What Millennials Want from Work

How to Maximize Engagement in Today’s Workforce

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Pub Date 11 Dec 2015 | Archive Date 21 Mar 2016


The most comprehensive, in-depth look at Millennials to date—essential for managers, HR professionals, and global business leaders seeking to align long-term organizational goals with the realities of the new workforce

Millennials have been burdened with a reputation as spoiled, lazy, and entitled, but the reality behind the stereotype is far richer and more complex. Who are Millennials and what do they really want?

Based on fieldwork and survey data from global research on more than 25,000 Millennials and 29,000 older workers in 22 countries, this book paints a comprehensive, scientifically accurate picture of what really motivates Millennials around the world. Learn how to get the most from Millennials by:

• Improving workplace flexibility—because Millennials don’t separate life and work
• Providing adequate support and feedback—because Millennials like to learn and grow
• Coaching, not micromanaging—because Millennials value autonomy
• Designing competitive salary structures—because Millennials know what’s up
• Providing opportunities to contribute to society—because Millennials care about doing good

Millennials want a satisfying job that pays well, coworkers they like and trust, advancement opportunities, and the occasional pat on the back. Who doesn’t want those things?

This essential book explains who Millennials really are, and offers practical advice to help those who manage, lead, and work with Millennials to improve teamwork, increase productivity, strengthen organizational culture, and build a robust talent pipeline.

Jennifer J. Deal is a senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership and an affiliated research scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California.

Alec Levenson is a senior research scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

The most comprehensive, in-depth look at Millennials to date—essential for managers, HR professionals, and global business leaders seeking to align long-term organizational goals with the...

A Note From the Publisher

Also, available in e-book

Also, available in e-book

Advance Praise

“The workforce of today is more diverse, complex, and challenging than ever before. Over the next 10 years, organizations big and small may succeed or fail based on how they embrace the Millennial generation. This book provides valuable insights and tools that can help us understand what’s inside this cohort and how we can unlock their unique value.”
—Scott Pitasky, Executive Vice President and Chief Partner Resource Officer, Starbucks

“If you think you understand the Millennials in your life, think again. In this new generational research, Deal and Levenson offer some new twists on what Millennials want, think, and do, and how organizations can maximize their engagement and contribution. As a Millennial manager, parent, and talent practitioner, the global perspective and practical recommendations in What Millennials Want from Work have already influenced my thinking.”
—Mary Eckenrod, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Johnson Controls

“This book will help you reinvent the way you inspire and connect with Millennials. Anyone looking to truly understand this exciting and complex generation will benefit from Deal and Levenson’s ability to resolve seemingly contradictory paradoxes. Think of it as a generational decoder key, giving you simple secrets to deeply engage and bring out the best of Millennials’ passion to constantly learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference.”
—Eva Sage Gavin, Vice Chair, Skills for America’s Future, The Aspen Institute; Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; and former EVP, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Gap Inc.

“This is an outstanding resource that you can use right now to engage Millennials and propel your business forward. Deal and Levenson provide an incredibly rich, practical picture of what really drives Millennials and how to engage, lead, and work with them to mutually benefit your bottom line. What Millennials Want from Work will help you win the war for the talent you need for innovation and long-term growth.”
—Steve Milovich, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Disney ABC Television, The Walt Disney Company

“Organizations everywhere can benefit from the sharp insights shared in What Millennials Want from Work. Debunking common misconceptions, Deal and Levenson provide useful tips for leaders, managers, and coworkers on how to engage and motivate Millennials. They are the future of our workplace, and this book will help everyone who works with Millennials leverage the best they have to offer.”
—Anne Hill, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Avery Dennison

“The state-of-the-art guide to managing and working with Millennials. Based on their extensive research with organizations around the world, Deal and Levenson resolve the debates about whether Millennials are entitled or hardworking, needy or independent, high-tech or high-touch, and disloyal or committed. This data-driven book is full of practical recommendations.”
—Adam Grant, Wharton Professor of Management and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals

“Most pundits treat Millennials like they are a completely different species, relying on anecdotes and trite commentary. Deal and Levenson take a different approach, using scientific analysis to provide data-based insights and separate myth from the real changes happening in our society. The disparity across countries is particularly enlightening. Not only does culture eat strategy for lunch, apparently generational generalities are an appetizer!”
—Tony Sarsam, Chief Executive Officer, Ready Pac Foods

“To understand the future, we must know what drives Millennials, the generation that will lead and shape the next phase of the world’s history. This book is an excellent resource, packed with real insights and practical recommendations that are guaranteed to be of high value to all leaders, boardrooms, governments, marketers, educators and parents alike.”
—Dennis Finn, Global CEO, Advisian

