Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out

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Pub Date Feb 27 2024 | Archive Date Mar 19 2024

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The feel-good read of 2023. Perfect for fans of Mike Gayle, Beth O’Leary and Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper.

Selected as one of the Independent’s 19 debut authors set to make their mark this year

‘Gentle, honest and beautifully authentic’ Julietta Henderson
’Touching and sincere’ The Sunday Times
‘Feel-good, heartwarming fiction’ Holly Miller
’I’m totally #TeamArthurandTeddy’ Heidi Swain
’A feel-good novel to inspire’ My Weekly
’Uplifting and emotional’ Justin Myers
’A celebration of family and love’ Platinum
‘Joyful, big-hearted’ Freya Sampson
’Will stay with me for a VERY long time’ Miranda Dickinson

No one in the family is prepared when 79-year-old Arthur Edwards drops a bombshell: he's gay, and after a lifetime in the closet, he's finally ready to come out.

Arthur's 21-year-old grandson, Teddy, has the same secret. But Teddy doesn't feel ready to come out yet – especially when Arthur’s announcement causes shockwaves in the family.

Can Arthur and Teddy navigate first loves, heartbreak, and finding their place in their community?

Readers are LOVING Arthur and Teddy!

‘Too often, queer literature is enjoyed only by the LGBT+ community, but this is a novel ready to be loved by the masses.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This book is genuinely a hug in book form.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘The multiple relationship threads running through the story come together beautifully at the end and the book is a joy to read from start to finish!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘What an absolutely beautiful book! Dealt with sensitive subjects really, really well and brilliantly descriptive characters.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I'd love to have read something like this when I was younger and finding myself.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The feel-good read of 2023. Perfect for fans of Mike Gayle, Beth O’Leary and Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper.

Selected as one of the Independent’s 19 debut authors set to make their mark...

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Featured Reviews

I am so glad I read this. It was a little slow for me at the beginning but very quickly grasped my attention. I devoured this in about 5 hours lol. I would die for just a book about Arthur lol

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A little sad, a lot heartfelt and very British. A really lovely story about being yourself at any/every age.

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Heartfelt and immersive. A recommended purchase for collections where feel-good queer fic is popular.

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Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out is a warm, heartfelt novel about being who you are. Family plays a big part. Teddy didn't get the best part of the story as Arthur was given more positive situations. I felt that the novel was a little long, but I did enjoy reading it.
Thanks NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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Thank you to netgalley and Harper 360 for allowing me to read this book. This was such a cute queer story that I think everyone will enjoy.

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This was a Cute sweet read taht illustrates that inside us all we are all the same. It was decently paced and easy to read.

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"Arthur And Teddy Are Coming Out" marks Ryan Love's first novel. It kicks off with Teddy, a twenty-one-year-old trainee journalist at The Post, having a less-than-ideal first day, thanks to his mom pulling some strings to get him the gig. There's this guy Ben, another trainee, who's not too thrilled about it. After work pub session with friends, Teddy's family life takes a wild turn when his grandpa, Arthur, spills the beans about being gay after fifty years of marriage. Things get messy with Teddy's mom, Elizabeth, cutting ties. In their small town, reactions are all over the place. Arthur, now exploring the dating scene at seventy-nine, adds an unexpected twist. Teddy, hesitant to come out due to his mom's reaction, finds common ground with Arthur. The story unfolds with secret crushes, charity stunts, TV appearances, and a double wedding. The characters, Arthur and Teddy, drop some wisdom in this heartwarming and thought-provoking read. I really did enjoy this, with only small critiques, but not enough to make it a full 5 stars. Arthur may now be one of my favorite fictional characters and I want him to be my grandpa.

Thank you to NetGalley and Publisher for the eARC

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There's something so sweet about Arthur and Teddy. There's so much that works here, including value in life making every moment count. Some parts are a little too pat, too tidy for my liking, but overall it's a great little story about gay men and their families, and what love and support should look like.

