Spells and Sandwiches

West Side Witches, Book 1

Narrated by Hollie Jackson
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Book 1 of West Side Witches
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Pub Date May 03 2023 | Archive Date Jul 07 2024

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Beneath the soul of a chef, lies the heart of a witch.

Zelda Hawkins came to Manhattan to make sandwiches, not spells—but when a mysterious vampire offers free rent on her family’s old restaurant in exchange for repairing a magical mirror, Zelda’s plans are flipped like a hot grilled cheese.

With the help of a ridiculous rescue poodle, a mind-reading fire witch, a smoldering ex-boyfriend, and a hot Brooklyn hipster helping with the renovation, Zelda must use the magic she inherited from her grandmother to enter a world of witches, vampires, and fae, where masks and mirrors are only the beginning… and the stakes are higher than New York prices.

Beneath the soul of a chef, lies the heart of a witch.

Zelda Hawkins came to Manhattan to make sandwiches, not spells—but when a mysterious vampire offers free rent on her family’s old restaurant in...

Advance Praise

"Spells and Sandwiches is a captivating book... it overflows with a thrilling mix of mystery, intrigue, and paranormal wonders. Readers will be left spellbound and craving for more."

- Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review

"Spells and Sandwiches is a captivating book... it overflows with a thrilling mix of mystery, intrigue, and paranormal wonders. Readers will be left spellbound and craving for more."

- Suzie...

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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781957320090
PRICE $19.95 (USD)
DURATION 5 Hours, 57 Minutes

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Featured Reviews

Seeking a cozy witch series that you can cuddle up in your oversized bed with and get lost in an easy to digest and equally captivating read? Spells and Sandwiches by the brilliant Kate Moseman is absolutely it!

This is the first cozy witch book in the up and coming series “The West Side Witches”, it follows main character Zelda who decides to move to Manhattan to navigate the journey of reopening her grandmother’s sandwich shop! Zelda is faced with an interesting deal (one that’s nearly impossible to decline) by a vampire who claims to have some deep connection with Zelda’s grandmother.

As you navigate the story you feel like you’re apart of this group of powerful and quirky characters.

Hollie Jackson did a fantastic job narrating. She is what kept this audio book captivating to someone who doesn’t usually listen to audio books.

A warm thank you to NetGalley for the advanced reader copy audio, and to the publisher as well.

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I absolutely loved "Spells and Sandwiches", by Kate Moseman. This is the first installment of the "Paranormal" series. I found this to be a fun quick listen, full of interesting characters, and the narrator did a great job bringing them to life. And I am hooked!

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Spells and Sandwitches by Kate Moseman is the first book in the cozy fantasy series, The West Side Witches.
Zelda moves to Manhattan to reopen her grandmother's sandwich shop. Soon, she is offered a deal she can't refuse by a mysterious vampire, one who clearly had history with her grandmother... Forced to use her magic again, Zelda and crew set out to repair a magical mirror, renovate the shop, and end up entering a world of witches, vampires, and fae...
Thank you, NetGalley, and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for advanced readers copies of Spells and Sandwitches in exchange for an honest review. Hollie Jackson does a wonderful job narrating, and her voice has so much character! Narrators can make or break an audiobook, and I will definitely be looking up what else Hollie narrates and adding books to by TBR.

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This was a sweet story about a witch who barely or if ever uses her magic but has to after she lucks out. The romance was cute, the characters shone bright, and the plot was engaging.

Was this review helpful?

I liked the blurb, and then from the first chapter knew I was going to love this fairly short, fantasy audiobook. But I didn’t feel short changed. A zany, quick paced plot, with fun and humour spread thickly into every chapter. Had me eating it up. The narration is sublime, and the accents fit the characters perfectly. I hope Kate serves us up a second course quickly as my hunger for this audio meal says “more please”. Thank you to Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op and NetGalley for the audio ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.

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This is a fun, flirty paranormal romance. Unlike other paranormal romances, this doesn't feel like it has to be a fall read which is a delight! I thought the depiction of vampires and the main characters magic were really well done and after reading this, I'll definitely pursue more books by Kate Moseman!

I received an audio ARC of Spells and Sandwiches from NetGalley and Victory Editing! I would definitely encourage others to read this in audiobook formate as well, it just adds to the experience!

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Story: 4⭐
Spice: 0 🌶
Narration: 5 Star

I really enjoyed listening to the narrator's voice. She did an outstanding job.

This was a fast pace, fun, paranormal read!

Most of the characters are older which was enjoyable, there is a little flicker of romance and a possible love triangle!

