The Murder After the Night Before

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Pub Date Jun 11 2024 | Archive Date Jul 02 2024
Harper 360 | HQ Digital

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'A whip-smart whodunnit, this will keep you guessing' Red

'A fast-paced thriller with clever twists' Bella

Something bad happened last night. My best friend Posey is dead. The police think it was a tragic accident. I know she was murdered.

I’ve woken up with the hangover from hell, a stranger in my bed, and I’ve gone viral for the worst reasons.

There’s only one thing stopping me from dying of shame. I need to find a killer.

But after last night, I can’t remember a thing…

From the author of How to Kill Men and Get Away With It, don’t miss this wickedly witty and utterly addictive novel, perfect for fans of Bella Mackie, Dawn O’Porter and Killing Eve.

Praise for The Murder After the Night Before:

‘What a ride! Unflinchingly realistic and raw but somehow also brilliantly funny at times, Brent's novel is a must-read’ Jesse Sutanto, author of Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers

‘The horrors of going viral on social media twinned with a twisty murder mystery – contemporary fiction at its best, I loved it!' Jackie Kabler, author of The Perfect Couple

‘Brent delivers a compelling and incredibly important novel’ My Weekly

‘A fast-paced and satisfying read’ Charlotte Bigland, author of It’s Not Me It’s You

‘The Hangover meets Fleabag in this ribald, twisted mystery’ PJ Ellis, author of Love & Other Scams

‘A fast-paced thriller. With clever twists, it’s totally gripping' Closer Magazine

‘Once again, Katy Brent has shown her immense talent at writing dark humour with a thought-provoking core’ Sarah Clarke, author of A Mother Never Lies

‘A flawlessly plotted murder mystery. Devilishly brilliant. I loved it!’ Sarah Bonner, author of Her Perfect Twin

'A whip-smart whodunnit, this will keep you guessing' Red

'A fast-paced thriller with clever twists' Bella

Something bad...

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Featured Reviews

Molly just had the worst night of her life & she can’t even remember any of it. Thanks to a viral video though, soon everyone knows. Things are about to get a lot worse. The next day, all she wants is to talk to her best friend, Posey. She can’t seem to reach her though, until the unthinkable happens. The police think it was a tragic accident, but Molly firmly believes Posey was murdered. She starts investigating on her own & finds that Posey was keeping a lot of secrets. Hey, but at least it’s keeping her mind off that video! I really like Brent’s writing style & the humor she puts into her books. Definitely an author that I will keep reading.

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Grab this crazy book!

When Molly wakes up she learns that she is a social media sensation - in the worst way possible. A man is in her bed, and he claims he just assisted her. While she tries to make sense of all that has gone wrong in her life, and what has led to this moment she discovers that her best friend in the entire world is dead.

Thus starts a wild ride, a crazy story, an awesome tale - a novel that could be ripped from the headlines to be honest.

Who killed her best friend? Molly is sure it was murder. What is the deal with Josh? Is he really For-Real and a good samaritan. And after all of that has been dealt with, what can Molly do about her insane social media presence?

Would love to see this on tv, and hope that happens ! If you love a thrilller-type story, a who done, and a underdog heroine, this is a fabulous novel for you! #harper360 #katybrent #themurderafterthenightbefore

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This book starts off humorously with a witty main character then quickly adopts a more serious tone and provides social commentary on the toxicity of social media, the disparity between sexes when it comes to sexual assault and broaches the topic of misogyny. The topics covered are extremely relevant but are presented in a way that is accessible to readers.

Molly is an inspirational character. She starts off witty, quickly devolves into brokenness once she wakes up and discovers what has been posted about her on social & discovers her best friend, but then grows into a strong character by the end of the book. She is not without flaws, but she is truly herself. She is fighting personal battles from her past and her present, but that doesn’t stop her from being charming & saying exactly what she thinks. Her flaws are not hidden from the reader and the reader is able to see Molly as a whole person with struggles & triumphs.

This was a great thriller with multiple “who-dun-its”. Molly had to try to resolve her own personal drama all while trying to solve the murder of her best friend and while investigating the disappearance of teenage girl that her friend had been looking into prior to her death. There are several twists and turns that keep you guessing. I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes to play armchair detective.

Was this review helpful?

