Secret Garden

An Illustrated Edition of the Classic Novel

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Pub Date 05 Mar 2024 | Archive Date 04 Mar 2024

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Get lost in the gardens of Misselthwaite Manor with this stunning illustrated edition of The Secret Garden. Beautiful contemporary artwork fills the pages of this unique collectible classic.

The Secret Garden has enchanted readers for over a century with its story of second chances, found family, and the healing power of nature. Rediscover the timeless tale with this lush, illustrated volume featuring the unabridged text by Frances Hodgson Burnett and beautiful paintings by Kate Lewis created especially for this edition. Lewis’s immersive illustrations invite us to join Mary Lennox as she discovers the wonders of the overgrown garden and befriends the kind Dickon and the stubborn Colin. With new art on almost every page, this is a keepsake edition to be handed down through the generations.

Get lost in the gardens of Misselthwaite Manor with this stunning illustrated edition of The Secret Garden. Beautiful contemporary artwork fills the pages of this unique collectible classic.


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Pros: I don't think the text of this classic needs a review, but I love that this edition chose to include footnotes to identify and acknowledge places where the author's words could be seen as derogatory or prejudiced.

Because this is a well-loved book, I will focus this review on this beautiful new illustrated edition. I have loved seeing classics reprinted in different collections, so I hope this is the first of many in a collection. The Secret Garden is the perfect book to illustrate because a garden lends itself to beautiful illustrations of plants and animals. The illustrations in this book are vibrant, and I think any book lover will want this on their shelves . . . and will want more books just like it! This book will pop on bookstagram!

Cons: None except I think readers will want more books printed like this one!

Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for the opportunity to read this book.

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had so much fun reading this book, the story is so adorable and the illustrations were so well done and charming, there’s so many little details in every page that I couldn’t stop but be mesmerized by it all. I will definitely be recommending it! Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy

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Thank you #NetGalley and #ChronicleBooks for letting me read this book.The Secret Garden is a timeless classic.The new illustrated edition by Chronicle Books is very beautiful and it was nice to see the illustrations in this edition.

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The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books of all time. It's the book that started my childhood obsession with England and its moors and manor houses, and it's no less magical reading it as an adult.

I mean, I guess adult me is more aware that it's somewhat racist (lots of unflattering talk of “natives” and “blacks” from India), and also a little misogynistic (kids suggesting that a woman should say nice things to her husband so that he doesn't beat her), but I suppose that it's a product of its time. At the same time, however – domestic violence and racism aside – it's a heartwarming tale of childhood friendship and transformation and nature and magic.

And the setting … the setting is absolutely fantastic. Yorkshire is a beautiful place to begin with, but the description in this book really takes it to a whole new level. You almost feel as if you're there in the gardens of Misselthwaite Manor with Mary and Dickon and Colin, watching the robin make his nest in the secret garden. The moor is also described exquisitely, and every time I read this book it makes me pine a little for the English countryside.

The characters, too, are wonderful. Martha and Ben Weatherstaff are my two personal favorites, and who doesn't love the animal-charming Dickon? Mary and Colin are both rather unlikeable children in the beginning, but find themselves transformed for the better by the garden's magic. And I love “hearing” the characters speak Broad Yorkshire, which is perhaps one of the reasons that I adore Martha and Ben so much.

The new illustrated edition by Chronicle Books is gorgeous. Kate Lewis's paintings are colorful and appealing, and she does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the text. It's really a lovely edition of this classic book.

The Secret Garden is a beloved classic for a reason, and it'll forever be one of my very favorite nostalgic reads. A resounding five stars, as always.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for providing me with an advance copy of this edition of The Secret Garden to review.

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Many thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for my gifted copy.

I was babysitting my niece, and needed a book for her, and she picked this one for the illustrations. She absolutely loved it. I loved The Secret Garden growing up, so this definitely brought back some good memories for me. Cute little book, and I'm glad we read it.

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The secret garden is probably my favorite childhood classic and I collect as many editions of it as I can as well as retellings and anything that is linked to it.
This is another beautiful edition that I'll be collecting when it comes out, the illustrations were different from any other I'd seen associated with it before but I thought they complemented the text so well and I loved the end product!

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Great book! I throughly enjoyed it. Gorgeous cover!

The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books and the artwork that accompanies this version is stunning. It is the type of book that will be handed down from generation to generation.

