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Pub Date Oct 17 2023 | Archive Date Oct 03 2023


The Raven is back. And this time, he's not playing games.

The aide of a powerful U.S. Senator is killed in a mysterious car crash in a remote part of the Tahoe National Forest. Twelve hours later and fifty miles away, ATF Agent Lexi Mills is called away from her honeymoon to defuse a bomb in an active bank robbery where a sniper's bullet nearly takes her out. Clues found at both scenes point to one person-the Raven.

Lexi and her partner, Nathan Croft, are on the hunt for the notorious criminal mastermind who has eluded them for months. Their efforts uncover a sinister plot involving the Raven and a controversial high-tech weapons project. A conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of power in the federal government.

With the president threatening to kill the experimental project, increasingly desperate attempts to defy her result in a rising body count. Peeling back layers of deceit, Lexi realizes the unholy alliance has its sights set on something that could bring the country to its knees: their next target is the president.

Now the hunter has become the prey, and the Raven is closing in. One wrong step could be Lexi's last. Mills and Croft must risk everything to stop an assassination.

When lives are at stake, no matter how remote the chance of success, Lexi Mills refuses to back down.

REMOTE is the fifth novel in the pulse-pounding Lexi Mills series by award-winning writer and retired US Air Force officerStacy Lynn Miller and former detective and WSJ Best-Selling author Brian Shea. Packed with explosive action and heart-stopping suspense, this book is a must-read for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.

The Raven is back. And this time, he's not playing games.

The aide of a powerful U.S. Senator is killed in a mysterious car crash in a remote part of the Tahoe National Forest. Twelve hours later and...

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ISBN 9781648754302

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I haven’t read all of this series but really like the brave and humble lead character, Lexi. This can be read on it’s own, plenty of background provided in the story. As a vet she came home with a disability that won’t hold her back. She’s on her second attempt at a honeymoon with her wife, Nita. For his safety, they’ve brought along Lexi’s newly widowed dad. The beauty and tranquility of the Sierra Foothills is disrupted when Lexi’s skills are again pulling her away from her loved ones to her job. There’s a bomb-strapped man at a bank with hostages. Lexi is the nearest Federal ATF Agent. She soon begins to think her old enemy, the Raven, is up to new plots to get to her attention.
There is one senator who will stop at nothing to advance his legislation. A highly destructive weapon with new technology is before a senate arms committee. The high-tech military weapon was designed by a very wealthy man who wants to see the contract awarded to his company. National security and lives are at stake along with millions. Soon the Raven’s threats accelerate to top security clearance levels. The pace and continuous dangers ramp up and you’ll race through the pages like I did to see who’s left standing. This was another heart racing, breath holding, action filled thriller that I highly recommend.
A digital advance reader copy of “Remote” Lexi Mills #5, by Brian Shea and Stacy Lynn Miller, Severn River Publishing, was provided by NetGalley. These are all my own honest personal thoughts and opinions given voluntarily without compensation.

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"Remote," the fifth installment in the Lexi Mills series by Brian Shea and Stacy Lynn Miller, is a gripping thriller that can easily be enjoyed as a standalone, thanks to the ample background provided in the story. The lead character, Lexi, stands out as a brave and humble protagonist, making her instantly relatable and endearing to readers.

Lexi, a veterinarian with a disability that hasn't held her back, is on her second attempt at a honeymoon with her wife, Nita, and they've brought Lexi's newly widowed father along for the trip. However, the tranquility of the Sierra Foothills is shattered when Lexi's skills as a Federal ATF Agent are urgently needed. A bank is taken hostage by a man with a bomb, and Lexi is the closest agent available. As the tension escalates, she begins to suspect that her old nemesis, the Raven, is behind this new threat designed to grab her attention.

Simultaneously, a relentless senator is determined to advance his legislation, and a highly destructive weapon with cutting-edge technology is under consideration by a senate arms committee. The weapon's wealthy creator has a vested interest in securing the contract for his company, putting national security and countless lives on the line. The Raven's threats quickly escalate to top security clearance levels, and the pace of the story becomes relentless.

"Remote" is a heart-racing, breath-stealing, action-packed thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The authors skillfully weave together multiple plotlines, creating a riveting narrative that leaves you racing through the pages to discover who will emerge victorious. It's a rollercoaster ride of suspense and danger that will leave you eager for more.

I received a digital advance reader copy of "Remote," and I can confidently say that this book is a must-read for fans of thrilling suspense novels. Brian Shea and Stacy Lynn Miller have once again delivered an electrifying addition to the Lexi Mills series, leaving readers hungry for the next installment. Highly recommended! 📚🔥

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