*I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book. My review will post on my blog on 2/20/24 and I'll also post my review to Goodreads, Storygraph and retail sites around this time. I'll also feature the book on Instagram.

I was in the mood for something light and uplifting, and this book definitely delivered. This is a heartwarming tale with engaging characters and a relatable storyline; I was captivated from start to finish.

The story alternates between two characters: 79-year-old Arthur Edwards, a lovable grandfather who has kept his sexuality secret for a lifetime, and his 21-year-old grandson Teddy, who is also harboring a similar secret. Teddy knows that he needs to embrace his truth and finally come out to his family, but when Arthur gathers his family together to reveal his truth, the impact it has on his loved ones is rougher than expected. When Teddy sees how his mother reacts to the news that her father is gay, he fears coming out himself, but it's through talks with his grandfather that he finally learns to embrace who he really is lest his life pass him by.

One of the aspects that makes this book truly special is the genuine and endearing characters. Arthur is portrayed with depth and sensitivity, and his journey is beautifully written. It is a joy to witness his growth as he embraces his true self despite the fear and uncertainty that come with it. I also adored his wife, who stood by him the entire way. She knew that their marriage was an act of convenience that saved them both from uncertain futures. The two of them grew to love one another over time and raised a beautiful family together, but she knows that she needs to let Arthur go and be who he really is. I absolutely loved this aspect. It would have been easy to make her a victim, but I loved how the author made her character sympathetic and encouraging.

Teddy, the 21-year-old grandson, is also a compelling character who adds a layer of youthful energy and relatability to the story. His struggle with his own coming out process is also portrayed with authenticity and compassion. I enjoyed watching Teddy figure out who he was in general - not just in coming to terms with his sexuality. He really grows over the course of the book and finds himself in more ways than one.

The plot, while centered around the theme of coming out, explores various other aspects of identity and love. The blossoming romance between Teddy and his colleague Ben, and Arthur learning how to date are heartfelt subplots that add a layer of emotional depth to the story. Love explores the challenges and joys of first love, highlighting the importance of genuine connections and understanding. There were also some not-so-surprising crushes and hidden loves that came to light that, while not surprising, brought several "aww shucks" moments to the story.

I think my only issue with this one was there were moments that felt unnecessarily drawn out, and then there were other moments that felt slightly rushed, especially towards the end. Certain scenes could have benefitted from more time and development, while others could have been edited for brevity. This unevenness made the pace falter a bit for me. I felt the book started strong, dragged a bit in the middle, and then felt a little rushed at the very end. Nevertheless, this minor flaw does not overshadow the overall appeal of the book.

Overall, I felt that this was a charming and creative debut novel. With its engaging characters and timely storyline, it is a book that will warm the hearts of readers. While the pacing faltered at times, the book's overall message of acceptance and love shines through. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartwarming and uplifting read.

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I enjoyed Arthur's story more than Teddy's but I enjoyed this book overall even though there are aspects that I could have done without. There are definitely parts of this book that I could pull apart as frustrating or unrealistic but the overall message and feeling of the book was enjoyable to me.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing an advanced readers copy of this book published in the US on February 27, 2024

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"arthur and teddy are coming out" is such a wonderful and heartfelt story about a grandfather and his grandson who have a very big secret in common. when arthur decides to come out at 79, they both have to deal with the aftermath of his revelation in different ways, and it sets off a series of events chronicled through both of their POVs. i absolutely loved this book and found it so touching, sincere, and hopeful, and it's safe to say i was on the verge of tears toward the end. arthur and teddy's story does have its fair share of struggles and it's not an easy road, but while a lot of the characters were deeply flawed, their redemption arcs pay off in the end. my only real issue with the book was pacing—the beginning of the book felt very slow paced compared to the last third of the book, where so much happened in very quick succession, with a lot of time jumps in between. this did make me feel like ben's redemption came a tad too early and teddy forgive him too easily, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book. "arthur and teddy are coming out" is out from harper collins on february 27th! thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of this book.