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In a house full of sadness and secrets, can young, orphaned Mary find happiness?

This is a very beautiful edition of the Secret Garden that took me right back to my childhood. Very well done!

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This is a beautiful edition of "Secret Garden." This is one you'll want to have on your shelves, it's lovely. Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

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I haven't interacted with this story since childhood, so I loved the chance to go back. I loved both reading the book and seeing the movie! The illustrations are stunning and add to this classic tale. They are beautiful colors and placed in the perfect way to add to the reading experience. I love when a story like this can be enhanced in such a wonderful way. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this March 2024 release!

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It's a classic for a reason. It really does stand the test of time. I loved it just as much now, as I did when I was a child. A beautiful book for any bookshelf.

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When I was 8 or 9, I was given an illustrated copy of The Secret Garden, which became one of my favorite books. Over the years, I have picked up other copies of the book...the story is a classic; every time I read it, I pick up different details and see it through new eyes. I appreciate the footnotes about language that is not acceptable today but was 100 years ago instead of editing the classic story. Each copy I have has different illustrations and a window into how someone else "sees" the story. These illustrations are beautiful, and finding a painting on a corner or edge of the page is such a treat. Each painting is classic Kate Lewis style and a modern twist to a classic tale.

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The Secret Garden is a classic children’s novel about an orphan coming to live with her uncle. This edition is a new illustrated edition.

I won’t talk much about the classic story since a lot of people have read it. The story itself is great. The new illustrations are lovely and so beautiful. I loved the new illustrations. The colors are great and the pictures are nice to look at.

Thanks so much to netgalley and the publisher for the arc of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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What a wonderful way to enhance this classic book. The illustrations add a lot and helped to keep the interest throughout. Highly recommend.

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The original text with beautiful illustrations. Some of the hand painted pictures spanned over one or two whole pages with a single quote in the middle of the drawing. Very unique art work and design. Children and adults alike will love this newest edition of The Secret Garden.

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to review this book before its publication.

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This is one of my favorite books of all time so I can’t really add much because I already love it. But the illustrations are nice. I’d have liked more of the garden and less of the house. And the kitchen seems a bit too modern in the illustration. But I adore this book so it’s still a five.

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Oh my gosh, I haven't read this for years. I remembered that I loved this book, but I forgot a lot about the story. So heartbreaking, how a poor little girl is neglected and unloveable, and is sent to relatives when she becomes an orphan. While there, she finally learns to be open to life and becomes part of a loving family.
This edition has gorgeous pictures, actually paintings, that go really well with the story. I would recommend this to anyone.
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this.

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This is a beautiful classic I have loved since I was a child, and the graphics in here are BEAUTIFUL! This is an edition I would love to have on my shelf and will be buying a copy of when it comes out. The graphics in it immerse you into the story and take you on the journey through beautiful illustrations while keeping back enough to let your mind take over. A tale of second chances and finding out about the world around you.

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Somehow I missed reading this as a child so very glad I had the opportunity to read it now, along with the gorgeous new paintings that illustrate this book. The story, for anyone else who missed it, is about two children who change from being contrary and selfish to being grateful kids, all because of one little boy and a garden. What is new to this book are the amazing paintings that depict key moments in the story. They are gorgeous and really add to the story.
Thank you NetGalley for an ARC.

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"The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a timeless classic that captivates readers with its enchanting tale of transformation, discovery, and the healing power of nature. The story follows Mary Lennox, a spoiled and neglected girl, who, after being orphaned, is sent to live with her uncle in a gloomy and mysterious manor on the Yorkshire moors.

The magic of "The Secret Garden" lies not only in its captivating narrative but also in the way it beautifully explores themes of resilience, friendship, and the rejuvenating influence of the natural world. As Mary begins to explore the neglected garden on her uncle's estate, she discovers more than just blooming flowers and hidden pathways; she uncovers the key to her own inner healing.

Burnett's writing is evocative and vivid, painting a vivid picture of the Yorkshire landscape and the transformation of the once-abandoned garden. The characters are well-developed, each playing a crucial role in the unfolding of the narrative. Mary's growth from a petulant and lonely child to a caring and adventurous girl is heartwarming, and readers can't help but be drawn into her journey.

