The Proposal Plot

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Pub Date May 07 2024 | Archive Date Jun 07 2024

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A headstrong young businesswoman. An unlucky-in-love bachelor. And the chaperoning assignment that keeps pushing them together.

For someone so strong-willed and certain, Ella Yoder has never been more unsure of her life. It's been a year since she convinced her father to move with her and her younger sister Junia to Marigold, Ohio, to open E and J Grocery. Ella's got a keen eye for running a business and has big dreams to expand. But her plans are stalled because Junia refuses to lift a finger at the store--or listen to her about anything.

Nelson Bontranger knows one thing for sure: creating his own artisan deli meats is his passion. Well, maybe one other thing: he's sworn off women forever. After two bouts of heartbreak, he's not willing to open up himself to a third. When he eyes his own butcher shop next to E and J Grocery in Marigold, he's surprised to learn that Ella has had her eye on the property for some time. He doesn't trust this stubborn, pushy young woman--and for her, the feeling is mutual.

Against their wishes, Ella and Nelson's paths continue to cross when Nelson's nephew Malachi falls head over heels for Junia. Nelson and Ella are brought together to keep the lovebirds in check, but somewhere along the line, their frustration turns to something altogether more pleasant. But they will both need to come to terms with past pain before they can find their future happiness.

A headstrong young businesswoman. An unlucky-in-love bachelor. And the chaperoning assignment that keeps pushing them together.

For someone so strong-willed and certain, Ella Yoder has never been more...

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Featured Reviews

As always Fullers novels are such fun to read. This one being no exception.
I really enjoyed the banter between Nelson and Ella. Sometimes they made me laugh and others well.....let's just say I SMH.
Ella truly is a lovable character. I think all those responsibilities would make me hate being the oldest. I do admire her for holding up under such stress.
She's bossy which I love her for and sassy.
Junia really made me mad at her at times. Times I wanted her to wake up and smell the roses ugh.
These characters are easy to make friends with and I felt like a part of Marigolds community. I hate to say goodbye each time but knowing that there's more to come brings joy to my heart.
I think that if it's meant to be love will find a way in God's timing.
The cover is really cute too.
I'm giving this one 5 stars. I highly recommend.
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own

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I am so enjoying reading Amish romances. 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗣𝗢𝗦𝗔𝗟 𝗣𝗟𝗢𝗧 is a very sweet read with a cute enemies to lovers vibe between the two main characters Ella and Nelson. I enjoyed watching their relationship evolve into a loving and happy one. Kudos also to the secondary relationships between Barnabas and Wendy and Junia and Malachi. I look forward to reading other romances by Kathleen Fuller and am giving 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗣𝗢𝗦𝗔𝗟 𝗣𝗟𝗢𝗧 the judy.ann.loves.books stamp of approval, TBR and Enjoy!

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I really enjoy reading books by this author. The characters and the plot are always enjoyable. Sometimes the reader can figure out what might happen at the end but it is still fun to see how the story progresses. Barnabas, Wendy, Ella and Nelson were my favorite characters.

Thanks so much to netgalley and the publisher for the arc. The opinions are my own.

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I always know a great book when I just can't put it down. I got up last night to continue reading. Kathleen Fuller's characters come to life on the pages and seem so real to me. I just hope that a future book will have Ella and Nelson in it, so I can catch up with my new friends.

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Wow, this author has done it again, a book you can't put down. Ella Yoder convinces her father to move to buy a grocery store in Marigold, Ohio. Junia, her younger sister who is the complete opposite of her overly confident, businss minded sister really didn't want to move. Nelson Bontranger is an artisian butcher, who just so happens to need a change of scenary after getting jilted a second time visits his family near Marigold. He buys the building nextdoor to the grocery store that Ella has had her eye one for expansion. Miss Know-it-all Ella keeps crossing paths with Nelson who has sworn off women. Nelson's nephew Malichi meets Junia and both are overly smitten. When family asks Nelson to chaparone, he and Ella are forced to contend with each other. Can they both look beyond their short sightedness and see each other in a different way?
I received a complimentary copy of this book, opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Kathleen Fuller has written an engaging and fun novel that weaves three romances seamlessly into the plot. Nelson Bontrager is buying a building next to a grocery store run by the bossy Ella, her flighty sister Junia and their father. Nelson has been previously very unlucky in love and has sworn off marriage forever. Ella has been told she isn’t marriage material and Junia is boy crazy particularly for Nelson’s nephew Malachi. The girls are fighting bitterly over everything, their father is beside himself and retired lawyer Wendy Pearson offers to help with some family counseling. Sparks fly and ignite and Ella and Nelson are forced to chaperone Junia and Malachi and of course, find themselves attracted to each other.

