Atom Bomb Baby

A Retro-Future Adventure

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Pub Date Jun 22 2023 | Archive Date May 15 2024

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In a starfaring future shattered by nuclear fallout, Ashe, a tenacious young woman, roams the desolate wasteland of her homeworld.

Reluctantly saving a mysterious child, Jade, she gets pulled into a perilous journey that uncovers the significance of his abilities and the forces that aim to exploit him. With their support, can Ashe finally face the haunting darkness of her past?

Atom Bomb Baby chronicles the survivors of a galactic-wide calamity as they find new friends, fight against unjust oppression, and ultimately uncover the secrets behind the arrival of the Kraal and the fall of civilization. This journey appeals to fans of Science-Fiction, Dystopian, and Urban Fantasy.

In a starfaring future shattered by nuclear fallout, Ashe, a tenacious young woman, roams the desolate wasteland of her homeworld.

Reluctantly saving a mysterious child, Jade, she gets pulled into a...

Advance Praise

An "action-packed apocalyptic SF yarn" — Kirkus Reviews

An "action-packed apocalyptic SF yarn" — Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN 9780998749938
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Featured Reviews

Just finished this book!
Okay there are a couple things I have to talk about
First of all, when I saw the website of the author last week, I was like: who is Talia? She looks pretty. BUT OH BOY! NO! STOP FLIRTING WITH MY MOONBEAM!!! I kinda like her and hate her at the same time😅
Some parts of this book was really hard to understand. Like until the end of the book I thought the Kraal was a monster too and I realised it could also be MORE than one and still call it Kraal, which was already hard to imagine what or how it looked like.
But I really loved to see Ashe develop from lone-warrior to a girl whose mental health almost completely depended on the team.
Love Moonbeam, love Ashe, like Jade, meh about Rainwood. Not sure about Talia yet.
Lastly, I want to thank the author SO MUCH. Because as a girl who always wondered what would happen if some weird creatures end up in Earth. Was awesome to read what I actually always wanted to read!
While I was reading, I kept saying " Moonbeam please end up with her PLEASE! " even though they had just met lol.
I literally screamed when I read the part where Jade asked if he loved her and he said "what does she think of me? " I LOVE IT!!
4 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NO SPICE -/🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
#ridersofthestars #brandongillespie #atombombbaby

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"Step into the captivating universe crafted by Brandon Gillespie in 'Atom Bomb Baby,' a mesmerizing blend of Science-Fiction, Dystopian, and Urban Fantasy. While the opening may stumble a bit, Gillespie quickly finds their rhythm, immersing readers in a world shaped by the cataclysmic arrival of the Kraal.

Set twenty-five years after this interdimensional threat decimated 98% of galactic populations, the narrative centers around Ashe, a resilient teenage girl navigating the desolate aftermath. Determined to remain solitary after her family's tragic exile from an underground shelter, Ashe's solitary existence takes an unexpected turn when she rescues a mysterious child.

Gillespie's storytelling prowess shines as Ashe embarks on a perilous journey, unraveling the child's enigmatic abilities and exposing the nefarious forces seeking to exploit them. The plot seamlessly unfolds, keeping readers hooked with a perfect balance of simplicity and complexity.

One of the book's strengths lies in its characters. While Ashe anchors the story with her determination, readers are treated to a diverse cast of travelers, rekindling old friendships and forging new alliances. The camaraderie among the characters adds layers to the narrative, making the journey not just about survival but also about the enduring human spirit.

The world-building in 'Atom Bomb Baby' is a testament to Gillespie's creativity. The post-apocalyptic setting is filled with surprises, each page revealing new facets of a galaxy struggling to rebuild. The author masterfully navigates the balance between plot progression and character development, ensuring readers remain invested in both.

In summary, 'Atom Bomb Baby' might have a slightly shaky start, but Gillespie's ability to weave a compelling narrative quickly takes center stage. If you're a fan of immersive worlds, relatable characters, and a plot that keeps you guessing, this book is a must-read. Join Ashe and her companions on a rollercoaster of survival, friendship, and unraveling mysteries, and let Gillespie transport you to a galaxy where the human spirit refuses to be extinguished."

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A first-time read for me from this author, but definitely a creative space I would return to. I enjoyed the dystopian vision and high level of imagination, plus the centering on characters.

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If you like Mad Max and The Maze Runner then this book is for you!

It took me a minute to get into the story since you are dropped into a dystopian world that builds slowly over the book as opposed to more upfront. It felt very similar to The Maze Runner in that you know there is more to this Maze but it takes a while to get to that part of the world. I thought the characters were a lot of fun and enjoyed some of the vintage/80s aspects that were thrown in. I felt like the slang was a bit heavy handed at first but then felt more a part of normal conversation as the book goes on. The one thing I didn’t love about this book is there were so many different plot points. They were easy enough to keep track of but they didn’t always feel like they fit or were needed in the story, unnecessarily complicating it. But they may become more important later on and make sense as the series continues. I’m interested to see what the next books bring to this world.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an eARC of this book in return of my honest opinion.

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