Dodge and Burn

A Sophie Medina Mystery

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Book 4 of A Sophie Medina Mystery
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Pub Date 07 May 2024 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2024

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Washington, D.C.-based photojournalist Sophie Medina is not a murderer - but someone is determined to make sure she goes down for a crime she did not commit . . .

When billionaire philanthropist and art collector Robson Blake hires Sophie Medina to take photographs for him, she doesn't expect to show up and find her client dead. It seems he was the victim of a burglary gone wrong. But why was his state-of-the-art security system turned off . . . and why, in a house full of priceless Old Masters, is the only thing missing a beautiful but insignificant Ukrainian religious icon?

Before long, Sophie finds herself in the crosshairs of a D.C. homicide detective who suspects she knows more than she is saying about Blake's murder - and he's not wrong. To Sophie's mixed delight and horror, she's recently learned she has a half-brother . . . who might also be an international art thief, with eyes on Blake's collection.

As the police get closer to finding Blake's killer, Sophie is certain someone is trying to frame her for his murder. Can she find the real killer in time - even if it means turning in her own brother to prove her innocence?

The latest instalment in this gripping series featuring fearless photojournalist Sophie Medina is a great choice for readers who enjoy high-flying female sleuths, deft red-herrings and page-turning plot twists, and glamorous settings.

Washington, D.C.-based photojournalist Sophie Medina is not a murderer - but someone is determined to make sure she goes down for a crime she did not commit . . .

When billionaire philanthropist and...

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Featured Reviews

Dodge and Burn - Stolen Antiquities Lead to Death

Sophie Medina in "Dodge and Burn' is a former photographer/journalist who has covered everything from wars to celebrities. She has come to live in Washington, D.C. after the death of her husband during a CIA operation. That's how she discovered he was a covert agent. It's been two years and she's made a new life for herself taking photographs for non-profits in exchange for photo credits.

Her mother and step-father live in Virginia outside of D.C., and a number of her friends from childhood live in work in the D.C. area.

Her family, as well as her friends, are well-to-do and the book includes descriptions of outfits worn, beautifully decorated houses, food, and art. Her landlord is a designer and an art dealer. She has friends who work for the local newspapers and international publications, as well as holding jobs as lawyers and doctors.

When she is hired by a local man who is well known for his art collection, his connections, and his philanthropy - mostly in donating art to museums, she accidentally sees a piece of art she should not have seen.

This opens the story to the mystery - the man is murdered, the piece (a very old and famous Russian Icon of Mary) goes missing, and suddenly Sophie's life includes police and front page news stories.

While she tries to continue her non-profit work by photographing a soccer training session with homeless children taught by the Real Madrid professional soccer team, she also has her life disturbed by a Spanish journalist who says he was friends with her real father - a famous Spanish Soccer player who died many years ago.

This further complicates her life as he drags out into the open (at least to Sophie) details about the life of her father and she discovers she has a half-brother as well.

The stolen icon turns out to have disappeared from a church in the Ukraine. The plot reveals a great deal about both the stolen antiquities business, and a group that is working to retrieve these items and return them to their true home.

Dodge and Burn has an interesting mystery, and intriguing characters. The secrets of Sophie's life are as interesting as the murder mystery and the stolen art. The book also offers a tour of some very beautiful places in Washington, D.C.

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This is a superior series, featuring semi-retired photojournalist Sophie Medina in an interesting Washington D.C. setting. Sophie is widowed, and financially independent. She is asked to take some photos for a wealthy art collector/philanthropist and arrives at the appointment to find him murdered.

The door opens on the world of "stolen" (unethically acquired) artworks and the details are fascinating. Then a personal family discover makes Sophie's involvement even more perilous.

This is a well-written series and the narrative moves quickly. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Ellen Crosby's DODGE AND BURN, the fourththird instalment in the Sophie Medina series, finds the Washington, D.C.-based international photographer still in mourning following the death of her husband. But when her neighbor introduces her to billionaire philanthropist Robson Blake, and she is hired by him to take photographs, her life takes a dramatic turn. She arrives for an appointment and finds her client murdered in his study, and a priceless piece of art is missing. When she meets a half-obrother she'd previously had no knowledge of, she learns that he is in the business of taking back stolen treasures. He cautions her that the item may have been stolen from a small church in Ukraine., and that perhaps Robson may have been heavily involved in the underworld of stolen masterpieces. Is the brother legit? Is anyone who they say they are? In this smart, punchy, and glamourous page-turner Crosby again delivers a sophisticated and satisfying mystery. Thanks to #DodgeandBurn and #NetGalley for a review copy of the book.

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