Right Where We Left Us

A Novel

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Pub Date Jun 18 2024 | Archive Date Jul 02 2024
St. Martin's Press | St. Martin's Griffin


Perfect for fans of Carly Fortune and Lucy Score, Right Where We Left Us is a searing and unforgettable romance.

Temperance Jean Madigan and Duncan Brady have never gotten it right. After one radiant, secret summer together when they were eighteen, they’ve been on-again off-again ever since. Now, despite red-hot chemistry and TJ’s closeness with Duncan’s family, they’re virtually strangers, only capable of adversarial banter, awkward small talk—and the occasional messy hookup.

When a wedding at the Bradys' vineyard lands TJ there for the summer, their mutual avoidance strategies prove impossible. The last thing TJ wants is to be under those angsty, heated glances Duncan thinks he hides. And for Duncan, having fiery TJ constantly close is the ultimate distraction that he absolutely can’t afford. When forced proximity begins to chip away at their armor, buried tensions resurface, old wounds urge confrontation, and once-in-a-lifetime love demands one last chance to finally get it right.

“Jen Devon knows her way around the human heart.” –Camille Pagán

"Devon breaks hearts and puts them back together again.” – Publishers Weekly

Don’t miss Jen Devon’s smoldering and intense romance Bend Toward the Sun!

Perfect for fans of Carly Fortune and Lucy Score, Right Where We Left Us is a searing and unforgettable romance.

Temperance Jean Madigan and Duncan Brady have never gotten it right. After one...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you St. Martin’s Griffin and NetGalley for my ARC 🩷

I was SO excited to be approved for this after recently finishing and loving Bend Toward the Sun. While this is technically a standalone book, Right Where We Left Us is a continuation of the Brady family antics and you’d be doing yourself a big disservice reading this (book 2) before Bend Toward the Sun (book 1).

I really loved this second chance romance. This book was still beautiful but slightly less lyrical than book one, which actually helped me to get more into the romance. There wasn’t as much description between interactions which helped the tension build between the leads.

It was such a pleasure to slip back into the warm, sunshine world of the Brady family and I’m already hoping we have a book three (Mal/Frankie) in the works.

Right Where We Left Us is sweet, heartwarming, a little 🌶️, and so enjoyable.

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I luckily got to read an arc of RIGHT WHERE WE LEFT US by Jen Devon and the emotional rollercoaster I was on... I can't even begin to describe it. The pining... the angst... I spent a good portion reading this book clutching my heart. How can two people communicate so much but actually say so little?! Temperance and Duncan really had me frustrated at times, but the other parts had me so giddy and enamored. This book picks up right where BEND TOWARD THE SUN left off. I absolutely love the Brady family and there are plenty of family moments in this book too. Highly recommend!

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I loved the story! The characters had so much depth to them. I felt like they were my best friends and I was part of their situation. I could not put this book down. I love stories that have multiple characters that poor out into another book and all the dots connect. I highly recommend this story, along with "Bend Toward the Sun". This is the type of book that when you are finished reading it, you miss it. It is hard to find authors that have the talent to continuously write good stories that have great character depth. Please, please continue writing more books.

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Right Where We Left Us by Jen Devon is a good fit for those seeking an emotionally charged, second chance romance that explores the complexities of long-standing, on-again, off-again relationships and the challenges of making them work. Thank you, St. Martin's Griffin and Net Galley, for an advanced copy of the book to review.

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I will continue to be a fan of hers.
I love that I received a ARC.
I cannot wait for more from Jen Devon!!!! She will be on my auto purchase authors.

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In the realm of romantic literature, Jen Devon's "Right Where We Left Us" emerges as a captivating tale that delves into the intricacies of love, loss, and second chances. The story revolves around Temperance Jean Madigan (TJ) and Duncan Brady, two individuals who have been entangled in an on-again, off-again relationship since their passionate summer together at the tender age of eighteen. Despite their undeniable chemistry and TJ's closeness to Duncan's family, they find themselves as virtual strangers, trapped in a cycle of adversarial banter, awkward small talk, and occasional messy hookups. As fate would have it, a wedding at the Bradys' vineyard brings TJ back into Duncan's life for the summer, rendering their avoidance strategies futile. TJ struggles with the weight of Duncan's intense gaze, while Duncan grapples with the constant distraction of having the fiery TJ in close proximity. As they are forced to confront their feelings, buried tensions resurface, old wounds demand confrontation, and the once-in-a-lifetime love they shared begs for a final chance to flourish. Jen Devon masterfully weaves a narrative that is both poignant and humorous, capturing the complexities of human relationships with authenticity and grace. Her characters are vividly drawn, each possessing their own unique voice and motivations. TJ and Duncan are particularly well-developed, their struggles and triumphs resonating deeply with readers. The supporting cast, too, plays a significant role in shaping the story, adding layers of depth and intrigue. One of the strengths of "Right Where We Left Us" lies in Devon's ability to explore the nuances of love and relationships. She delves into the challenges of maintaining a connection amidst misunderstandings, pride, and past hurts. The novel serves as a reminder that love is not always easy, but it is worth fighting for when it is genuine. Devon's writing style is fluid and engaging, effortlessly drawing readers into the story. Her prose is peppered with vivid imagery and sensory details that bring the setting and characters to life. Whether describing the idyllic vineyard landscapes or the emotional turmoil of her protagonists, Devon's words paint a vivid tapestry that captivates the senses. "Right Where We Left Us" is a compelling exploration of love, loss, and the power of second chances. Jen Devon weaves a tale that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, leaving readers emotionally invested in the journey of TJ and Duncan. With its relatable characters, poignant storytelling, and thought-provoking themes, this novel is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance and anyone who believes in the enduring power of love.