Great book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! This book had a bit of everything! It had suspense, intrigue, action, murder, mystery, a fantastic who done it and some crazy twists and turns! The storyline was very interesting and kept me glued to my Kindle! I highly recommend reading this book!. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
Something bad happened last night. My best friend Posey is dead. The police think it was a tragic accident. I know she was murdered. I’ve woken up with the hangover from hell, a stranger in my bed, and I’ve gone viral for the worst reasons. There’s only one thing stopping me from dying of shame. I need to find a killer!!

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely loved this! Molly Monroe is a 30 something writer for a teen magazine who woke up after her company Christmas party with the hangover from hell, a strange (but gorgeous) man in her bed, and has gone viral for the all the wrong reasons. When life can’t get any worse, she turns to her best friend, Posey, for encouragement only to find Posey dead in their apartment. The police rule her death an unfortunate accident, but Molly isn’t sure that’s the case and is determined to uncover the truth- even if it makes her look like a lunatic. If you’re looking for a thriller with a bit of dark comedy thrown in and some good twists, you will love this one! Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A twisty, thrill ride that starts with a social media disaster and public shaming but somehow evolves into a devoted friend trying to deal with grief. The journalism aspect was definitely an added dimension I didn't see coming but tied the story together perfectly. Brent is an excellent writer; she instantly reeled me in and I couldn't finish fast enough!

Was this review helpful?

The first word that came to mind when describing the plot to a friend was "unhinged." While I still feel that is a fitting adjective to describe it, I am blown away by the uniqueness of this story. To not give too much away, I will describe the plot as vaguely as possible.

A viral video. An empty wine bottle. A secret cell phone.
After a drunken night out beginning at her company's week-night Christmas party, Molly wakes up with a stranger in her bed and no recollection of the night before. The entire day almost passes by without Molly hearing from her best friend and flat-mate, Posey. That is, until Molly checks Posey's bathroom to see if her toothbrush is gone, but finds Posey's body. This propels Molly into working through her drunken memories to find out what happened to Posey. During her investigation, Molly eventually uncovers the answers to a decades-old missing child case that Posey had been investigating herself, and discovers Posey was murdered to keep the truth from coming out.

This story is funny, fast paced, and full of twists you don't see coming.

Was this review helpful?

This one was great! I definitely enjoyed it, especially the tone and the writing.

Molly wakes up after a holiday party completely blacked out and hungover with no recollection of the night before.
There is a strange man in her bed, and a video of her caught in a compromising act that she did not consent to from the night before has gone viral (and unfortunately she’s become the victim of extreme online bullying because of it)

Later in the day Molly discovers the body of her roommate Posey. The police don’t think it’s suspicious, but Molly is convinced that it is murder.

While searching for clues about what happened to Posey, Molly also falls into investigating a missing teen that Posey was in the middle of writing an investigative piece about .

This book addresses how women are treated in society- About how there is a double standard and about how women are ignored when they try to avocate for themselves or for something they believe in.

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins for an eArc in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The Murder After the Night Before by Katy Brent is without a doubt one of the most unique, brilliantly written books I’ve ever read. The suspense in this one is insane….. Someone should have told me I would physically be glued to this book until the end. And we even get some humor sprinkled throughout - what a combo! Absolutely love the characters in this book - run get this one!!!

Thank you NetGalley & Harper 360 for an ARC copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

Wow. Just wow. When Molly finds her best friend Posey dead, her life takes on a whole new angle. Who did it? How? No one wants to investigate... it had to be an accident. Right? If you want to have a really fun, roller-coaster of a ride, you have to read The Murder After the Night Before. Simply fabulous.

Was this review helpful?

The Murder After the Night Before by Katy Brent follows Molly after she wakes up from a wild night with a rough hangover, only to find her best friend Posey dead. The story has lots of fun twists and turns, there are parts that are absolutely hilarious and it was overall a joy to read! This is a really easy, fun read and I finished this book in a day! I hope Katy Brent does a sequel to delve more into Molly, and we can see where she goes after this book in the future, as the ending is a tad open ended (but that's also whats fun about it!)

Was this review helpful?

This uses the whodunnit element that I wanted from the description and genre. The characters worked well overall and thought they felt like real people, the characters uses the plot perfectly and was glad I got to go on this adventure with them. Katy Brent has a great writing style and glad it was so well done.

