Missing Melissa

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Pub Date 12 May 2015 | Archive Date 06 Nov 2015


A Sister's Hope. A Parent's Nightmare.

Twenty-two years old with a journalism degree from UCLA and a promising entry level position at a television station, Madeline Patterson is ready to take on the Universe. Raised by two loving parents, adored by her grandmother, protected by her dog, Pepper, and supported by her best friend—Madeline has it all. There’s only one thing missing—literally missing—her identical twin, Melissa.

When Madeline and Melissa were three-years-old, their mother was carjacked in broad daylight while taking them to a doctor’s appointment. She was able to get away with Madeline in tow, but the assailants left the scene before she could rescue Melissa. A long and massive search ensued, but Melissa was never found and is believed to be dead. However, a dream Madeline has on her twenty-second birthday, wherein Melissa appears to her as a grown woman pleading for help, convinces her Melissa is still alive. Against her parents’ wishes, Madeline vows to find her twin. However, in doing so, she unknowingly stumbles upon a series of startling clues that point to her parents’ possible involvement in Melissa’s disappearance. Paralyzed by fear, Madeline doesn’t want to face what could possibly be the ugly and grim truth about her parents. However, her desire to find Melissa propels her forward—but nothing could prepare her for what she discovers.

A Sister's Hope. A Parent's Nightmare.

Twenty-two years old with a journalism degree from UCLA and a promising entry level position at a television station, Madeline Patterson is ready to take on...

A Note From the Publisher

Alretha Thomas is the author of eight novels, several of which have landed on Amazon's Best Sellers list, including the four-book Cass and Nick series. In 2014, Alretha's indie novel, Four Ladies Only, was awarded the Jessie Redmon Fauset Fiction Award.

Missing Melissa is available in paperback and digital e-book.

Alretha Thomas is the author of eight novels, several of which have landed on Amazon's Best Sellers list, including the four-book Cass and Nick series. In 2014, Alretha's indie novel, Four...

Advance Praise

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading Missing Melissa by Alretha Thomas. This is my first novel that I ever read by Alretha Thomas and it will not be the last.

I thought the action flowed at a steady pace. The character development was on point and there was a strong female lead character. I have said it before and I will say it again, there needs to be more of those in stories. There were a few plot twists that I did not see coming. There were a couple of times where I screamed at the iPad because I was shocked by what I had just read. It was that good. I will recommend Missing Melissa to others to read.

I give this 5/5 Platypires.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading Missing Melissa by Alretha Thomas. This is my first novel that I ever read by Alretha Thomas and it will not...

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Featured Reviews

A trill ride from page one,one of the best books I have read in awhile.hope to see more of these characters

Was this review helpful?

When I read the synopsis on Missing Melissa by Alretha Thomas I was instantly drawn to it. I love a mystery and new adult books are one of my favourite genres. Add to that a book about identical twins, 1 missing since she was a child and I knew that I would enjoy this book.

Please note I have given this book 4 stars and it is a good book, its worth those 4 stars but at times I felt this was more of a young adult book that a new adult. I do not like to give spoilers, but in honesty the worst thing in the whole book was about Melissa's mothers past. Other than that, the rest of the book is very PC etc and would be fine read by a more mature teen. Also, I felt at times that Madeline came across as VERY immature and considering she was 22, it felt out of character. Still, those points aside I really did enjoy Missing Melissa.

I do love a who done it, I love to try and work out who the bad guy is and in honesty I hate it when I do work it out. I had suspicions with who was involved with the car jacking that took Melissa, but admit it wasn't till right near the end I worked it out and even then not how it all happened! So, I really do praise Alretha as I rarely don't work it out!

I was a bit on the fence about Madeline, at times I thought she was great, others I thought she came across as a whiny teenager. I almost felt that this book she have taken place when they twins were 18 and not older. However my problems with Madeline were completely overshadowed by my like of Sam (The Detective) and Ruby (The BFF and room mate). Can I also say another peeve was the constant mentions of Pepper. Yes I got that she loved her dog and he was a family member, but at times it was a bit much - just my opinion there.

So, would I recommend Missing Melissa? Well, actually I would. But, if you like a hot sexy new adult, thriller adventure I would say this isn't for you. I didn't really find anything 'new adult' ish about it and think this may be better listed as a contemporary thriller? But the story is interesting, gripping and it kept me interested right to the end! 4 stars even with my niggles which should tell you what a good read I thought it was!

Was this review helpful?

Wow is all I can say. I am an avid reader and I have to say this will now be one of my favorite books. I loved the storyline and the characters. The book was great from beginning to end. I hope to read many more books by this author in the near future!!

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This is the author's first mystery/suspense book and she did a wonderful job in both areas, better than many of the regulars I read!!

It's about identical twins, Melissa & Maddie. When they were 3 years old, their mother was carjacked & the mother managed to get Maddie out of her car seat, but Melissa was still in the back seat when the car was driven away

The whole plot of the book now takes place 19 years later. Maddie gets dreams of her sister, usually as a 3 year old, but now as a grown young woman like Maddie

Her parents are NOT open to wanting her to find Melissa but Maddie goes through with it, but doesn't tell them right away. She's graduated college & is working at a TV new station as a journalist KYON TV. They decide to do an interview with Maddie, trying to find Melissa. Nobody knows for sure if Melissa is even alive, or dead, or where she'd be if alive

The main characters in the story are Maddie's best friend from school, Ruby, who move into their own apartment together. There's also Sam who works in the little city in California where this all takes place--Dizzy Hills. He works as an investigator for the local police department & becomes friends with Maddie while they both work to try to reopen the case of Melissa. There's also Maddie's paternal grandmother who is hoping the case gets reopens but it brings back a bad habit fir her--drinking.