If you love Fae, witches, vampires that are in New York City. Cute puppy dogs. Interesting magic, especially from the FMC, a little hint of peril and a really quick read you will want to pick this up!

Was this review helpful?

A witch trying to reopen her Grandma’s sandwich NYC, living in a gorgeous mansion with another witch who can read minds and as if that isn’t enough we have vampires and fae?! Yes please!
A lovely book that made me want to cosy up and read the entire series!
Great narration

Was this review helpful?

This is the first book in a new cozy fantasy/paranormal series that is fast paced, character driven and fun to read or listen to as in my case. The narrator did a good job of bringing the story to life. Zelda, our quirky main character, is a middle aged, formerly non-practicing witch who has come to New York to revive her grandmother's old sandwich shop. Unfortunately, she finds that not only do witches exist, vampires and other paranormal creatures are wondering about NYC as well. In the process of getting the sandwich shop up and running, Zelda finds that her magic is coming to life and maybe not fast enough for all the various beings she is being surrounded by. The plot is quite detailed and moves quickly. You will meet many characters and some aren't as well developed as others, but this is the first book, so it is setting up the series to continue as well as plots to pick up later. I smiled a ton and laughed out loud as I was listening and honestly look forward to more fun from our quirky main character who doesn't want to be a hero, but kind of is. I'm particularly interested to see how things develop with Daniel, Baron and Zelda. Could be quite interesting things coming for us in the future! I'll definitely be looking for the next audiobook to pick up and check out!

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. It was a nice light listen. I liked how the character of Zelda developed her magic and she as well as the other characters had really interesting powers. I think I would have liked a bit more of the backstory of the characters. I liked how cute the pets in the book are. The narrator made the book entertaining to listen to too. The friendship in the book was also lovely and how helpful a lot of the characters were. It was also exciting to listen to the renovation of the sandwich restaurant and how it finally became good enough to be open. Overall a great listen with an interesting plot.

Thank you Netgalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for giving me the opportunity to listen to this audiobook in exchange for my opinion on this audiobook.

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Spells and Sandwiches is the first of Kate Moseman’s West Side Witches series. It’s a cosy fantasy with an eclectic mix of characters. This episode sees the gang being brought together as Zelda renovates her Grandmother’s sandwich shop.

There’s a broken magic mirror, Witches, Vampires (the Blessed) and Fae (the Gentry). It’s well written and narrated and has all the ingredients to make an enjoyable cosy fantasy sandwich (see what I did there).

Thanks to Netgalley for providing an advanced audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Spells and Sandwiches was a cute new series that is bound to be a success for author Kate Moseman. In this urban fantasy, we find witches, and vampires, and fae; oh my!

Zelda Hawkins just had relocated to NYC when her cousin wrangles her into helping with her child’s entertainment company as a middle-aged Dr. Martens-wearing princess. At this party, Zelda meets a very connected grand dame of the Upper East Side. This new acquaintance makes Zelda an offer that she just couldn’t refuse, which includes basically gifting Zelda with her grandmother’s sandwich shop.

The only drawback to this agreement is that Zelda has to now tap into her hidden magical talent and that connected woman was a vampire. Now, in order to keep all that she holds dear, Zelda must complete her end of the bargain. Can she do it without getting herself killed or worse?

Thank you to NetGalley and Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for this adorable audio ARC!!

Was this review helpful?

What a witchy read! It will be perfect for fall if you enjoy the genre! I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely recommend it.

Was this review helpful?

Spells and sandwiches is the first in a new cozy paranormal series and it certainly did not disappoint.

Zelda, a non practicing witch, moves to a new town to reopen her late grandmothers sandwich shop and finds herself surrounded by witches, vampires and fae.

This story is more character driven and definitely sets you up for the rest of the series very well. I’m looking forward to continuing on!

Thank you to Netgalley, the author, the publisher and victory editing netgalley coop for the audio arc in exchange for my honest review. The narrator Hollie Jackson did a phenomenal job with this story!

Was this review helpful?

"Spells and Sandwiches" is a deliciously entertaining dive into the magical underbelly of Manhattan. Zelda Hawkins, an endearing and relatable heroine, finds herself swept into a whirlwind of supernatural shenanigans when she inherits her grandmother's old restaurant—and a powerful magical mirror.

Kate Moseman deftly blends the mundane with the fantastical, creating a vibrant world where vampires offer real estate deals, and witches wield magic alongside sandwiches. The diverse cast of supporting characters, including a mind-reading fire witch, a smoldering ex-boyfriend, and a hipster renovation expert, provide ample humor and charm.

