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Neem Tree Press is an independent publisher of award-winning fiction, non-fiction and children’s books that ignite curiosity and broaden readers’ perspectives of the world we live in. We’re dedicated to discovering and amplifying diverse new voices who have a great story to tell. Based in London, we are truly global in scope and work with both British and international authors and artists from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our middle grade and YA fiction list aims to showcase global cultures and empower young diverse protagonists. These books invoke a sense of adventure and exploration with stories grounded in art, culture and history from all over the world. We take inspiration from our namesake: the neem. Declared by the United Nations as the ‘tree for the 21st century’, neem is known for its hardiness, resilience and healing properties. As a small independent company, our mission is to make an impact on diversity and inclusivity in literature while providing readers with books that inspire, inform and provoke.