The Murder After the Night Before

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Pub Date 01 Feb 2024 | Archive Date 06 Feb 2024
HQ, HQ Digital

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'A whip-smart whodunnit, this will keep you guessing' Red

'A fast-paced thriller with clever twists' Bella

Something bad happened last night. My best friend Posey is dead. The police think it was a tragic accident. I know she was murdered.

I’ve woken up with the hangover from hell, a stranger in my bed, and I’ve gone viral for the worst reasons.

There’s only one thing stopping me from dying of shame. I need to find a killer.

But after last night, I can’t remember a thing…

From the author of How to Kill Men and Get Away With It, don’t miss this wickedly witty and utterly addictive novel, perfect for fans of Bella Mackie, Dawn O’Porter and Killing Eve.

Praise for The Murder After the Night Before:

‘What a ride! Unflinchingly realistic and raw but somehow also brilliantly funny at times, Brent's novel is a must-read’ Jesse Sutanto, author of Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers

‘The horrors of going viral on social media twinned with a twisty murder mystery – contemporary fiction at its best, I loved it!' Jackie Kabler, author of The Perfect Couple

‘Brent delivers a compelling and incredibly important novel’ My Weekly

‘A fast-paced and satisfying read’ Charlotte Bigland, author of It’s Not Me It’s You

‘The Hangover meets Fleabag in this ribald, twisted mystery’ PJ Ellis, author of Love & Other Scams

‘A fast-paced thriller. With clever twists, it’s totally gripping' Closer Magazine

‘Once again, Katy Brent has shown her immense talent at writing dark humour with a thought-provoking core’ Sarah Clarke, author of A Mother Never Lies

‘A flawlessly plotted murder mystery. Devilishly brilliant. I loved it!’ Sarah Bonner, author of Her Perfect Twin

'A whip-smart whodunnit, this will keep you guessing' Red

'A fast-paced thriller with clever twists' Bella

Something bad happened...

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Featured Reviews

This book was just SOMETHING ELSE!! I was ridiculously excited to be able to read the next Katy Brent book as I LOVED her last book and I did feel there was a high standard set for this new release but it was even better than I was expecting it to be. The main thing that I adore about Katy Brent's books is absolutely her humour. I found myself laughing out loud so many times at some of the stuff that Molly was saying, she was hilarious! so that definitely had me gripped instantly. The story itself was brilliant, the beginning of the book honestly reels you in for many reasons but the story starts to unpack pretty quickly and you're just obsessed with the mystery surrounding the story. I suddenly didn't trust any of the characters and was questioning everybody because the mystery was just brilliant and then the plot twists! honestly it was written so well, there was a couple of times that I wanted to shake Molly for not realising things quicker but then I also didn't guess quite a bit of the reveals so there we go!

One of the things I loved most about this book and also Katy Brent's last book is that although there's the humour and the mystery , there's also some very real and very serious topics that always get included that are so thought provoking to the reader and I found this one particularly, really emotional. There was a lot about grief included in the story and how it can affect you. I just loved the balance between the emotional, serious subject matters and then the humour and the distracting mystery too. I also loved (can you tell how much I BLOODY LOVED it) that there was actually so much that happened in this book but the pace was PERFECT. there was never a moment where it started to slow down too much but it wasn't overwhelming or confusing at all. I found it to be a perfect pace where it was such a page turner, you always wanted to know what happened you always kept reading it "just one more chapter.." style and suddenly you've finished the book in a day or two and then afterwards, when you think about everything about happened you realised that actually LOADS of stuff went on but at no point did it become too much, because (and yes ill say it again) it was just done perfectly. I think this may be my favourite read of the year and I absolutely will be reading everything and anything that Katy Brent releases in the future.

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A cleverly written and gripping book that I know I’m going to have a book hangover from for a while that I took my time reading because I didn’t want to stop reading and much like the author’s other amazing read has moments of a dark humour that fits in with the story. I’m really looking forward to reading what Katy Brent writes next.

