A Cure for Magic

Book One in the Ardor Magic Cycle

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Book 1 of Ardor Magic Cycle
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Pub Date May 28 2024 | Archive Date May 29 2024

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Marika Cyran is destined to rule, if she survives her own power first.

When rebels attack the royal compound, Marika learns the true price of her family’s legacy. The same deadly magic her ancestors outlawed now runs in her veins, and her royal blood paints a target on her back.

Desperate to learn her powers before they destroy her, she takes shelter at Nella University, hiding her true identity. But it’s not quite the sanctuary she’s hoping for. Argent, the roommate she’s paired with, is a prickly woman who seems to despise her. The same rebels who want her family dead flourish here under the guise of a student society, and their most popular member, Harland, seems a little too interested in her dangerous power…and Marika herself.

When a spark ignites between all three of them, it complicates Marika’s quest for control. To stay is to spit upon her family’s memory. To leave is to forfeit her once chance to corral the unruly magic. And to do nothing is to risk being consumed by the very forces she seeks to understand.

A Cure for Magic is the first book in a New Adult romantic fantasy trilogy featuring dark elemental magic, hidden royals, and a medium-heat romance that is secondary to the plot. Perfect for fans of dark academia and the Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow & Bone.

Marika Cyran is destined to rule, if she survives her own power first.

When rebels attack the royal compound, Marika learns the true price of her family’s legacy. The same deadly magic her ancestors...

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Featured Reviews

I adored this book with every inch of my soul! I give it 5 stars. Lovely characters, storyline, amazing plot. Everything perfect!

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Victory Editing for providing this book for review consideration via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

I love books about fantasy and magic, and A Cure for Magic by Talia Greer is definitely full of magic. It's the first book in new adult trilogy The Ardor Magic Cycle, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

What's unique about the world Greer has created in this book is that an Ardor's magical abilities are [usually 👀] born of tragedy, and not passed down genetically through families. I love how this shows that sometimes great things are born of pain; that one can take what happens to them, harness the loss and grief, and turn it into something with astounding power.

I'll be honest about the rest of the book, though. I had a little bit of difficulty feeling any kind of emotion while reading this. I also felt some of the characters, while unique, lacked depth. (The exceptions are the antagonists, all of whom I felt were done well.)

Part of what goes into my ratings are the emotions I experience while reading a book, and how likely I'll come back to reread it. So while this book was a solid read with good writing, and one I'd still recommend, I didn't find anything that particularly stood out to me or called to me besides the magic system. Hence: 3.5 stars (rounded up to 4).

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Victory Editing for providing this book for review consideration via NetGalley. All opinions are my own

This is a total page-turner! Marika is a really strong main character who is on a wild journey and finds herself stuck between two opposite forces. The romantic undertones between the three leads is fun, too! There's also some dark magical elements that add some edge to the story. I definitely would not miss out on reading this book!

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This was a strong start to the Ardor Magic Cycle series, it had everything that I was looking for and enjoyed from the world. Talia Greer has a great writing style and I enjoyed the overall feel of this story and can't wait for more.

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Thank you netgalley for letting me read this arc. I could not put this book down, it keep me hooked through it all. I liked that there is a small amount of romantic, but it's about the story and Marika's journey of finding where she needs to be. I can't wait for the next books in the series to see how Marika and her friends grow into their new roles, and how and if Marika will fix the views people have of those with magic.

I will also post my review on Good Reads.

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A Cure for Magic was a page turner from start to finish. I really enjoyed the magic system and following Marika as she learns to wield her power. I need the next book in this series immediately

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Love this whole world and so glad to dive back in. Really fast paced action and I love the mix of colloquial chatter with interesting descriptions. A number of times I actually shaped at how beautiful the turn of phrase was. Love the impact of everything the author is saying. Many times the characters say and do the opposite of what is 'the norm' or come at problems with a different viewpoint or way of interpreting the situation/feeling. Great!

