A Love Story

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Pub Date 12 Sep 2017 | Archive Date 29 Apr 2023


The Merino Rose. Ted Spencer has a hard enough time believing the celebrated violin really exists. To find it sitting on his coffee table is nothing short of incredible. The stuff of legend, the exquisite Guarnerius has been missing for centuries.

But even though the renowned instrument is a violin lover's dream come true, it holds only heartache for Ted. The value of the Merino Rose may be beyond measure, but he has acquired it at too high a cost.

Ted found his soul mate when he met Olivia de la Vega his senior year in high school. In the school's production of Camelot, Ted was cast as Lancelot, Olivia as Guenevere. They should have spent their lives together, but strings got in the way: family ties, career objectives, and the tangled web of fate.

Will the Merino Rose bring the two star-crossed lovers together at last, or will their love always remain the melancholy sound of distant violins?
The Merino Rose. Ted Spencer has a hard enough time believing the celebrated violin really exists. To find it sitting on his coffee table is nothing short of incredible. The stuff of legend, the...

A Note From the Publisher

Life is full of strings, from family ties to fond attachments. Ted Spencer has four extra, the ones on his violin. He finds his soul mate in Olivia, but all those strings get in the way. When the Merino Rose appears—a legendary violin that has been missing for centuries—can its four fabled strings draw Ted and Olivia together at last?

Life is full of strings, from family ties to fond attachments. Ted Spencer has four extra, the ones on his violin. He finds his soul mate in Olivia, but all those strings get in the way. When the...

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Marketing and publicity campaign, coordinated by Smith Publicity• Key outlets: Publisher's Weeky, Library Journal, Booklist, Foreword Magazine, Books, Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Sun •...

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Featured Reviews

Was this review helpful?

An opportunity to review a book pre-publication can be a wonderful experience or feel like trudging through waist high mud. I have experienced both. "Strings: A Love Story" was an honor to review and I thank the publisher for allowing me to be part of the process.

One can state that they prefer to read a specific genre of book or a particular author. I would likely be correct to assume that is how a larger percentage of general readership will choose which publication to attach their attention to. I was completely unprepared for how engrossed, enamoured and greedy I would be when I began reading Megan Edwards' novel.

I will admit that music has always been a great part of my personal life and knowing about classical music allowed this novel to fit me like a favorite pair of well worn jeans with a cashmere sweater. The dichotomy of casual denim and expensive yarn is exactly how I felt during the day and a half that it took me to read and take notes on this novel.

There is much more than music on the pages. It is truly a love story. However, without the music, Ted would lose the depth of his character. Love or dislike or know nothing of classical music, to understand Ted one needs to only know that for a musician, his instrument and notes, song and sound are what sustain him. It is food, shelter and life's riches. It is there during times of great happiness, damning sadness and every emotion in between. It is an expression of love, a love so consuming that it can be either a fire that burns bright or singes ones fingertips.

Olivia is Ted's muse. They meet as teens and they spend their lives intersecting at all the wrong times. But between them is always the question of "what if". This novel calls into question ones belief in soul mates. It makes one wonder if we can find our destiny if only to see it taken from us by powers beyond our control. It ponders the order of ones life and how one takes back control.

From teenagers to midlife, we follow Olivia and Ted on their individual journeys. This is really Ted's story, and we learn about Olivia through their interactions. From parental interference, love affairs and marriages, physical distances apart, careers that don't mesh because of time or place and emotional breaks; Olivia and Ted experience them all and more.

For all who have wondered "what if", this book is for you. The characters are relatable, there are some very unexpected turns in the story telling and there is a rawness that compels one to keep reading.

For every unfinished life story, that is the unfinished symphony that Ted and Olivia live and love through.

Was this review helpful?
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A sweet, musical story.. recommended for music lovers!
The musical terms were explained well, giving the lay reader an idea about what's going on!
3 stars!
Thank you Netgalley!

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Was this review helpful?

I truly enjoyed this well written romance. Good plot and great character development.

