Sacred Trust

Election Integrity and the Will of the People

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Pub Date 02 Apr 2024 | Archive Date Not set

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As a Republican Congressman, a founding member and leader of the House Freedom Caucus, one of the most senior and aggressive Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, and a vocal defender of election integrity, Jody Hice witnessed firsthand how the gradual erosion of Congressional integrity has crippled America's faith in its most essential institutions. From his first day in office, he experienced direct and relentless pressure from career bureaucrats, even in his party, to subvert the will of the American people.

SACRED TRUST: ELECTION INTEGRITY AND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE sounds an alarm. If the voice of the people is lost at the ballot box, our Republic will be lost as well. Integrity must rule the day and surpass partisan strategies and yearnings. To be precise, there is but one thing that elections must articulate; the will of the people. That is the true issue.


By highlighting his personal history, from his humble beginnings to becoming an influential member of Congress, Hice will candidly relate his experiences and deal with the topic of election integrity. 

However, exposing a problem without solutions accomplishes little more than providing a place for venting frustration and casting blame. Enough with personal venting and blame-throwing! America needs solutions. America deserves solutions. The world needs a healthy America, as does the upcoming generation who will inherit the baton of liberty that we must successfully transfer. Too much is at stake; now is the time to preserve election integrity.

SACRED TRUST is mandatory reading for true patriots looking for the truth and solutions to making EVERY VOTE COUNT!


As a Republican Congressman, a founding member and leader of the House Freedom Caucus, one of the most senior and aggressive...

Advance Praise

“Congressman Hice’s journey from a small Baptist parish to the epicenter of the 2020 presidential elections is one of the most riveting and inspiring stories in recent congressional history. Hice did not have the privilege of buying or networking his way into international politics. Like all great Americans, Hice did not covet leadership. The critical role he played in our 2020 elections was not for fame or an enhanced platform. He simply did what he thought was right and let God handle the rest… What I admire so much about the thesis of this book is that Congressman Hice looks beyond partisanship. Instead of focusing on the miasma of our current electoral system, it looks at the greater principles that underline it… Ronald Reagan once said, “The right to vote is the crown jewel of American liberties.” Though tragically few Americans utilize their right to participate in this process, it nonetheless remains their most valuable tool. The right to vote is as sacred to the American system of government as the sacrament is to the church. That sacred trust and our electoral system must be guarded at all costs. Doing so will require clear leadership and a road map toward rehabilitating our system. Thankfully, Congressman Jody Hice has given us just that.”

—From the FOREWORD, Ken Blackwell, bestselling author and Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance, Family Research Council

“Former Congressman Jody Hice is a courageous conservative warrior and a true patriot who loves his country. He has been on the front line in the battle for the integrity and security of our elections, as he recognizes that they are vital to the future of America. His insight gained from his experience, and his self-sacrifice in pursuit of a just cause, is informative and inspirational.”—U.S. Representative Bob Good, Virginia’s 5th District, House Freedom Caucus Chairman

“America has a process by which she handles her business and settles disagreements: the electoral process. If Americans mistrust the sanctity & fidelity of our elections, they either will seek alternative methods of settling those disagreements, or disengage altogether. Without the guarantee of integrity and accuracy—at the outset—we have no remedy for a questionable election. It is absolutely critical that our elections remain sacrosanct - completely transparent, failsafe, and above reproach.”—U.S. Representative Scott Perry, Pennsylvania 10th District, Former House Freedom Caucus Chairman

“Election integrity is one of the key pillars that our electoral system is built on. If we don’t defend the integrity and justice of our system, then people will lose faith in it. Congressman Hice sheds light on a critical issue facing our nation and provides an excellent blueprint for how we can move forward. This is essential reading for any American who believes in defending our sacred intuitions.”—U.S. Representative, Andy Biggs, Arizona’s 5th District, Former House Freedom Caucus Chairman

“It is critical that the American people have confidence in the integrity of our elections. The Constitution clearly grants the authority and control of elections to the states. I have worked with Jody in Congress to ensure the federal government does not exceed its authority in tampering with elections and appreciate his efforts to share this message with the American people.”—U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale, Montana’s 2nd District

SACRED TRUST is essential reading for any patriot looking to right the ship of American integrity. At every corner, our nation is under siege by the Left. Those progressives are devoted to one end: the destruction of our sacred American foundations. Their long march through our nation's institutions has brought us to this decisive moment that will determine the very future of our nation. This book provides essential insight as to how we, as Patriots and as Christians, can stand together and turn back the scourge of the Left.”—Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

“Congressman Jody Hice is one of the most important Christian voices in American politics. Throughout his career, he stood for integrity, liberty, and freedom, especially when it was politically inconvenient. His journey from leading congregations to being a leader in Congress is an inspiration to all. Along the way, he fought with honor and refused to compromise his values, even in the face of staunch opposition. That commitment makes him one of the most important and respected voices in the conservative movement to this day.”—Dr. Jim Garlow, CEO, Well Versed

“Congressman Jody Hice has dedicated his life to our constitutional freedoms and the fight for conservative values. Over the past few years, he led the charge in exposing the corruption of the electoral system, and SACRED TRUST is a glimpse into the systemic problems our great nation faces and how we should address them to secure a better future from the ballot box and beyond.”— Jenn Pellegrino, Newsmax Anchor and Former White House Correspondent

“Congressman Hice’s journey from a small Baptist parish to the epicenter of the 2020 presidential elections is one of the most riveting and inspiring stories in recent congressional history. Hice did...

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