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When rebels set fire to the royal compound, Marika not only loses both of her parents, but the same deadly magic her ancestors outlawed gets awakened in her. When her uncle discovers this, he tries to kill her, and Marika is forced to go on the run. She takes shelter at Nella University, a place where they teach you how to control and use your magic, enrolling under a secret identity. Unfortunately, her new roommate, Argent, recognizes her immediately because she worked as a servant in the royal compound as a child. Argent despises her, and makes her do her bidding in exchange for keeping her silence. When Marika is invited to join a student society which turns out to be the same same alliance that started the fire that killed her parents, Marika is torn between her need for revenge against her uncle and her dislike of the extreme methods that the society uses.

This is Book One in the Ardor Magic Cycle, and I am anxiously awaiting book two. This book was amazing. Talk about the perfect fantasy fiction novel! You had magic in all sorts of forms, you had the good versus evil aspect, you had the school of magic, there was a little romance in there, great world building and character development. I highly recommend this one!

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This was so great. I mean this in the best way, but there is not a single character in this book that I did not hate at one point or another. Each of them had either awful/cruel ideas, lived with an "ends justified the means" mentality, was too weak to stand up for their ideas, or had some other mindset or action that was so realistic it made them unlikable for a time. And it made the book REALLY good. The oppression ardors faced in this world was appalling, and seeing Marika go from "Ardors don't have it that bad" to "my family has been leading the charge of mistreating this people for generations" was just a really good read.

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When rebels ignite the royal compound, Marika's world shatters as she loses both her parents and discovers her dormant, forbidden magic. Fleeing her murderous uncle, she seeks refuge at Nella University, a sanctuary for mastering magical abilities, concealing her true identity. But her past catches up when her roommate, Argent, recognizes her from their shared history in the royal compound, unleashing a bitter dynamic of manipulation and secrecy.

As Marika navigates the treacherous waters of her new life, she finds herself entangled in the machinations of a student society linked to her parents' demise. Struggling between vengeance and moral qualms, she faces a harrowing choice that could shape her destiny.

"Book One in the Ardor Magic Cycle" promises an exhilarating saga, leaving readers eagerly anticipating its sequel. With a blend of magic, conflict, and intricate world-building, this fantasy novel delivers an immersive experience. From the dynamics of power to the complexities of relationships, it's a captivating journey of self-discovery and resilience. For fans of fantasy fiction craving a spellbinding read, this book is a must-have addition to your shelf.

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This world was full of delicious magic, found family, and royalty. The world outlawed magic and yet the princess finds herself with it. I liked the three friends dynamic that develops as she goes through this journey. This was a book that I just sunk into and I really appreciated that! I am excited for the next one!

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What I Liked
1. Forbidden magic is my jam. When you include it in a story I am already ready to fall in love with it.
2. Amazing cover art that fits well with the tone of the story.
3. Fast Pacing that dropped me right into the story allowing me to figure out the details of the world on the fly.
What didn't work as well for me
1. The story was slightly shorter than expected not leaving much room to breathe between progression moments and thus not allowing for slower character moments.
2. I have to wait on the sequel now lol. In all seriousness, I am super ready to see where this series goes.
Who I would recommend this title for
Fans of series like The Posin Study will likely find themselves at home with the vibes of A Cure for Magic by Talia Greer.

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A Cure for Magic was filled with magic, romance, found family, and royals. I was drawn to this book quickly. The characters were well-written and easy to connect with. As the book went on the characters developed beautifully and came into their person. Marika, the main character, she learns a lot about herself and who she can trust. The plot kept you engaged and wanting to continue to read to find out what was going to happen. Throughout the book there was a lot of twists and turns. I am excited to read the next book to see how the story is continued. Thank you, NetGalley, for giving me the chance to read this free book and give my honest opinion.

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Brilliantly written and wonderful story. Highly recommended.
I am super grateful for the opportunity to have been able to read it and review it.
Wonderful world building and character development.

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