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3,5 Stars

The second best thing to a book about books is a book about music. 
The Merino Rose, an almost mythic violin thought to be long destroyed, found its way to Ted Spencer, a celebrated Violinist. The violin, and the way it found its way to Ted, brings back the memories and the long story of Ted and Olivia, the soul mate he found in high school and lost countless times, a story spanning through three decades of love, ambitions, lost opportunities and second chances.
The story was told from the point of view of Ted, I didn't always like him or his choices, but that kind of made the story more touching and somehow more convincing. The mistakes, the losses and the persistance to go on with their own lives and dreams made them endearing to me. The music inserted in the story made it even closer to my heart.
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I found myself struggling a little bit reading this book. I did like the idea of the story but I found that I didn't really connect properly with the characters. I am a very big character person and it was the thing I found I struggled with. 

Overall I did enjoy the concept of the story. 

I may come back to this book at some point in the future for a reread to see if I enjoy it better then! 
If you do like romantic fiction books though, this will probably be up your street.
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Strings by Megan Edwards is a star-crossed love story spanning decades and involving Ted and Olivia. 
It is written in first person as Ted. It is a love story/romance, but at the same time an imperfect novel with an imperfect ending. 

The novel itself was written well and was a fast- paced read, however was kind of sad for my specific taste. 
Overall, still a great read.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this boom in return for an honest review.
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I love stories about interesting histories of musical instruments and art. This was a good read. At times, it felt slow but still kept my interest. I wish it had been a bit happier. Overall, a good read.
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This was a bit too slow a story for me and a bit too confusing. I had trouble following Ted's POV  and the way he narrated the story.
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Framed by the mystery of how a long lost violin came into the hands of the main character Ted, this love story spans over more than three decades. We go back to when Ted and Olivia first meet and follow the story, in flashbacks, from there. 
Wonderfully written, I couldn't put it down.
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Strings by Megan Edwards
3 stars
This book was just an okay read for me; the writing wasn’t bad or anything of that nature although there could have been some more character building. I am personally just not a fan of books that are slow paced and span decades and are mostly just flash backs. The angst I crave was there but I mostly just felt sad throughout the book which isn’t the feeling I’m looking for while I’m reading. I did love that the point of view was from the male perspective that was a nice change in a romance novel. It was a good book, just wasn’t necessarily my favorite “type” of romance.
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Loving the violin and liking romance just as much, I chose this book.  Ted when Olivia had a rich life with most if it apart when this book isn’t written.  

Having such strength, discipline, and heart to go on despite knowing they were more than just school mates and growing friends, they overcome obstacles for 19 years and came together again.  

Now there is another Teddie in the picture but she is someone Ted would leave everything to! This is a great book showing how hard it was to make it without each other when 
missing that one true love, yet how to channel that focus into something productive, sweet, and real that the world can hear is a message this book showed! 5 stars and more!
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The story follows the lives of Ted and Olivia over the time. The story is narrated by Ted, which I found great because most of the books I read are from a woman perpective.
They met in Ted's senior year in the 1960's. Their lives are completely different from each other: Ted comes from money and Olivia is the cleaning lady's daughter. They waanted to spend their lives together but their plans changed due to issues with family and with Ted's music.

They meet again in New York City. Ted and Olivia realize that they never fell out of love. Once again their love must fall again.

This book is a very quick read but I found it a little bit boring sometimes. Not much was happening for the most part but it was a cute romance overall.
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This story was told by Ted. He tells it to us through his memories as he thinks back about THE girl he met in high school, Olivia and all that happened with her and without her since.

This story was enjoyable. The characters were ok though I didn’t truly connect with them. I enjoyed how the story was told but I found it incredibly sad. I usually read romance like science fiction to fill my romantic side without ever believing it can happen. This did not feel my romantic side, it just made me sad.
Still, an interesting, fast paced story I enjoyed reading.
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I love this story! A love story and music as one can hope for. Filled with the atmosphere and beauty.
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As a musician, I found the theme particularly interesting - especially the story of the Merino Rose
violin. (It would be good to re-read the book, this time listening to the music at the same time.)
No matter how much practise goes into a performance, there will always be a mechanical element
which leaves the listener cold & unengaged unless the musician is playing from the heart. 
I was glad that Ted chose his love of music over familial expectations for his life's course, & that his
successful career justified that choice. Also that true love endured, although I was very suprised that 
it took them so long to sort that out! I do believe that once you have met the 'one' special person who
is right for you, no-one else will measure up.
It's been a long time since I read a book written from a young male's perspective, it makes a change
from my 'norm'.
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I was given a free ARC from NetGalley. I'm pretty choosy about what book I request, and I was on the fence about this one. I am so glad I read it. it's an old fashioned love story (as opposed to a "romance" book). It starts at the (nearly) end, and then works its way back from Teddy, the protagonists early relationship with Olivia. It then charts their lives through his eyes.
I'm sorry if this review makes it sound a bit dull - the drama of the book is contained and gentle.
I couldn't stop reading, I was meant to be sleeping, but stayed up far too late. A beautiful book.
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I thought the first half of the book was rather boring and did not feel like much was happening besides Teddy moping around everywhere in the world playing on his violin and being sad over Olivia. I wish the violin had played a bigger and more meaningful part because I love when music is involved in books. I liked Olivia though and I was happy that she was succeeding with her dreams of becoming an actress.