What Millenials Want from Work is for all leaders who want to ‘future proof’ their talent management skills and strategy. Deal and Levenson have taken their thorough, global research to create a cogent handbook for successfully leading and managing our next generation of talent. The messages are clear, the advice is practical, and the bottom line is inspiring. The choice for current leaders is critical and could define our legacy. We can either nurture and catalyze this dynamic or be disrupted by it, as this new cohort emerges to lead the next generation of talent.”
—Jonathan Donner, Vice President, Global Learning and Capability Development, Unilever

“Just about everyone has opinions on the Millennials in our workforce. But exceptional research that helps us understand what really makes this generation tick has been lacking—until now. Deal and Levenson perform a great service for senior executives everywhere, replacing myths with fresh, candid insights that will help organizations unlock the full potential of their emerging talent.”
—John D. Butler, former Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Textron Inc.

“Deal and Levenson have comprehensively separated fact from urban myth when it comes to what Millennials want from work. A must-read for anyone interested in ensuring their organization is maximizing execution through higher levels of Millennial engagement and commitment.”
—Mark Blankenship, Executive Vice President and Chief People, Culture, and Corporate Strategy Officer, Jack in the Box

“With rich data and storytelling, Deal and Levenson show us something that we did not know conclusively until now: Millennials are often driven by similar passions and goals, no matter where they live and work in the world. How can global organizations harness their talent? This book offers the smart, practical advice we need to build outstanding leadership pipelines in every corner of the globe.”
—Ingar Skaug, retired President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

“Millennials are our future. If you manage Millennials or if you are one, read Deal and Levenson’s guide to understanding this unique generation. Based on critical global research, this book describes what motivates them and how to adjust your thinking and management style to bring out the best in your whole team!”
—Marshall Goldsmith, author or editor of 35 books, including the #1 New York Times bestselling Triggers and global bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Millennials are smart, talented, and ambitious—and often misunderstood by those of us responsible for developing them. The authors have delivered the kind of engaging, data-driven study about this generation that we’ve needed for years. With strong analysis and step-by-step guidance, this book will make the conversations that organizations have about cultivating their future leaders far more productive.”
—Martin Schneider, Vice President and Global CIO, VF Corporation

“The authors take us on a captivating trip around the world, exploring the many ways in which Millennials are the same and also the fewer but crucial ways in which they differ culturally. For organizations that are truly serious about leveraging world-class research to develop a new generation of global leaders, this book needs to be read now.”
—Om Bhatt, former Chairman, State Bank of India

“Deal and Levenson have done us all a great service. They unpack in a clear and considered way what Millennials want from work and provide thoughtful and useful tools for engaging this cohort of workers. The greater service is that this is really a book about how to manage anyone in your workforce: Baby Boomers, Gen Y, any generation. Deal and Levenson help us think more holistically about the people who are in our organizations, showing how to get the most out of diverse teams and ensure everyone is included and motivated.”
—Laura Liswood, Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders; Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs; and author of The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity

“Deal and Levenson provide profound insights into who Millennials are, what they want, and how they are different culturally around the world. Understanding Millennials is essential to any corporation that wants to succeed both locally and globally. This book provides the guidance and advice on how to manage Millennials your organization needs to grow sustainably.”
—Anne Patricia Sutanto, Vice CEO of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk

“Global organizations know that culture can make or break a business model. Today’s Millennial generation represents one of the largest cultural challenges, one that can be a catalyst for success or a barrier to realizing global ambitions. Deal and Levenson provide a masterful guide to understanding how much Millennials are driven by similar passions and desires worldwide, and where cultural differences really matter.”
—Nenad Pacek, Founder and President, Global Success Advisors GmbH, and Co-founder and Co-CEO, CEEMEA Business Group

“A successful strategy of winning with your customers starts with engaging your own staff. This practical and insightful guide shows how to win with your Millennial staff, and what drives their behavior and decisions. A useful—and fun—read for all leaders who want their organizations to remain relevant and competitive.”
—Raimund Snyders, CEO, Mutual & Federal

“Leading an Indian-owned business in a mature industry in a mature region¬—steel in Europe¬—I see both the power of Millennials and their impact on the Indian economy. Millennials have the potential both to accelerate the next phase of development of the world’s emerging markets and to redesign the future of manufacturing excellence in Europe and throughout the world’s mature markets. Deal and Levenson provide a clear road map to follow for leaders who want to enable Millennials’ contribution to transform the future.”
—Dr. Karl Köhler, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Steel - Europe

“This book by Deal and Levenson is a must-read for business leaders and HR professionals who want to meet the challenges of attracting, retaining, and rewarding Millennials at work.”
—Jacqueline Yew, Senior Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Leadership Development, Pactera Technology International Limited

“The workforce of today is more diverse, complex, and challenging than ever before. Over the next 10 years, organizations big and small may succeed or fail based on how they embrace the...

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