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Podium is an audio-first entertainment company dedicated to developing the careers of emerging, independent storytellers and best-selling authors. Podium finances, develops, produces and distributes immersive audio content globally with a particular emphasis on the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance. Podium gained international notice for turning once unknown author Andy Weir’s e-book The Martian into one of the most successful audiobooks in the world; today the company is an industry leader in its core genres and has been a pioneer in bringing the popular sub-genres of Gamelit, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, Wuxia and Xianxia to the fore. In addition to Science Fiction and Fantasy, Podium also publishes mystery, thriller, young adult, and non-fiction. Recently, Podium has expanded into the ebook market to provide a comprehensive publishing solution to its authors. Internationally, Podium has partnered with European publisher Saga Egmont to translate and produce select titles in myriad non-English languages. Podium is also focused on developing top IP into film and television properties and is represented by global entertainment agency William Morris Endeavor. Most recently, Podium launched AudioCollab, a groundbreaking venture that elevates the most sought-after voice actors working in the audiobook publishing space through multi-year, guaranteed personal contracts in addition to providing resources to develop each voice artists’ social media footprint and fan following.