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Jen Devon is such a powerful voice in the contemporary romance space. Like oh my gosh. The Brady family has my whole heart, and I loved Bend Toward The Sun (first in the series) but Duncan and Temperance TORE ME APART.

And I knew they would. I knew it on the first page. But that in no way spoiled the ride.

Honestly, it's going to be hard to find a book I fall for as hard as I fell for this one for a while. I love it I love it I love it.

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Jen Devon's sophomore novel, Right Where We Left Us, brings us back home to the big, boisterous Brady family and their circle of friends in the follow-up to Bend Toward the Sun. I enjoyed her debut novel, so I was excited to revisit these characters, but you could easily read this as a stand-alone, too.

Right Where We Left Us is the story of Duncan Brady, the hardworking, funny, super-good-looking Brady brother who helps run the family business, and Dr. Temperance Madigan, the younger sister of Brady's sister-in-law and a longtime family friend. Duncan and Temperance shared an intense summer romance as teenagers that ended in heartbreak, and the attraction has always lingered. When circumstances push the two of them together, they have to face their feelings and get honest with themselves and each other. Re: lots of angst, sexual tension, regrets, forced proximity, and some spicy scenes.

One thing Devon does well in this series is focusing on strong friendships and family relationships. The friendship between Rowen, Frankie, and Temperance anchors the series, as does the relationship between the Brady siblings and their parents. Those relationships provide a stark contrast to the cold, manipulative interactions that Temperance and her sister Maren have with their parents.

Devon also seems to be setting the stage for a 3rd book in the series; fingers crossed!

Thank you, St. Martin's Griffin and Net Galley, for an advanced copy of the book to review.

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A round of applause for Jen Devon and this book! Bend Towards the Sun was my favorite book of 2022 (and quickly became one of my favorites of all time). I fell in love with Temperance and Duncan in that book, so needless to say, I had VERY high hopes for Right Where We Left Us. I can confirm Jen delivered and then some!

Right Where We Left Us thrusts us back into the world of the Brady Family and the Cloud Tide B&B and Winery, this time following Duncan Brady and Temperance Madigan. This time, the two are forced to confront their complicated past and figure out what the future looks like for both of them.

Jen Devon writes truly beautiful book. I cannot tell you how often I’ll read a line, set the book down, and pick the book back up to reread it again because of how bewitching it was. Every character is so unique and you cannot help but feel like the Brady family (and really all supporting characters) are truly flesh and blood real. The tension and angst leap off the page, and you will fall in love over and over again with Duncan and Temperance. I love a good second chance romance, but this one truly takes the cake. And the hints about Malcom’s (potential) love story have me not so patiently waiting for the next book!

I have already left a space on my shelf next to Bend Towards the Sun for this book when it comes out this summer. Please consider preordering or requesting from your library!

Thank you so very much to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Griffin for the ARC!

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Spice: 🌶️🌶️🌶️/5

Temperance and Duncan are like two planetary objects, drawn to one another due to a consistent, intense magnetic pull. At times they come too close for comfort, temporarily colliding before drawing back into a safer, more comfortable orbit. <b><I>Right Where We Left Us</I></b> is a story of the reunion of childhood sweethearts at a family wedding and a chance at second-chance love.

Our FMC and MMC had a whirlwind childhood romance which they kept hidden from both of their families. When an accident leads to an ultimatum, Temperance and Duncan try to untangle their lives despite having seemingly interwoven destinies. Fourteen years later, when Duncan’s brother is set to marry Temperance’s best friend, the two childhood sweethearts are set back onto a path of an inevitable head-on collision, the final opportunity to see if they can mend what was broken all those years ago.

I was completely smitten with this book. The writing style of Jen Devon is one that I rarely find in romance books these days: a true mastery of scene and plot development, coupled with the ability to build staggering tension between our FMC and MMC which had me completely engrossed in their story. Her skill of establishing a scene based on all five senses was so intoxicating that I wish all books could be written in the same way, though I doubt my feeble heart could handle it! This book was incredible, and I highly recommend it to all who are looking for a romance with slow-burn tension, delicious spice and redemption.

Tropes in this story:
✨ Second-chance love
✨ Childhood sweethearts
✨ Tattooed, brawny MMC
✨ Intelligent, doctor FMC
✨ Chronic illness
✨ Misunderstanding and dishonesty in past

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley, but my review is all my own.

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