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You are not alone in your trauma. We all share it. "The Trauma We Don't Talk About" essays are designed to evoke empathy, understanding, and also discomfort by challenging individuals and communities to reflect on their own trauma histories while also pursuing positive action to break the silence surrounding mental health and honest discussions of pain caused by abuse, neglect, wars, displacements, oppression, discrimination and othering. If mental health advocacy is important to you, I invite you to read, review, and share these essays, especially with those who may need to know that they are not alone. However, please keep in mind that topics, which include sadistic abuse, sexual abuse, wars, displacements, abuse of power, life of immigrants, discrimination, and othering, may not be yet for you. If you're not ready to engage with these subjects yet, please take care of yourself and do not apply for review. Together, let's create a world where seeking help for mental health is not stigmatized but encouraged and accepted.

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