Was this review helpful?

After a wild night out, Molly wakes up to find herself in bed with a stranger, that she has gone viral and her best friend is dead. A fast paced who dunnit interspersed with dark humor and unexpected twists.

Was this review helpful?

This book goes beyond being just a binge-worthy thriller. It's an unputdownable mystery that also poignantly explores the roles women play in life and the injustices they face because of their sex. The novel adeptly navigates themes of grief and mental health. Our protagonist, Molly, is relatable and reminds us that everyone has flaws. What defines us is how we respond when life breaks us down. Instead of letting her life fall apart, she perseveres and changes her story.

Molly knows something terrible happened last night, but she woke up with a massive hangover next to a stranger in her bed. After discovering she went viral on the internet for something humiliating, she learns that her best friend and roommate is dead. Although the police believe it was an accident, Molly is convinced there's more to her friend's death. With the police unwilling to listen, she has only one option: to find the killer herself.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book so much. As I read many thrillers and suspense novels, this one felt so different. Still a “who-dun-it”, but with some humor and lightness to it. You just had to feel bad for Molly, the main character and POV, about her past emotional traumas and now the murder of her best friend…but OMG, she is funny(laughed out loud a few times). She just can’t not put her “ foot in her mouth.”
The author is a clever storyteller and I enjoyed the many plot twists throughout and at the end. I could see myself reading another of her books for sure.

Thanks again to #NetGalley for the #ARC of this book and allowing me to review it. It was a fun read.

Was this review helpful?

4.5⭐️! This is my first time reading a book by Katy Brent and I’m so glad I was offered the chance to read an advanced copy because it did NOT disappoint! I was hooked from the beginning of this one, drawn in by the contemporary and relatable setting, the undertone of suspense, and the comedic relief of the narrator’s POV. Brent formed a web of characters with personalities and backstories that granted them both suspicion and trust. This was a fun, easily digestible mystery with twists coming until the very end. Definitely recommend!

Was this review helpful?

This was a really cute thriller/murder mystery. I adored Molly and I don’t usually go for the unreliable narrator act but she was just so darn likeable. I found myself rooting for her the whole book. I liked that the twists kept coming even after the mystery was solved. They really helped explain why Molly was the way that she was. And, as a feminist, I appreciated the commentary on how women are treated by society and on social media. That is something that everyone needs to see and reflect on. I will definitely look for more of Katy Brent’s books.

Was this review helpful?

This book hooked me from the first chapter. I really enjoyed the writing and how everything tired together at the end. It was easy to follow and I read it in 2 days, I couldn't put it down. I am looking forward to reading more from this author and recommending this book when it comes out next month.

Was this review helpful?

I thought The Murder After the Night Before was a quick and fun read, perfect for summer! It was fast paced, and the characters were endearing (except when they shouldn’t be!) and easy to connect with. I liked that there were 2 mysteries happening at once, and Katy Brent kept me guessing as to whether or not they were related and who should be suspected. The humor made me laugh out loud a couple of time, which is a good plus!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for this book.

What a great sweet book! This was such a good mystery/ thriller! I need to read more by this author!

Was this review helpful?

Molly Monroe is one of heck of a lady. Thanks to NetGalley and Harper 360 for this eARC. Molly Monroe wakes up after a night out with zero memory with a strange man next to her in bed. She has become a viral sensation (in the worst way) and if her day could not be any worse she finds her best friend and roommate dead in the bathtub. Molly must piece together the mystery of her best friend's death which is definitely not accidental, deal with the assault she was a victim of, and grieve her best friend. While this book was laugh out loud funny it was also full of heartbreak and tense moments! I loved Katy Brent's writing and would highly recommend this.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book, it kept my attention through out the whole story. If you are looking for a book that has a crazy plot, that is going to keep you hooked this is the book for you. This book had love, drama, suspense, murder, and mystery, I mean it had everything!

Was this review helpful?

Many thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins HQ for gifting me a digital ARC of the sophomore book by Katy Brent. All opinions expressed in this review are my own - 4.5 stars rounded up!

