Wall to Wall

Mural Art Around the World

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Pub Date May 07 2024 | Archive Date May 14 2024

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Wall to Wall presents an exciting tour of remarkable wall art around the globe, from prehistoric caves to futuristic wonders.
People have been drawing on walls since ancient times. They do it to create beauty, to tell a story, to make a statement, or just to say, “I was here.” You can find wall art in a remote cave in Patagonia and a desert castle in Jordan, a kingly palace in the Republic of Benin and the National Palace of Mexico, a miles-long flood channel in Los Angeles and a sky-high rooftop in Norway.
In Wall to Wall, award-winning author, illustrator, and muralist Mary Ann Fraser takes readers on a worldwide journey through time, stopping to see amazing mural art along the way. Stunning color illustrations and fascinating photographs illuminate both famous and little-known examples, and lighthearted text tells engaging stories about the people who inspired or created them. A glossary, suggestions for further reading, and a section on the preservation of murals conclude the book. No reader will ever again pass by a mural—whether in a historic building, a museum, or out on the street—without stopping to take a closer look.
Wall to Wall presents an exciting tour of remarkable wall art around the globe, from prehistoric caves to futuristic wonders.
People have been drawing on walls since ancient times. They do it to...

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✨ Review ✨ Wall to Wall: Mural Art Around the World by Mary Ann Fraser

Thanks to Getty Publications and #netgalley for the gifted advanced copy/ies of this book!

As a mural lover, I was super excited to see how this non-fiction book laid out murals and their rich history for kids. The 80-page book is beautifully-illustrated, dedicating four pages to each of its examples of muralism throughout world history.

From ancient cave paintings, Egyptian tombs, and Pompeii's famous murals to lesser-known examples like Mogao Grottoes in China, the Palace Art of Abomey in the Republic of Benin, and the temporary paintings of the Mithila Kohbar in India, the examples stretch through a huge range of time and locations.

More recent examples include Mexico's Los Tres Grandes, The Great Wall of Los Angeles, and the Berlin Wall. Choosing between recent examples must have been really hard, and more North-American-centric, and I'd love to see more contemporary examples from around the world.

The book was a joy to read and accessible to both kids and adults!

Genre: non-fiction, children's/middle-grades, art and culture
Pub Date: 07 May 2024

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"Wall to Wall" presents an exploration of wall art across diverse cultures and historical periods, offering readers a fascinating journey through the evolution of this expressive art. The artwork featured within this book is truly remarkable.

What sets "Wall to Wall" apart is how the author not only showcased the original art, but the illustrator also came up with their own take on the art, providing readers with a multifaceted perspective on each piece. This dynamic presentation adds depth to the viewing experience and encourages contemplation of the art's inherent meanings.

A notable highlight of the book is the inclusion of thought-provoking questions that prompt readers to delve deeper into the motivations behind the creation of each artwork and its significance. This interactive element allows engagement and enriches the reader's understanding of the cultural contexts in which these masterpieces emerged. I liked how "Wall to Wall" wet into the intriguing concept of individuals leaving their mark through art, a notion shown by the "I was here" theme. This exploration of human expression across millennia serves as a reminder of our enduring desire to communicate and make an impact on the world.

Great book for young people interested in art, history or just a fun read!

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I gravitated towards this book because I can never seem to find worthy art books to share with mid grade kids and teens. I loved how the art from different time periods and places was displayed and explained so thoroughly. The pieces chosen were exquisite and bold. I can see this book inspiring some young artists to break out and try something new!

Was this review helpful?

This book is fascinating! It’s all about the history of wall art from early man to present day. It includes wall art from all over the world and tells its history. This would be an awesome book for teaching social studies.

Was this review helpful?

This was quite an interesting book about murals. It covered different types of murals from all over the world and in different time periods. I enjoyed the mix of photographs and illustrations.

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Wall to Wall - Mural Art Around the World by Mary Ann Fraser is a fantastic introduction to mural art aimed at children and teens and is a fascinating insight into the history and evolution of wall art

I didn't realise that this was aimed at younger people when I requested it (being a huge fan of street art) but this did not detract from my enjoyment of this delightful book. It begins with ancient Patagonia and the beginnings of mural art with the Cave of Hands, travels the Silk Road, explores medieval frescos, even murals and graffitti art in locations of conflict and social upheaval.

This fascinating book is written beautifully and places wall art in many different contexts, from expression, to decoration, to recording history and social commentary. Very well put together with lovely illustrations that frame the artwork, a very good read for a younger audience interested in art

Thank you very much to Netgalley, Getty Publications and the author Mary Ann Fraser for this fun and interesting ARC. My review is left voluntarily and all opinions are my own

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At first it seems the book is a DK for kids but its a good reference to the history of Mural art. Love the images and essays on the book. Highly recommended!

Was this review helpful?

Wall to Wall : Mural Art Around the World. This is a brilliant book that tells the story of wall art, from the cavemen to the present day. It is beautifully illustrated, and is pitched just right for keeping children interested and engaged. It is also of interest to adults and is a lovely book overall.

Was this review helpful?

“Wall to Wall” follows the exploration and history of wall art throughout the times. The historical aspects are interesting and the art is beautiful. I was thinking it would have been wall art that is more recent focusing on city murals to Banksy, but I do like that it shows that art has been created on walls and its interpretations are important to the culture.
Thank you #netgalley #gettypublications #maryannfraser for an opportunity to view this book

Was this review helpful?

