Video Software Lab

Video Software Laboratory (VSL) is a media research and development company delivering innovative publication apps for mobile devices.

VSL envisions smart phones and tablets as the emerging communication platform for engaging in publication of books, games, and social media.


Dark Genius © 2017
Captain Hawkins © 2016
Commander Henry Gallant © 2016
Henry Gallant and Warrior © 2015
Lieutenant Henry Gallant © 2014
Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space © 2013
Connections: Patterns of Discovery, 2007.
Thinking on the Web: Berners-Lee, Gödel, and Turing, 2006.
Developing Semantic Web Services, 2004.
The Intelligent Wireless Web, 2001.
e-Video: Producing Internet Video as Broadband Technologies Converge, 2000.
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