Was this review helpful?
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This is a captivating, vividly musical read. I love anything that combines my love of books and music. This is a romantic book that anyone who loves a good love story will want to pick up and read.

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Was this review helpful?
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A long-lost Stradivarius reappears after being missing for centuries, but rather than the story of how that happened it is merely a frame for the history of the violin examiner, all the way back to private school. This is where he first me the “one,” the girl he was destined to be with, but due to decades of misunderstandings and meddlesome parents, it was not happily ever after. His life and other loves are told, mostly his long career as a soloist, with occasional run-ins and a lot of thoughts of her.
I did not expect this story to sustain itself for an entire book, but it was surprisingly riveting; had this been a movie there would have been a lot of yelling at the screen, soundtracked by tears. The most unexpected thing was how nicely it all wrapped up. The violin’s history, despite it being fiction, is exactly the kind of thing I like to read in these sorts of books. And for once I felt like the couple deserved their ending.

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Was this review helpful?

This was an enjoyable book which I read in one day. It is very well written and I think it would make a wonderful movie. If your looking for a feel good book this is a great choice.

Was this review helpful?

Strings: A Love Story is very different from Megan Edward's other work. Without the car chases and murder her other books are known for, what is left is an achingly beautiful, and somewhat atypical, love story. While this book started out a bit slow for me, I couldn't put it down after the first fifty pages. This book is certainly worth the read!

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Was this review helpful?

Was this review helpful?
Not set

Strings: A Love Story is a heartfelt tale of love and music played out through the lives of Ted and Olivia. Told from Ted's point of view, the reader is taken back in time to Ted's youth when he first met Olivia and fell in love and then later journeys through their years of adulthood. The story is rich with details of memories and music, as each chapter leaves the reader wondering if the two lovers will ever truly be together. Then there's the mystery of the Merino Rose violin...where did it come from? What does it mean? Such great questions leave the reader wanting more. Definitely a love story worth the read!

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Was this review helpful?

Strings: A Love Story surprised me. It starts with a snippet of present day and a long missing famous violin. Honestly, I could have done without that whole aspect. The real story starts with a high school romance between Ted and Olivia at boarding school is California. Ted is from a wealthy family, and his parents have serious expectations for his future path. Olivia is the daughter of the campus maid. They’re cast as Lancelot and Guinevere in the production of Camelot. I feel in love with them both immediately.

The book follows them (mostly Ted) over the next few decades. It reminded me a little of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Ted is a world famous violinist and Olivia is an actress. Somehow their lives just don’t overlap again after high school.

It’s bittersweet but once again Megan Edwards writing is compelling. I couldn’t put this book down. I read it on my phone every chance I got. It’s pretty character-driven, but I really enjoyed it.

Was this review helpful?

This wasn’t a book with tear your clothes off hot sex. This book was a slow burn, a symphony that made you want to turn the next page. You wanted to hear more because deep down inside you wanted Ted and Olivia to be together. You wanted them to somehow find their way back to each other no matter the distance.

I’ve never watched The Red Violin but from what I’ve heard about it, this book fits right in with that sort of story.

This book was a shining jewel. I really thought it was the perfect story to read on a summer day in a hammock. It took you all over the world but deep in its heart was a love story. A really good love story.

Was this review helpful?

This book discusses the lifelong love story between Ted and Olivia. They each come from different background-she is the daughter of the local cleaning lady and he is the son of a wealthy family. They start as high school sweethearts and because of their parents' manipulations, they just grow apart... All throughout the story, Ted's job and passion for violins is interwoven in the story... It was a great book, very realistic in the sense that .... life just happened ...and it would be many many years until they found each other again.
This is definitely not a happy go lucky love story, but it shows how sometimes even soulmates have to grow apart to find each other again.

Was this review helpful?

I was given a free ARC from NetGalley. I'm pretty choosy about what book I request, and I was on the fence about this one. I am so glad I read it. it's an old fashioned love story (as opposed to a "romance" book). It starts at the (nearly) end, and then works its way back from Teddy, the protagonists early relationship with Olivia. It then charts their lives through his eyes.
I'm sorry if this review makes it sound a bit dull - the drama of the book is contained and gentle.
I couldn't stop reading, I was meant to be sleeping, but stayed up far too late. A beautiful book.

