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The Innovation Mentality

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Six strategies to help disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way we work, since companies need change, is the central argument behind this book. The author claims that businesses are changing, morphing to represent the sum of their individual employees that define the business, instead of the business shaping how the employees feature.

To harness this change it can require skills that many leaders do not possess or they do not know how to use, it is said, and fortunately this book believes it can step up to the mark and be the catalyst required. Relying on past strategies, experiences and teaching is insufficient for this brave new world, in any case.

Does this book help contribute towards change? Possibly. It is less certain that it is going to be the only resource, but it can be an inspirational starter in any case. It may depend on the individual reader. It does provide a wealth of information that can have you thinking about things. Will it be enough to tip you over the edge and start the change process though? This may be a bit of a catch-22 issue. It certainly does not hurt to check it out, as it has a credible, helpful air that makes it harder to ignore.

It is more of a ‘longer read’ than a reference book. You need to reserve time to consult it, consider it and let its messages sink in. A book that may be more for inspiration than action, on one hand, but the action can automatically follow if one is sufficiently inspired and ready too!

The Innovation Mentality, written by Glenn Llopis and published by Entrepreneur Press. ISBN 9781599186030. YYYY

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