It’s a fun story with lots going on but a book that will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours. Fuller also fills the novel with lovely descriptions of quaint locations and luscious home cooked meals.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am freely offering my honest opinion.

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I always enjoy reading Amish romances, Kathleen Fuller’s novels are always fun to read and The Proposal Plot is no exception. I couldn’t put this one down!

I enjoyed the banter between Nelson and Ella as their relationship evolved from enemies into a loving and happy one. The business minded oldest sister, Ella, has a lot of responsibility and stress helping to run her families grocery store. Nelson Bontrager is a butcher who has been unlucky in love buys the space next to the grocery store. Nelson's nephew Malichi meets Junia and both are overly smitten. When family asks Nelson to chaperone the pair, he and Ella are forced to contend with each other, and find themselves attracted to each other. Love finds a way with God’s timing.

The characters are easy to fall in love with and Fuller makes you fall in love with the entire Marigold community.

My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own

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Author Kathleen Fuller has done it again with this page turner for answers.

We are given three different relationships and we really don't know to the very end if any of them will end up together!

It was fun being back in Marigold Ohio, and with the people there, including Nelson Bontranger and the brother who put the bride notice in the paper!

Things don't work smooth, but then our will tries to play out, and we need to wait for what the Lord has planned.

I love that the author included an epilogue! We get additional information!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zondervan, and was not required to give a positive review.

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The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller is book 2 in the Marigold Amish series and I adored it. I read it all in one day, happily soaking it up! Ella, a stubborn young woman who runs a store with her family, and Nelson, a relationship-shy man who’ wants to open a butcher shop, will have you smiling, laughing, shaking your head, and hoping they figure it out. Lots of fun and you won’t want to miss it!
Thanks #NetGalley

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The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller is definitely another winner. It is due for release, May, 7, 2024.
Kathleen Fuller has such a unique style in the way she pulls her characters together and make them your new best friends. She intwines three romances seamlessly, Ella Yoder and Nelson Bontranger who take an instant dislike for each other and I really enjoyed being able to watch their story evolve while we also enjoyed the secondary relationships between Barnabas and Wendy and Junia and Malachi.
Characters were well developed. I really like Ella with her strong bossy ways. Junia, not so much. She acted too spoiled and entitled, while Nelson is a really nice guy that has been disappointing one too many times.
The Plot was seamless and made an interesting storyline.
I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zondervan, and was not required to give a positive review. 5 stars all the way.

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Ella Yoder lives in Marigold, Ohio with her father and younger sister. They moved a year ago to open E&J Grocery. Ella loves running a business; it makes sense to her. She is frustrated, as her sister, Junia, refuses to help with the business or chores at home, putting it all on Ella.

Nelson Bontranger is a farmer but enjoys creating his own deli meats. He decides to not focus on women, as he had two heartbreaks, and instead, open his own butcher shop.

The potential butcher shop is next to E&J Grocery. Ella wants that space to expand the market. Neither trust one another.

Ella and Nelson's paths cross when Nelson's nephew, Malachi, starts dating Junia. They are head over heels for one another, and Ella and Nelson are appointed as chaperones. They are thrown together and begin to see one another in a different light.

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The story starts with Nelson Bontrager who is about to propose … and then …

Ella Yoder has a problem. She has several — the man who is about to purchase the empty warehouse next to the family store, the warehouse Ella had planned to use for expansion. Her sister, Junia. And Ella was tired. Tired of having to do everything. No wonder she was bossy; she had to be or nothing got done. Her daed saw Junia shirk her duties. At the store. At home. And he did nothing.

And yes, the man interested in the warehouse is Nelson. He and his nephew Malachi are viewing it and Ella marches — not better word — barges in asking if they are the new owners. And the fur starts to fly. After what happened to Nelson, he was not receptive to any woman, especially one like Ella. And who follows Ella into the empty building minutes later, her sister Junia. and Malachi’s mouth drops open and he starts drooling. Okay, okay. Ms. Fuller didn’t write that but if it was a cartoon that’s what Malachi would look like.

