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Pub Date May 21 2024 | Archive Date May 28 2024
Zando | Gillian Flynn Books

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A feral, heart-busting, absurdist debut about Molly, a rambunctious and bawdy ten-year-old searching for friendship and ghosts.

It’s 1992, and ten-year-old Molly is tired of living in the fire-rotted, nun-haunted House of Friends: a Semi-Cooperative Living Community of Peace Faith(s) in Action with her formerly blind dad and grieving Evelyn. But when twenty-three-year-old Jeanie, a dirt bike–riding ex-con with a questionable past, moves in, she quickly becomes the object of Molly’s adoration. She might treat Molly terribly, but they both have dead moms and potty mouths, so naturally Molly can’t seem to leave Jeanie alone.

When Jeanie fakes her own death in a hot-air balloon accident, Molly runs away to Chicago with just a stolen credit card and a sweet pair of LA Gear Heatwaves to meet her pen pal Demarcus and hunt down Jeanie. What follows is a race to New Year’s Eve, as Molly and Demarcus plan a séance to reunite with their lost moms in front of a live audience at the World’s Fair.

A surrealist and bold take on the American coming-of-age novel, Holly Wilson’s debut is about the interstices of loss, grief, and friendship.

A feral, heart-busting, absurdist debut about Molly, a rambunctious and bawdy ten-year-old searching for friendship and ghosts.

It’s 1992, and ten-year-old Molly is tired of living in the fire-rotted...

Advance Praise

“Molly is one of the greatest young female characters I’ve had the luck of reading since I picked up Joy Williams’s The Quick and the Dead back in 2000 . . . I TRULY LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!” —Gillian Flynn, Gillian Flynn Books

“Part Cruddy, part otherworldly hellion parable, Holly Wilson’s Kittentits is a comet ripping through a Walmart, a carnival ride launching into the sun. Molly’s voice is raw and true, and this book is fun as shit. Kittentits is unforgettable.” —Lindsay Hunter, author of Hot Springs Drive

“Molly is one of the greatest young female characters I’ve had the luck of reading since I picked up Joy Williams’s The Quick and the Dead back in 2000 . . . I TRULY LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!” —Gillian...

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EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781638931089
PRICE $28.00 (USD)

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Featured Reviews

honestly incredibly fun book by flynn's imprint. the adventures were funny and the characters were strong. thanks for the arc

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From page one, Kittentits does not come across as a series novel. It's crass and told from the perspective of a 10 year old (who can see ghosts?) that so desperately wants to be seen (as many young children do) by an adult in her life that really shouldn't be the object of her affection. And yet.... There are so many good nuggets and quotes timed so perfectly to get you to reflect on life, relationships, and how we present ourselves to the world in addition to the absurdity.

I loved every minute of this and will definitely be purchasing a copy when it's released.

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This is a raucous, roller-coaster ride of a book with a spitfire heroine and a refreshing, modern approach to what a coming-of-age novel can be. We touch on friendship, grief, family, abandonment and all the rest of the messy nitty-gritty of life lived large and loud, Molly is a memorable ball of energy with a gimlet-eyed take on the world and flashes of wisdom and understanding beyond her years. She would take Holden Caulfield's lunch money and slap him upside the head, which is fine by me. This book is bold and absurd, just like life, and Molly is the friend you didn't know you needed.

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Kittentits was a wild ride in ways I wasn't expecting. Told from the perspective of a 10-year-old girl named Molly, we are provided with a unique and hilarious perspective of her understanding and perception of the outside world.

While she did feel a little too 'grown-up' at times given the language, perhaps she was beyond her years given the circumstances of her life.

What I really liked about this was the various subjects Wilson touched on — family, friendship, abandonment, grief — all through the eyes of a child.

Molly was a memorable character and will be one I think of often. Thanks to the publisher for the eARC, and I look forward to whatever else Holly Wilson has coming next.

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Kittentits by Holly Wilson is the debut novel about 10 year old Molly who lives in the run down House of Friends with her formerly blind dad and Evelyn.

Molly meets Jeanie when she moves into the House of Friends and quickly becomes enthralled with her, and despite Jeanie treating her horribly follows her around and idolizes her.

During the story, Jeanie fakes her death, Molly runs away to meet her pen pal and tries to find Jeanie.

I think I might be too old for this book, but if I were younger, I'd probably love it - I'm too much of a mom now and kept thinking about all of the danger, and none of the excitement. I wasn't able to lose myself in the story.

This is a great book for younger teens/adults, not middle aged women who worry too much.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this book. All opinions are my own.

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Holly Wilson has created a completely unique and endearing-in-spite-of-herself character in our protagonist, Molly. I love when a writer is able to capture universal feelings of childhood within an extremely specific story, and Wilson definitely does that. For example, when Molly is sitting outside, kicking her feet against the porch waiting for the mail and looking at the sky - I felt that deep down. I suddenly accessed the feeling of looking at my bedroom through the eyes of another and only seeing "kid stuff", while being desperately intrigued by the room of an older person. And I can conjure quite clearly the whole sensory experience of a Garfield-and-Odie-in-shell-bras sleeping bag!! More broadly, throughout: the desperate desire to be taken seriously, to be seen as a whole human, and the straining against the limitations of being a kid without even fully knowing what they are. It's all familiar, coded deep down, and this book got some old neurons firing.

I loved, too, Molly's language, divisive as it may be. Wilson offers a very clear explanation early on, when Molly explains that her first encounter with profanity opened her up to possibility, charged her up with new powers, and gave voice to feelings she had not been able to express before. I understand that, and I think that many kids have something that does this for them: it might be drawing, it might be running, it might be poetry, it might be profanity. But something flips a switch and makes them feel able to take up a little bit of space in a big, confusing world.

I also *loved* Roger the Goth Librarian - I vote for Wilson's next book to be about him :)

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy!

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What a silly little book that just tickled me in the best way. I'd like to read it again before providing a more detailed review on my Goodreads page, but here are some things I really enjoyed.
-the crass tone that sets the vibe
-a spitfire MC who joins the ranks of my favorite "unhinged women" books alongside the characters created by Anna Dorn and Eliza Clark
-humor aplenty, but the story remains in focus
-a refreshing reminder that we all view the world in different ways.

Thank you to Holly Wilson and the publisher, Zando/ Gillian Flynn Books, for approving me for this ARC. I loved it and can't wait to add a physical copy to my collection.

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