Nick Rippington

Nick Rippington is the award-winning author of the Boxer Boys crime series. His debut novel Crossing The Whitewash was released in 2015 and was well received by Net Galley members while receiving an honourable mention is the Writers Digest 2016 self-published eBook awards. Judges described it as "evocative, unique, unfailingly precise and often humorous". His second novel Spark Out, a prequel, was set in 1982 during the time of the Thatcher Government and the Falklands War. It received reader awards from popular self-publishing sites Chill With A Book and IndieBRAG. When awarding the IndieBRAG medallion readers described the book as "Dirty, visceral and strangely compelling". The third book in the series Dying Seconds, released in December 2019, revisits some of the characters from the first novel, plunging them into a whodunnit murder mystery. Nick lives in London with wife Liz and has two daughters, Jemma, 36, and Olivia, 8.
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