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Based on the book's description, I was really intrigued about the love story and it's connection to music. Unfortunately, the story's tie with music was less about the violin and its surrounding mystery, and more about the life of a dedicated musician. Although the love story was compelling and captivating, I found it was lacking depth as it progressed. 
I appreciated the portion of the love story that was set in the high school years. It definitely reeled me in and I really wanted it to work out between the two characters. But the story became hard to believe as the characters got older and they both consistently proclaimed their love for one another, how they wanted to make it work between them and yet, neither were willing to give up things in their lives to make it happen. It's hard to keep reading about undying, destined love when neither character is willing to chase after it. It wasn't until the very end that everything was resolved and the story gave the reader closure but by that point I didn't believe the storyline anymore. 
Overall, the book was disappointing to me. It had the beginnings of wonderful story, but the continuous commitment to true love was insufficient and the violin history storyline was wanting. It was a wonderful start, but a poor finish.
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Ted, a woefully naive elitist who seems to be a violin prodigy (despite doing millions of other things in high school that would not equate to Juilliard unless he was a genius), falls in love with Olivia, a girl who is from a working-class background that has a voice of an angel and acting made of gold (and who also seems way too sensible to continue revolving her life around a guy who could not even fathom the problems she went through, and would not care were it not for her— at least you never seem him doing anything philanthropic in the years interim); they do not really interact through their years in high school, and fall so irrevocably in love that it follows them throughout their lives— to the point where everything and everyone, at least to Ted, is equated somehow to his lost high school love (they dated for half a year when he was seventeen and she was fifteen, it's obviously true love.) 

He acquires what seems to be the most priceless violin in the history of violins from her, and that reclamation makes him delve into his memories of his life with (and without) Olivia. And the entire story is just him narrating his life. It goes on, and on, and on for what seems like way more than 200 pages. 

Unfortunately, I was just not invested in the characters, their romance, or even the violin, itself! This made me especially grumpy, as I picked up this novel from net galley in hopes of the violin playing a larger role in the story, considering the summary made it seem a prominent set piece; the violin came out a Chekov's gun, and a completely uninteresting one at that. 

It was not a terrible read, but it in no way enthralled m.e
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Strings:  A Love Story is a heartfelt tale of love and music played out through the lives of Ted and Olivia.  Told from Ted's point of view, the reader is taken back in time to Ted's youth when he first met Olivia and fell in love and then later journeys through their years of adulthood.  The story is rich with details of memories and music, as each chapter leaves the reader wondering if the two lovers will ever truly be together.  Then there's the mystery of the Merino Rose violin...where did it come from?  What does it mean?  Such great questions leave the reader wanting more.  Definitely a love story worth the read!
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Strings:  A Love Story is very different from Megan Edward's other work.  Without the car chases and murder her other books are known for, what is left is an achingly beautiful, and somewhat atypical, love story.  While this book started out a bit slow for me, I couldn't put it down after the first fifty pages.  This book is certainly worth the read!

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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This was an enjoyable book which I read in one day. It is very well written and I think it would make a wonderful movie. If your looking for a feel good book this is a great choice.
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A long-lost Stradivarius reappears after being missing for centuries, but rather than the story of how that happened it is merely a frame for the history of the violin examiner, all the way back to private school. This is where he first me the “one,” the girl he was destined to be with, but due to decades of misunderstandings and meddlesome parents, it was not happily ever after. His life and other loves are told, mostly his long career as a soloist, with occasional run-ins and a lot of thoughts of her.
I did not expect this story to sustain itself for an entire book, but it was surprisingly riveting; had this been a movie there would have been a lot of yelling at the screen, soundtracked by tears. The most unexpected thing was how nicely it all wrapped up. The violin’s history, despite it being fiction, is exactly the kind of thing I like to read in these sorts of books. And for once I felt like the couple deserved their ending.
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This is a captivating, vividly musical read. I love anything that combines my love of books and music. This is a romantic book that anyone who loves a good love story will want to pick up and read.
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This book didn't captivate me at first glance. The story sounded promising, but it didn't hook me.
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I truly enjoyed this well written romance.  Good plot and great character development.
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A sweet, musical story.. recommended for music lovers!
The musical terms were explained well, giving the lay reader an idea about what's going on!
3 stars! 
Thank you Netgalley!
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An opportunity to review a book pre-publication can be a wonderful experience or feel like trudging through waist high mud.  I have experienced both.  "Strings: A Love Story" was an honor to review and I thank the publisher for allowing me to be part of the process.  

One can state that they prefer to read a specific genre of book or a particular author.  I would likely be correct to assume that is how a larger percentage of general readership will choose which publication to attach their attention to.  I was completely unprepared for how engrossed, enamoured and greedy I would be when I began reading Megan Edwards' novel.  

I will admit that music has always been a great part of my personal life and knowing about classical music allowed this novel to fit me like a favorite pair of well worn jeans with a cashmere sweater.  The dichotomy of casual denim and expensive yarn is exactly how I felt during the day and a half that it took me to read and take notes on this novel.  

There is much more than music on the pages.  It is truly a love story.  However, without the music, Ted would lose the depth of his character.  Love or dislike or know nothing of classical music, to understand Ted one needs to only know that for a musician, his instrument and notes, song and sound are what sustain him.  It is food, shelter and life's riches.  It is there during times of great happiness, damning sadness and every emotion in between.  It is an expression of love, a love so consuming that it can be either a fire that burns bright or singes ones fingertips.  

Olivia is Ted's muse.  They meet as teens and they spend their lives intersecting at all the wrong times.  But between them is always the question of "what if".  This novel calls into question ones belief in soul mates.  It makes one wonder if we can find our destiny if only to see it taken from us by powers beyond our control. It ponders the order of ones life and how one takes back control.  

From teenagers to midlife, we follow Olivia and Ted on their individual journeys.  This is really Ted's story, and we learn about Olivia through their interactions.  From parental interference, love affairs and marriages, physical distances apart, careers that don't mesh because of time or place and emotional breaks; Olivia and Ted experience them all and more.  

For all who have wondered "what if", this book is for you.  The characters are relatable, there are some very unexpected turns in the story telling and there is a rawness that compels one to keep reading.

For every unfinished life story, that is the unfinished symphony that Ted and Olivia live and love through.
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I did not finish this book. 
And the reason why is because 50 pages into the book and I still can't get into the story or liking the characters. I suspect the nature of the writing that sounded so John Green-y and Nicholas Sparks-kind of put me off. I've never been good with long love stories, especially ones that are told by the guy pov. 
If you are into that kind of book, then this book might be great for you.
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