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Thank you to Harper 360 for the ARC of Arthur and Teddy in exchange for an honest review! Sometimes when you read a book, you can see it visually, like watching a movie. Arthur and Teddy was like that for me: incredibly heartfelt, saccharine and charming, with a dash of complex family relationships, love triangles, and happy endings. Everything that makes something perfect on page and on screen, and the type of feel-good stories we love to immerse ourselves in.

Synopsis: “When 79-year-old Arthur Edwards gathers his family together to share some important news, no one is prepared for the bombshell he drops: he's gay, and after a lifetime in the closet, he's finally ready to come out. Arthur's 21-year-old grandson, Teddy, has a secret of his own: he's also gay, and developing serious feelings for his colleague Ben. But Teddy doesn't feel ready to come out yet – especially when Arthur’s announcement causes shockwaves in the family. Arthur and Teddy have always been close, and now they must navigate first loves, heartbreak, and finding their place in their community. But can they – and their family – learn to accept who they truly are?”

The book bounces back and forth between Arthur’s and Teddy’s experiences with coming out. While Arthur is mostly accepted by his family, his daughter Elizabeth (Teddy’s mother) isn’t so quick to warm to the idea. This leaves Teddy in a very difficult predicament between being himself and being who his mother believes he is, lest he rock the boat any further. I found Arthur’s sections of the book to be poignant, moving and deeply affecting. The idea of still wanting to find yourself and claim your identity far down a worthy road was a story worth telling. The freedom to redefine yourself, change your mind, and seek your own truth is important. While I enjoyed Teddy and Arthur’s familial scenes together, Teddy’s love triangle fell a little flat for me. I don’t always love friends-to-lovers type relationships because they can feel too sudden and jarring. But there’s plenty here to fall for, and be swept off your feet if you give love a chance. Out February 27th!

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Arthur and Madeline have been married for 50 years and they’ve invited their children Patrick and Elizabeth for dinner so they can let them know they’re dad Arthur is gay. Patrick takes it well and is only concerned about his mom happiness and all this but as for his sister Elizabeth she said she never wants to speak to her dad again. When she arrives home she tells her children they’re never to speak to their grandfather again either. This poses a problem for her son Teddy, he’s 20 years old and recently started working as an assistant at the newspaper she works for and he also has been waiting for the perfect time to come out to his mom. When Teddy sneaks over to see his grandparents he unknowingly admits to his grandfather he too is gay and find an ally in a man he already admired so much. When Arthur and Madeline with the help of Patrick’s girlfriend signed him up for a dating app this is how he meets Oscar and although Oscar is nothing like his long lost love Jack he does help Arthur become more comfortable with who he is. If only someone could do that for his grandson Teddy. There is so much I’m leaving out of this review like Elizabeth public pronouncement to the town gossip that her dad‘s gay her upcoming wedding the guy Ted is in love with Ben not to mention his best friend Shakeel who is in love with Teddy there’s many things I love about this book I am definitely team author and team Teddy if you love happy endings great stories about family drama then you’ll definitely enjoy the story I certainly did what an imaginative plot The story isn’t a very long one but they have a lot packed in to the story of Greek characters it’s a fast moving narrative and one I definitely and totally enjoyed absolutely five star read! I want to thank Harper 360 and Net Galley for my free Ark copy please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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A sweet and heartwarming story. Arthur is an absolutely brilliant character who I was absolutely wishing the best for, however many of the other characters didn't have much of an impact on me. Overall, this book is definitely worth a read.

Was this review helpful?

While Teddy's story was a bit predictable, Arthur's was delightful enough on its own to earn that five star rating. The book as a whole felt very real, with characters reacting in different ways that felt realistic. Overall a very enjoyable read! Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC

Was this review helpful?