Molly Monroe wakes up after her work Christmas party the night before, with a strange man in her bed, and no knowledge of the night before. When she finally makes it into work, things only get worse. Because Molly was caught on video last night and the video has gone viral. Even worse, she gets home and finds her flatmate, Posey, dead.

I loved Brent's debut, How to Kill Men and Get Away With it. This novel has much of that book's dark humor, while also highlighting toxic social media, especially victim blaming. Every chapter started with a different social media comment about Molly and it shows how truly vile people can be to other people. Molly is a messy character but one with great heart. She doesn't always make the best decisions (who does?) which added to her relatability. When the seemingly very incompetent police don't question Posey's death, Molly makes it her mission to investigate. There are plenty of suspects, mainly because most of the men in this book behave terribly. Such a great title and cover as well. Another fun book which has me anxiously awaiting more from this author!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of "Murder after the Night Before" by Katy Brent. Going into this book with zero expectations, I was completely blown away. From the moment I started reading, I forgot about my daily life and became utterly engrossed, finishing it in one sitting. Katy Brent has crafted an addictive and witty thriller that kept me guessing until the very end. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be reading more of her work.

The story begins with a shocking premise: the protagonist wakes up with the hangover from hell, a stranger in her bed, and the horrifying news that her best friend Posey is dead. The police think it’s a tragic accident, but she knows it’s murder. With no memory of the previous night and having gone viral for all the wrong reasons, she’s determined to find the killer. This fast-paced thriller, filled with clever twists and dark humor, is perfect for fans of Bella Mackie, Dawn O’Porter, and Killing Eve. Brent’s novel is not only a compelling whodunnit but also a sharp commentary on the horrors of going viral on social media. "Murder after the Night Before" is an unforgettable read that expertly blends suspense and humor, leaving you eagerly anticipating Brent’s next work.

Was this review helpful?

Molly wakes up after an office party with a killer hangover, a strange hot guy in her bed, and a sex video of her floating around of her. If that wasn’t bad enough, the next day she finds her best friend/roommate dead.
This book is filled with mystery and twists that will take you for a crazy ride.

Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC. #netgalley

Was this review helpful?

Molly might be setting a record for the worst possible day. First, she wakes up brutally hungover, with no memories of the night before, but finds plenty of clues that tell her it was Not Good. Turns out she's gone viral. In a way that is one of my worst nightmares. As if that's not bad enough, her best friend Posey turns up dead. The police think it was an accident, but something doesn't add up. Posey was a journalist, and investigating the disappearance of a well-known teen influencer when she died. However, with Molly's newfound internet infamy, no one's taking her suspicions seriously. So it's up to her to find out what really happened.

I won't say anything else about the plot because the reveals as they came were such a gut punch for me and really added to the experience. I requested this ARC because I loved the author's other book, "How to Kill Men and Get Away With it" which was satirical horror about an influencer who murders bad men. It was hilarious. This was a shift in tone, but still so compelling. The depiction of grief was very well done, but the plot was fast-moving enough that the heavy subject matter didn't slow the pace at all, just gave it more impact. Molly was a bit of a mess, but felt like such a real person that I could be friends with. She's 32 and feeling a little lost and stagnant in her life until the events of the novel, and then is thrown way out of her comfort zone so abruptly that I just wanted to help her! There were a couple of plot twists that I raised an eyebrow at, but I liked the ending a lot and overall had a great time. I will definitely continue to read this author's work! Thank you to NetGalley, they author, and the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

“I can’t even begin to imagine what a horrible, dangerous place the world was through her eyes.”

**Actual Rating: 4.75!!

Do you like to be gaslighted by authors? Well, apparently I do since I have committed myself to being a life fan of Katy Brent. This story was just….I don’t even want to describe it because I need my fellow readers to experience the same rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts I have experienced LOL.

The Murder After The Night Before follows Molly Monroe whose world just COMPLETELY comes crashing down around her after partying with coworkers at the company’s Christmas Party. Katy does an amazing job centering women in her stories and naming very real societal issues without watering down anything. I also appreciate the bits of humor that are laced throughout the story to help balance out the anger you’re likely to feel.

The story was fun to read, engaging, will keep you turning pages, and have you feeling like Sherlock Holmes just to turn around and say “B**ch you thought! LOLOLOLOL”. I absolutely enjoyed the experience of reading this book and it definitely had me talking out loud to myself which is nothing but praise in my eyes.

