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Pub Date 09 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 09 Feb 2024

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The Titanic was only the beginning. What she survived has become legend.

Violet Jessop is Miss Unsinkable.

Violet is a stewardess and wartime nurse who not only survives a shipwreck but also two sinkings, one on the infamous Titanic. No one can understand why she would return to sea, but Violet is simply trying to survive. Her childhood was fraught with illness and death in her family. Her distraught mother is too ill to work, that responsibility falling to Violet as the oldest of nine. When the world enters the Great War, she becomes aboard as a nurse, helping men who could very well be her brothers. But disaster strikes again, this time as the Britannic strikes a mine. Miraculously, Violet survives, but her obligation to her mother and siblings still remains, leaving Violet to wonder if she'll ever be able to put her tumultuous life at sea behind her and pursue a life and love all her own.

Daphne has survived calamity of her own.

Daphne Chaundanson grows up as an unwanted child after her mother died in a tragedy. She throws herself into education, collecting languages like candy in a desperate attempt to finally earn her father’s approval. When the Special Operations Executive invites her to be an agent in France in World War II, her childhood of anonymity and her love of languages make her the perfect fit. She sees it as an opportunity to help the country she loves and live up to her father's expectations. But unthinkable moments of challenge and resilience change Daphne in ways she could never expect, including an eye-opening encounter where she must come to terms with the secrets in her own past.

Two unsinkable women. Two stories of survival, family, and finding one’s own happiness. One connection that reshapes both their lives forever.

The Titanic was only the beginning. What she survived has become legend.

Violet Jessop is Miss Unsinkable.

Violet is a stewardess and wartime nurse who not only survives a shipwreck but also two...

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Featured Reviews

When I seen Titanic on the front of this cover I just knew I had to have it!
I squeeled when I was approved!
You see, I'm a Titanic fan and I love reading anything about this beautiful ship. Poor baby. Died such a terrible death.
I loved Violet's part of the story so much! You see, I thought she's the lady who should've been called unsinkable not Molly Brown.
I loved Ms. Jessop. She's such an interesting and inspiring person.
I truly felt that I got to know her just a little bit better from reading her story.
Daphne's story was interesting/mystery as well. I got quite a few pleasant surprises along the way so that made it even more enjoyable.
Kudos to this author for making it work together nicely.
I finished this book in one sitting because Violet and Daphne needed their story read. I found both intriguing.
Timing is everything. In God's timing that is. Sometimes people need time and space to "find" and "grow" up to be themselves. Could it lead to lost loves? Lost family members? Y'all just have read this book to find out!
I think my favorite part of the book was the author's notes at the end.
Those are always so interesting!
My 2nd favorite thing is 2nd chance romances. "Sigh" What more could one want except love and forgiveness along the way?
5 stars for a job well done! I highly recommend!
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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I adored this book. It features two strong women and two utterly beautiful stories of strength, survival, and finally finding the happiness they deserved. I'm such a fan of second chance themes and they're strong in this book, not to mention authentic and satisfying.

I love Jennis' work and have to say I think this may be her best yet. I can't wait for the rest of the world to experience it.

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UNSINKABLE by JENNI L WALSH is a must read for anyone interested in the first and second world wars and the bravery shown by those fighting for freedom from German occupation. It is also a must read for anyone interested in the Titanic, the unsinkable ship. Here we have Violet Jessop who works as a stewardess on the famous White Star Line, surviving three shipwrecks and becoming known as The Unsinkable. This is based on her autobiography. With her large family dependant upon her, she gives up her own dreams to work at sea where she can count on thr large tips she receives from the opulent passengers.
Thirty years later we meet Daphne Chaundanson who has been living and wotking in her beloved Paris and cannot bear to see what the nazis are doing to France. She goes to London and joins the SOE as a spy. Whilst Violet is motivated by a promise to her father to look after her family, Daphne is motivated by the desire to impress her famous father by doing something brave and remarkable, thus making him notice her……
I am not telling you any more of the story for fear of spoiling things for you. All I am going to say is that I cannot recommend this thrilling, historical romance strongly enough.
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Harper Muse. The opinions in ths revew are completely my own.