Oh my goodness how sweet and cute was this one!! Arthur at 79 has come out to his family, with his wife’s support. His grandson Teddy is grappling with coming out on his own. Together - they learn to love and live on their own terms.

Things I loved about this book:
Arthur was so cute and sweet - a grandpa with a heart of gold, great advice, and a yearning to live as he’s always dreamed of.
Madeline - what a supportive and wonderful partner! Learning their history had me 😭.
Teddy - he was just trying to figure out who he was at 22 after losing his dad and kind of fumbling around for a couple years.
Oscar. What a wonderful friend he turned out to be.
I actually really enjoyed the conflict with Ben. It was well done.
Meddling friends 😅.
Finding Jack had me 🥹.
Shak 🧡.
That super adorable ending!

This one is out 2/27/24! Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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It isn’t often you see a double coming out story, particularly one that spans generations like this one. What’s beautiful about Arthur & Teddy Are Coming Out is that it isn’t just a story about the titular characters’ queer identities, but it’s also about their personal journeys as individuals and their family relationships. In fact, family plays a major role in the story, and really shapes how both characters move through the world and how they both approach their coming out journeys.

The story brings us on both Arthur’s and Teddy’s journeys simultaneously, alternating between 79 year-old Arthur announcing his newly-uncovered sexual identity to his family, and 21 year-old Teddy, who is not yet ready to share his. It’s interesting that it is the younger Teddy who is not ready to come to terms with his sexual identity, rather than Arthur; I appreciated that the author didn’t take the stereotypical approach and have the older generation here be the one to be afraid to embrace their true self.

Teddy’s relationship with his grandfather is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the story. It’s tender, genuine, and multi-dimensional. While Teddy was often frustrating as a character, perhaps due to his young age and naive, sometimes spoiled attitude, it was Arthur’s patience, and deep love for his grandson that always drew me back into the story. Arthur’s own personal journey of self-discovery was incredibly moving, and I found myself tearing up on more than one occasion, despite the overall tone of the story being lighthearted.

Overall, this was a charming and clever debut by Ryan Love that was beautifully written and that really feels like a warm hug, filled with love and self-acceptance.

Was this review helpful?

Extremely cute! I love how many new romance novels are being published about older queers. It always makes me emotional to read about gay elders, even if they don't come out until later in life. I'm excited to be able to start recommending this sweet gem of a book!

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Arthur Edwards’ 80th birthday is approaching and, with the help of Madeleine, his wife of 50 years, he’s decided to tell their two children his most difficult secret: he is a gay man. His son is startled, but supportive. His daughter, Elizabeth, who’s a widow raising three kids and planning her own second wedding, is aghast, appalled, and ashamed. She cuts off contact with her clearly delusional and lying, conniving father and insists her children do the same.

Elizabeth’s three children are stunned, especially Teddy, because he has a very close relationship with both Arthur and Madeleine. He may be 21, but he considers his grandparents as surrogate parents since the sudden loss of his father three years ago. Teddy’s grief was intense, leaving him with anxiety and abandonment issues, while Elizabeth was blindsided and began running her life on automatic pilot. Teddy’s further traumatized by his mother’s shunning of Arthur, making him wonder how would she treat Teddy if she found out he is also gay.

Mired in depression, Teddy opted out of university, and he’s put off both finding a job and coming out. Insisting Teddy get on with his life, Elizabeth arranges an internship for him at the newspaper where she’s a syndicated columnist. While Teddy appreciates this leg-up, he’s mortified that people will resent him for the nepotism. Ben, the other intern, does resent him, at first. Ben has Feelings about Elizabeth’s influence on Teddy’s spot at the paper, mostly because his own parents cut him off for being both gay and following a career in journalism against their wishes.

