Alison Greig

Wish Books is a small independent publisher based in New Zealand, dedicated to bringing readers unique and compelling stories by Tasmin Turner, an independent author. With a focus on quality over quantity, Wish Books carefully selects and publishes a limited number of titles each year to ensure that each book receives the attention it deserves. The Missing Diary, one of Wish Books' latest publications, is a gripping mystery novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Written by Tasmin Turner, this thrilling book tells the story of a missing diary that holds the key to solving vicious crimes in post-conflict Kosovo.. Wish Books is committed to providing readers with engaging and thought-provoking stories that will stay with them long after they've finished reading. With a passion for independent publishing and a dedication to supporting talented authors like Tasmin Turner, Wish Books is a publisher to watch in the ever-changing world of literature.
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