There are many good twists & turns during the story which have you thinking one thing only to find out something else. It's also a mix of emotions, happy, sad, excited, deflated, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious etc

For this being a first mystery/suspense, I feel the author did an excellent job. Now what you need to do is read this book to find out...whatever happened to Melissa? Is she dead or alive? If alive, where is she? If dead, what happened to her and why? Read to find out all this mystery has to offer

I received a digital copy from Net Galley, in return for an honest review. I'd love to thank the author, not only for allowing me the request to read her book, but for some great chats also :-)

Was this review helpful?

Madeline Patterson is a 22yr old whose twin Melissa had been abducted when they were 3yrs old. Her best friend is Ruby and they've been friends since the 4th grade. There's always laughter when Ruby is around. On the day of her 22nd birthday, Maddy dreamed that Melissa was alive. This was the first time she dreamed of her as an adult. Maddy was not supposed to focus on Melissa, but focus on her life and take care of herself. Maddy is going to be a reporter for a tv station. She wants to reopen the investigation for her twin. Her parents are totally against it. Maddy is going to see Mitchell Faulkner about her sister's case. Melissa is a very determined young lady. She loves her family, doesn't want to hurt them, but she believes that her twin is alive. She has faith and is caring and loyal. She could be stubborn, but also her vulnerability comes through.
I love the book. It was great writing. I would highly recommend it.

Was this review helpful?

What an incredible story!

At age 22, Madeline Patterson seems to have it all--an education, a loving family, a best friend, a loyal dog and a new job. Still there was a huge part of her missing--her twin sister Melissa. Due to a terrible incident that occurred when she was three years old, her twin was no longer with her.

Armed with determination, her best friend Ruby and the help of social media, Madeline set out on a journey that everyone wants her to abandon. What she discovers will shock you. Missing Melissa was a very touching story. It was the kind of story that made you want to hurry back to it when life makes you put it down. It highlights an issue that many families have had to deal with. It's told in a way that made you want to know more and continue to turn the pages until you've reached a satisfactory end.

Alretha Thomas has a way of telling a tale with such finesse. I was very pleased with the way the story flowed, developed and erupted toward the end. This was a very, very good book!

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed this book a great deal! The plot grabbed my attention from the beginning! I found some of the dialog to be a bit immature, but because of the plot that did not take away from the book.

Was this review helpful?

Actual Rating: 4.5/5

Plot/Story: I enjoyed the plot a lot. The pace of the story was good, it was neither slow nor super fast, just the way a my. Everything happened at the right time. So, the timing of the twists were really good to keep the readers hooked.
I really enjoyed the little pieces that kept on twisting the plot. It really kept me on the edge right till the very end. There were so many possibilities that came in mind and I suppose, that's how a really good mystery is supposed to be.

Characters: I was able to relate to all the characters. I loved all the characters, especially that of Madeline, her BFF Ruby and her pet Pepper. There was such a beautiful connection between Ruby and Pepper that I fell in love with them right from the start. Ruby is a friend to die for, and a one who'll die for you.
I felt a real connection with Madeline and still feel that she's a close friend or a real person (which is really rare in mystery books.)
I loved the Madeline's family as well and the last part of the book focused beautifully on the unique relation between the twins. I enjoyed knowing all the characters as each and every one of them had a unique spark to their personalities.

Romance: The relationship between Madeline and Sam was really cute. It was a refreshing given the mystery involved in the book.
It developed slowly (which was perfect given Madeline's situation) and Sam was a perfect gentleman. I really enjoyed the subtle growth of their relationship and the way it took shape at the end of the book.
Plus, it really justified Sam's interest in a long lost case inspite of all the weak and insufficient evidences.

Writing: Alretha Thomas' writing had a very easy flow to it. I loved it and the fact that she kept it subtle. No unnecessarily complex words as I hate digging the dictionary again and again (even on Kindle.) You can just start the book with an unexplainable ease. Her writing, or to put it correctly, her story-telling helped me glide through the entire book smoothly. I enjoyed reading this books and now I've decided to read all her other books as well.

Beginning: The biting had a great pace and I was sucked into the plot right from the start. I loved having the descriptor of most of the characters' personalities in the beginning itself. I was

Ending: I enjoyed the ending a lot. The mystery was brilliant and there no way I could have guessed who was actually behind the kidnapping. It was totally unexpected and I loved it.

Blurb: The blurb for Missing Melissa is just perfect. I accepted this book for review after reading the blurb. As soon as I read it, I knew I really wanted to read this book.

Cover Art: To be honest I have mixed feeling about the cover for this book. It's not excellent but it's not even dull. I like the mirror reflecting the chic as it symbolises the twins but for a book this good there should have a much serious cover that can radiate the feeling of mystery.

You can read this review at my book blog, The Reading Bud: http://thereadingbud.com/2015/06/26/book-review-missing-melissa/

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I enjoyed this read by Alrethra Thomas. I had to keep turning the pages! I'll be checking out more of her work.

Was this review helpful?

A thrilling novel of suspense. I was entranced from page one and I am a avid reader. This is a. plott you never expect and a electrifying conclusion. I absolutely recommend everyone read this book who loves suspense. Well done.

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