Side Note: The last 7% of this book was W-I-L-D! There was information (not important though) that I needed to know earlier in the story!! LOL

Thank you to Harper 360 and Netgalley for the arc read!!

Was this review helpful?

Molly wakes up with one of her worst hangovers yet. When she sees that there is a man lying in bed next to her, she realizes she remembers very little from the night before. There was an office Christmas party that she attended with a coworker, where she drank a lot, plus her pre-party drinks, but she is surprised to learn from her 'guest' that she was in a completely different part of town and sobbing when he came upon her, and escorted her home. Molly manages to get herself up and off to work, but can't understand why her hangover paranoia is so bad this time, it seems like everyone is looking at her and talking about her. This is the beginning of what many people I know would consider their worst nightmare. It is so realistic and upsetting and well written that I even forgot that there was supposed to be a murder!

Molly's character is so vulnerable and flawed that you can't help but like her. At certain points in the book, I wasn't sure how Molly could move forward with all that was happening. We learn a lot about her back story, and why she has made some of the choices she has. There was a lot of reference to what a hard time she was having with her mothers death, which had happened over 20 years before. Although we all grieve in our own way, I was not sure how this was as relevant as it seemed until the end. As for the murder, I had lots of ideas, but was still a little surprised by who it was. As Molly looks for who killed her friend, she also gets embroiled in danger. If you like a flawed main character trying to solve a murder, and an eclectic cast of side characters, you will definitely enjoy this book.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and publisher for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The Murder After the Night Before is from Katy Brent, the same author who gave us How to Kill Men and Get Away With It.

"Molly started the evening just planning to go to the office Christmas party. She wakes up in her bed the next day with a strange man next to her - discovers that she has gone viral because of a public sex act - and her best friend is dead. She endures horrible threats and hatred on social media but just wants the police to take a look at her roommate's death, because the circumstances don't add up. If they won't listen then she'll do her own investigating - with her new friend, Jack. They will find out what happened no matter what people say."

This book has many of the same themes as Brent's previous book. Mostly that the "patriarchy" does nothing but hold women back. With the circumstances in this book, I can't say I disagree with her. The male characters (except for one) are all full of themselves and have little regard for women. Brent does a good job will showing just how bad social media trolls can be with little consequence.
Molly has something horrible happen to her - publicly. The fact that she can't remember anything points to someone spiking her drink.
Her decision making is not the best and she's a bit of a mean drunk. Brent makes you feel the despair she has with the consequences of the video.
There's a wild ending. And then Brent leaves us with one more twist.

This is a good 2nd story from Brent.

Was this review helpful?

What starts off on a humorous tone focusing on Molly's social media video gone wrong takes a serious turn when her best friend in murdered. I really enjoyed Katy Brent's writing style and the focus this books gives to the dark side of social media. If you are someone who enjoys true crime podcasts or books similar to Finlay Donovan (only less silly) then you will love "The Murder After The Night Before".

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in advance of publication.

Was this review helpful?

Really entertaining first book by Katy Brent for me will be reading more by her.Molly wakes up with a stranger in her bed and finds out her best friend Posey has been murdered.and the twists and turns begins.Drew me ni from first page to last.#netgalley #harper360

Was this review helpful?

Molly has a really bad night. Like, really bad. What started as a work holiday party turns terrible when she proceeds to get black out drunk. She wakes up in bed only to have a stranger laying next to her. His name is Jack, and he claims to have found her stumbling drunk and bawling her eyes out. He manages to get her address out of her, grabs an Uber, and gets her home. He stayed to make sure she didn't hurt herself. A complete gentleman, they are both completely clothed after all. Or is he?

Molly heads to work with a hangover like no other only to find herself being summoned into HR upon arrival. Apparently, a video from the night before went viral. In it, she is performing fellatio on a stranger on a busy London St.

She stumbles back home hurt and appalled at herself. How could she have let this happen?

Needing her flatmate and best friend desperately she goes to her room only to find her dead in the en suite. The police claim it was just a terrible accident but Molly has reasons to believe otherwise. Now all she has to do is prove it. Will she succeed? You'll have to read this to find out.