Ben and Teddy have a tumultuous pseudo-friendship/rivalry set up by the competitive nature of the internship, which features a job interview at its completion. Teddy admires Ben’s take-charge attitude, while Ben envies Teddy’s inventiveness and storytelling. A reluctant rapport grows between them sparking mutual attraction, even as Teddy’s friends warn Teddy that Ben could be using him to get ahead in the internship. Ben’s pushing Teddy to come out so they can have a relationship. Teddy’s gun-shy considering his mom’s continued bad behavior about Arthur’s announcement.

Meanwhile, Arthur is facing the aftermath of a forced outing–gossip mongers, losing close friends, and diminished status in his small town. On the upside, he’s supported by his wife, son, son’s girlfriend, and Teddy. He’s getting “out there” on apps, and making friendships with other queer people who lift him up. A local tragedy highlights how precarious life can be for queer youth, prompting Arthur to plan an outrageous stunt to raise funds to support queer folk. Teddy’s on board, and the positive publicity that comes from his columns helps him find more strength to finally come out himself.

This book is an intergenerational family drama that features some romantic elements. Arthur doesn’t anticipate finding love at 80; he just wants to live his truth for whatever time he may have left. He had a true love once, and his lover was nearly killed for their dalliance. The relationship between Madeleine and Arthur emerged from a youth that forced them to make the best of bad options. While Elizabeth assumes her father hoodwinked her mother, it’s clearly not the case. I loved how Arthur and Madeleine rescued each other from bleak futures through marriage. They may not have developed a romantic love, but both partners led full lives filled with trust and support. Teddy’s reflections on the horrors that Arthur survived helped him to grab the courage necessary to live his truth.

I think the book was really interesting, with vivid cinematic plot points and poignant conversations. Teddy and Arthur are good men, with real issues, who struggle with the morass of queer representation, or lack of it, in their lives. They felt like full humans, and I was invested in their stories and their happiness. While the book takes place in England, the story itself felt like it could have been set in any suburban area, which I think is a testament to its cultural translatability. There were some grandiose moments that beggared my belief, but in a way that I would have kind of accepted had it been a movie. The end felt rushed, especially in the resolution of Teddy’s job situation and his developing relationship. I had to read the Epilogue twice, because there were twists for Teddy that confused me.

Expect a happy ending here. All amends having been made, all truths revealed, and Teddy and Arthur have brighter futures awaiting them.

Note: Please note there are repeated mentions of a secondary character’s suicide, which could be a trigger for some readers.

Was this review helpful?

This British small town story opens with Arthur having his family over and telling them at the age of 79, that he is gay. This is a shocking revelation to his family but most of all to his grandson, Teddy, who also wants to come out to their family. However some of the famiily's reactions have negative repercussions and Teddy second guesses coming out at all.

This book is a very sweet journey of Arthur finally claiming his identity and living his life for himself. He faces hardship, makes some friends along the way, grows closer to his grandson and makes some very big decisions. It is also Teddy's journey, a new job, navigating a new potential love interest and his friend group and how coming out to his family could make those relationships stronger or crumble.

I was invested in these characters and I thought they all had a lot of heart and charm. I wanted to see them reconcile the bad and come out at the end in a happy and fulfilling way.

Something that bothered me about this book was sometimes the writing would change course abruptly and it would take me out of the scene. There were opportunities for the author to dig in deeper emotionally with the characters in the scene, but instead our scene would end or the characters would change the subject. It was very jarring.

Also anyone that is sensitive to very strong negative reactions to people coming out to their family or neighbors should read with caution. There is mentions of suicide and I would advice you to read with care.

Was this review helpful?

Arthur Edwards is 79. He’s been happily married to his wife Madeline for decades, they have two lovely children, three wonderful grandchildren, and Arthur has a secret. Arthur is gay. With his wife’s blessing he comes out to his family and friends in their small town and everything changes forever.

Teddy is Arthur’s grandson. He’s a nepo baby (this comes back later, trust me), an aspiring journalist, he has two best friends and, just like his grandfather, Teddy is gay.