While the premise of repairing a magical mirror may seem straightforward, Moseman skillfully weaves in layers of intrigue and danger, hinting at broader mysteries and higher stakes lurking beneath the surface. The inclusion of various supernatural races, from witches and vampires to fae, adds depth and richness to the worldbuilding.

With its fast-paced narrative, clever humor, and sizzling romantic undertones, "Spells and Sandwiches " is a delightful urban fantasy romp that will leave readers craving more adventures with Zelda and her quirky crew. Fans of cozy yet thrilling magical tales with a touch of romance will find plenty to enjoy in this entertaining read.

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Spells and Sandwiches (West Side Witches #1) by Kate Moseman
Narrated by Hollie Jackson
Publisher: Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Sci Fi & Fantasy, Women's Fiction
Published: May 03, 2023 | Archive Date Jul 07 2024

Spells and Sandwiches is the first book in the West Side Witches series by Kate Moseman. This was such a fun read with great characters and a wonderful storyline.

The narration by Hollie Jackson was wonderful! She did such a great job bringing each of the characters to life!

I can't wait to dive into the other books in the series!!!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

I have been in the mood for cozy fantasy and this was right up my alley! I only wished I read this during the colder seasons, so I had an excuse to bundle in the covers and cozy up with the book. I highly recommend for those wanting cozy witch series!

Was this review helpful?

Spells and Sandwiches is the first book in a new cozy fantasy series. I absolutely adored the FMC and all her fun quirks! I'm looking forward to reading more in this series! I listened to the audiobook and the narrator Hollie was so talented and really brought all these characters to life, I'm going to be looking for more audiobooks with her narratoring for sure! Thank you to NetGalley for this advanced audio!

Was this review helpful?

A cute, witchy, “scooby doo” mystery. Complete with a magical mask and doggo companion! A quick and captivating read from cover to cover. Thanks to NetGalley, Kate Moseman and Fortunella Press for an ARC of the audiobook!

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed reading this book. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity! When Zelda, a witch, gets the chance to take over her grandmother’s sandwich shop in New York City, she realizes she can only afford to fix and restart the shop with the “help” of vampires. Faced with an offer she can’t refuse, Zelda faces danger, collects a band of misfits, and uses her magic once again.
I felt that the characters were deep and well developed, the settings were well described, and the storyline was fun. Looking forward to reading more of this series!

Was this review helpful?

So cute and witchy with vampires! Very easy and quick to listen to. I really enjoyed this book and I will look out for more!

Was this review helpful?

Spells and Sandwiches was perfection! I downloaded this audiobook and I day later I finished it and was wishing I had the next one to binge listen to! Perfect for summerween or spooky season!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for the audio ARC!

No spice
5⭐️ narrator

This was a sweet short book that was a perfect palette cleanser for in between longer, heavier series. The characters are fun and the world building was straightforward, light, and easy.

I did go into this book thinking it was a romance, which it most definitely is not (there are potential love interests, but the romantic relationship with them is almost non existent) so if you’re hoping for a witchy romcom, this is not it. It’s still super fun though!

I liked that the FMC was a little older so she actually had life experience compared to the 19/20 year old FMCs you usually see in these types of books. I also think changing the title was a good choice.

The narrator was perfect and I will definitely be looking for more audiobooks narrated by her. Overall, enjoyed the book.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and Audio ARC for allowing me to listen to an Audio copy of Spells and Sandwiches (West Side Witches #1) by Kate Moseman (Narrated by Hollie Jackson).

This was a great story and only the second audiobook I've ever listened to! Main Character Zelda a 47-year-old witch from Florida came to New York to fix up and run her late grandmother’s sandwich shop. She finds herself mixed up with Vampires. Dealing with a spell her grandma had cast to end a war 50 years ago which saw the Gentry cast into a mirror that had cracked and needed to be resealed. Zelda chose good magic and broke the seal to free them - who knows if this will start a new war??

This book is filled with a ton of magic, humour, suspenseful, and heartwarming moments.

Was this review helpful?

Funny witchy adventure with loveable characters and plenty of excitement. Zelda moved to New York to reopen her grandmother's sandwich shop, but ended up on a grand adventure.

Was this review helpful?

A witchy fun light read.

FUN FUN FUN!!! I really enjoyed Spells and Sandwiches'. Witches, Vampires and Fae OH MY!! This book has a fast moving plot that kept my attention and was well written. Zelda meets some interesting characters as she embarks upon re-opening her grandmothers sandwich shop in New York City! I loved the characters and enjoyed their interactions and feel like they all fit within the plot.

