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A Life of Triumph

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This book offers good guidance on how to try to make it through harder times and come out of them not feeling as if you can not do it anymore. 
it does not have a preaching tone of "do it this way or no way" so that was defiantly nice, and it does offer some nice advice on how to handle some situations overall and try to find a more positive view on it all.
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I absolutely loved this book. I have not read his work, so after reading this book I ended up doing a little bit of research about this author. - I must admit i was impressed with author's profile and his work. 

There is a really good and practical advise about how we can create happiness. There are basic principal of happiness, and lots of inspiring poems. I really want to make some of those poems in play card or photo frames, and have these in my house as a reminder.

I also loved about the concept of " our purpose in this life",  if you aren't spiritual then some of the ideas/suggestions can come across as far fetched. but nevertheless these concepts are important. Think of our soul as a glowing candle, and our experience as a soul advancement - such a profound concepts to live by!!

Really good book, highly recommend it.
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