Was this review helpful?

Was this review helpful?

As a musician, I found the theme particularly interesting - especially the story of the Merino Rose
violin. (It would be good to re-read the book, this time listening to the music at the same time.)
No matter how much practise goes into a performance, there will always be a mechanical element
which leaves the listener cold & unengaged unless the musician is playing from the heart.
I was glad that Ted chose his love of music over familial expectations for his life's course, & that his
successful career justified that choice. Also that true love endured, although I was very suprised that
it took them so long to sort that out! I do believe that once you have met the 'one' special person who
is right for you, no-one else will measure up.
It's been a long time since I read a book written from a young male's perspective, it makes a change
from my 'norm'.

Was this review helpful?

I love this story! A love story and music as one can hope for. Filled with the atmosphere and beauty.

Was this review helpful?

Loving the violin and liking romance just as much, I chose this book. Ted when Olivia had a rich life with most if it apart when this book isn’t written.

Having such strength, discipline, and heart to go on despite knowing they were more than just school mates and growing friends, they overcome obstacles for 19 years and came together again.

Now there is another Teddie in the picture but she is someone Ted would leave everything to! This is a great book showing how hard it was to make it without each other when
missing that one true love, yet how to channel that focus into something productive, sweet, and real that the world can hear is a message this book showed! 5 stars and more!

Was this review helpful?

The story follows the lives of Ted and Olivia over the time. The story is narrated by Ted, which I found great because most of the books I read are from a woman perpective.
They met in Ted's senior year in the 1960's. Their lives are completely different from each other: Ted comes from money and Olivia is the cleaning lady's daughter. They waanted to spend their lives together but their plans changed due to issues with family and with Ted's music.

They meet again in New York City. Ted and Olivia realize that they never fell out of love. Once again their love must fall again.

This book is a very quick read but I found it a little bit boring sometimes. Not much was happening for the most part but it was a cute romance overall.

Was this review helpful?

This story was told by Ted. He tells it to us through his memories as he thinks back about THE girl he met in high school, Olivia and all that happened with her and without her since.

This story was enjoyable. The characters were ok though I didn’t truly connect with them. I enjoyed how the story was told but I found it incredibly sad. I usually read romance like science fiction to fill my romantic side without ever believing it can happen. This did not feel my romantic side, it just made me sad.
Still, an interesting, fast paced story I enjoyed reading.

Was this review helpful?

Framed by the mystery of how a long lost violin came into the hands of the main character Ted, this love story spans over more than three decades. We go back to when Ted and Olivia first meet and follow the story, in flashbacks, from there.
Wonderfully written, I couldn't put it down.

Was this review helpful?

Strings by Megan Edwards is a star-crossed love story spanning decades and involving Ted and Olivia.
It is written in first person as Ted. It is a love story/romance, but at the same time an imperfect novel with an imperfect ending.

The novel itself was written well and was a fast- paced read, however was kind of sad for my specific taste.
Overall, still a great read.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this boom in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I love stories about interesting histories of musical instruments and art. This was a good read. At times, it felt slow but still kept my interest. I wish it had been a bit happier. Overall, a good read.

Was this review helpful?

3,5 Stars

The second best thing to a book about books is a book about music.
The Merino Rose, an almost mythic violin thought to be long destroyed, found its way to Ted Spencer, a celebrated Violinist. The violin, and the way it found its way to Ted, brings back the memories and the long story of Ted and Olivia, the soul mate he found in high school and lost countless times, a story spanning through three decades of love, ambitions, lost opportunities and second chances.
The story was told from the point of view of Ted, I didn't always like him or his choices, but that kind of made the story more touching and somehow more convincing. The mistakes, the losses and the persistance to go on with their own lives and dreams made them endearing to me. The music inserted in the story made it even closer to my heart.

Was this review helpful?