Very informative and beautifully formatted book on the history of murals. I appreciated how the author included murals from many different cultures and expressed their usefulness in conveying stories. Here, murals are positioned as a powerful method of relaying information or ideas. There's just enough text to provide context to the art.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this more than I originally thought that I would. There was so much information and beautiful art packed into this book. There are definitely some things that I have noted into my bucket list of things that I would like to see in person.

Was this review helpful?

This book was far more informative and fascinating than I expected! Especially powerful was the chapter on the murals in Afghanistan. I would have loved this book to be even longer, with more photos of modern wall art across the globe!

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely fantastic book of illustrations and photos of the real Wall Art around the world with extensive commentary about so many things. It even includes an index and glossary. A smattering of the places showcased are Afghanistan, Norway, Berlin Wall, Mexico, Republic of Benin, the Sistine Chapel, another in Italy, Jordan, the Silk Road in China, Herculaneum, India, Nefertari's Tomb in Egypt, Cave of the Hands in Argentina, and in the US are the Amistad murals, Great Wall of LA, Arresting Art in NYC, and the Coit Tower murals.
Perfect for reading alone or WITH someone of any age including ESL in order to discuss many things about the art and what each represents.
I feel that this book is great for gifting to everyone, but especially to a school, hospital, or your local public library!
I requested and received a free temporary EARC on Adobe Digital Editions from Getty Publications via NetGalley. Thank you!

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A mural is a permanent artwork painted on a wall. Murals can be created using various materials and often represent a culture, history, or a desire for change. They have the power to transform a neighborhood. Wall to Wall by Mary Ann talks in details about different murals that are created all around the world. This book is packed with information, spanning from ancient cave paintings to modern murals.
A book perfectly suited for an older child interested in art history, particularly murals, this book serves as an excellent resource for anyone seeking knowledge on these topics.

Was this review helpful?

From cave man designs to modern day street art, readers learn about the every-changing world of wall murals.

Already on the opening page of contents, the wide range of wall art explored in this book is revealed. Thumb-print photos are pinned by location on a map of the world, fitting to the chapters listed below, which highlight each one. Starting with the Cave of the Hands in Argentina, works from Egypt, Italy, Afghanistan, and more are explored with actual images of the artwork and fairly detailed descriptions to their creation and possible purposes. At the end, the author opens the door with a chapter about what the future might hold as well as a section on preservation of these artworks.

Starting from the very beginning with the mural artwork found from prehistoric times, the variety of artwork through the ages and it's importance are discussed. Some of these are well-known; others will surprise. The text stays in a somewhat casual tone, letting the facts flow with the atmosphere of a conversation, but it is still a very information based read and comes across as such. So, it is for the older age group and aimed at those, who want to learn more about this form of artwork. This can be used for an art theme in classrooms (even just a chapter or two) and does offer a nice basis for homeschool settings exploring this direction.

The information isn't focused on dates and places. Instead, it takes a rounder view. I enjoyed how the author discloses possible materials and techniques used to form each work. The surrounding culture and intentions are also looked at, staying within the realm of the art piece. Other events and interesting tidbits are added, too, which offer insights into broader art trends in the area, things which might have affected the piece over time, and surprising insights, which aren't usually mentioned. It creates a rich mix, which goes beyond the usual facts.

Each chapter not only holds a photo of the artwork but includes colorful illustrations, which reinforce the other pieces of information being revealed. These stick to a colorful and simpler style, reminding a bit of picture book illustrations. This loosens up the atmosphere, since the text does carry quite a bit of knowledge. These also help bring across the information with more clarity.

This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in discovering more about mural art and hits the intended audience level well.

Was this review helpful?

I was surprised how much I learned from this fascinating book! Wall art has been around for as long as human history, and it's been used for art, communication, politics -- pretty much everything! Looking through the examples in this book is amazing, because there is so much variety from such different people and civilizations. I highly recommend this book for schools and as a gift and/or coffee table book. After going through the first time, I felt like I had to go back and look at everything again. Thanks so much to NetGalley for letting me read this.

Was this review helpful?

It was a nice book, but the US was over-represented, and the author either intended a younger age group than this is listed for, or is simply unwilling to tackle any slightly uncomfortable or complicated topics. I was disappointed not to see the Ulster murals in here, nor was unsanctioned street art included meaningfully at all. Turning the Creation of Adam into a Ken doll was simply insulting the readers. Otherwise, it's well put together, and I appreciated the inclusion of historic art from places outside of Europe, even if it was a little jarring that there was an article on per-historic cave art that didn't make a nod to the famed Lascaux, not even in the end matter. It would have been helpful to readers to help them learn about even more murals than this book covers, but that opportunity was missed.

Was this review helpful?

I didn’t realise this was aimed at younger readers when I started reading it. And to be honest apart from some simplified language, the book is suitable for anyone. There is an emphasis on the history of mural art and it is fascinating. We visit Herculaneum, the Silk Road, Egypt, Benin and the Sistine Chapel, among other places. The illustrations are excellent.

There is a lot going on in this book and it’s well presented and would be very suitable for a young person interested in street art or as a project for an art course. I loved it and learned loads and I’m glad I read it regardless of its intended audience.

I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

From cave art to more modern murals on building walls and roofs, Fraser takes a look at the art of the mural and how only such a large canvas can sometimes express big ideas such as humanity, the divine, the human condition, and how we are all connected. Absolutely fascinating.

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