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For a girl who grew up foraging for pine nuts and scouring the desert for Native American petroglyphs between today’s Area 51 and Butch Cassidy’s old stomping grounds in southern Nevada, Suzette is bewildered to find herself living in Montana’s land of ice and snow. In writing novels, she is compelled by stories found within her family tree. Her novel, SKINNY LEG, chronicles her disabled son's adventures racing his team of misfit sleddogs through the wild backcountry of Montana. DESERT PHOENIX is a love story from her family history about a middle-aged prostitute who finds an unlikely ally in her struggle for physical and emotional survival when she nurses a young German immigrant on the run from the law. A lifelong songwriter, she is also the composer of several stage musicals, most notably, SYMPHONY OF LIFE, on which she collaborated with Emmy-award winning arranger, Kurt Bestor. To learn more about her creative projects visit