. And let’s not forget Turpin the mischief maker.

This was a lovely, feel-good book filled with community spirit and festive cheer. Perfect to enjoy wrapped up in a blanket with a hot chocolate.

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Lovely festive Bella Osborne read. The perfect book to curl uk with in the chilly months - especially with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie!

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What to do when you dislike Christmas but move into a prime spot in a village that seems obsessed with the festival! A cosy Christmas read that will have you begging the villagers to leave Sam alone, but alos wanting him to get involved and go with the flow. Curl up with a hot drink and lose yourself in the village for a few hours.

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Couldn't put it down! Between hospital visits and work this story got me through.

Want to sell up and move to Holly Cross with all its wonderful characters. Hope Bella writes a follow up to find out what happens to their lives and loves.

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Bella Osborne- The Perfect Christmas Village.

Welcome to Holly Cross. The village that loves Christmas.
Meet Sam. Holly Cross’ newest resident. Sam hates Christmas.

When Sam’s dislike of the festive season meets with disapproval from his neighbours in Holly Cross, it falls to Blythe, the estate agent who sold Sam the house (maybe a little dishonestly) to sort out the situation.

Blythe and Sam both developed into such likeable characters. They’ve both had their fair share of troubles in life, but they may just be exactly what the other needs to heal the wounds of the past.

The other characters in this book are an absolute joy.
From angelic children to sassy cats, Bella Osborne has squeezed them all in. It’s fair to say they fit perfectly and give the story the most wonderful feel of community.

Holly Cross is an idyllic setting. A little village with a big heart.

I am a huge fan of Bella Osborne’s writing. She goes from strength to strength with each new book.
Her quick wit, depth of sensitivity and big heart, radiate from every page.

#ThePerfectChristmasVillage is a festive delight. You will be eased into the Christmas season with this warm hearted romantic comedy.

Well done Bella, you’ve done it again… another cracker!

With thanks to Netgalley, Rachel’s Random Resources and Aria & Aries fir a digital arc of this title.

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What happens when the Grinch moves into the Christmas village
But the Estate Agent keeps secret the festivities knowledge?
Will he be tempted to join in or want to move out fast?
Or to ensure the agent he gets to lambast?

Sam was looking for a cottage in the perfect location to buy
But joining in the village festivities he doesn't want to try.
He abhors everything to do with Christmas time
And for him to join in would feel like a crime!

Blythe is the one who sold him his new home but didn't say
That the whole community celebrate Christmas in every way
With decorations on every home, parties and lights
Shining brightly every night!

Can she get Sam to join in with them all?
Or is he really the Grinch come to call?
There's laughter galore as this story unfolds
And secrets begin at last to be told.

A heartwarming read with more than one romance
As festivities bring people together to give them a chance.
Getting to know the community and how they work together
Could help change this Grinch's ways forever!

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you -
As I share with you my honest review.

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What a sweet Christmas tale.

It was an easy read which transported me into Christmas. I didn't really enjoy the characters that much but I did enjoy the story on the whole.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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I want, no I need to go and stay in Holly Cross! It sounds practically perfect in every way...the most Christmassy village EVER - wheres my invite?

I've absolutely adored every one of Osborne's books I've read and they've all been worthy of so much more than five stars.

Blythe certainly had a job on her hands converting Christmas hater Sam didn't she? How can you not like Christmas?

I loved all of the characters, with most of them soon feeling like old friends, who I would absolutely love to read more about tbh. Please tell me this isn't our only visit to Holly Cross?

Full of festive frivolity, romance and encapsulating everything Christmas, The Perfect Christmas Village is guaranteed to get you ready for the most wonderful time of the it to early to put the tree up?

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