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Katy Brent's second novel is just as good as her debut - 'How to Kill Men and Get Away With It' - if not better.
Molly Monroe - a journalist for a girl's magazine, flatmate of Posey celebrates a little too much on a staff Christmas night out.
It's these celebrations that set off a catastrophic chain of events for Molly - she ends up trending on social media due to being caught performing an act outside of a bar on an unidentified man. However, this is just the start of Molly's problems - who is the man that she has woken up to, where is her flatmate and why does the next-door neighbour think she is another slag?

Katy's writing is witty and relatable, it's a book that most young women can identify with. We've all had a bit too much to drink on a night out and regretted our actions but perhaps not to the same length that Molly does.
The Murder After the Night Before also has a great twist at the end.

Recommendable read - an author to watch out for!

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Absolutely amazing book that had me racing through the pages. I couldn’t put this down and finished it in hours. Such a clever and gripping book.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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Another amazing outing from Katy Brent. Having loved her first novel I ran through this finishing it in one sitting. Love her blend of thriller and comedy so very relatable

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Wow what a book thank you ever so much for the opportunity to review. I could not put it down. Would definitely recommend to others

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Rating: 4.6/5

I really enjoyed Katy Brent's debut novel, "How to Kill Men and Get Away With It", so there was never any doubt that I was going to be coming back for her next offering. And I am so glad that I did, because this one is even better!

Once again this book contains some highly entertaining dark and acerbic humour as well as highlighting some very well observed social issues as the narrative progresses. However, those elements are merely very welcome bonuses in this gripping thriller. The story gets off to an intriguing and novel start when central character, Molly, wakes up with the mother of all hangovers following her work Christmas party. But life is about to take an even more unpleasant and discombobulating turn for Molly when she finds out that an explicit video of her has gone viral!

As with her previous novel, Katy Brent once again incorporates elements from a number of genres. This story is part murder mystery, part psychological thriller, part rom-com (sometimes at the spicier end of the genre), part comedy (often dark) and part social commentary. Combining such a mixture of genre tropes could easily go badly wrong and end up in a shambolic mess, but Katy Brent handles it wonderfully well. The balance she strikes between serious drama and comedic relief is spot on. There are times when the storyline does become nail-bitingly tense and the skilled use of humour not only offers some relief, but actually amplifies the impact of the tension.

The characterisation is impressive too, with each of the key players being credible and relatable. At the heart of the story, Molly is certainly not without her flaws, but she is drawn in such a way that the reader cannot help but empathise with her. As you might expect, there are twists and turns along the way as the narrative unfolds - some of which you may see coming and some you almost certainly will not - but they are all dealt with in a legitimate fashion without cheating the reader.

Katy Brent has made a fantastic start to her career as an author with her first two novels and there is no question that I will be back for book three.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for supplying an ARC in return for an honest review.

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I said earlier this year when I listened to ‘How to Kill Men and Get Away With It’ by Katy Brent, that I just knew she would be one of my new favourite authors. I received an ARC of her new book after requesting it on NetGalley, and after inhaling the whole thing in one sitting, I just knew my earlier statement was completely correct. Her debut book was one of my favourite reads so far this year, and this one may or may not have topped it. Once I saw that I had a chance to read this book early I just had to have it, but now I’m gutted that I’ve already finished it and have nothing else to read from this author :(

This book was SO GOOD. The story was gripping, dark and hilarious and I was totally here for it. It’s not often that I find an author with a similar sense of humour to me, but Brent has hit the nail on the head with laugh-out-loud moments and hilarious lines spread out perfectly between the dark and ominous. Whilst there were many sensitive topics brought up, and moments that left me on the edge of my seat, the sprinkling of humour really tied this book together and made it the perfect one-sitting-read.