One more major character, an Englisher woman, a lawyer. A big city lawyer. New York City no less. Her name is Wendy Pearson; she moved to Marigold to care for her mother. I found her very interesting and hope Ms. Fuller writes another book with Wendy as the lead. Wendy finds she doesn’t miss NYC at all and the laid-back atmosphere of Marigold and the Amish community is calming.

When I start a new book, I want to like the main character or characters. The author has to make me care about them. Well, with The Proposal Plot, I didn’t like Ella much. That business of her flying into the warehouse uninvited and asking a question not very politely didn’t sit well with me. Junia I wanted to take out behind the shed and give her a good spanking. Spoiled brat. I do not like spoiled brats. Don’t like wimpy men either and Ella & Junia’s father, Barnabas, was a wimp. He let Junia get by with just about anything and said nothing. I think the first character I DID like was Wendy. Fortunately, she appeared at 6%.

The story starts to evolve. To change just as people do when things happen. Junia gets just as sappy about Malachi as he is with her and I chuckled my way through several passages where Ella is in the vicinity of the love birds and — well, you gotta smile at the scenes. I had to feel for Ella — she was being worked to death and like all of us … when we are bone-tired, we are not at our best. That’s when the attributes that we hope most people don’t notice — come out. And Ella’s does but I could understand why.

Barnabas grew on me too. I began to like the man. Malachi and Junia are slurpy, sloppy, in love to the point of ad nauseam. And Wendy seems to have found peace. The reader will like her mother too.

I loved that her mother’s favorite restaurant was Panchos. Brought back fond memories of eating at Pancho’s Mexican Buffet which is NOT where Wendy and her mother come for Taco Tuesdays.

There was one thing that made Nelson abnormal in my book. He doesn’t like chocolate. What!!! Now that is weird. Plain weird. But he does like gooseberry pie. My mother would make this pie and it was delicious. That combination of sweet and sour. Maybe even better with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then, I think almost everything tastes better with ice cream. Or chocolate.

So, I ended up loving this book. I hardly could put it down the last 40%. This is book two of “An Amish of Marigold” series. I also reviewed the first book, The Courtship Plan, but didn’t like it nearly as much as I did this one. A core underlying element of this story is coming close to God. The reader will feel it most with Wendy. Rating: 5 stars.

I received a complimentary DRC (digital review copy) of The Proposal Plot via NetGalley from the publisher, Zondervan Fiction | Zondervan. A positive review was not required; the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Rating: 5 stars
Series: An Amish of Marigold, #2
Cover: Good. Matches book #1 which will make them eye-catching in a display.
Pages: Unknown at the time of review but probably about the same length as book #1 which was 320.
Publish Date: 7 May 2024
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The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller is unlike any other Amish book I've read. So many twists, misunderstandings, and resolutions needed. Can sisters Ella and Junia resolve the division to their relationship. Can Daad become the Daad they need? Will Nelson discover that not all women are alike? So much to resolve but will the reliance on God solve all the problems?

I could not stop reading with all the twists. I just had to find the answer to all the questions. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Was this review helpful?

The Proposal Plot by Kathleen Fuller is an engaging Amish story. I thought the story was well- written with developed, realistic characters. I especially thought the author captured the bickering sisters (I have a sister who is the opposite of me in many ways and we squabbled often as kids). I liked Ella with her head for business and her bossy ways (I have been told that I am a “bit” bossy). I understood why Ella was frustrated with Junia (who got away with doing the bare minimum). There is plenty going on in the story with three romances, bickering sisters, and two businesses. It was interesting learning about an artisan butcher and how he creates his deli meats. The Proposal Plot delves into the themes of family, forgiveness, love, sibling rivalry, and second chances. I liked the humor in the story, and I actually laughed out loud a time or two. The Proposal Plot is the second An Amish Marigold Novel. It can be read as a standalone for those who have not read The Courtship Plan. I enjoyed visiting Marigold, Ohio again and I look forward to stopping by again soon.