I thought it was interesting that the story took place over such a long period of time and you got to see Teddy and Olivia grow old and go through a lot. However, I also got confused much of the time because I couldn’t figure out whether we were in the past or if we were in the present. This was mostly in the beginning though but it was still confusing and hard to read.

I am strongly against the homophobic slurs in the book, such as ‘fag’. I did not think that was necessary. It was used in a scene that was supposed to be funny but I found nothing funny about it. It really made me dislike Teddy and Karen and I was debating with myself if I should stop reading. 

Despite having found a lot of the book boring and confusing, I liked the ending. Even though Teddy and Olivia both grew old, their love for each other never faded. I was especially fond of the last part in the book with the special violin that Olivia found.
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This wasn’t a book with tear your clothes off hot sex. This book was a slow burn, a symphony that made you want to turn the next page. You wanted to hear more because deep down inside you wanted Ted and Olivia to be together. You wanted them to somehow find their way back to each other no matter the distance. 

I’ve never watched The Red Violin but from what I’ve heard about it, this book fits right in with that sort of story. 

This book was a shining jewel. I really thought it was the perfect story to read on a summer day in a hammock. It took you all over the world but deep in its heart was a love story. A really good love story.
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This book discusses the lifelong love story between Ted and Olivia. They each come from different background-she is the daughter of the local cleaning lady and he is the son of a wealthy family. They start as high school sweethearts and because of their parents' manipulations, they just grow apart... All throughout the story, Ted's job and passion for violins is interwoven in the story... It was a great book, very realistic in the sense that .... life just happened ...and it would be many many years until they found each other again. 
This is definitely not a happy go lucky love story, but it shows how sometimes even soulmates have to grow apart to find each other again.
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I hadn’t read a romance novel for a long time and when I saw this book on NetGalley I instantly requested for it because of its cover and the synopsis looked good too. But I have to say I was little disappointed. The story could have been turned out better.

The main protagonists of the story are Ted Spencer and Olivia de la Vega. The story follows their lives over decades of time, narrated by Ted. Ted is a violinist and wants to pursue his career in this. He met Olivia in his senior year of High School in the 1960s and instantly fell in love with her. Ted was from a wealthy background while Olivia was the daughter of a cleaning lady at the school. Despite their background differences, they planned to spend their lives together. But the fate was not with them and they got separated because of the family issues and Ted’s compassion for music.

The time forwards and they meet again after decades when both are doing good in their careers. They realize that after so many years their love for each other is still alive. But this time they were not able to get together because of their family commitments and career ambitions.

Will they meet again? Will they ever be got together? Why they got separated in the first place? And the second time?

The story was little weak for me in terms of character development. I never got to understand what was the main thing that attracted both Ted and Olivia towards each other. I guess the writer never explained properly what was the point of affection there. Being said that, it was good to see a story being told from a man’s PoV. This was really Ted’s story, his life, his relationships, and we got to learn about Olivia only through their interactions.

One of the major things to appreciate here is the use of music as the main theme. Besides love being the theme, there was a little suspense too for this missing Violin which was revealed in the last pages. I wished though that the Violin should have made a bigger part of the story. 

This book started out slow for me but was fast paced later on. The story is not divided nicely into the present and the past. It was confusing many times and it took me seconds to realizes that the story has shifted from one time to another. The writing was simple. It doesn’t bore you or make the story tough to understand.

I generally love the romances, but with this, I felt that the basic plot of the story was repetitive – boy meets the girl with a different background, they fell in love but their families won’t approve and they got separated, they meet later on but still love each other. Like many other reviewers, I too believe that it could be made into a good movie. I think that a movie can do a proper justice to the story.

It was a light and quick read and somewhat enjoyable too. There is this belief in this story that the true love can live long after the circumstances have separated two people. I believe that this notion alone will touch the hearts of many. This sort of book is best suitable when you just want to read without thinking too much and just want to simply enjoy the story during your break or on vacation.
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Strings: A Love Story surprised me. It starts with a snippet of present day and a long missing famous violin. Honestly, I could have done without that whole aspect. The real story starts with a high school romance between Ted and Olivia at boarding school is California. Ted is from a wealthy family, and his parents have serious expectations for his future path. Olivia is the daughter of the campus maid. They’re cast as Lancelot and Guinevere in the production of Camelot. I feel in love with them both immediately.

The book follows them (mostly Ted) over the next few decades. It reminded me a little of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Ted is a world famous violinist and Olivia is an actress. Somehow their lives just don’t overlap again after high school.

It’s bittersweet but once again Megan Edwards writing is compelling. I couldn’t put this book down. I read it on my phone every chance I got. It’s pretty character-driven, but I really enjoyed it.
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Based on the book's description, I was really intrigued about the love story and it's connection to music. Unfortunately, the story's tie with music was less about the violin and its surrounding mystery, and more about the life of a dedicated musician. Although the love story was compelling and captivating, I found it was lacking depth as it progressed. 
I appreciated the portion of the love story that was set in the high school years. It definitely reeled me in and I really wanted it to work out between the two characters. But the story became hard to believe as the characters got older and they both consistently proclaimed their love for one another, how they wanted to make it work between them and yet, neither were willing to give up things in their lives to make it happen. It's hard to keep reading about undying, destined love when neither character is willing to chase after it. It wasn't until the very end that everything was resolved and the story gave the reader closure but by that point I didn't believe the storyline anymore. 
Overall, the book was disappointing to me. It had the beginnings of wonderful story, but the continuous commitment to true love was insufficient and the violin history storyline was wanting. It was a wonderful start, but a poor finish.
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