When I first started this book I thought it was going to be a dark comedy. The first chapter had me grinning from ear to ear but let me tell you this book is much deeper than that. This is a book about sexual assault, about misogyny, about internet trolls spewing hate, about woman being gaslit and ignored and there is nothing lighthearted about any of that so be prepared for a dark descent. Molly was a great character that I couldn't help but to feel for. I wanted so badly for her to find the answers she's looking for. Molly also makes a couple of surprising friendships along the way giving her the support she so desperately needs. Sometimes it's the least likely people that turn out to have your back. I was pleased and surprised at the end and I hope future readers will be too. 4 stars!

<i>Thank you to NetGalley and Harper 360 for my complimentary copy.</i>

Was this review helpful?

This book is a combination of chick lit and mystery. Molly is a sweet young woman who makes a series of bad decisions, culminating in a very explicit sex video which has just gone viral. Katy Brent does a great job of making the reader feel the shame and humiliation that must go along with that experience. Molly desperately wants to talk to her roommate and best friend, Posey, but they can't manage to connect. Then Molly steps into Posey's room and finds her dead in the bath. Molly doesn't believe it was an accident and she's determined to prove it. Several different suspects present themselves keeping the reader going back and forth with the "Did he/didn't he?" The solution to Posey's murder is very believable and makes a satisfactory ending to the book. Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I was immediately impressed with this book because a lot happened right off the bat. It did plateau for a bit but overall it was a good book.

Was this review helpful?

Molly is going viral for a NSFW moment, her best friend is dead, and she doesn’t remember anything from the night before and that’s just in the first chapter.

This was a fun, quirky, and cozy mystery. Giving this one 4 ⭐️’s. Felt there were too many coincidences throughout the novel but I did not see that ending coming! Read this one in a day!

For fans of Finlay Donovan, Riley Thorn, The Blonde Identity, and Grave Reservations (The Booking Agents)

Was this review helpful?

Such a fun and thrilling book. This made me laugh out loud. Basically our main character wakes up with a terrible hangover and can’t remember anything about the night before. It turns out her best friend was murdered and the police don’t suspect any foul play, but she does. So she tries to find out who murdered her friend and why.

Was this review helpful?

This was a really solid mystery. I had no idea how it was going to end, and on the last few pages I actually gasped. Very well written!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and Harper360 for the eARC.

I never thought I would describe a book about someone looking into their BFFs murder as fun, but here we are. Katy Brent has written a book that really hooks you and makes you laugh and also makes you want to figure out WTF is going on. So good.

Was this review helpful?

Ever feel like your life can't get worse, and then it does? Well that is Molly's story. Although, I can say I have never been even close to being in her shoes.

After what was supposed to be a fun night out, things went terribly wrong. From not remembering anything about the night, to her phone being dead, to a viral video, and then not being able to get ahold of her flatmate/best friend....who turns out to be dead in their flat....

Molly goes into full on investigation mode because she does not believe that Posey accidentally drank too much and drowned. She starts to uncover all the secrets, which helps her forget about the video in the mean time.

Really light easy read, perfect for the beach or pool side.

Thank you NetGalley and HQ Digital for my E-ARC.

Was this review helpful?

You’ve seen The Hangover, right? Well, at bare minimum, you probably know the premise, waking up after a crazy drunken night and trying the piece the bits from the night before together. That’s what this is. Except it’s also an intriguing murder mystery with strong women. It’s also a statement on the potential toxicity of the social media obsessed world we live in. I just found this book to be so entertaining. There’s laugh-out-loud parts, romance, women supporting women, mystery, fear — all of it. Highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins, and Katy Brent. Can’t wait to read more by this author.

Was this review helpful?

It was an interesting, fast-paced book that encompassed many themes and emotions. The main theme was Molly goes viral for performing oral sex in public, and while she was dealing with the fallout from that she discovered her best friend dead. It was quite a ride and a whodunnit.

Some of the scenes felt rushed and improbable, but I still enjoyed the read.

Was this review helpful?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.25 stars

Come for the murder mystery, stay for professional wrestling and the pitch-perfect take on how society treats women (especially on social media). I was not ready for the latter when I picked up The Murder After the Night Before, but this book rocked me to my core. And now I'm going through Katy Brent's back catalog. There are parts of this book that are quite triggering but the topic are handled masterfully. Bravo!

Was this review helpful?

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