The novel also celebrates the therapeutic power of nature, portraying the garden as a metaphor for the human spirit. As the characters nurture the garden back to life, they, in turn, find renewal and redemption. This overarching theme resonates with readers of all ages, making "The Secret Garden" a timeless and universal story.

"The Secret Garden" is a literary gem that continues to captivate readers with its poignant storytelling and timeless themes. Whether you're a child discovering the magic of this hidden sanctuary for the first time or an adult revisiting the tale, Burnett's masterpiece is sure to leave an enduring impression, reminding us all of the transformative power of nature and the beauty that can be found within ourselves.

This one is a beautifully illustrated books and the kids and adults will equally enjoy.

Was this review helpful?

I still have my original hardback copy of "The Secret Garden". It's looking rough, true, since it was not only passed along to me by family members but printed in 1911. It also made the move with me from Florida to Alaska, so it's got a few miles on it. All of this said to clarify that I obviously loved this book as a youth enough to cling to it through the years of moves and downsizing. True, in my nostalgic memories of it, I didn't recall Mary Lennox being quite so, well, unlikable. Heck, shes downright ill-behaved and spoiled.

The memory I'm sure my youthful mind clung to, however, was of the magic of the garden. Mary went from a sad, petulant, okay, nasty child to one who thrived in nature and with the hard work of cultivating a woefully neglected garden. Her friendship with Dickon, son of a servant, who adored animals and nature, and eventual friendship with the frail, sickly (and also not particularly nice) Colin Craven transformed her and, most likely, gave hope to many a sad, lonely child reading along. I won't belabor the plot, I see many others have detailed it far better than I ever could, so will simply say it is, well, magical. Not magical in the sense of wave of the wand magic, but in the magical healing power of nature. A bit new-age themed long before that term had even been though of, so to speak. I should note that this is an unabridged edition, In other words, it uses Burnett's original text, even parts that are derogatory towards others. As the publishers note upfront, however, they are aware and advising readers beforehand that they've made the decision not to change Burnett's words while still acknowledging their power to hurt. Adult readers might want to discuss why the matter in question is no longer acceptable with younger readers, making this a teaching tool, too.

As for the illustrations, while I was expecting more realism going into the book, the splashes of color and stylistic portrayals of the characters work. The colors, of course, mirror the wonder color and aromas of the secret garden itself. I had an ebook version, so can't address what the physical book might add, but the cover with its riotous burst of sprawling colors against the sunny yellow background definitely catch the eye. I've seen mention of a lovely ribbon bookmark, too. I'm thinking this would be a lovely gift for any age, both new and past readers. My thanks to #NetGalley and #ChronicleBooks for making this available to me early. I thoroughly enjoyed this time-travel back to my youth. I even dug out my old copy to sit beside me as I read, silly as that may seem.

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An absolutely gorgeous illustrated edition of a beloved classic. If you love this book, you should add this to your library collection!

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The Secret Garden is my favorite book of all time, and has been ever since my Aunt Patty gave me a copy for my birthday when I was ten years old. I can’t count how many times I’ve read it. Still, when I picked it up this afternoon I was immediately transported to Yorkshire and there I stayed until I read the last words 2 hours later. As Colin would say, there is Magic in this book.

What makes the book a classic is it’s set of sympathetic characters: sour little Mary who blooms like the garden she tends; Dickon, a boy who seems more at home with animals than people; Colin, who has never been given the chance to discover that he is not fatally ill; Martha, Mary’s down to earth maid, Mrs. Sowerby, mother to Dickon and Martha and the county’s Wise Woman; and of course Archibald Craven, grieving widower and Colin’s father. We sympathize with and cheer for the wounded characters, but we don’t always notice that Burnett has set up a scenario that is amazingly progressive. Ten-year-old Mary is the catalyst for her own and everyone else’s healing, which takes place mostly by allowing the children to play outside in the fresh air, eat simple foods, and dig in the garden. It starts in winter, and as the earth comes alive, so do the children, and eventually, the adults.

There have been many editions of the book, but this one is notable for two reasons. First, the lovely watercolor illustrations by Kate Lewis are colorful, whimsical, and contemporary. I loved that there were several illustrations that showed the unique Yorkshire countryside and the layout of a Victorian country garden. Although there were several depictions of the characters, they did not dominate, and so let the reader imagine the characters in their setting.