This book follows both men in a dual POV while they navigate their new realities. They face every single reaction to their coming out that you can think of - acceptance, rejection, confusion, heartache, etc. Arthur’s story follows him trying to live every day fully and truthfully in the most heartwarming way. He attends a community boot sale, cooks Christmas dinner, and makes new friends. Teddy’s story follows him trying to come out from his mother’s shadow, finding his first love, and coming to truly understand and accept himself.

This is a beautiful, well written book. Arthur and Madeline are just good people. Madeline doesn’t play a large role in most of the book, but she supports her husband wholeheartedly, which is a very important role in a feel good book. Teddy’s story has a much larger cast with a variety of personalities. It’s harder to root for everyone in Teddy’s story because his is where the drama lies, but it still manages to complement Arthur’s chapters well. It’s also harder to root for Teddy simply because of the nepotism in the room. Teddy’s mom gets him a job, she gets him a mentor, she talks to the mentor consistently to ensure that Teddy is on track. I cared about Teddy as a character and wanted what’s best for him, but every time he’s at work or at home you’re reminded that his mother is famous and calls in favors.

Despite that, this is the book version of a Hallmark movie, and that’s a huge compliment in my mind. You have characters you can root for, drama that can be resolved by people coming together as a community, and a small town with snow at Christmas. What more could you ask for?

Was this review helpful?

This is a great story about being who you truly are! It doesn't matter what age- you should always feel like you can be your authentic self.

Thank you for the ARC for my honest review

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of Arthur & Teddy Are Coming Out by Ryan Love. This was such a treat to read. I don’t really tend to pick up generational family novels but I’m so happy I got a chance to read this one. The story follows Arthur, a 79 year old man- deciding to come out as gay to his two children. His daughter (Teddys mum) doesn’t handle this news as well and it pushes Teddy deeper into the closet instead of coming out. The relationship between Teddy and Arthur is so sweet. From Arthur we learn that age is just a number, don’t be afraid to come out, be yourself, try new things, meet new people, and fall in love. Teddys journey is more complicated as he’s scared to come out, but is out with his best friends, his granddad, and his potential flame at work. I love and enjoyed Arthur’s story and journey- Teddy was an annoying 21 year old at times and lacked confidence (but don’t we all at that age). Overall this was a sweet story and made me proud to be in the community. 3.5 stars rounding up to 4

Was this review helpful?

3 1/2 stars

I wanted to love this book so much. Who wouldn't love a dual coming out story of a grandfather and grandson? I just couldn't get over the hump of...something.

Arthur and his late-in-life coming out (his wife knew their entire marriage and they got married to change the circumstances they found themselves in at the time) was probably the redeeming part of the story and the part I enjoyed the most. His journey seemed so believable and tragic and yet heartwarming at the same time. His struggles broke my heart and his relationship with his wife and Teddy was just so lovely.

On to Teddy. I didn't *love* his character. He seemed a little one-dimensional to me. He has suffered, but also has led a privileged life. He annoyed me quite a bit. I also wasn't in love with Ben or Shakeel. They all seemed whiny and I often found myself skimming over Teddy's story to get back to Arthur.

All in all I'm not upset I read the book, but I don't think I'll ever re-read it. Thank you NetGalley and Harper 360 for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for an advance copy of this unique, creative coming out story. A grandfather and grandson are coming out at the same time, both facing complications of this for very different reasons. I loved the concept of this story and loved these characters. A very touching, smart, sweet little romance/being true to yourself story.

Was this review helpful?

4 stars, and then some. Lovely, and highly recommend. The grandfather's coming-out story is a bit more compelling than the grandson's, which is part of rating this four stars instead of five. But both were characters that I was completely behind and rooting for. The author did a great job showing the family dynamics driving and sometimes hindering the respective coming-outs, and the plot flowed mostly realistically. Kudos to Ryan Love for a great story.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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