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This is a quick read. There’s very little build to their relationship presumably because they knew each as kids. The loves scenes pack a punch and the heroine participates with a few tricks of her own. The ending made me roll my eyes and was unnecessary but people make decisions because of romantic ties all the time. It was fun.

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I liked the plot and romance. Good writing. ENjoyed
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Really hot, steamy short story. I like that it was quick and to the point. The writer got to the meat of the story fast and it was enjoyable to read. It wasn't over-the-top; it had just the right amount of steam and romance.

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This is a fast paced read but the story is good and the sex is steamy.  I really liked it!
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2.5 Stars

“There’s something sexy about a man in a kilt.” She slid her hand beneath the hem and scored his thigh with her nails. “Especially when it’s worn the proper way.”

The Scottish lass in me had my fingers crossed this was going to be a sexy winner, but alas it was just a so so read. There's some OK sexy times, a snowstorm and a kilt used for purposes it may not have been intended for. Honestly, it's probably closer to a 2 star read for me, but the part of me that's a quarter Scot was feeling generous.

FYI, this takes place in Maine. Don't ask 'cause I don't really get it myself.

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I wasn't a fan of this book, the ending felt rushed and what happened with the 6 month relationship Ronan had with the other woman? I wasn't impressed with him cheating on the girlfriend with Aileen. My opinion would be to take the bit about the girlfriend out.
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Hot little read i really enjoyed this little book was a very sexy read that also made me chuckle will be checking out more of Nancy's book
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ARC received for review

Short, sweet, sexy. I was expecting him to have to work a little harder to get in her pants, but she kinda threw herself at him. I wanted a better ending.
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I'll be frank, this is more of a short story than an actual book. The sex scenes were great, but it was way too short, and for being erotica I don't think there was enough to make it more than a good book for getting into the mood before actual sex. 
As actual erotica, though, the scenes were great. That's what merits the four star rating. I just think the actual story was way too short to be a stand alone book. If it were part of an anthology of short stories? Definitely would work well.
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