The other addition to this edition was footnotes explaining terms used by Burnett that have since fallen out of favor - for example, the term “black” referring to Indian nationals. While I generally applaud this, I had doubts that anyone would fail to recognize that “queer” in this narrative just meant “odd” and was not a pejorative. On the other hand, one footnote explained that the word “heathen” was an outdated term for “non-Christian.” Ironically, the original meaning of “heathen” is simply “people who live on the heath,” which certainly applies to the Sowerbys, who are portrayed as the wise people whose connection to a simple life close to the earth is considered more pure than the wealthy characters.

It’s obvious that I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially young readers, but I do recommend this particular edition because of the beautiful illustrations. I look forward to having this in my collection.

Many thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for allowing me to review this ARC.

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Beautiful cover and edition of a long-standing classic. In some ways, the storyline feels a bit too canned and over-the top for a modern reader.

Was this review helpful?

The text is well known to many young readers and appropriate for the time of writing. A disclaimer has been added to clarify the culture and modernize thought for political correctness. The illustrations are not to my taste, as I prefer the original but some may like the modern take on this classic novel. My rating is for this version, not the original text which is a beloved classic favorite.

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I just finished reading The Secret Garden to my 5 year old daughter, and while she absolutely loved it, the illustrations are few and far between in the edition which we read. I was delighted to see a new illustrated version here and just had to check it out. As the story itself is a classic, this review will focus solely on the edition and illustrations in this particular publication.
The illustrations add a delightfully colorful appeal to the pages which, especially during the beginning chapters where Mary is quite contrary and unhappy and a whole lot of terrible things are happening, the paintings accenting the pages really help one to remember that this is quite a beautiful story.
Not ever page has an illustration, and a lot of pages just have a little accent- a skipping rope or a twisty vine on the edge, a bundle of tulip bulbs, a horse and carriage at the bottom of the page. But then there are gorgeous full page illustrations that really make the story explode from the page. Some illustrations even include a quote from the nearby relevant page.
This is a beautiful edition which would be a welcome gift for any Secret Garden lover. Children will be especially delighted with this version, as well.
Thank you for the opportunity to review this edition in exchange for my review!

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The Secret Garden was my favorite book as a child, and it still is among my favorite books. This one grabbed my attention with its gorgeous cover. This book should be on every child's bookshelf! Beautiful artwork is displayed throughout the book, making it fun to read! Adults would not regret purchasing this book as well.

I appreciate the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I read this book for the first time last year and I wasn't a huge fan of it because I hated certain elements, but I was curious about this edition and I have to say, it's BEAUTIFUL, I love it. I rate the story like 3 stars, but the illustrations are 5-star worthy, so I'm settling for 4 stars. They're so colorful, the style is gorgeous, and I like that there are illustrations sprinkled throughout the pages as well as full-page scenes. It's a lovely edition!

Was this review helpful?

Mary Lennox; does any reader ever forget her? This story of her transformation and growth has stood the test of time. The enchantment of the garden has remained irresistible for generations.

There is no greater treat than introducing a child to the magic of a book. This gorgeous edition of The Secret Garden is perfect for doing exactly that. The illustrations are many, vibrant and enticing.

Remember that there is magic here for adults as well. I definitely want the hard copy of this edition for myself!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I love this classic tale! I have not read “The Secret Garden” for many many years and really enjoyed the opportunity to relive the experience. I enjoyed the illustrations; however, I had hoped they would have been slightly more appealing. With that being said, everyone has many opinions on art/illustrations and I did not dislike it. Overall, a great coffee table book to relive some great memories and for future readers alike!

Was this review helpful?

This is a gorgeous edition of "Secret Garden." The full-page illustrations were absolutely stunning, and the images in the margins added a wonderful touch to the text on the page. The inclusion of footnotes that help to explain the derogatory and out-of-date language were a nice touch as well to discuss the issues with the writing/language without changing the text. I think this edition will especially appeal to young readers and collectors.

Characters 4/5
Plot 5/5
Storytelling 5/5
Enjoyment 5/5
Atmosphere 4.5/5

Was this review helpful?

