How to Age Disgracefully

A Novel

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Pub Date 11 Jun 2024 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2024
PENGUIN GROUP Viking | Pamela Dorman Books

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A senior citizens’ center and a daycare collide with hilarious results in the new ensemble comedy from New York Times-bestselling author Clare Pooley

When Lydia takes a job running the Senior Citizens’ Social Club three afternoons a week, she assumes she’ll be spending her time drinking tea and playing gentle games of cards.

The members of the Social Club, however, are not at all what Lydia was expecting. From Art, a failed actor turned kleptomaniac to Daphne, who has been hiding from her dark past for decades to Ruby, a Banksy-style knitter who gets revenge in yarn, these seniors look deceptively benign—but when age makes you invisible, secrets are so much easier to hide.

When the city council threatens to sell the doomed community center building, the members of the Social Club join forces with their tiny friends in the daycare next door—as well as the teenaged father of one of the toddlers and a geriatric dog—to save the building. Together, this group’s unorthodox methods may actually work, as long as the police don’t catch up with them first.
A senior citizens’ center and a daycare collide with hilarious results in the new ensemble comedy from New York Times-bestselling author Clare Pooley

When Lydia takes a job running the Senior...

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Featured Reviews

Author Clare Pooley has given readers an ensemble story of found-community within the London metro area which rivals her earlier Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting in its heartwarming, funny and unique voice. When five strangers, an inexperienced counselor and one scene-stealing pooch reluctantly start a seniors group at a run down community center, all their lives are changed for the better. As the new group grows in unexpected importance in each of their lives, it intersects with the challenging circumstances of a young father from the neighborhood. Pooley has delivered another stellar story of serendipitous friendships which illustrate that new beginnings are possible at any age. Highly recommended.

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It’s official- I will forever read anything and everything Clare Pooley writes. Her humor, characters, and storytelling are unlike any other I’ve read- she manages to be both inspiring and extremely entertaining at the same time. The characters in her books always stick with me- they’re funny, real, and remind us all of the importance of honesty and human connection. I’d give this one more than 5 stars if I could!

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Clare Pooley does it again. First there was Iona and her crew, now there’s Daphne and hers. Strong women making the world a better place. Pooley’s humor and keen observations make for a thoroughly delightful read.

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After the popularity of books like Thursday Murder Club, there are so many readers looking for books that feature older protagonists having outrageously fun adventures. This one fits the bill, although it is a romance, rather than a mystery. Great characters who actually span the generations, from tiny toddlers, to young adults, to middle-aged and older. So, lots to relate to in a fun story.

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I love finding a book that makes me feel more optimistic about the world, and Clare Pooley delivers in spades. Her characters are flawed and complicated, but also so very human. You can't help but adore them and want them to succeed.

How to Age Disgracefully is told from the points of view of four very different characters, each of whom has secrets, desires, and very personal reasons to want to keep their community center open. Together, they pull support from friends and neighbors, a quirky cast of personalities, each with their own specific skill set. And together, they build a community that extends beyond the building to become a tight, loyal network of friends.

This book made me laugh and cry and it made me think and it made me want to be a better person. It gave me hope that individuals can make more difference than larger entities, especially when we connect personally, and in support of a worthy cause.

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This is my first book by Clare Pooley, and oh my gosh, why didn't anyone tell me about her brilliance before?! Like, seriously, I've been living under a rock not reading her stuff sooner!

Lydia, main protagonist, unwittingly thrust into a world teeming with eccentricity and mischief. Pooley has crafted a cast of characters so vibrant, so alive, that they practically leap off the page. Art, with his penchant for pilfering; Daphne, haunted by secrets buried in the recesses of her past; and Ruby, the Banksy of knitting—each one a masterpiece in their own right. So, when the city council decides to bulldoze their beloved hangout spot, that golden team isn't about to take it lying down!

This book had me laughing so hard. and I'm talking belly laughs that'll have you clutching your sides. But don't get it twisted—there's some serious heart in here too. Like, I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two (okay, maybe more like a waterfall) at some of the heartfelt moments.

I love how this book is totally fresh and unique! Like, how often do you see a book with a squad of seniors as the main crew? Clare Pooley totally nailed it with this one and I can't wait to read more of her works!

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I read this book with a smile on my face the whole time. It is such a fun read! This book follows a group of senior citizens as they fight to save their community building from being destroyed. These same seniors are in a social club run by Lydia who definitely got more than she bargained for. The club isn't your average group of senior citizens either as they are eccentric and they don't always follow the rules. As an added bonus this book is told from multiple povs so you get to hear from almost all of the club members. I truly laughed out loud at some of the antics these seniors pulled. This group would make such fun grandparents. I felt like I was in the club with them. It also has heartwarming moments as well that might make you cry. It is delightful. It is different than other books I have read recently but in the best way possible. I have never read a book by Clare Pooley before but I will have to go and read her other ones now.
Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book.

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I loved this book. It is in parts laugh out loud funny, heartwarming, but doesn’t hold back with thought provoking lines about aging that made me take a minute to think.

The story follows a crew of what seems to be misfits in a senior group at a community center that is threatened to be shut down. The gang of seniors along with their leader, plus an orphaned dog and the children from the nursery also in the center take the charge of keeping it open, along with taking care of a handful of other problems encountered by the group.

This is a story that will stick with me and I’d love to see the next chapters for Daphne, Art, Lydia, Ziggy and the others.

Thanks to Negalley and the publisher for the ARC.

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What true and utter perfection this book is. This was my first time ever reading anything by Clare Pooley and it will not be my last. Her characters are so rich, so vibrant, and so wholly themselves. Humor can be hard to pull off in novels and oftentimes comes across as stiff but it flowed like honeyyy in this book. The ending was so sweet, I cried. The easiest 5 stars ever!

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