I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series. I recommend this read!

Thank You to NETGALLEY for the opportunity to read this work. My review was left voluntarily based on my read.

Was this review helpful?

I found this audiobook to be a cute, easy listen. I thought it was equal parts witty, amusing, and entertaining. I LOVED that the FMC was in her 40's!! Thank YOU Moseman for understanding that main characters don't all suddenly cease to exist after age 30 or so. The audiobook was a great compliment to the story. I absolutely recommend this as a cute witchy RomCom option.

Thank you NetGalley, Kate Moseman, and Fortunella Press for this audiobook ARC.

Was this review helpful?

A first in a new paranormal series with Zelda and all her fun characters and poodle.
A fun,cute quirkly, humor,,drama,romance.
Great characters.
A easy fun read.
Narrator is really great. Good narration.
Voluntarily reviewed.

Was this review helpful?

This audiobook was right up my wheel house. The narration was perfect
I love witchy romcoms. This is an adorable journey to find yourself while collecting cute and adorable side characters. Out FMC can take powers from others and it's definitely a power I would want. These side characters are a very eclectic group and I love them all. I can't share much without spoiling the fun but I will definitely be continuing this series.

Was this review helpful?

Spells and Sandwiches by Kate Moseman
West Side Witches series #1. Paranormal women’s fiction. Previously published as Undercover Paranormal.
Zelda Hawkins came to Manhattan to open a deli. She gave up her magic a long time ago, so she’s surprised when a vampire offers free rent at her family’s old restaurant in exchange for a little magic repair. Zelda’s life goes from staid to zany in seconds with her poodle, her brother, an ex-boyfriend and a mind-reading roommate along for the ride.

🎧 I listened to an audiobook of this story performed by Hollie Jackson who did a wonderful job with humor, sarcasm, and disbelief. There were distinct voices for different characters with their own personalities. This narrator is super popular among the paranormal authors and there is a reason: a phenomenal performance. It is a bit on the faster side so if you read above 2.0, you may need to slow it down a smidge. I personally listened at 1.5 which is equivalent to local patterns in my area.

Entertaining, amusing, and a few laugh-out-loud comments.
I will absolutely be continuing this slightly snarky witch series.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley.

Was this review helpful?

Spells and sandwiches was such a fun, cozy read! The narrator was fabulous, and I will be looking for more by her.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book! It was a cute and quick read

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the advance read copy.

Was this review helpful?

This was a short and sweet palate cleanser. Zelda, a witch who can absorb powers, moves to NYC after inheriting her grandmother’s sandwich shop. An old, powerful vampire approaches her about repairing a mirror that Zelda’s grandmother has once spelled to keep the Fae locked away.

The supporting characters brought so much to this story’s. And the narrator was great! I listened to this in one sitting.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for my advanced audio copy!

Was this review helpful?

This book is the epitome of cozy! I love that the fmc is middle aged, imperfect, and an animal lover (Jester!!!). The narrator of the audiobook had me laughing as she brought the story to life. If you want a fun, cozy, paranormal mystery that will have you chuckling along with the lighthearted humor, give this book a chance!

Was this review helpful?

„Spells and Sandwiches“ ist der erste Band der Reihe „West Side Witches“ von Kate Moseman und ein kurzweiliges Fantasy-Abenteuer. Das Hörbuch wird gelesen von Hollie Jackson und umfasst knapp sechs Stunden.
Die Stimme passt perfekt zur Persönlichkeit der Protagonistin Zelda Hawkins, einer Hexe aus deren Ich-Perspektive die Geschichte erzählt wird. Die Sprecherin schafft es aber auch darüber hinaus ganz hervorragend, den anderen verschiedenen Figuren Leben einzuhauchen. Die Charaktere haben alle einen ganz eigenen Charme, der sehr gut rüberkommt und es macht Spaß, ihr gemeinsames Abenteuer zu verfolgen. Das Erzähltempo ist recht hoch und so wird es nie langweilig. Nach dem Klappentext hatte ich eine gemütlichere Geschichte erwartet und so hat mich Zelda rasante Reise zwar überrascht, aber durchaus positiv überrascht. Die Geschichte macht definitiv neugierig, wie es für die Charaktere weitergeht; der zweite Teil der Reihe trägt den Titel „Masks and Mirrors“.

Was this review helpful?

This book is right up my alley. What is not to like about a mature witch and a vampire working together to defeat fae?

Was this review helpful?

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