While this is considered a love story, there is much more to the book. The budding relationship between Ted and Olivia was touching. You find yourself cheering them on. And when things don't go as expected, your heart breaks. The way parents interfere in their lives makes the reader sit back and reflect on how he or she may have affected their own child's life.

Life happens and while the majority of the book focuses on Ted's life (which makes sense since he is the narrator of the book), you get glimpses into Olivia's life. You finally discover a mystery in part of the story. And what a great twist this brings to Ted's life.

So where does the title, Strings, come from? To me, there were three themes that fit with the title. For one, the strings on the violin plays a primary role in Ted's life. Then you see the strings of family ties that control Ted's and Olivia's future. And, finally, you can imagine the strings that continue pulling Ted and Olivia together and apart.

This was a lovely tale that will have you stopping to listen to the pieces of music featured. That just added a depth of emotion for me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Imbrifex Books for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This love story mirrors many other love stories I know in real life, which makes it a wonderously lovely and thought provoking read. I love the way life weaves the couple in and out of each others lives. How outside forces keep them apart, yet bring them together at points. So like real life. Music, art, any career that takes ones time and attention, and passion, is going to take a toll on ones personal life and loved ones. Ms. Edwards has captured a life in a book! I enjoyed this one and will be adding it to my own personal library to enjoy again and again.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book about a wonderful violin player who falls in love with his “soulmate” while still in high school and the obstacles they face along the way. I thought it was well written and portrayed teenage angst very well. Thank you to NetGalley for letting me read and review it.

Was this review helpful?

This book felt like a privileged, nostalgic "missed connections" advert. It's the story of Ted and Olivia who discover their connection in a private California high school in the , and then continue to come together and apart over the years. Told from Ted's perspective as he becomes a master violinist, he watches Olivia rise to fame in Hollywood from afar and never ceases his pining for her. The description made the book seem like the famous violin would play a much bigger role, but in fact the music throughout the book is entirely backdrop for the struggle of the romantic connection.
I recommend "Strings" for readers who enjoy "reconnected" romance, missed connections, and stories of love later in life.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this. It ties together two types of book that I generally enjoy. I found it a little difficult to get into but it was worth the effort.

Was this review helpful?

A good read if i say so myself. The Blooming love between Ted and Olive will give you insight to the tender relationship and enjoy the spurt of emotions. It was worth a read

Was this review helpful?

4.5 stars.
First of all this story felt so real, nostalgic, and personal to me, as a violist and a person who had an epic high school love. Also, the star -crossed lover is a favorite trope of mine. I was set up to love this book and it was artfully, delicately and precisely executed. There were moments and sentences that were so poignant, so beautifully real, it felt emotional for me.

It took me about 10 chapters to really find my groove and that is the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars. Also I wish I would have connected with the characters as much as I did the story. Though I liked them and understood them.

Was this review helpful?

An addictive will they/won't they romance between a rich white boy and the Mexican daughter of his private school's cleaner.
A charming rollercoaster of a story that I devoured in about an hour about how complicated love and life is. Just when Edward thinks he's lost Olivia for ever, their paths cross again and suddenly there's hope that Arthur and Guinevere will finally be together. But as it turns out, life may have other plans

Was this review helpful?

It took reading several chapters of this book for me to get "into" it. I gave this book 3.5 stars.

Edward Spencer III, known as Ted, grew up in an affluent home. His family owned a luggage company that went back many generations. When Ted was just a baby, his Dad already had Ted's life planned out for him not caring what Ted wanted. Ted would go to Yale like he did, then go work by his side at the company learning from him, so when he retired, he knew the company was in good hands. But his parents never expected him to fall in love with a violin when he was only 8 years old at camp; and actually have some potential. They thought it was just a hobby, one they discouraged. Which only made him work harder at mastering it.

Now a senior at an expensive boarding school, Ted tried out for the school musical/play "Camelot" he lands the leading role of Lancelot. When 3 popular girls don't get the part of Guinevere and Olivia de la Vega is chosen instead, everyone's true colors begin to show. Olivia is a sophomore and her mother is the school's maid. But she doesn't let anyone or anything shake her confidence when she's on stage or on campus. Ted is obsessed with her, but he doesn't know how to act on his feelings. When he finally gets the nerve to ask her to the school dance at the country club, she says no. Defeated, he doesn't know what to do. So when Olivia asks him to go to a festival off campus with her, he's excited. From that night on, they are a couple.