The main character, Molly, wakes up with a wicked hangover, a man in her bed and no recollection of the night before. Checking her phone to see that she has gone viral for one of the worst reasons, the only person she wants to speak to and seek comfort from, is her best friend, Posey. However, unfortunately for Molly, she finds out the next day that her best friend is dead. Whilst the police decide that it was a tragic accident, Molly is positive that she was murdered, and now she has a killer to find.

This story unfolded rapidly, a fast-paced murder mystery that you simply cannot put down. The balance between the humour, emotion and mystery is absolutely perfect. And that ending? My jaw literally dropped, the twist was absolutely insane and I will not forget this book in a long time.

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I LOVED Katy Brent's debut 'How to Kill Men and Get Away With It' and was thrilled to see that she had another book out! My first thoughts were that it couldn’t possibly be as good as her first… I have to say that I think it’s perhaps even better.
Molly has woken up in bed with a stranger with no memory of the events surrounding the staff Christmas the night before. Her best friend is found dead and although Molly is mortified and humiliated she knows Posey was murdered and she needs to pull up her big girl knickers and figure out who the killer is.
A great second novel and an easy 5⭐️ recommendation.

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Imagine the worst hangover you've ever had. Now multiply it by ten.
That's the situation that confronts Molly at the start of Katy Brent's winning new comedy thriller. Not only is Molly suffering from the usual consequences which typically follow a night of alcoholic excess, but she soon discovers her apparent involvement in a very public sex act has left her plastered all over the harsh and unforgiving world of social media. Bad as this is, worse is to come: Mily's flatmate is dead. What happened to her? Why aren't the.police more interested in uncovering.the truth? Who is ultimately responsible for her death?
Katy Brent's new novel is every bit as funny, clever and spellbinding as her first book, the brilliant How To Kill Men and Get Away With It.

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After reading how to kill men and get away with it I was thrilled to get the chance to read this and it did not disappoint! What a little gem of a book. I absolutely loved it! Another smash hit

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Another gripping novel from a very talented author. No spoilers here but absolutely gripped from page 1. Very well written & true to life. Characters are so well drawn with quirks and flaws which makes this so true to life and engaging. A cracking good read.

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Gloriously Compelling..
Hot on the heels of ‘How to Kill Men and Get Away With It’ comes ‘The Murder After the Night Before’ because, well, of course it does and it does so in a true flurry of edgy, dark humour and deadly doings. Molly has has a good night, or perhaps a bad one as it turns out, and she cannot remember a thing. What she does know is that she’s nursing the worlds biggest hangover, that there’s a stranger in her bed, that she’s gone internet viral and…..that her flatmate appears to be dead. Packed with twists and turns, bubbling with humour and populated with a deftly drawn and appealing cast this is another gloriously compelling read.

Was this review helpful?

This book is an excellent step up from Katy Brent’s first novel, and I loved it! This is a twisty, suspenseful book, with an excellent ending and a really satisfying (and unpredictable!) twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and if suspense novels are your thing, I think you’ll like it too.

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ARC Review - The Murder After The Night Before ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.75

Molly wakes up with the hangover from hell after a messy work Christmas do to find a man in her bed she doesn’t recognise, no battery on her phone and no recollection of her night out.

Things aren’t great when Molly arrives at work to find out she’s the new viral sensation for the worst reasons, but they only get worse once she returns home..

What started as a fun night out quickly turns into a murder enquiry that only Molly seems to be investigating. If she’s got any chance of finding the truth, she’ll have to piece together the night before, and perhaps a few other things too.

Thank you so much to NetGalley, HQ and Katy Brent for giving me the opportunity to read The Murder After The Night Before ahead of its release in February 2024. I’ve never downloaded and started reading an ARC so fast in my life 🤩

Last year I was lucky enough to also read an ARC of Katy’s debut hit novel How To Kill Men And Get Away With It and to say I was OBSESSED would be an understatement! I couldn’t put that book down and the same goes for this one. Katy’s writing is witty, addictive, and constantly keeps you guessing. The perfect blend of humour and mystery.

