Cats Are Great BUT

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Pub Date May 07 2024 | Archive Date Feb 26 2024

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Filled with amusing illustrations and real-life scenarios, this guide shows kids the pros and cons of cat care, offering an insightful yet fun learning experience.

Like its canine counterpart, Cats Are Great BUT introduces children to the ins and outs of cat ownership. Within its thoughtfully crafted pages, young readers discover the joys and responsibilities that accompany being a cat’s guardian. Through relatable situations and engaging lessons, this book unravels potential challenges and illustrates how the sheer fun of having a feline friend can help children overcome obstacles. All the while, it celebrates the unique bond between humans and their whiskered companions.

Cats are Great BUT, aimed at children ages 6–9, offers parents and educators an invaluable tool to instill responsibility and empathy in children, all while ensuring that a lot of fun is had along the way. With its charming illustrations and relatable situations, this book combines education and heartwarming adventure, promising to make a lasting impact on young hearts. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a child's affection for animals and their personal development. Cats are Great BUT encourages kids to embrace the world of cats with open hearts and compassionate minds, all while having a fantastic time.

Filled with amusing illustrations and real-life scenarios, this guide shows kids the pros and cons of cat care, offering an insightful yet fun learning experience.

Like its canine counterpart, Cats...

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Featured Reviews

This book caught my eye as a cat lover. I read it quickly since it's intended audience is young readers. This is a really great introduction for kids who are first time cat "owners" to help answer many of the questions that come up with having a cat.

Why do cats sleep all day? Why do they wake me up at night? Why do cats scratch the furniture? Why is there cat hair everywhere? What do we do if we want to go on vacation?
As someone who has owned cats their whole life, these were great topics to address and good answers to a juvenile audience. I could see using this with my stepson when we adopted our cat 5 years ago.

Highly recommend checking this out if you are adding a furry friend to your family and want to ease the transition for any kids in your house.

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I like these books. The pictures are cute and the information is basic but they're a good quick guide to pet care. This one is about cats, and it was kind of odd to prove you're responsible by taking care of a pet, but the idea is correct that kids should be able to prove they're responsible before being left to care for another living creature.
Most of the information is about cat behavior, which makes sense, because cats are easy to feed and water. But their behavior is nuts if you're meeting them for the first time!
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this

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I would recommend this book to any family considering bringing a cat into their home. It’s a great educational resource for any young person looking into adopting a cat. The language is appropriate for most children ages five and up. The illustrations are both comical and educational. The book feels is a bit negative upfront about bringing a cat into your home but it’s also realistic. If you make it through each page thinking, “I can handle that,” then you would probably make a fantastic cat family.
I have had a cat myself and there was some information in this book that I didn’t know either, so this might be a good resource for parents as well!
Definitely consider reading this book before adopting a cat or kitten.
I received a free copy of the book for review purposes and I’m happy to share my opinion about it.

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This book is perfect for a kiddo who would like a kitten or cat. They can read before they get a cat and learn all of the things to do or not do with their new pet.

There is a reason cats have claws. We as owners just need to figure out what to do to help so they do not destroy our things.

How to care for a cat is an important thing to learn before getting the animal. What a perfect book for a kiddo.

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This book is the perfect CATS 101 for anyone considering bringing a cat into their life. It is a book focused on children, but I consider that this information is very well presented and could be useful to all types of people. It is a realistic guide because at the end of the day you are bringing a living creature into your home that needs a lot of care and affection, it's a huge responsibility and it's nice to know in advance the kind of situations you might run into.

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This is a very cute little book for kids about how to take care of a cat. Start with a plant!
Loved the illustrations. The writing was great and easy to read. Great book for kids who want a cat.

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”Cats are Great But” was written by Stepanka Sekaninova has a publish date of May 7, 2024. Thank you to Net Galley for the advanced copy.

As a cat lover, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Educational if you have never had a cat for a pet. The facts of kittens to full grown cats was exact. Even though I have had cats my entire life, I loved how the author helped me to recall how cute kittens were, but how adventurous and mischievous they can be, especially at night when you are trying to sleep.

One thing that stood out as all the pain in the neck things cats do, the author provided a quick fix for the cats behavior. As far as night time escapades go, try playing with your cat for 30-60 minutes before bed. For cats clawing the furniture, one is provided with the reason cats claw at furniture and advises getting a scratching post or two. The section on cat hair being everywhere hits home for every cat owner whether short or long haired cats reside with you. The author simply discusses adult cats may want babies but can be spayed or neutered. The section on cat behavior and what the cat is communicating is helpful to this long time cat owner.

This would be a great book for a young person to let them know what owning a cat entails. They are cute and fun, but also some work is involved.The text is accompanied by adorable drawings of a child and cats placed into situations discussed in the book. Even if my child already knew the information from living with a cat, a young reader would love reading a chapter book with something they already have knowledge of in their life.

Thanks again NetGalley for the ARC.

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I requested this because it definitely mirrors my own feelings about cats (I adopted two kittens in March, and one of my librarians also just adopted a kitten after putting down a senior pet, so we spend a lot of time swapping kitten horror stories!). I think both of us can definitely relate to the problems here! It’s part story, part advice book, as the little girl presents a problem and the story gives a solution (for instance, getting kitty a scratching post for her claws). It’s a little wordy for storytime, but I think it would be great for a family that’s looking to adopt a cat, or maybe hoping to explain to an elementary school-aged kiddo just how much *work* a new pet can be. The illustrations are cute and comic style. This is the second book in a row I looked at today that had an all-caps font, though, which I don’t love (all-caps is really hard for people with dyslexia and other processing or vision issues).

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Outstanding book for anyone with a cat or thinking about getting a cat. Plenty of information in this book and it’s delivered with wit and humor. Tips for taking care of a cat or why they do certain things. I received a free copy of this advance reader copy, and I am voluntarily submitting this review.

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What a cute book! I love my two cats and I know I have plenty of patrons at the library who love their cats, so I'm sure they'd love this book!

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This is a cute book that would be great for helping kids understand what a cat needs and why cats do some of their strange behaviors. Seems perfect for kids age 4-8.

#netgalley #CatsAreGreatBut

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This is a great book for a child that is getting a cat for the first time. The way it is written is so cute and also very informative. It gives good tips on how you should raise a cat. I like how in the beginning, a plant was used to show that they were responsible and ready for a pet.

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Children often want pets without thinking about any of the bad things that come along with being a pet parent. This book is a great guide to show children that not everything about having a cat is fun. They need to be able to do work to help their parents with having a cat. I could see children using this book to guide them when they are asking their parents for a pet cat.

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