For Fallon

Chicago Syndicate, #1

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Pub Date 24 Jul 2014 | Archive Date 11 Jun 2016


WINNER Semi Annual Literary Awards Novel Grounds: "For Fallon" Best Breakout Novel 2014.

We all have a façade, a concealed mask we wear to portray ourselves to the world.

Fallon’s mask is real, what you see is what you get. Growing up with two loving parents in Chicago, graduating in Chicago, and now working a job she loves, she enjoys her life.

Her untarnished world is shaken when Luca crosses her path.

Luca’s mask is tightly controlled. Distrust, rivalry, and violence rule his life.

When confronted with insecurities, when the one you love wears his mask perfectly, when your life unravels and you don’t know why, do you keep trusting the person you love?

Everyone has a façade. Everyone has an ulterior motive.

A romantic suspense.

*This is a Second Edition Re-Release
**Mature content
***The story continues and ends in For Luca (Chicago Syndicate, #2)

WINNER Semi Annual Literary Awards Novel Grounds: "For Fallon" Best Breakout Novel 2014.

We all have a façade, a concealed mask we wear to portray ourselves to the world.

Fallon’s mask is real, what...

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(This review is based on the second re-release edition, 5/17/16) Since I’ve read all the books in The Chicago Syndicate, except for not yet released book 5, a quick overview of the entire series might be the most useful, effective way to sum up Ms. Naomi’s writing style. If nothing else, consider it bonus material tacked on to my For Fallon book review. For Fallon was by far my favorite of The Chicago Syndicate series, even though it ended in a cliff hanger, which I normally despise. For Luca, the second book, concludes their love story, btw. Some reviewers complained the main couple were apart a good portion of For Luca but to me if only added to their HEA reunion. Ms. Naomi did a great job making For Adriano a stand-alone but added a touch of the two other books so you didn't have to worry about spoilers or feel like you were re-reading material. For Cam included an underlying dark, human trafficking/sex club, disturbingly graphic BDSM theme that absolutely does not appeal to me in any shape or form. I tolerate that content only if it doesn’t hijack the main romantic storyline and if it can easily be skipped over. Fortunately, it was only a small portion at the beginning of For Cam, and there was no trace of it in For Fallon. Speaking of which, Luca is completely taken off guard by how hard and fast he falls for Fallon, folks. This heart hardened mafia criminal is surprisingly soft and romantic when it comes to his lady love. She certainly seems to be the light in his world and brings out the best of him. What was at first an assignment now leads to an attraction that he cannot control nor will be denied. But it is his desperation to keep her that leads to deception, as he tries to hide his criminal underworld dealings from her. It doesn’t help that Fallon has been keeping some secrets of her own. With the inevitable collision of their two opposing worlds, both are left reeling in hurt, betrayal, and confusion as complete chaos breaks out around them, with possible deadly consequences. Luca is put in a position where he has to juggle his mafia loyalty with his love for Fallon. The author does a good job making you feel Luca’s overwhelming need to have Fallon in his life vs. what is best for her. Ms. Naomi’s writing does seem to flow well. Told in alternating first person, there is, not surprisingly, and excessive use of the pronoun “I” in some places. She does seem to like to include quite a bit of graphic smexy time, as well, so consider this an erotic read. Be prepared to have to immediately read For Luca, or really, what’s the point? You won’t know how this all ends unless you do. However, there is a brief graphic rape scene in For Luca I wish had been left out. It is a black cloud that still hovers over my mind when I think of that book. The location it occurred wasn’t realistic nor was such a drastic, abusive act necessary. So though I recommend this series, it does get darker as it progresses. Keep that in mind as you read your way through the sequels. Title: For Fallon, Series: The Chicago Syndicate (Book 1), Author: Soraya Naomi, Pages: 260, part of a mafia romance series, cliffhanger, mafia violence, graphic VERY steamy scenes, told in alternating first person. Book 1 – For Fallon, 7/24/14, Pages: 266 Book 2 – For Luca, 10/25/14, Pages: 257 Book 3 – For Adriano, 4/11/2015, Pages: 325 Book 4 – For Cam, 12/7/2015, Pages: 324 Book 5 – For Logan, to be released 2016 The Chicago Syndicate (Books 1 – 4) is also available. (This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion. No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author/publisher. It will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, NetGalley, and Barnes & Noble.)

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