Psychedelica Satanica

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Pub Date Oct 01 2024 | Archive Date Jan 01 2025

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In Psychedelic Satanica by Sybil Oxblood Pope, prepare to plunge into a dark, electrifying journey of vengeance and sorcery. Jerica and her sister Pen unite in a sinister pact with the devil himself.

Fueled by teenage angst and the raw power of black magic, Jerica's thirst for revenge sets them on a path where boundaries blur, and nothing is off-limits. As their spells grow stronger, so does the chaos, spiraling them into a kaleidoscopic nightmare where the line between ally and adversary fades into oblivion.

With every turn of the page, Psychedelic Satanica grips you tighter, weaving a tale that is as mesmerizing as it is malevolent.

Sybil Oxblood Pope masterfully blends the intensity of youth with the allure of the occult, crafting a story that is both chilling and exhilarating. As Jerica and Pen navigate their newfound powers, they discover that some desires come at a terrifying cost. Are they ready to face the darkness they've summoned? Dive in and find out—if you dare…

In Psychedelic Satanica by Sybil Oxblood Pope, prepare to plunge into a dark, electrifying journey of vengeance and sorcery. Jerica and her sister Pen unite in a sinister pact with the devil himself...

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ISBN 9780975631959

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Featured Reviews

This book has everything I love in a story like this. I love the witchcraft, pagan, and folklore aspects of the novel and learning about it more through the characters and the events that take place in the story. I couldn't put this book down and I loved reading it.

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This book was fascinating, the combination of different areas of discussion and the blend of various types of "magic" or witchcraft was refreshing and interesting!

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What an interesting story! It is very different from what I am used to reading. It is definitely a story that I wouldn’t have known otherwise had it not been suggested to me, and I am glad that it was. I love finding new books to read!

This was a fairly short read. I finished it in about one sitting. It was very interesting, and black magic was involved in all aspects of the story. The story is about two sisters who initially engage in the magic from a book that they found with a friend. One of the sisters pushes the idea of going through the ritual to summon a being in order to help seek revenge. After, I followed their journey and read what happened after they summoned the being. I followed along to see if their attempt at the ritual was successful.

This story somewhat reminds me of the movie The Craft. There is this notion that if you summon the "devil," you will eventually end up sacrificing your soul so far that you will eventually lose yourself completely. The story narrates what good and evil portray themselves to be and the consequences that arise from those actions. I would definitely like this little story on my shelf!

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This book gave me the same feeling as listening to Coven's Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls for the first time. Wicked fun :)

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What a gem! I went into this one with zero expectations and came out thoroughly entertained. This oddball romp follows dark-arts dabbling sisters Jerica and Pen as they dive into some seriously demonic magic, but somehow the story never feels too heavy. Pope's writing strikes this weird balance where despite the menacing threats of infernal forces and sometimes very human violence, it's wrapped in a layer of absurdity that keeps things from getting too intense. The absolute star of the show is Vinegar Bill, a sassy, snarky demon-goat who stole every scene he is in. Fair warning: Vinegar Bill hates housepets, so you're definitely going to see this book listed eventually on And despite the (somewhat) light-hearted tone, don't expect a happy ending - this isn't that kind of story. But if you're in the mood for a surprisingly fun ride through some dark territory full of snappy dialogue and sisterly shenanigans, "Psychedelic Satanica" delivers. It's like a B-movie horror flick in book form - gory, ridiculous, and weirdly enjoyable.

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Psychedelica Satanica was my perfect kind of book. Short but filled with so much story and the story itself was filled with themes that I really enjoy as well. Witchcraft, sisterhood, morality, revenge, etc. We watch as Jerica loses herself and her morality to dark witchcraft following the death of her boyfriend. It was so exciting to read what she might do next. Dark and disturbing thing after dark and disturbing thing. Super addictive and I've already recommended it to my sister to read. Thank you NetGalley!

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