I See You

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Pub Date 21 Feb 2017 | Archive Date 14 Dec 2017


“[A] well-told suspense story...refreshingly realistic.”—The New York Times Book Review
“Danger feels real in the brilliant I See You…Mackintosh seems destined to do important work for many years to come.”—The Washington Post
“Mackintosh allots her characters the perfect amount of back story, allowing them to carry their own weight throughout the investigation. She also casts enough extras to keep readers guessing who could be behind these attacks…readers may find themselves wanting to reread this one.”—Associated Press

“[A] deliciously creepy tale of urban paranoia.”—Ruth Ware, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10

The author of the New York Times bestseller I Let You Go propels readers into a dark and claustrophobic thriller, in which a normal, everyday woman becomes trapped in the confines of her normal, everyday world...

Every morning and evening, Zoe Walker takes the same route to the train station, waits at a certain place on the platform, finds her favorite spot in the car, never suspecting that someone is watching her...
It all starts with a classified ad. During her commute home one night, while glancing through her local paper, Zoe sees her own face staring back at her; a grainy photo along with a phone number and a listing for a website called FindTheOne.com.
Other women begin appearing in the same ad, a different one every day, and Zoe realizes they’ve become the victims of increasingly violent crimes—including murder. With the help of a determined cop, she uncovers the ad’s twisted purpose...A discovery that turns her paranoia into full-blown panic. Zoe is sure that someone close to her has set her up as the next target.
And now that man on the train—the one smiling at Zoe from across the car—could be more than just a friendly stranger. He could be someone who has deliberately chosen her and is ready to make his next move…
“[A] well-told suspense story...refreshingly realistic.”—The New York Times Book Review
“Danger feels real in the brilliant I See You…Mackintosh seems destined to do important work for many years...

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This tense and fast-paced thriller is a great ride! Just when I thought I had it figured out, there were more twists. I'm looking forward to recommending this to patrons who love a good thrill.

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Three sentences that grabbed me in the book description:

"You do the same thing every day.

You know exactly where you're going.

You're not alone."

How much privacy do you think we really have? With social media-it’s next to none. Imagine opening a newspaper and finding your picture shown big as a day on it with no explanation. There are no words to describe how one would feel. Or is there? Did Clare Mackintish accomplish that goal in, I See You?

I am absolutely fascinated with psychological thrillers. Why? I am curious about the human condition and what makes people tick. What motivates them to commit the acts they do. I do- however- think there is a fine line writers should not cross in this genre. Some things are too dark and disturbing for the average reader to venture to or for anyone for that matter. Clare Mackintosh is one of the few writers who can get into the mind of a psychopath or sociopath-if you will and stay in the boundaries just enough to not leave you feeling physically ill. She gives you the right amount of tension and chill factor to leave you totally creeped out. She has you thinking about just how much information do you put out there and what could happen. The ramifications in this story are mind-boggling and so intense!

I love how she has you thinking throughout the whole story-guessing-who is the perp. Who is the mastermind behind these unnerving and horrible acts? I was quite surprised the end but started to have my suspicions about a little over halfway through. I admired how she ended the story and I wanted more! I would also like to mention I was really intrigued with how the detectives handled the case and their process.

Be sure to check out I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh as well! Fabulous read.

I rated this book four and a half stars!

I received an ARC Copy from the publishers through NetGalley for an honest review.
Stephanie M. Hopkins

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This book really creeped me out. I was nervous, on edge & my mind was racing during the week I finished it. One of my biggest fears is the idea that someone is watching me. My curtains are often closed, I keep the bathroom door closed at night & the shower curtain open to ease my anxiety. The idea that someone has his or her eye on you and may be watching you perform your everyday tasks terrifies me.

So when Zoe finds a picture of herself in the classifieds, my skin crawled imagining that would happen to me. As Zoe figures out WHY her picture was in the paper, her initial curiosity turns to terror & her world quickly closes in as she becomes paranoid & fearful of everyone around her. Clare Mackintosh is such a fantastic author. I found myself thinking I had "the twist" figured out at least four different times. She does such an amazing job building the suspense, I can't imagine a reader wouldn't enjoy her writing style. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys a great thriller. I was thrilled to receive this book from Netgalley; it comes out February 21, 2017.

Special thanks to Claire Mackintosh, Sphere & NetGalley for providing my copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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Thanks so much to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this opportunity!

First - I was SO obsessed with Clare Mackintosh's first book - I Let You Go. I told everyone about it and insisted that they read it. It's still the only book I remember that literally made me gasp out loud and turn back the pages to see what I could have missed. Truly an amazing debut novel!

I was SO excited to read her second book but you always wonder if it will lead up to the hype of the first. No worries! Another amazing book - this author's writing truly pulls you into the story and doesn't let go until you turn the last page. And even then you are thinking about it and the characters. A true sign of a gifted author. I love all the police procedurals that ring true in these type of novels - and they certainly do here, no doubt due to the fact that the author worked on the police force for 12 years!

To get to the synopsis without giving much away, the story switches narrators between chapters, with a creepy interjection from the perpetrator stuck in between at various points. Zoe is a single mom in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend and whose 2 young adult children live with them. She lives a life that is lived by so many - commutes on the subway (London Underground), uncomfortable bosses, tension between boyfriend and son, an ex-husband still in love with her. In contrast, Kelly is on the police force but was basically demoted after an incident with a suspect. She's still trying to get over trauma that happened to her twin and seems to color her days with anger. She ends up investigating the case of personal ads that seem to lead to violence inflicted on the women in the ads.

Not giving any more away because you must.read.this.book! Kudos to the author for a wonderful second book - hope you're working on your next one!

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