Frostbite Hotel

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Pub Date 01 Sep 2014 | Archive Date 16 Mar 2015
James Lorimer & Company, Lorimer Children & Teens


Kirby Katz has big dreams of making his fortune as an entrepreneur, just like his role model, hotel magnate William T. Williamson. But Kirby discovers that operating a "snow hotel" in the schoolyard comes with its own set of challenges: sourcing the best snow blocks, staff "team-building," marketing, and competition from Brewster's Best Five-Star Inn—run by the Bear and his gang of the meanest kids in Grade 6. Worst of all, when Brewster's gang starts stealing Kirby's best ideas, all evidence points to a "mole" among his own staff.

Will Kirby's vision for the Frostbite Hotel survive the cold reality of corporate recess espionage?

Kirby Katz has big dreams of making his fortune as an entrepreneur, just like his role model, hotel magnate William T. Williamson. But Kirby discovers that operating a "snow hotel" in the schoolyard...

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It's been awhile since I've read a good book aimed at that older elementary school reader.  Karin Adams delivers with a winter-themed Frostbite Hotel. In this story, Kirby Katz dreams of being as successful as business entrepreneur William T. Williamson.  Kirby faithfully follows Williamson's advice from his "how-to" book.  Kirby decides to start on his path to success just as Williamson had done ... with hotels.  Kirby believes that while every other school kid will be building a snow fort on the playground, he will build a snow hotel.  He gathers his most trusted friends and slowly reveals plans for making his hotel a place that every student will want to visit.  But there's one problem ... 6th grader 'Bear' Brewster.  Somehow, Bear knows every move Kirby is about to make, and Bear has the muscle-power to get the same job done, in short order.  How is Bear getting the edge on Kirby?  How can Kirby become a success just like William T. Williamson? Author Adams really nails the elementary school relationships: the friendships, the fears, the strengths.  Children reading this book will be able to identify with the characters in the book. What also rings true is Kirby's ambition.  An organizer and planner, I can picture him outside in the winter and building a 'hotel' that he has every confidence will put him on the path to success. The betrayal from within Kirby's camp and the manner in which it is handled also feels absolutely right. Adams manages to write a book that doesn't talk 'down' to the elementary school reader but in which most students will be able to identify.  Some of the words may prove challenging, but there's nothing that will put the reader 'off' (young readers often won't bother reading if a book is too challenging). There is enough action to keep the story moving, but it really is about people and relationships and the young reader may manage to learn something without realizing it. This book is a winner! Looking for a good book?  Frostbite Hotel is a great book for that student who is just ready for a longer book and is perfect for those who may be snowed in during the winter months!

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I have kids ion awaiting list for this book. Even those not very corporate minded are loving the hotel! We are reading it out loud in library during recess since the sudden cold has made outdoor recess a no-no. Kids want to build a fort/hotel in honor of the book

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Join budding businessman 5 th grader, Kirby Katz as he tries to figure out a way that he can become a millionaire at 15, just like his hotel tycoon hero. Winter’s dumped tons of snow and all the kids are making snow forts at recess, but Kirby has a plan – what not a SNOW HOTEL? Then he can be a hotel owner just like his older tycoon hero. But soon everyone’s turning their snow forts into snow hotels, and that isn’t the worst – every time Kirby gets an idea that might make his ‘snow hotel’ different, the nasty bully 6 th grader and his pals do it first and bigger and better than Kirby and his friends could have. Who’s the traitor among Kirby’s friends? Who’s giving away his ideas? Kirby learns a lot about what really works to make a success in this really cool fast and super imaginative read!

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If ever there was a book that's perfect for budding entrepreneurs, it's this one. In Frostbite Hotel, Kirby Katz dreams of becoming a millionaire businessman. While reading his idol William T. Williamson's business book, Kirby hatches an idea. He decides to build a hotel and recruits some of his classmates to work at his hotel. However, running a business isn't as easy as he thought it would be. There's also the problem of competition with a bully who seems to enact Kirby's ideas for Frostbite Hotel faster. Is there a spy in his midst? I thought this was a pretty clever book. What better way to teach kids about the principles of (hotel) business than by inserting them into a novel? I liked that the lessons were incorporated in such a way that it doesn't feel like a lesson book and feels more like a natural progression of the story. The problems that Kirby faces as a CEO is similar to what business owners, even those in bigger businesses, will be able to relate to. Business lesson aside, this is an interesting children's book. The kids are quite realistic, although it seemed like most of the girls in the story were bratty than nice. This makes me think that this might be geared more towards young boys than young girls. However, if you're thinking of getting this for a young girl, you shouldn't be discouraged. At least one of the girls' annoying attitudes turn out to be an asset later on. Two of the things I liked most about the story, aside from the business aspect and the characters, were the idea of Magic Monday Morning, and the ending. Magic Monday Morning is when kids are allowed to work on projects that are related to their dreams or future careers. I don't know if any schools do this in real life, but they should consider doing that. I would definitely send my son to a school that had something like Magic Monday Morning. As for the ending, I liked that it championed cooperation, not only in business but also in life. Thanks to NetGalley and Lorimer for the e-copy. THE GOOD: Kids can learn business principles. The kids are realistic. Kirby seems like a smart kid. THE BAD: The two most prominent female kids are sort of bratty. READ IT IF: Your child is a budding entrepreneur. Your child is a go-getter. Your child is being bullied.

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Living in a winter city I can relate to finding something to do in the snow. Being a teacher I can also understand the rules about snow forts. This is certainly a new take on them. It might inspire students to be more creative.

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Kirby Katz's goal in life is to become a business success just like his idol William T Williamson.. But none of his business schemes have brought in the money. He and his friends develop a scheme to create the Frostbite Hotel and next thing you know everyone is building a snow hotel. The Frostbite Hotel is a delightful romp through the ups and downs of recess politics. A fantastic addition to any elementary library collection.

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A fun read about what it takes to fit in at recess in the school yard. Kirby is an ambitious 5th grader trying to make money like his hero, a hotel tycoon who made millions and then wrote books about it. Kirby reads those books and formulates several ideas as a result. The friendships forged and the bully issues dealt with are real enough to make this book relatable for kids but it is the imagination and the way they play that made this book unique. Instead of building forts, Kirby and his friends built a snow hotel. The fun begins when all the other kids on the playground steal his idea and build snow hotels, too. I will definitely recommend this book to some enterprising students at my school. I really like that the main character reads and plans for success. It is a quick and entertaining read that I think most children will enjoy. This book was provided by NetGalley for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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I thought this was undoubtedly one of the most original children's stories I have seen in long time. Forget the standard lemonade stands and lawn mowing, the main character in this book is much more advanced in the world of business than that. The characters are cute and the story flows well and keeps you giggling at the mishaps along the way. I think kids and parents alike will enjoy this story. Children will no doubt relate to the struggles of the main character to find his place within the schoolyard, and parents can feel good about their kids learning something from this book as well as being entertained. I liked that the author didn't use language that was beneath the expected audience. Your child may actually have to look up a few words in this text, which always makes me happy as a fellow parent. Overall, I thought this was enjoyable and Karin Adams did a wonderful job. Recommended for teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to have a good time reading with the little ones in their lives. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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I loved this one! Very realistic and can't wait to share with my boys!

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A fun, quirky book with likable underdogs.

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