A Little Trickerie

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Pub Date 01 Aug 2024 | Archive Date 18 Jul 2024

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'Crisp, transportive, uplifting. The fresh, irreverent voice of Tibb Ingleby is sheer brilliance. I loved it!'

Listen. My one-time friend Maria did tell me once: "Make your own paradise, Tibb, since this world is no sweet place for people like us."

Born a vagabond, Tibb Ingleby has never had a roof of her own. But her mother has taught her that if you're not too bound by the Big Man's rules, there are many ways a woman can find shelter in this world. Now her ma is dead in a trick gone wrong and young Tibb is orphaned and alone.

As she wends her way across the fields and forests of medieval England, Tibb will discover there are people who will care for her, as well as those who mean her harm. And there are a great many others who are prepared to believe just about anything.

And so, when the opportunity presents itself to escape the shackles society has placed on them, Tibb and her new friends conjure an audacious plan: her greatest trickerie yet. But before they know it, their hoax takes on a life of its own, drawing crowds - and vengeful enemies - to their door...

A Little Trickerie is blazingly original, disarmingly funny and deeply moving. Portraying a side of Tudor England rarely seen, it's a tale of belief and superstition, kinship and courage, with a ragtag cast of characters and an unforgettable and distinctly unangelic heroine.

'Rosanna Pike is a bright and bold new voice in historical fiction and has created a heart-catching character in bad girl trickster, Tibb' ANNIE GARTHWAITE, author of CECILY

'Striking, darkly funny and heartfelt, Tibb’s tale of trickery and friendship grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go' FERDIA LENNON, author of GLORIOUS EXPLOITS

'A Little Trickerie has a big heart, a subversive wit, and the most lovable protagonist I've come across in years ... A thrilling, joyous, intoxicating debut' SANDRA NEWMAN, author of THE HEAVENS

'Crisp, transportive, uplifting. The fresh, irreverent voice of Tibb Ingleby is sheer brilliance. I loved it!'

Listen. My one-time friend Maria did tell me...

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Featured Reviews

“Superstition is born of ignorance and fear, and thrives the most when reason is asleep.”— Zarathushtra

Coarse, uneducated and foul-mouthed Tibb Ingelby grows up as a vagrant, but finds friendship after two horrible events that catapult her into the hostile world that was Tudor England. Self-doubt, her past and her ever-present Ma’s wisdom shapes Tibb and often the distinction between friend and foe eludes her. She is streetwise to a degree, but longs to belong, to have a roof over her head.
I was utterly smitten by Tibb and her posse of misfits. Tudor England in all its superstition, bigotry and religious dogma is brought to glaring life in this story.
Friendships, whether incidental and short or a lasting bond over decades are at the core of this karma-led plot. And you will be hovering on the edge of your seat and cheering Tibb and company on.
Astounding story-telling clout for a debut - will definitely keep an eye out for Pike’s next adventure!

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Born an itinerant, Tibb Ingleby has never had a place to call her own. However, her mother imparted the wisdom that if societal norms don't overly constrain one, there are numerous ways for a woman to find shelter in this world. Sadly, her mother meets an untimely demise in a failed deception, leaving young Tibb orphaned and solitary.

As she traverses the fields and woodlands of medieval England, Tibb will encounter individuals who will provide care and support, particularly Ivo, as well as those who intend to harm her. Additionally, there exists a multitude of people who are willing to believe virtually anything.

Consequently, when an opportunity arises to liberate themselves from the restraints imposed by society, Tibb and her newfound companions devise an audacious plan: their most daring deceit yet. However, their ruse takes on a life of its own, attracting attention and unrelenting adversaries.

Tibb possesses a distinctive, bold voice and is unafraid to employ it. Life proves arduous in Tudor England for impoverished girls without families, relying solely on ingenuity and trickery for survival. Tibb must learn to fend for herself and ultimately, with the assistance of unexpected allies, to do more than merely exist. This tale is redemptive, inclusive, and astutely crafted, deftly navigating the medieval world while maintaining authenticity.

Featuring well-developed characters and a resplendent imagination, this captivating narrative will provoke a whirlwind of emotions, with Tibb leaving an indelible impression. The atmosphere is vividly and evocatively described, and the climactic deception perfectly balances humor and heart-pounding tension.

A Little Trickerie is remarkably innovative, playfully amusing, and profoundly affecting. Offering a glimpse into a rarely depicted facet of Tudor England, it explores themes of belief and superstition, kinship and fortitude, all anchored by an eccentric cast of characters and an unforgettable, refreshingly imperfect heroine.

And besides, home can be a person as much as a place.

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Tibb beguiled me I couldn't put down A Little Trickerie until I knew how things ended for her (happily, I hoped!).
Tibb as a character was fully formed and leapt off the page with her charm and wit; I followed her journey and her own made family and was utterly gripped. The way that the characters, locations and time period was written felt so self assured and confident for a debut novel and long after I put down the novel Tibb's wit and character have me smiling. This is a novel that I will gladly re read, and, a bold statement but this is currently my favourite book of the year and one that will take a lot to knock off the top spot; a must read!

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin General UK for a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review

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Absolutely incredible. I don’t usually go for books in this period, but Tibb’s original, witty and devastating voice had me from the start. This novel is unlike anything I have ever read, and I actually find it impossible to sum up my thoughts. I’ve already been recommending the book to everyone I know, and there’s no doubt I’ll purchase a print copy when it’s published. Pike is clearly an astounding talent to have created such a funny and raw debut, and reading this was an absolute privilege.

Many thanks to NetGalley and FigTree for this remarkable, remarkable work.

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Tibb has a unique, audacious voice and isn’t scared to use it. Life is hard in Tudor England for girls with no money, no family and only cunning and trickery to get by on. This glorious tale will put you through the wringer and Tibb will stay with you for a long time!

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A punchy tale of medieval mystery told through the eyes of Tibb, the daughter of a vagabond, who is left literally holding the baby when her mother dies. Tibb has to learn to fend for herself and over time, with the help of unlikely friends, to do more than survive. Redemptive, inclusive and clever, this is a rollicking read that redefines the medieval world while feeling true to it. Great characters, beautifully imagined and with such heart.

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Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for allowing me to review this debut novel. As a fan of historical fiction, I really enjoyed this very original story with some great characters. Initially, I did find the writing style unusual and was not sure if this book was for me, but once invested in the main character and the plot development, I was happy to continue reading. This book will appeal to those who enjoy original fiction and a slower plot line that gradually reveals itself. Well written, but the writing style did take the book to 4 ⭐️ for me rather than 5.

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This book certainly puts the reader's emotions through a wringer! I was in turns sad, distraught, horrified, relieved, happy, amused and surprised but my over-riding emotion during most of this book was dread that something terrible was going to happen to these wonderful characters.

I loved the character of Tibb and the way she told this story was poignant, open-hearted and often comical. The supporting characters were very well drawn and likeable too. The environment was well described and the final trickerie was funny at the same time as being incredibly tense.

I genuinely found it impossible to stop reading right the way through the book and very much look forward to what the author writes next.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an e-copy of the book for review.

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