Mark E. Fisher

Mark wrote his first twelve pages at the age of ten, complete with drawings of a prairie fire, Indians, and a stampede. Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Heritage Beacon Imprint, published his first two novels of Christian historical fiction set in ancient, Celtic Ireland at the time of St. Patrick. The Slaves Of Autumn, a standalone book, completes the Celtic series. He is also the author of The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, an epic high fantasy for young adults set in a Celtic world. Death Of The Master Builder, set in Renaissance Italy, is historical novel for a general market. The Day the End Began is the first in a Christian end-times series based on the books of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel. At various times, he has welded rails for the railroad, inspected glass in a glass factory, given aid checks to welfare clients, and programmed micro-code for IBM. He recently helped plant a church. He and his wife enjoy traveling with recent visits to Japan, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, France, Italy, and Switzerland Mark spends most of his time at his desk writing or following his miniature Australian shepherd on walks around the neighborhood.
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