You’ll love this book if you like:
🩸an unreliable narrator
🩸books with social commentary
🩸scavenger hunt for clues

Katy Brent has absolutely solidified herself as one of my auto-buy authors! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next 🤭

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Katy Brent knows how to write a story that will keep you entertained. She is fast becoming one of my favourite authors with her dark humour.
Its the night of the office party for a girls magazine. Molly Monroe is out to celebrate. However, she over indulges and awakes the next morning with no recollection of the night before and with a stranger in her bed. Dragging herself to work she discovers she is an internet sensation. Manly due to an X-rated video that has hit the media. She is sent home and just wants to talk to her flatmate Posey. However, Posey is missing and she is soon to be discovered dead.
Molly must use her journalist skills to discover what happened the night before. And what happened to Posey.
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to see an ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Katy Brent is one of my favorite authors. This is the second book of hers that I have absolutely enjoyed, and I couldn't function properly until all the pages have been absorbed by my greedy mind. I simply don't know how she does it, but Katy certainly knows how to spin a story that within some of these lines, you might even find yourself laughing or possibly even relating to.

Thank you, Natasha, from Harper Collins, and of course, a big thank you to Katy Brent for this advance reader's copy! What can I say? I am secretly hoping that there will be a third book brewing sometime soon!

Was this review helpful?

Having read this, I have reached a singular conclusion; this author possesses a talent for creating unforgettable characters. From the previous Kitty Collins to this fresh addition, Molly Monroe, aka 'Mucky Molly'. (IFYKY!) This is another smash hit read by Katy Brent!

I highly recommend this book for its exceptional ability to keep the reader on the edge of their seat with its thrilling suspense and well-executed dark comedy scenes. In addition, the incorporation of social media into the story is a masterful touch that makes it a modern and realistic read, as it accurately portrays how quickly a video can spread and how quickly events can spiral out of control in the digital age. The plot moves quickly and all elements come together seamlessly for a satisfying conclusion that will leave readers feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Personally, I would have finished it even faster if I wasn't so busy with other commitments at the time, but even with my limited reading time, I found it to be a page-turner that I couldn't put down.

If you are seeking a captivating and immersive book that provides a unique form of distraction, then this is a must-read to add to your TBR list!

Was this review helpful?

This book was so much fun to read! Yes people die, there are lots of dark subjects in it but it was so well written. Like her first book, How To Kill Men and Get Away With It, the darkness is written with humour. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Parts of the story were very relatable at times and I didn’t want to stop reading it.

Our main character Molly is a hot mess, and that is before the night of her Christening party. She is grieving her mother, she drinks too much and hates her job writing for a teenage girl magazine. I hints come to a head at the party, when she drinks way too much and wakes up the next day with the mother of all hangovers and a strange man in her bed. Her day is about to get worse when she finds that she is the star of a viral video on twitter and then there is her roommates death.

This is a clever murder mystery, fast paced page turner. There was always something going on and it was never predictable. And the ending 😱

Thanks so much to HQ and NetGalley got my advanced copy of this book to read. Get it on your TBR, publishes on February 1st and is the perfect summer read for us Aussies.

Was this review helpful?

Love love loved this book! It has everything needed for a good mystery! Lots of twists and a conclusion that surprised me! I hope this becomes a series- I think there’s huge potential for Molly and would love to see more from her!

Was this review helpful?

I loved Katy’s last book, and was excited for this one but also a bit worried - after all, I had high hopes. No need to worry though- this is brilliant!

I’ve gone through a lot of emotions with this one, originally mortification and cringe, upset, terrror, shouting at Molly, and a bit of humour too. Oh Molly….but also Molly!!!

An absolute rollercoaster- I blumming love it!

My thanks to Netgalley and HQ for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I love the dark humour that Katy brings to her stories. A dead friend, a strange man in her bed and the hangover from hell. What's not to like!

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