The Secret Garden is a beloved classic that still connects with students today - with the right methods to bring it to life for the young reader in our modern day. Students will need extra knowledge to understand the time period, the Cholera outbreak and its aftermath, activities for children, and the size, location, and understanding of what the large Misselthwaite Manor meant for its inhabitants. This edition attempts to provide some of that with its illustrations. However, I felt that the style of the paintings would be less engaging for young children. They are more watercolor-like and soft; beautifully rendered but not engaging for today's children overall. They do give some input to the size of the Manor and it's opulence but fail to create a full appreciation like a more realistic drawing or painting might.

I would recommend this for collectors of editions of The Secret Garden or fans of the story already. Young children would probably not be the main audience of this edition.

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"Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Kate Lewis, is a reproduction of a century-old children's book, this time with beautiful illustrations. I never took the time to read this book as a child, so this was a fun opportunity.

The book may be appropriate for children ages 8 to 12 years old. (Although the length of the book may present a challenge). At this age, children are typically able to appreciate the book's themes, which include friendship, self-discovery, and the healing power of nature. The story's main characters, Mary and Colin, may resonate well with readers in this age group as they navigate their personal growth and transformation. The illustrations, while beautiful, may be appreciated more by adults, so this is best as a collector's edition.

Mary Lennox is a neglected and spoiled girl whose parents die. She is sent to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven, at Misselthwaite Manor. She discovers a secret garden that was locked after the death of Mrs. Craven. Mary finds the key to the garden and enters, embarking on a journey of transformation and healing. Along the way, she meets Ben Weatherstaff, the gardener. With each visit to the garden, Mary experiences changes within herself.

Mary discovers her sickly cousin, Colin, who has been hidden away. Mary and Colin form a secret bond and begin working on the garden together. Colin starts to believe in the healing power of the garden, and their newfound happiness spreads to others in the manor.

Authors and publishers need to address potentially disturbing language and content, especially regarding racial issues and stereotypes, directly in the text rather than relegating those comments to footnotes. The use of footnotes can downplay their significance and hinder readers' comprehension. Many people have yet to read a footnote. A more effective approach involves revising the text to integrate discussions of these themes, providing context and critical analysis within the narrative to enhance readers' engagement and understanding of the cultural and historical implications. This approach would help readers engage more deeply with the material and foster a more nuanced understanding of the text's cultural and historical implications. My 3-star rating is the result of the use of footnotes rather than incorporating discussion into the text.

Thank you, NetGalley, for the opportunity to review this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I was given an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a classic children’s novel about a young British girl who is unloved and neglected by her family and is brought to England when everyone in her home dies. Mary starts off rude and selfish and becomes kinder through getting time with positive influences, being outside, and having the chance to play. The book was published in 1911 and does reflect attitudes of the time, especially in relation to Indian people and culture.

The art by Kate Lewis in this edition was absolutely gorgeous. It’s saturated in color and has a style that I can see really inspiring younger readers to draw scenes from the book themselves. There are also footnotes that explain various aspects of the book that are now archaic and offensive, setting up opportunities for parents, guardians, and educators to open up conversations with younger readers about racism, colonialism, and how language changes. The wording in the footnotes is accessible to readers around nine and ten if they are reading on their own.

Like a lot of people in the Anglosphere, I grew up with Frances Hodgson Burnett’s works and I’m glad to see them continuing to be published while also giving newer generations tools to help them understand the context of when her books were written and why we no longer say those things.

Between the art and the footnotes, I would say this is a great edition to be given as a gift to long-time fans of The Secret Garden and readers who are new to the work.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed previewing this new illustrated version of The Secret Garden. Publisher’s notes emphasize the watercolor illustrations on almost every page, and they do add a beautiful touch. However, stylistically the pictures seem best appreciated by adults. Additionally, the original text is produced in a rather small font (at least on the temporary digital preview copy I was provided), making the reading experience less comfortable for some readers. Those seeking a keepsake collector’s edition may appreciate this new offering.

Was this review helpful?

A beautiful classic novel reprinted and illustrated with glorious watercolor pictures. Thank you for the ARC. I’ve been enjoying revisiting this story and bringing it to life for another generation with my 6 year old daughter.

Was this review helpful?

The Secret Garden is a classic tale fit for children between the ages of 8 and 12. The story itself I read as a child and remember feeling enthralled into the world created. As an adult, this reread was a bit blah. I do enjoy the general messages, but I have since moved on to deeper, darker tales and so this was not a great fit for me. That said, this edition is absolutely beautiful. If I were to own a copy of this tale this is the version I'd want on my shelf.

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