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Nelson Bontrager needed a new start, he was checking out places to start a business for himself and Marigold seemed like the perfect place to do so. He also had lost his faith in women because they had cheated on him.
Ella had been working at the grocery store in Marigold with her dad and her sister, Junia for a year. She had a head for business and she had dreamed of expanding the grocery store by buying the building next door.
So when Nelson and his nephew Malachi came to Marigold to check out the building next to the grocery store, Ella went over to meet them and confronted Nelson about buying the building next door - Nelson did not like Ellas attitude but Junia came over and Malachi could not take his eyes off of her!
The Amish believe in chaperones, so when Junia and Malachi needed chaperones, Ella and Nelson were it and sparks flew!

Was this review helpful?

Just finished this audio book and I've got to say, I love this narrator. I've heard her before so I knew she was good. She does a great job of giving each character a different voice, even the men. It also helps that Kathleen Fuller's story catches and holds your attention.

Nelson Bontrager has been unlucky in love twice, and is not interested in having his heart broken for a third time. When he decides to step away from the family farm to open his own butcher shop, he finds the perfect building in Marigold, Ohio. As he's looking the building over, a woman storms in asking intrusive questions and babbling about partnering with him since her family owns the grocery store next door. He is so turned off that he decides even farming would be better than working next door to her.

Ella Yoder convinced her father and sister, Junia, to move to Ohio to open E & J Grocery. She has studied everything she can about running a business and has big plans to expand into the building next door, but her dad is dragging his feet on committing to expansion. On top of that, her sister refuses to lift a finger to help either at home or at the store, so Ella is left with all the work, and all of the anger. She is disappointed to learn that the building she wants may be sold, but how perfect would it be to have a butcher next door? Meeting the disagreeable Nelson, though, cements in her mind that no man could ever want someone like her. She's heard all her life, from her aunt's, that she's not "marriage material," but seeing the appalled look in Nelson's eyes when he looks at her just seals the deal.

Thrown together as chaperones when Nelson's nephew, Malachi, falls head over heels for Ella's sister, Junia, Nelson and Ella begin to chip away at their dislike for one another. When her dad finally breaks down and asks an Englischer for mediation help between his warring daughters, Ella and Junia's relationship gets even more broken. Can the two women ever repair the damage they've done to one another over the past year? Can Nelson see that Ella's heart is worth fighting for?

Gotta say, as an oldest sister, I was so mad at Junia for most of this book and their dad did nothing to help matters, allowing her to shirk her responsibilities and dump them on Ella all she wanted. I felt Ella's frustration, and her pain. I also liked Nelson. He had been hurt so badly by two women he thought he loved and yet, he was willing to be a shoulder for Ella when she needed one.

Readers who love Amish romance will definitely enjoy The Proposal Plot, but then, there's a reason Kathleen Fuller is one of my must reads whether she's writing Amish ficti0n or contemporary romance. I absolutely recommend this one!

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A Pure Delight

Author Kathleen Fuller is a master at helping the reader completely get to know the characters. and the Proposal Plot is no exception. She introduces us to some wonderful characters, both main and secondary, with such varying personalities that it makes you wonder how in the world their relationships will ever mesh. And yet, it always works out in the most entertaining of ways.

Ella absolutely annoyed me to no end. Her take-charge, bossy attitude, along with her justification of both, had me feeling some type of way, and I could not fathom how she would ever redeem herself. However, she did in fact manage to do so, which helped me change my mind about her. Nelson, on the other hand, was my favorite. He had me sympathizing with his feelings, struggles, and insecurities, and I wanted to see him overcome everything. With their night and day personalities, I found myself laughing and smiling on more than one occasion as I watched these two interact. Add in the contributions of the secondary characters, along with some unexpected twists and turns of events, and you are left with a very entertaining story of love, faith, and new beginnings that is a pure delight to read.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book. All comments and opinions are voluntary and completely my own.

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This is a really good read with many enjoyable characters. Ella and her dad, Barnabas, and sister, Junia, purchase a store and move to a different community after her mother passes away. Nelson and his family live in this community. Ella and Nelson become acquainted but don't like each other. Ella can be a bit bossy because her dad has allowed her to be in charge of a lot of things. She has a lot of responsibility. Junia meets Nelson's nephew, Malachi, and falls hard for him. Barnabas meets an Englisher and they become fast friends. There are many twists and turns with each of these relationships. You'll need to read this book to see how things turn out. It's an enjoyable read. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

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