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I cannot say enough how genuinely enjoyable this book is.
My first biggest but of praise is Unsinkable has dual timelines, and they are both extremely engaging. I was never disappointed to be reading about either character.
Second, one of our heroines is based on a real person (I highly recommend reading the author’s notes at the end to hear about the real Violet) and as crazy as her story is, it really happened!
Third, this is just a really well written, well researched, book.
April 15, 1912
Off the coast of Newfoundland the unsinkable ship, Titanic, will succumb to an iceberg. The survivors lives will be irrevocably changed. Violet, a first class stewardess, will continue to serve on ships to support her family.
In 1943 as war rages Daphne is being enlisted to go back to France under a new identity to fight for freedom.
I was hooked from the first until the last page. @jennilwalsh amazing new book will be available January 9 2024.
Thank you to @netgalley and @harpermusebooks for letting me read this one early in exchange for a review.
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I'm a major Jenni Walsh fan, she's an auto-read author for me. I love all of her books but this one might be my favorite! She draws you into the story right from the first page and then doesn't let go until the last. And can we talk about that ending?? So good! There's something special in the way her stories unfold, and I absolutely loved when the connection between the two women was revealed.

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This book was incredible! I got it because I'm obsessed with the Titanic and I loved learning about Violets life! The dual time line story was flawless and the war stuff was fascinating! This book had everything you could want and more!

Was this review helpful?

Unsinkable was an intriguing historical tale of a woman who survived three shipwrecks in the early 1900's, including the Titanic. Jenni Walsh weaves in true facts of three shipwrecks, and along with her character development, lets you into the thoughts, impacts, loss and regrets of the characters. Her character development left me truly understanding the characters, their motivations, and perspectives which allowed the characters to come to life for me. And the ending...WOW, was not what I was expecting, which made it all the better! A beautiful story of personal growth, dreams lost and fulfilled, sacrifice, and hope restored.

#Unsinkable #NetGalley #historicalfiction #theTitanic #AmericanHistory #WomenHeroes

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Jenni L Walsh does such a great job in writing this, it had a great feel to this and I enjoyed everything about this novel. The two leads worked overall and I enjoyed getting to know them in this story. They were two strong written characters and I’m glad I was able to read this.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this read, women who are willing to overcome their fears and help others. These courageous women sacrifice so much to help family and help thwart evil.
What do Violet and Daphne have in common? We find out as we journey the seas for answers, literally, and yes, these woman have ship wrecks, but oh such more. As we read this time slip book, and see how much they are willing to give and keep their own fears in tack, but stepping out to the unknown.
When finished with the main part of the book, make sure you read the author's notes, based on so much fact, and put together beautifully!
Now I can't wait for another page turner by this author!
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Harper Muse, and was not required to give a positive review.

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"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
I was hooked from the very first chapter. The story of Violet is based on meticulous research by Jenni Walsh. Why would someone who survived three ships sinking continue to return to the sea? Daphne’s story is more fiction than not. However, there was an infant aboard the Titanic. Loved how Jenni Walsh ties both stories together at the end in a lovely and most satisfying way. Brava Jenni!

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Gorgeously written, this dual timeline historical fiction brings the Titanic, and World War 2, to life, along with some of the strong women who lived through the traumatic times. This was a true gem incorporating some of my favorite things. Women who stand strong in the face of all the horrors and mishaps that come their way. Family. Love. The Titanic. Wonderful ending that I didn't see coming. Beautiful writing, fascinating story, and believable characters. Fantastic read!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced digital reader's copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review!

Was this review helpful?

This book is fantastic. I love reading books with the Titanic as the setting. Will be a nice addition to my collection and. Its released.

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced digital copy.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Muse for an eARC copy of Unsinkable by Jenni L Walsh.

Unsinkable is a captivating and emotionally charged novel that weaves together the remarkable stories of two resilient women, Violet Jessop and Daphne Chaundanson, whose lives are bound by a common thread of survival and an unyielding determination to find happiness amidst adversity.

I didn't know prior to reading Unsinkable that Violet Jessop was a real nurse who had actually survived three boat disasters. It was a nice little surprise to learn about following the conclusion of the novel. As such, Violet Jessop opens the story, aptly dubbed "Miss Unsinkable" for surviving not one, but two ship wrecks and one of them being the RMS Titanic. Her early life is marked by tragedy, illness, and the burden of caring for her large family. Her decision to work as a stewardess and wartime nurse at sea, despite the risks, is driven by a deep sense of responsibility to her family. The narrative explores Violet's unwavering commitment to her loved ones and her enduring resilience in the face of unimaginable circumstances. Her character is beautifully developed, making her journey from hardship to hope truly compelling.

