She's a Sinner

A Sinner's Legacy

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Pub Date 09 Sep 2015 | Archive Date 31 Jan 2016


Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is making his mark as an outstanding kicker. When an opening occurs for a new punter, he is asked his opinion on the skills of Hall-of-Famer Andy Mortenson's grandchild, Alix Lindstrom. Not only is Alix a superb punter, she is also undeniably a tall, strong woman. For Tom, it's love the first time she removes her helmet, shakes out her blonde hair and gazes at him with her fjord-blue eyes.

Alix regards herself as an overly big, clunky female jock who must prove her ability to every man on the team. For years, she has adored Tom from afar. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at flirting or making her desires known. As Tom helps her integrate with the Sinners, her feelings grow.

When Alix proves to be his equal in talent and gets roughed in a few plays, his mentoring and over-protectiveness prove his thoughts are in line with hers. But she doesn't want to be coddled. Can she establish her own identity between the goal posts while scoring touchdowns with him in private?

Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is making his mark as an outstanding kicker. When an opening occurs for a new punter, he is asked his opinion on the skills of...

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Tom can be a little self conscious about his body, "Tom sat fully dressed at the dining room table. He remembered Krayola’s orangutan comment all too well, took it to heart, and covered his chest hair with a green T-shirt, thinking he might already have turned Alix off by wearing his robe to breakfast. Maybe he should consider waxing like Brian Lightfoot." Tom can be an eager man at times, “me, too. Your bedroom or mine?” About time for some action after days and nights of doing nothing but cuddling and talking out their problems. Eagerly, Tom backed Alix into their living room, his hands on her firm rump..." I liked this book I loved Tom and Alix together they complemented each other perfectly.

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She´s a sinner is a sweet cute story. I loved how Tom cared for Alix. He´s a big guy, a great player and at same time he's a little unsure of himself in the sense that he fears Alix rejection, thinking he´s too red, too hairy. Is kind of sweet. Alix is a Amazon, in a family full of tiny little girls, she was treated like a boy because of her height and weight. I loved this story, from the plot to the characters, and I´ll certainly read the rest of the series as well as another books wrote by this author.

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She's a Sinner is a cute read. Alix is a soccer player thanks to her body build who had huge dreams. However when that falls through her Grandpa sets out to make her the best punter anyone has ever seen. When she tries out for the Sinner's pro football team, no one is more surprised that she is a woman than Tom. Tom can be shy, self conscious, and a whole lot eager. She is unsure, a little insecure thanks to that way she was brought up and her sisters. They just compliment each other really well and it was just good to read.

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Such a fun and flirty read. I thoroughly enjoyed She's a Sinner, and though I haven't read anything else in the series I didn't have any trouble picking up the back story. I really appreciated the character portraits of the hero and heroine, each of them had their own unique insecurities and it was fun to tune in to their inner dialogues as they worked their way to happily ever after. It was also a fun look at what it would entail privately and publicly to be a female in a male dominated sport. I would like to read more in the series. *I received my copy through in exchange for an honest review.

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Such a fun read! Loved all the craziness of both families!

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Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review...... This was Tom and Alix's book. Tom is a football player and he is seriously impressed by the new player on the team. Tom is even more smitten when said player takes off their helmet and reveals.....a beauty. Enter Alix......god she was sweet. Bless her she has such a poor body image, being tall, Alix's thinks that she is unfeminine. What a fabulous match with Tom, for all his fame on the field, he is shy and self conscious. These two were just perfect for each other, both building each other up until a solid foundation was made for their something more. Yup, I really liked this book. Light and romantic and a real soul booster plumping your confidence. This book for me showed that even if you worry and feel troubled, wondering if you'll never find that one special person who will love you just the way you'll find them in the most unlikely places !!! Well done Lynn and many thanks for this opportunity x Later peeps x

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About the book: Football player, Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is not the only one impressed by the new punter's skills. But when the tall jock takes off his helmet, he's mesmerized by a whole different reason. Their new player to-be is female. And a beautiful one she was too. Alix Lindstrom, a Hall-of-Famer Andy Mortenson's grandchild sees herself as nothing else but awkward big and too strong to be a normal woman. She is also crushing for the famous kicker, Tom, something bad for years... Now she needs to prove herself as the only female punter in the game and learn how to flirt with a very eager - but shy - Tom. Review: As I am not very knowledgeable of this sport I actually googled and YouTubed the game itself first. Just to be clear on what actually the punter, kicker, (and so on), is. It was fun, but intense. And I had a new look on the whole book from then on. (yay!) I knew what was going on the field. The first awkwardness and shyness between the two main characters (Alix and Tom) was funny. I am used to read about more dominant males and/or strong women, so I was surprised by the (almost) meekness of this pair. The romance was on a slow burn, but it was there for sure. The love scenes were a bit abrupt though. Still, this pair was not something I read before. He was almost painfully shy about his freckles and hair... and she was self-conscious about her size, thinking of herself as some female jock, not really feminine at all. It was a good thing they could overcome this. I wish I would read the first installment of this series first, since I'd love some more knowledge about the background of some of the characters. The huge family concept was familiar to me and felt real - awkward and loveable, but sometimes almost over the top. All in all, I liked it.

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Badass. I love the h in this one. She gives as good as she gets. Very entertaining read that I absolutely ate up.

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I must say I was disappointed with these whole story. I accepted so much more, to be a fun light read. But unfortunately it was pretty boring and long and I had to force myself to finish. I give it 3 stars because I read worst. And for me it was unrealistic and hard to believe it. Although plot was interesting but it could been better. The characters were well develop but frustrating especially Alix when she had her PMS she was a real bi***. And Tom was more like a pussy. I like my hero alfa man and strong. And although it was a few bedroom scenes they were not enough hot and were uninteresting. *ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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