Luke Gracias

Luke Gracias is an environmental specialist with over 25 years experience. No Shadow Without Light is the long overdue sequel to 'The Devil's Prayer.'

Templars, Crusades, Red Monks, Vatican archives, Mongol history, all of which is true or could be. This book is a historical fiction thriller, underpinned by environmental facts. We humans are the Custodians of Planet Earth, entrusted to protect the thread of life of all species. We are systematically dismantling the engine which runs our planet and removing the basic tools of survival required by future generations. Every generation wants to leave behind a better world. Ours will not be the first to fail. Today, we are odds on favourites to be the very last.

I have written this book because I have hope. Hope that you will find fault in the scientific premise which underpins this work of fiction. Hope that there must be a light somewhere, which casts the long dark shadows we see on our beautiful planet today.
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