Daphne Chaundanson's story runs parallel to Violet's, yet it possesses its own unique charm and complexity. Daphne's quest for approval and identity following her mother's tragic death is relatable and heartfelt. Her passion for languages and her eventual involvement as a Special Operations Executive agent during World War II adds a layer of intrigue and suspense to the narrative. Daphne's transformation from a vulnerable, seeking soul to a strong, confident woman is portrayed with depth and authenticity.

Some moments and character developments could have been explored in greater depth. Especially Daphne as she was an original character

Additionally, the ending, while satisfying, leaves a few questions unanswered, which may leave readers wanting more closure.

Was this review helpful?

Calling all Titanic fans… “Unsinkable” by Jenni L. Walsh is the perfect read for those fascinated by the Titanic disaster, and historical fiction. After all, it was the “unsinkable ship”. This well written book also addresses the first and second world wars and the bravery shown by those fighting for freedom from German occupation.

This is the saga of Violet Jessop who works as a stewardess on the famous White Star Line, who has thus far survived three shipwrecks, one becoming known as The Unsinkable. This is based on her autobiography. With her large family dependant upon her, she gives up her own dreams and goes to work at sea where she can earn large tips from the opulent passengers.

Thirty years later we meet Daphne Chaundanson who has been living and working in her beloved Paris and cannot bear to see what the nazis are doing to France. She goes to London and joins the SOE as a spy.

This fine work is a thrilling, historical romance.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this novel! It really captivated me. I just could not stop reading it. Two fantastic story threads of two unsinkable women who faced life-changing events. Anything that includes the Titanic is always of great interest for me. And this book took me on a very different journey from others. It was a very pleasant surprise! The cover first caught my attention and then the first page pulled me in. This is a remarkable novel I will never forget.

Unsinkable by Jenni L Walsh is a book about bravery, survival, family devotion, second chances and enduring love. It covers both the First and Second World War in two timelines. Each thread is equally engaging. There are tie ins between the two but these are woven together more towards the end with wonderful revelations and surprises.

The older timeline surrounds the character of Violet who is actually a real woman of notable history. She worked on the three sister ships that met disaster: Olympic (1911) Titanic (1912) and Britannic (1914). These were all designed to be the largest, safest and most luxurious of their time. But, as we know, things did not turn out as expected. Violet was a ship stewardess and later a ship’s nurse during the First World War. She was on the Olympic when it collided with the British warship HMS Hawke. Despite damage, they were able to make it back to port without sinking. After repairs, the ship went back into service and Violet continued to work on it another seven months until she was transferred to the Titanic. And yes, as we know it sank. She was saved again after being ordered into a lifeboat. But not with empty arms for she was handed a baby to take to safety. This novel draws upon these facts and expands upon them with some creative license. Personally, I liked how the author used this information.

Then World War I breaks and the Britannic is turned into a hospital ship and Violet returns to the sea when an unexplained explosion occurs sinking the ship in the Aegean Sea within fifty-five minutes. Violet and other passengers nearly die from the shredding propellers. She jumps out of the lifeboat, injures her head but survives again. It took a lot of courage to keep returning to the sea considering all her near death experiences. But she remains dedicated to caring for her family. She sacrifices much, including abandoning her own dreams. Violet keeps going back to the sea to faces her fears. I admire her tenacity. And Ms Walsh paints a vivid and intriguing picture of this woman’s resilient character.

The second timeline with Daphne (and her various undercover names) is a fictional woman but the inspiration behind her creation is fascinating. She has survived many calamities. Starting from babyhood. Her mother has tragically died. She grows up under a very successful father. His accomplishments have made her competitive. And she is constantly seeking his approval and attention. You might say she is an active overachiever: well schooled and is great with languages. The author’s notes inform us she is based on a number of women who were part of the Special Operations Executive, French Section (SOE F). Ms Walsh has combined their backgrounds, experiences and accomplishments. This was no small task but I feel she has pulled this off seamlessly and Daphne becomes an admirable representative of all these heroic women. The journey through this woman’s life is quite a wild ride! But it is extremely fascinating and kept me glued to the pages.

Both women are strong, unsinkable and motivated. But both want to please their fathers. Violet promised her father to always care for the family and so she sacrifices everything to stick to this course. Daphne is motivated by her desire to impress her father so she throws herself into dangerous situations where she can be brave and heroic. Daphne sees this as the only way to keep from being invisible to her father.

This is a brilliant piece of fiction for lovers of the Titanic. You will be drawn to Violet’s story but also be fascinated by Daphne’s WWII heroics. I loved this novel from start to finish and highly recommend it. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks to Harper Muse and Netgalley for my review copy.

Was this review helpful?

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