Steven Coulter

Student. Singer. Lover. Spy.
How far will a son go to save his family? How far will he go to find true love?
Abel Torres is a freshman at San Francisco State, the power of his voice landing a full scholarship. Even as a boy in a church choir he seemed destined for greatness.
But he has more important worries. His parents are desperate: his dad deported to Mexico; his mom facing eviction. Potential is one thing, reality another. He works nights as a dishwasher.
A mentor at school makes an introduction. Abel sings at a swank party and charms California’s political and social elites, entering a world of wealthy and powerful men. And what about the connection he feels for a young waiter?
He takes his first clients, discovering reality is not always what he assumed. Then the FBI asks him to spy on one of them involved in a rapidly developing terrorist plot to ignite a civil war. Sometimes you do things you’re not proud of to save those you love; sometimes you must decide how much you’ll give to save your country. But love is always part of the equation.
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