Ted makes a big mistake when he brings Olivia home before graduation. Ted thinks everything went perfectly with Olivia and his parents; but behind his back his parents had manipulated Olivia into walking away by telling her lies. When they arrive back to campus, she brushes him off in the weeks leading up to graduation. That's when her mother decides to do her share of manipulating when Ted leaves Olivia a letter to meet him at a certain time and place.

Ted declines Yale and goes to Juilliard to pursue his passion for music. His relationship with his dad was never the same after his decision. Ted moved to Vienna after graduating Juilliard and performed in the Vienna Philharmonic for years.

Meanwhile, Olivia dropped out of school, got an agent, and became a big star in Hollywood, CA. She later got married and had a baby girl. Five years later while going through a divorce, she and Ted reconnect and it's like they've never been apart. They start talking about their future together, that is until her husband starts playing dirty and wants her money in exchange for custody. Ted's been rich his whole life, he doesn't understand why Olivia won't give her soon-to-be-ex all the money he's asking for. Ted's been waiting in limbo for 9 months with no end in sight and he's sick of it, he finally tells her so and ends things; by starting a relationship with someone else. Years later, Olivia marries a rich, older, Italian man. Ted had ended his new relationship after two years and decided to remain a bachelor. He now lives in NY.

When Ted's father has a massive heart attack and dies on the golf course, he flies home to California to be with his mom. While sitting in his Dad's study, he sees 2 photo albums on the shelf. His Dad kept every newspaper article and/or magazine interview Ted's ever given, along with a dozen play bill catalogs from his performances his Dad personally attended without Ted's knowledge. Even has his records. When his parents were in the city that Ted was performing in, Ted got them tickets. For his Dad to fly to Europe just to hear Ted play, had him in tears for the first time in years. He had thought that he was a disappointment to his father for not following his Dad's plans for Ted's life. He never knew that he was proud of him.

He flies back to NY, and buys a house 2 weeks later in a wealthy suburb outside the city. His mom moved out of the big house in L.A. and moved into their condo in Newport. But she didn't want to get rid of anything in their old house. She gave the home to Ted, but he didn't want to move back to L.A. So he bought a 3 story, 8 bedroom, 10 room home to store his mom's furniture and everything else she couldn't part with or have room for.

One day, to his surprise, he gets an email from Olivia. Her husband died and left her a violin hidden in a piece of furniture. She was online looking for a violin appraiser and his name popped up. She wanted to fly out ASAP for his help. He agrees and now he has nothing but time until she shows up. He knows that she was married for 10 years before he died. Her daughter is now in college, so she's free to do what she wants to now. But does she still have feelings for him anymore?

Will Ted finally go after the girl he's wanted for 33 years? Will this time be the right time for both of them?

A good read!

Was this review helpful?

I am not sure what I expected going into this book, but I am sure that I wouldn't have guessed what I got. The timeline in this book required me to really pay more attention than I usually do for a book of this genre. This was really a slow building romance with a worthwhile climax.

Since the book was so slow, that is the reason for my lowered star rating. The book will dragged on as a result. I cannot say anything bad about the book, but I also do not have much praise either.

Was this review helpful?

This was a well written story and had some unforgettable characters especially the violin that in my opinion was the main character. Poor thing.
I loved being kept on the edge of my seat and seeing how things turned out.
Many twists and turns that I didn't see coming.
Yes, I will agree with other readers that this is a slow moving story but in the end it was well worth it.
This is a book that will definitely leave you thinking about the book long after it is done.
I picked this because I liked the musical aspect of it and I'm a violist myself.
The romance was absolutely perfect. I liked that the idea of life being strung along in more ways than one.
Ted and Olivia were one very interesting couple. Their journey was just awesome.
I've never met anyone quite like them. I felt connected to them on several levels.
I recommend this book.
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

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